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A new beginning: Verdict must herald end of mandir-masjid politics. Move on India, let the past not hold us hostage
Retweeted by Partho Dasgupta @parthodasgupta Traffic division has taken action against the vehicle. (Echallan No: MUMCM19007210549).
Retweeted by Partho Dasgupta @Rolee_Kachru Why do you have to make us jealous like this 🙂Since they are not fined they think they can drive on any part of the road @RoadsOfMumbai @mumbaimatterz
Retweeted by Partho Dasgupta @parthodasgupta @MumbaiPolice @RidlrMUM One of reason IMO is 2 wheelers traffic. I see this even on national highwa…
Retweeted by Partho Dasgupta @parthodasgupta @mumbaitraffic @MumbaiPolice @RidlrMUM Trucks, Big outstation buses driving on the right side is a…
Retweeted by Partho Dasgupta @BoxTheBunny Good guess but no 🙂 @MumbaiPolice Chaar rasta - Sewri- northward trafficWhy do slow moving trucks always drive on the right .@MumbaiPolice @RidlrMUM - have we cganged our driving orientat… UK - 10-20 second TV ads get best response
Retailers dream - how fast did retailers print bills this festive season tribute to #AbheekBarman by @tkarun . Gone too soon. All of us who worked with him @EconomicTimes will rem…
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@Shubhm @AbheekBarman What? Seriously?
A video game on this??😄😄 @shunalishroff Must be blocked by administration fearing unrest - they do it quite often @theRohitBansal @SrBachchan Piku then🙂🙂 @theRohitBansal @SrBachchan Piku and Anand 🙂
This is class - says a lot about .@ushanx s leadership and his acknowledgement of #SanjayGupta s contribution am not in the business of news but there is another big news in media sector breaking!! @eastbengal @paritoshZero @karthiks @AnantRangaswami @anaggh @agrawalsanjeev @beastoftraal @mohitoz Was expecting 😊
@jyotiray @bhupendrachaube Not fighting - healthy debate - @bhupendrachaube book or not - lots of stories for sure 😄 @bhupendrachaube Point taken but didn’t realise where did I compare at all🙄 and why TRP in this context? I don’t th… And while we continue our debates on news skews and censorship- pls look at what’s happenin…, Progressive and User-Friendly: Words used by #AnupChandrasekharan, Business Head at @ColorsTvTamil to desc…
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I am sorry.. we are police ... we don’t exist.. we don’t have families...we don’t have human rights !!!
Retweeted by Partho DasguptaPublishers, Creators Missing Out On $13.4B In Ad Revenues Because Crummy Metrics
When is he getting Knighted - congratulations - you are one of a kind - to have struggled thru childhood and achie… #AirPollution in #Sonipat is so bad that @AshokaUniv is shutting down for a week. @JindalGlobalUNI however can’…
Retweeted by Partho DasguptaI think this finally answers my question as to why Bengalis outside Bengal are almost uniformly high achievers in c…
Retweeted by Partho Dasgupta @eastbengal @EconomicTimes @ShephaliBhatt @mohitoz @AnantRangaswami @anaggh @paritoshZero @beastoftraal I tried ET…’s under the OTT hood. ⁦@ShephaliBhatt⁩ lays it bare in this well researched piece. ⁦@anaggh⁩ ⁦@mohitoz⁩ ⁦…
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These days, Americans spending on new cars, on average has reached $37,782. Americans are buying bigger, pricier c…
Retweeted by Partho DasguptaIndia is 70%+ non vegetarian. Well known, but some folks need to be reminded once in a while
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@itsmeanuj @TheGauravjeet Even i don't know - kya hota hai yeh 😀 and why the hypeThe #USGP #IndiaF1BroadcastSchedule is here! #TwitterSports @USAndIndia @USAmbIndia @USAndKolkata #USIndiaDosti
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We live in dangerous times - Data might be the new Oil but these pipelines are leaky and valves not secure… concluded the Jury Meeting for #Marquees 19 with .@hvgoenka in the chair - pls watch out for the grand event o… Goafest, the #media & #advertising fraternity comes together to share common achievements, failures and learning…
Retweeted by Partho Dasgupta16th Edition of 'Goafest' announced @livegoafest | @TheAdClub_India | @ashishbhasin1 |…
Retweeted by Partho Dasgupta#Goafest2020 announced.. @nakulchopra named the Chairman; @Shashimediabran to lead Awards Governing Council for ABB…
Retweeted by Partho DasguptaThis is big, by Twitter, and very commendable. Wonder how Google and Facebook will respond. Will they emulate Twitt…
Retweeted by Partho DasguptaA very interesting statement on editorial planning & approach at @timesofindia, in the edit page today 👍🏻. I am not…
Retweeted by Partho DasguptaThis is how your phone could be compromised and your whatsapp won't be private anymore - Beware 🛑
@bhatnaturally The new one is #ConTech :-)isn’t this new? Commendable @satyan
@rajcheerfull Wonderful - God bless the newlyweds and wish you and your family the best Raj 🙏9930705453 and 55201/55202 at airport booth all unresponsive. I urge people to try n check for yourself that…
Retweeted by Partho Dasgupta @parthodasgupta @BARCIndia @punitgoenka @Shashimediabran Teams are a ‘Family’ that relishes and cherishes one anoth…
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Why am I not surprised - “Those "walled gardens" show no sign of opening up,”Pritchard of P&G said on Friday at the…
Bang on .@nowme_datta I love David's interview series on #Netflix and this one was very good too but just can't get… well does @BARCIndia respect its stakeholders? Hear it from none other than #SingaRao, Director, #TV9Group
Retweeted by Partho Dasgupta @romilramgarhia @iamsrk Yes he said something similar sometime back too - I work for Shahrukh the brand - me and brand Shahrukh is different
Real journalism cannot be done sitting in a newsroom. If you want to hear in-depth stories straight from the groun…
Retweeted by Partho Dasgupta @ashoklalla @parthodasgupta Wish the same to my one-time boss as well. No doubt Partho will be setting some new ben…
Retweeted by Partho Dasgupta @parthodasgupta @BARCIndia @punitgoenka @Shashimediabran Congratulations @parthodasgupta, looking forward to your next endeavour. 👍🏻🤗
Retweeted by Partho DasguptaMy one-time boss @parthodasgupta has been a start-up maven since long before the term became popular and running st…
Retweeted by Partho DasguptaThe #MexicanGP #IndiaF1BroadcastSchedule is here! #TwitterSports @EmbaMexInd @fsalasl @JulianVenturaV @autodromohr
Retweeted by Partho DasguptaSign of things to come and the voter saying enough is enough with these politicians 👇 @parthodasgupta Best wishes for the next chapter ! @BARCIndia owes a big debt to your leadership in its formative…
Retweeted by Partho DasguptaWhat a fabulous journey .will always be remembered
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Ending a phase - with my dream team of HODs - wishing .@BARCIndia the best for the years to come tips 👇👍 thread👇🏻🤔 played, @parthodasgupta. Look forward to your next.
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"There is nothing wrong with having nothing to say- unless you insist on saying it"- Voltaire
Retweeted by Partho Dasgupta @parthodasgupta you have set many directions and scaled new hights. All the best for your future.
Retweeted by Partho DasguptaWhat a journey @parthodasgupta for not only bringing credibility to the numbers but thinking beyond the Industry Cu…
Retweeted by Partho DasguptaComplete agreement. @parthodasgupta did a stellar job of setting BARC ground up and getting it to where it is today…
Retweeted by Partho Dasgupta"I want users to look at BARC data with more objectivity and help @BARCIndia achieve greater milestones with the co…
Retweeted by Partho Dasgupta @parthodasgupta @PradeepDwivedi @BARCIndia @TheAdClub_India @IAA_India @IAA_Global @AAAIOfficial @ibf_india Take a…
Retweeted by Partho Dasgupta @parthodasgupta managed to hang in at @BARCIndia for a long, long time. Perhaps in the most difficult job in Indian…
Retweeted by Partho Dasgupta @AnantRangaswami @BARCIndia Thanks Anant 🙏🙂A truly memorable stint at @BARCIndia by @parthodasgupta Laid the foundation for quality TV audience measurement in India. Best wishes!
Retweeted by Partho DasguptaTake a bow @parthodasgupta And all the very best!
Retweeted by Partho Dasgupta @rajeshkejriwal Thank you Rajesh 🙏🏻Dear @parthodasgupta you fully deserve all the accolades for building credibility, stature, and for your energy and…
Retweeted by Partho Dasgupta @PradeepDwivedi @BARCIndia @TheAdClub_India @IAA_India @IAA_Global @AAAIOfficial @ibf_india Thank you Pradeep for the kind words 🙏🏻 @Sanjay_Tripathy @BARCIndia Thank you Sanjay @prakashiyer Thank you Sir
@LloydMathias @BARCIndia Thank you @LloydMathias 😊🙏Thank you .@itsmeanuj and @vanitakohlik 🙏🏻🙏🏻 @parthodasgupta founding CEO of @BARCIndia puts in his papers. Media maven & ex-Balaji CEO@SunilLulla to take over.…
Retweeted by Partho DasguptaMaybe Governments around the world should be inspired - appoint real business guys to manage their business too - G…
Recipient of #OutlookSpeakOut Award 2019 as one of the the Top Women Achievers in India, @JagiPanda, MD, Odisha Tel…
Retweeted by Partho DasguptaIt will be so much better logical and better if #Minority is defined based on #economical situation of the person…
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@Rolee_Kachru Since you have been in news business - try Loudest voice on Hotstar - if you love the spy genre then check The Spy on NetflixThis is the way to manage traffic. #awesome #whoisthisguy #eockstar
Retweeted by Partho DasguptaAm i marooned on an island? I don't even know who are the local candidates for the election two days later - checke…
A look at what Sandeep Bansal, MD, @9XTASHAN & Director, @PitaaraTv has to say about @BARCIndia's 4 year journey.…
Retweeted by Partho DasguptaStakeholders always come first for @BARCIndia. Hear it from ZEEL's EVP and Cluster Head, South Business,…
Retweeted by Partho DasguptaAnd we have one of the richest municipal corporations sitting on a pile of cash - 96% of inspected roads in Mumbai… illuminated image of the lunar surface beamed by #Chandrayaan2’s Imaging Infrared Spectrometer payload #ISRO
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This 😊👇🏻 this a behind the scenes image of PM Modi's plogging in Mamallapuram! Karti Chidambaram seems to think so.…
Retweeted by Partho DasguptaIf four things are followed - having a great aim, acquiring knowledge, hard work, and perseverance - then anything…
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🙃 @paritoshZero @PritishNandy @AnantRangaswami @parthodasgupta @IAmSudhirMishra
Retweeted by Partho Dasgupta @milindkhandekar @BARCIndia Well well Milind - you and I both know on levels of honesty of who, where - let’s not g… @milindkhandekar @BARCIndia The Oversight Committee was set up to review BARC India's data validation & outlier pol… this puts to rest speculations and misguided statements that were being made by certain vested interests -…