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This is the space for me to tell you all a little bit about myself. Now where to begin? Well I guess my story will be familiar to a lot of you. I was born in 19

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I’m so thankful to the National Guard in DC for keeping us safe by spitting in each other’s mouths for two weeks b… @AllezLesBoulez You forgot being a likely super-spreader event. @MemeVVitch I’m just kidding he did hit ball good though and was a decent guy from all accounts. @MemeVVitch Hank Aaron is the only good American. @MemeVVitch How dare youBelieve it or not, it is possible to tell the difference between bad things happening to bad people and bad things…, I object on context because I am not a child. Feinstein has more victims than the Night Stalker.
My vaccine plan is to vaccinate baseball stats guys like you dead last. @CorkusBucksuth That’s right @EmeraldRobinson He should demand they expand the list. @Mike_Saltsman And you transition from celebrating the shredding of norms over the last four years to whining like…
2021 like we need to amend “you can’t push Biden left” with “(if you post all day and don’t belong to a union)” doesn’t surprise me a certain segment of the Jacobin crowd would come down on the other side here because they h… to decide if I should spend my limited time trying to pry away one out of every ten Q dipshits from fall… man go bye bye back to brunch everyone not a recent insight but it is definitely the story of the last 4(00) years!It doesn’t matter how many parties you have or which party is in control or how far-left a politician’s deeply-held… had to stand like this so she doesn’t accidentally crush his colostomy bag.’s tweets are basically just captions of Ben Garrison cartoons at this point. is so embarrassing for you. @ryanlcooper Bush still worse, including by actually succeeding in stealing two elections.I don’t know have you heard of this pod cast Chapo Trap Hut?, little pea brain: Trump has a copy of Mein Kampf by his bedside. Me, philosopher king: Trump has a copy of Ma… @CorkusBucksuth @katierosemiller @StephenM That’s far too long.I’m really worried about all of you. This is some fucked up shit.We are experiencing as yet unexplored levels of brain damage on the bird site. can’t believe they identified some extremists among a self-selecting group of gun-toting wannabe murderers.FBI interviews upwards of 12 national guard members and identifies 12 national guard members with extremist views. @tamrieldude The people who bought Elon Musk flamethrowers are smarter than your average journalist. @pixelatedboat You assume his people demand anything from him. If Kickstarter product development weirdos could jus… @tamrieldude Counterpoint: Musk’s stock jumps more than the cost of one of these projects he will never actually do… @ashleyfeinberg We desperately need you to find Hunter Biden’s anon account. It is the only thing powerful enough t… thought was there have to be easier grifts. Second thought was this is actually the easiest grift. are the Generals just standing there? Just take the ball! He’s spinning it on his finger!!! anyone checked in on the Dinar RV guys?
If you don’t have a unionized workplace, don’t worry. You can talk to your coworkers and form a union yourself. Or,… 2021 me and the boys are expanding the definition of scab to include people who don’t pay union dues 😤🙅‍♂️🚫🐀I’m so fucking dumbYou, a smart leftist: “Democrat party entryism doesn’t work. Climate catastrophe is here. We need a new party that… Graham very clearly has immense leverage over Trump, it’s the story of the last four years for anyone paying attention.I’m beginning to think this Glenn Greenwald guy is a bit of an idiot.
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m trying to expand the earned income tax credit.
In case you missed the “filing a ULP against the employer is authoritarian” take. @Ghost_Of_Joad @murderxbryan Yes he did, read the tweet. How embarrassing for you. @murderxbryan You can’t just abolish prison overnight. You first need a transitional period where prisons are fille… @rodneystubbs @debdrens Skipping my next free colonoscopy so I don’t get fucked by the long dick of the Australian state. @markgrueter @CarlBeijer Well yes that’s why we are all here. @rodneystubbs @debdrens Sorry I’m not sure what NLRB refers to here my google search didn’t find anything useful. @aimeespectre @emir14710 Associating with other workers is bourgeois.Taking up smoking because I care deeply about my health. that an anti-union Uber executive is the little guy because of his twitter follower count is the most twit… cute might delete later 💅Patriots: your friends and family can also identify you and turn you in to the Deep State. You know what must be do…
He announces his what now? @banalplay @hughhewitt The plan is to take all your money you greasy bitch.Please just stop so twitter will get rid of this feature. You’re all complicit.I will not be looking at your fleets.You aren’t even dabbing correctly.“Sanders tells Stephen Colbert” is the abyss staring back at you.This tweet starts out awful and then ends with a real gut punch. @MemeVVitch Well is your husband 6’2” with a 187 IQ? I bet not.
@GarbageApe Definitely the same people! @ByYourLogic @SeanMcCarthyCom So why don’t you support whatever right-wing psychopath is running in your district?… @ggreenwald You didn’t say “no” Parler users were involved, you said “zero” Parler users were involved. This is why no one trusts the MSM. @Olivianuzzi We get it you love Nazis it’s in your name Olivia Nazi. @RepBrianMast @jaketapper Where did you lose them?Comparing the invasion and occupation of Iraq with whatever is happening in DC is more deranged than most QAnon fan… @RealAlexRubi @AliAbunimah The format of this meme makes it seem like you *prefer* the soldiers terrorizing and kil…
@ByYourLogic The best part about your posts is that when you inevitably complete the David Horowitz pivot, they wil… @dawsonbuchanan_ Owned by the free market, bitch. @MarkFooterman @GOPLeader It sounds like cancel culture is seriously awesome. Thanks for sharing dude! @MarkFooterman Mark Footerman
Hearing terrible news that we missed our opportunity for Rush Limbaugh to die at 69. @CorkusBucksuth Now that Trump has been booted the mods could truly come for any of us.And don’t you dare tell me you don’t have a union that just means you have more work to do and shouldn’t be wasting… I see you posting with too much confidence in your leftist credentials, I will cyberbully you into being more ac… of the world’s biggest supervillains is finally gone. Read this heartbreaking statement from his wife and rejoi… @andraydomise @prageru Apparently people don’t like your tweets. 🤷‍♂️
@AliAbunimah If we aren’t careful, Palestine activists might be targeted with censorship and repression. I can’t ev… @benshapiro Your friends are Nazis, Ben. @joelpollak @Schwarzenegger How many Santa Monica shop owners were murdered or sent to concentration camps that day… @AviMayer @JudgeJeanine She’s a big supporter of Israel so actually you owe her an apology. Unless you hate Jews! @HenMazzig I also hate it when my close political allies compare losing their social media accounts to Kristallnach…
2021 of Trump bangers. Post screenshots of your favs to preserve
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It seems @joekennedy is not taking his loss to @EdMarkey very well. successful socialist project would be able to absorb into the movement all those angry small business owners riot… @SeanMcCarthyCom Your definition of PMC doesn’t seem to include private jet owners and CEOs, based on your historic… @SeanMcCarthyCom I don’t get it is there a professional managerial class with somewhat different interests from the… @Soliton3030 @SeanMcCarthyCom 21 minutes ago. @Soliton3030 @SeanMcCarthyCom This dude was the head of HR at an insurance company lol Sean also thought Pinkertons… @SeanMcCarthyCom She bought this private jet with the money she earned at her job, that she works at. @publiusrising @EoinHiggins_ @robrousseau Do you think passing Medicare 4 All and extending that benefit to undocum… @publiusrising @EoinHiggins_ @robrousseau Dude, rich oligarchs kill millions to pad their portfolios but we don’t c…