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So this can produce a tropical disturbance over South Bay during 3rd week of this month. However we have to wait fo… surface temperature in West Indian Ocean starts decreasing sharply and increasing over East Indian Ocean at the…☔Northeast Monsoon not yet over, Indian Ocean Dipole Transition Begins! 🌊🌡️Indian Ocean Dipole transition begins.…🌧️Weekend Rain in Tamil Nadu! Rain to begin over South Coastal Tamil Nadu from today evening and will spread to in… @prakashradiare we are already out of drought situation, no need to worry!This is the best news in the morning. These culprits have to be punished in this method only!!🌀Triplet cyclones in West Indian Ocean. Rossby+MJO effect!! If a cyclonic circulation forms over North and South o…
🌧️ Easterlies to begin from tomorrow. Moderate spell overall in TN from 6-9 Dec. 🌧️🌧️Moderate rain likely over Sou… @chennai_updates Unless there is a system or a teough, ne winds may not bring rain, easterly wind are most vulnerab… @chennai_updates R u sure?This is the first time in history, there going to be a second dual cyclone in Arabian Sea in next few days? We hav…
@chennai_updates Thanks guru.☔My observations on Northeast Monsoon 2019 published in Gaon Connection. Thanks to @JamwalNidhi @PrasadR51909949 Which spreads dengue.. @chavalitweets @CMOTamilNadu @THChennai @timesofindia I see many roads are digged in Tambaram taluka. In chitlapakk… apartment certified by municipality in two categories. 1. AEDES free building. 2. Rain Water Harvesting done pr… road was digged up in Shankar Nagar, Sembakkam Municipality, near to a private school for some channeling work…☔06-08 Dec Widespread for Tamilnadu! 🌧️Next widespread rain for Tamilnadu from 06th Dec, again a trough. This time…🌧️North and West Interior TN has chance for isolated spells by today afternoon or evening. TV Malai, Salem, Erode,… it as December, sorry.. @sudha_68 It's DecemberTamil Nadu Man Risks Life, Climbs Down Snake-Infested Well to Save a Drowning Peacock @stolenriyas No chance. I just posted for learning!!
🌀MJO coupled Rossby effect over Arabian Sea intensifying the system in the making. First pic showing Rossby with… @Ravi07519017 When Positive IOD is strong, tough for Bay!! @sanket50 @Hosalikar_KS Less possibilities..This is just awesome click @SVESHEKHER sir. @Ravi07519017 It takes huge amount of observation.. @Hosalikar_KS Thank you sir!! @AVINASH4224 Good.🌀Weather Trivia - If another cyclone forms in North Indian Ocean after the current one Pawan, what would be it's na… @pk_vel Semma🌧️ Moderate to heavy rain likely over Pudukottai, Ramnad, Tuticorin, Nellai and Kanyakumari and over Western ghats…
☔️Flash - NEM 11% above normal in Tamil Nadu. Chennai just -8% below normal, It was -40% few days back. This is rea… moderate spells occuring. That too over South chennai!!😂 for Chennai water supply is approx 36% of total capacity. The inflows shall continue as stated for next 2 d…
@yuvact Light in few placesNext by 06th. 🌀A low forming in Bay, not allowing easterlies to reach our coast. The low in SE Arabian Sea, direct… @Karthik8684 Maybe light to moderate not much.. @prakashradiare The inner most circle is chennai @rsankaras Few predicted that there is not going to be any rain for North TN from 28-02.Weather Feedback - How Chennatees feel about this rain in the past few days. Do we still worry about summer?Fantastic pics. Best part is describing every awesome. It makes me feel that!!🌧️One more squall to hit entire Chennai city and suburbs! @vipertweetz @RainStorm_TN @praddy06 @zenrainman @i_neppo @karthickselvaa @Indian_Rainman @tnwaterwise @Vignesh96990341 @akshaysampathk1 Both possible. Need to wait till 05th @saleem_akbarali I just remembered the day, since today is Dec 1..Is it just another Dec 1 2015? Once again all clouds heading to Tambaram.. Massive convergence and divergence. Ta…🌧️🌧️Pudukottai, Ramnad, Sivagangai, Tuticorin, Nellai, Delta, Trichy, Perambalur, Ariyalur, Salem, Namakkal, Erode,…🌧️🌧️🌧️Very heavy rain likely in Chennai, Kanchi, Tiruvallur, TV Malai, Villupuram, Pondy, Cuddalore, Nagai district…🌧️Forecast for next 24 hours valid till tomorrow morning. Chennai to Pondy, Villupuram, Kanchi, Tiruvallur, TV Ma… @jaishan77339818 @Chennai_Rains @praddy06 I sit on the balcony with hot coffee and keep watching the rain!!
My full video on YouTube. Regarding today and tomorrow rain in Tamil Nadu.🌀Low over Gulf of Mannar. Widespread rain over Coastal TN during next 24 hours. Very heavy rain likely over South… read as 30th Nov to 01st Dec. @muthuatm Thanks, I can't edit..🌧️🌧️PIW forecast from 30th Nov evening to 01st Nov evening. Please use headphones for more voice clarity. @KP2888 Not for the places in the second paraExcellent and detailed forecast for next 24 hours. High patience required to compile it everyday. Only the passion… rains expected areas during next 24 hours. Pondy to Nagai stretch, Delta, Entire South TN will get very h… to be warmer, high probability of above-normal temperatures in core cold wave zone: IMD | India News - Times…🌧️🌧️Heavy rain in South and North of Chennai. Will spread to entire city. Next few hours heavy rain will continue.
@KP2888 Rain charts gives trend.. quantum can't be right. @KP2888 Don't go by rain charts, it's always fool us. I go by wind pattern and moisture..⚠️High Alert for Nagai, Ramnad, Tuticorin, Nellai, Kanyakumari districts for very heavy rain in next 48 hours. 🌧️… @Vimalaaram Heavy rain likely. But do not know what to say about your son safety. That is not my part. I can't pred… @SShaajan Yes, surely!🌧️Rain to begin in entire Coastal Tamil Nadu from tonight, including Chennai. It will be gradually increasing towar… @naveenkumars84 @SriGmfl Add ground water levels too.. @RakeshPandya71 @SriGmfl You dont believe, because city did not get heavy rain this time. But suburbs got. Kanchi a… News - Chennai officially out of drought situation. Huge amount of inflow into reservoirs. Two more days of h… @vinsonkurian @AlfaShenoy @ChennaiRains @chennai_updates Thank you sir.. @vinsonkurian @AlfaShenoy @ChennaiRains @chennai_updates Thanks for addressing to me sir. Next two days are our fin… @revathy1928 Then our motive should be to push our govt towards this direction, to improve facilities like charging… still behind petrol and diesel. Think wise. It will not come down for sure. Future is Electric or renewable e…🌧️Top 10 Lowest November month rainfall for Chennai. 1938 was the lowest with 4.12 MM. 2012 was the recent failure… @kathir22885816 Yes @RakeshPandya71 From tonight!🌧️ Coastal, Delta and South interior TN to receive heavy rain in next 24 hours. The trough in Easterlies to strengt… @SriGmfl Exactly. Tropical wave pattern is the guidance. This time it's MJO which was deciding factor during swm and NEM as well.It's important study. When Mjo is short lived in Indian Ocean than average days. Impact is high!!
⛈️This is unbelievable, storms earlier than yesterday. Continuous like a chain from North to South. Entire city sho… @shanpati @SimonLeeWx @SriGmfl This is what I was saying for the past few weeks. WP SST increasing and extending to… is why I always say Tambaram as Mawsyram. This place in Meghalaya, gets approx 10000 mm in an year. 😉 @kalyanasundarsv Awesome😙 @AVINASH4224 Wait and see @Irfannoorul1 Yes, heavy rain possible⛈️ Storms towards East of Chennai, moving towards West. Moderate rain possible tonight to tomorrow morning.☔️Tamil Nadu records 320.3 MM this NEM season so far, which is 8% below normal. District wise Northeast Monsoon ra… impact is due to dumping kings. The cloud band dumped nearly 15 CM rainfall in just couple of hours time. We c… @SureshVenkataR3 @swamisaranamm No need to worry, u will get ur quota..🌧️Special Forecast - Chennai shall get on and off rain during the day time today. Moderate to heavy rain likely fro…☔️Flash - Heavy to Very heavy rainfall likely from Chennai to Nagai coast during next 3 days. Further Delta, Kanc… @yuvact thank you so much
Chumma Kizhi! 🌧️Flash - Terrific to be termed as. Chennai, Kanchi, Tiruvallur districts heavy rain.…🌧️🌧️🌧️This is what I call it as "Dumping Kings". These clouds pour big quantum in short time!! Heavy for South and…🌧️Rain to begin over Coastal TN from midnight or early morning. 🌧️Light to Moderate - Chennai-Pondy, Tuticorin, Ne…☔Flash - Rain to increase gradually from today, first hit North Coastal TN. During next 24 hours, Pondy to Nagai s…
🌧️It's raining in parts of southern suburbs of Chennai..more on its way! feel that Fadnavis will become Yeddyurappa. I am happy with this, because in one year Uddhav Thackeray will…