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@Edible_lyn I texted u. Check @Edible_lyn That’s it! Next time they’re here I’m gonna let u know and u better fly here and go with me @Edible_lyn Girl what?!? How did I not know you like them?! I see them every time they’re here lol @Edible_lyn WHAT?!? As in the band?!?I never win anything but I want these more than anything, there’s no thing but I already have my cat Thing, so it w…
Retweeted by MOH & TW 2020🖤Had my very first chiropractor experience. I wasn’t prepared for my personal space to be so invaded 😂
What corporations paid in federal income taxes last year: Amazon: $0 Delta: $0 Chevron: $0 GM: $0 What they would…
Retweeted by MOH & TW 2020🖤 @evelynmvaldez And then get others sick lol STAY HOME @vaironp Vaped some shit called Luke Skywalker last night. Poof to sleep I went so fast. Warp speed 😂😂trying to stay off my AtivanThe bullying programs at schools are nonsense. PARENTS need to teach kids better and if not FINE them and do suspen… @germ4nhenry @_moxxie What I said above @_moxxie @neonxtechno I listen to other genres as well but don’t want them remixed in techno… @_moxxie @neonxtechno uncultured🤣. 4 the record I’ve been in this for over 25 years and there’s a reason why I’m no…’s wild that I NEVER in a million years ever think I’d leave LA county for OC lol but here I am @Edible_lyn Seems strange @dazzzle666 We’ll bring you here for sure 😊😂😂😂
@dazzzle666 Girrrl lol he can cook like no other BUT not viet food 😂😂 we do have some awesome restaurants we go to… @Darrenmv96 @ARPdidTHAT Very poetic @LilBluRaveateer Awesome!I thought I needed a break this past weekend but I’m glad I changed my mind cuz I would’ve missed on this @MikeCatherwood @Tully @EllisMate @KevinKraftSucks @thekevinryder @clydetombaugh 🤣 @ARPdidTHAT Or old 90s “techno” like pump up the jam or le Roc 01 😬Djs remixing pop/hip hop/ rap into techno sets is soooo annoying. If I wanted to listen to that genre I’d BE at tha…“Remember.....Tough times do not last long, tough people do”
Retweeted by MOH & TW 2020🖤 @dazzzle666 Blessed that Alan is Vietnamese 😍My mom has only had like 3 customers 😭 please come support ☺️ 12010 Vose st. North Hollywood CA 91605
Retweeted by MOH & TW 2020🖤 @esabelleeden Love finding my style of techno so thanks 😊WTF?? This blood is on Trump’s hands alone but the shame is shared by all decent Americans.
Retweeted by MOH & TW 2020🖤Kanye West has never voted a day in his life. Please don’t allow a man who has spit on the graves of MLK, Medgar E…
Retweeted by MOH & TW 2020🖤Listened to this like 7199 times this passed week ....
Retweeted by MOH & TW 2020🖤 @esabelleeden You’re one of the very few ppl I trust with knowing what harder techno really is. LOVES @vaironp Ya we’re getting down over this @vaironp Hahaha @vaironp I love techno because it’s NOT POP so I don’t need Brittney or Adele or anyone else in it @vaironp Lol no thanks @vaironp Same reason I don’t like de Luca girl. @vaironp And why I don’t like her lol WHY is this a thingAnother POTUS gem of a tweet
@synthetikminds @6AMGroup @worklapresents #scenepolice #idgaf if ya don’t like it....bitch bye. Don’t comeGood day to everyone EXCEPT THE ASSHOLES THAT: - Still use flash even tho the event stamp says NO FLASH -continue t… @vaironp 😂😂 @vaironp I leave w plenty of time in case I get traffic or flat tire or whatever else is a possibility lol @thekevinryder @alliemackay @kevinandbean Ayyy Kevin 😂 full size candy worth the spider traumaToday Uganda announced a bill to legalize murdering gay people. National Christian Organization paid a preacher to…
Retweeted by MOH & TW 2020🖤 @vaironp Mmhmm lol @vaironp I don’t know how u leave the afters at dawn. FUCK THAT @lenakins_ Stop hating on him. I LOVED this joker. Fight meOk maybe no more Santa Ana’s but still all bets are off 🤪🤩🥳 @tigresswaves Hope karma gets them back fast and they drop it and shatter it. Also get hit by a car if need be 🤬🤬Santa Ana winds....ALL BETS ARE OFF 🤭 @tigresswaves Some ppl are just fucking assholes🤬🤬🤬🤬 So sorry🥺
Can’t believe I fell asleep at 10:30 last night and woke up at 9:30 this morning. Geez that was some sleep. I think… @clydetombaugh WOWSERSS!!! Been out past 5pm?!?! The glitch in the Matrix is REAL @hayyanuhh I feel like it’s most overrated Mexican food @NachtIstLeben Hang in there my friend 🖤 @thekevinryder @alliemackay @clydetombaugh @kevinandbean GREAT NEWS give up on cash app, I never win 😖 $lenakins 😭, plz a girl’s favorite holiday is Halloween
Retweeted by MOH & TW 2020🖤If you’re gonna be a piece of shit mass murderer have the balls to plead guilty you fucking bitches wait to start my bday month with @TheAdicts ❕❗️❕❗️
So nice getting home in less than 30 min on Fridays 😃 @esabelleeden have a fantastic happy birthday 😊 @thekevinryder @kevinandbean Awesome! 😂😂😂😂😊 @OneOriginalMAC Why I was ok with leaving my school 20+ years. Definitely was in a rut @kevinandbean OMG if Bela Lugosi’s Dead doesn’t win cuz of dumb monster mash Is this playlist on Spotify? @hayyanuhh Leave it there 😬☠️ @AllSaintsDai 😂😂 @AllSaintsDai This is so DAMN CREEPY WTF @OneOriginalMAC Lol ok
Also Benzos....Ativan Xanax clonopin. If you’re an unlucky one that gets addicted to and then have serious withdraw… @OneOriginalMAC @macjamesward Lol that’s awesome @vaironp Every year same shitSometimes I wonder if I’d actually be happy in another country or would my issues just transfer. Generally speaking… walked away when disclosure was about to come up. I don’t need the drama .... dreamt I got murdered last night. Stabbed to death by a psycho man. Because I’m cursed with dreaming so vividly I felt EVERYTHINGFeeling happiness and sadness at the same time is the worst😺😿❤️💔
@macjamesward CONGRATS!!!! 🎉No more Moxy??Omggaawd THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO I’ve ever seen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @vaironp Sun?! No sugar?! @Edible_lyn Eek! A little snow visit, sure. Snowing till May heck noNew invite podcast : Enjoy 🎚
Retweeted by MOH & TW 2020🖤Wow!!! Amazing @SkeleMusic It exploded!!! Were you there???Chuck is back at it ☠️ is my life...... @yazmeng_ At least it wasn’t worse 😖Heard the lyrics to Trampoline ...”when I dream of dying” I knew this was for me. Just like Mad World. Songs to feed my OCD 🤷🏻‍♀️⚰️🏴‍☠️ @ARPdidTHAT I so WISH the 🤡 president would get a full on shoe to the face @yazmeng_
2019 being GROSS and not using protection. Especially at festivals @esabelleeden That shits the WORST. Get a knife or mace or taser or ALL. I have a knife in my backpack too lol @gregatronn6 Lol true. Nothing like LA @lacompound @derrickmayday @MATRiXXMAN This was SOOOO GOOOD. NEED MORE like this @esabelleeden Ugh that happened to me last week. I always have a knife and taser in my car. Fuck any asshole that t…