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nick parr @parrspective Portland, OR

natasha bedingfield stan account. feel the rain on your skin, no one else can feel it for you.

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@emwtherims i just watched that movie for the first time on nye lol @NotKallyn yes exactly the vibes, u see it @arielll_t i am not sad on mine tbh does this mean we’re not homies @emwtherims she’s very good at posing tbh @emwtherims i don’t have the content u requested but hopefully this suffices @arielll_t can i get added to the chat ahead of time jwing @emwtherims felt @arielll_t lol are u guys hiring @margebertha thanks for letting us know @kaidynivy hello @ItShade_ u get it @dvrynnn 🗣🗣🗣 @ventisadbitch so true bestie @HDparx i hope he sees thisthis one was oddly specific, sorry @vwhoreb respect the someone’s daughter meme @vwhoreb yes, we respect women on this side of twitterjust want to use makeup remover wipes on someone’s daughter, take off her shoes, tuck her into bed, throw her weigh… @vwhoreb you don’t say @vwhoreb you took the ‘someone’s daughter’ joke and absolutely ruined it jesus christanother friday night in quarantine @autiodrip but also thank u ily @autiodrip i spent way too much time making this photo for 100 likes lmao @tatertothotbtch so true bestie @tatertothotbtch we already are @jack_r0420 oh yeah? kiss me then @jack_r0420 i agree tbh @Alexancooper shit is sharp as hell @kellyscarpone i think u look nice @robbyissad frthis is what mcdonald’s sprite tastes like @ashhhhhhole ily forever @ashhhhhhole that’s okay, np @pepperonicowboi i love him @ScrtDrugAddict nice one!
@lilredridingwud okay this was cute wth ❤️ @lilredridingwud okay @underupreciated i take it back @pepperonicowboi you are what you eat fr 💯 @pepperonicowboi good tweet @underupreciated love u @pepperonicowboi but you are a pussy @FranklinSzn11 more shit posting 💯 @FranklinSzn11 hahaha yeah this thing blew up @pepperonicowboi why is this embarrassingme: do you have any kids? date: one son that’s just under two me: yah i know how to count
Retweeted by nick parrbirds on the the 1975 beach 🤝 they’re just gulls
Retweeted by nick parr @Carrionflower1 @amazon i was telling them to cut me a check, not saying that they did lol @zamythi i will kiss ui’m tired of people @ltpenguin_ @ThaMagicDragon @emo2thextremo @chrisfolse @lilpeen420 @SirWestonLaw @memetazaa @sherrysworld @kaidynivy happy birthday!! @dietmtdrew i guess of my mental illnesses, anxiety is more relatable than depression 😔 @BIackPplVids follow me for more funny jokes like this @goooeydisk on it @elementatrl lmao @LetsTalkSpooky lol @arielll_t back atcha <3 @csd_was_taken @Mad_Croat33 that’s because this is my actual screenshot from a conversation lol @goooeydisk 25/M/USA @kissprivately get their asswhat if we pronounced obstacles like it was a greek hero
Retweeted by nick parr @amazon cut me a check for this promo @kissprivately my love <333 @shook_shan 25 am oldheading to her DMs like 🏃🏻‍♂️💨
@bootycollins_2 you are perfect <3 @bootycollins_2 damn that’s messed up 😐 @goooeydisk love you!! @goooeydisk pretty friend <3hi and vibin
Retweeted by nick parr @mononarunner vouch @mononarunner need to go to wisconsin to experience a cheese curdme @ mozzarella sticks @behavenatt thank you nat ❤️ hope you have a great day! @nicegirlmeg you said when I’m on a call with someone
Retweeted by nick parr @lincnotfound @so_Lo18 ur right. everyone knows twitter user parrspectiveAlso follow these funny and beautiful people too you won’t regret it: @goooeydisk @ashhhhhhole @underupreciated me for funny jokes sometimes @TORKbtw @DarlinSincerest lmfao @ashhhhhhole bell u saucy minx, gm @underupreciated @goooeydisk flex on her katie 💯💪🏼 @justky1018 it does indeed, the beautiful @ashhhhhhole and @bootycollins_2 got it for me <3 @justky1018 nervous but okayone week later. you’re welcome. @so_Lo18 i’m not! @tennisonok we all have anxiety 😔 @z0egonzalez it’s not my fault @xIchijoex me toothe zero comments says a lot lmao @worldvjuno just trying to overcome all obstacleeswhat if we pronounced obstacles like it was a greek hero @jtyrelb there’s pros to it ya @eightykt @lilnimrita @butter4374 please just kill me idec that much lol @nikki_falc i’m not even the main character in my own life lmao @lilnimrita @butter4374 @eightykt care uh mell is correct and makes the most sense. live your truth nimi lied loli’m not depressed @tatertothotbtch hell yeah let’s go