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Costa Rica celebrates its first same-sex weddings, becoming the first country in Central America to allow same-sex…
Retweeted by OVER.THISLAMMMME woke up early and didn’t get the Chunky Dunky SBs. UghSo today I learned that in Victorian England, for a penny, you could rent a space on a rope to sleep on for the nig…
Retweeted by OVER.THIS @brandibaby579 I feel you 😔
This kid is GOING TO HATE THEM and emancipate at a young age 🙄’d be down if it means I can go out again @robbertlozano So sorry 💔Cheers to the days we have on this planet and to those we share them with. 🖤🙏🏼🥂🍻I feel like many of us are going thru it and this year is nothing but a fucking black hole sucking up great people in our lives. @AllSaintsDai 😔 @robbertlozano @carlosxc_ @anchiiepanchiie 😔 didn’t know him but everyone is speaking worlds of him. I’m so sorry for your loss.I'm raising money for For Carlos. Click to Donate
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@Zeledon_D @brandibaby579 Online shop @brandibaby579 @Zeledon_D Wake up at 645 am tomorrow and may the best man (woman) win lol @brandibaby579 I know huh. Hoping to get them tomorrow morning from a shop my son and I go on for their own release… @LilBluRaveateer happy birthday my dear friend 💞💞💞💞💞 @vaironp 😆 @vaironp I felt attacked for a min lol thx for clarifyingI wanted to know, but now that I do, it’s eating me up 😔 @NachtIstLeben Thank you. 🖤Said Qlimax, but it’s Qapital that I NEED to happen. So I’m sending it to the universe .... @Q_dance @robbertlozano 😆I don't have a lot of followers but if any of you are from Washington state please rt, these people murdered my nep…
Retweeted by OVER.THIS @robbertlozano Lol what gold this story isI hope they got GOOD TIPS. kids were recording skateboard tricks when these two hammered guys were walking home from the bar. Wait for i…
Retweeted by OVER.THISIt was a day of some hurt, some calm, some closure. @EndirYK Same here. Annoying @ohhmyguss @vaironp Lol you do you boo @brandibaby579 Wow he takes the cake for stage design lol
@ohhmyguss Who are u fighting with lol @eddiesnotfunny Yes they do!! That’s how my son and I were able to get his Jordans. We woke up and both of us were on their lol @eddiesnotfunny I’m waking Tuesday at 6:45 to try and get them.I’m so not ready for tomorrow...later. Don’t know what to say don’t know if I can even walk through the door or eve… @toliptset THAT. WAS. AMAZING. 🙌🏽 @CaliiMau5 Dreaming ....can’t wait for it to happen. I’m ready to spend my money @ExtraButter I mean....Peanut Butter Half Baked lol but these dunks are SIIICK 7.5 women please 😁🤩Damnnn itttt They’re already trending NOOOO it’s gonna be so hard to get them 😭😭😭 @CaliiMau5 Hahaha seriously @toliptset @TheFactory93 play an extra hour..
Retweeted by OVER.THIS @Party_Mnstr @toliptset Can we vote on this because I vote YES.
Retweeted by OVER.THIS @CaliiMau5 @toliptset 😭😭😭I wish @toliptset played forever all day and night ....that would make me happy @toliptset After the loss of my bestie I really needed this set to bring me some happiness right now even if for a… needed this Testpilot set right now.... lifting my spirits even for a bitTestpilot played one KILLER set at @ExchangeLA I’ll never forget that nightPeople can hate on Testpilot/ Deadmau5 all they want but he’s one talented dude @TheFactory93 @toliptset @deadmau5Let’s count how many cigs Testpilot has during his setThis bitch track that Patrick Topping is playing is so annoying and he let it play ALLL THE WAY @hayyanuhh SameQlimax has to happen one way or another 😭😭 @Q_danceDamn. Let me see 1 forearm $800 the other $500 one upper arm $1700 the other $700. My thigh $300 my upper back $30…
Retweeted by OVER.THIS8 hours of hardcore insanity await you tomorrow. Get in the mood for QONNECT x QORE with its furious line-up. See y…
Retweeted by OVER.THIS @hayyanuhh Which? @hayyanuhh He did 😭😭 @Paddy_GE Good luck lol that’s all I’m saying. And I always have to tell people that the one thing I was NEVER prep… son gave me his Jordans years ago, and now he has big boy ones @hayyanuhh back into my SB Dunks. I hope I can get these. They’re gonna go so fast. @OneOriginalMAC Ok. I no longer have a teenage son. He turned 20 today 😁 @neonxtechno Haha The Big Bang TheoryI no longer have a teenage child. Wow. That’s crazy.I said this would happen 3 weeks into the stupid quarantine @brandibaby579 🤣🤣🤣 OMG @brandibaby579 Wow that’s a hell of a commitment 😂😂😂😂 but I’ll take it. That’s how much I move you guys @brandibaby579 Twitter friend that became FAMILY FOREVER. LOVE YOU GUYS @brandibaby579 How time flies happy to have you in my life 😍Good times ♥️ ⁦@Party_Mnstr⁩
Retweeted by OVER.THIS @brandibaby579 Awww wow that’s a ehile ago 💕🖤 @ohxshelbs It has been the WORST @truncate_la Yessss @gregatronn6 @AllSaintsDai I almost cried cuz I couldn’t find my was behind a tow truck and I couldn’t hear my alarm 💀 @ohhmyguss He’s 💯 a fuck boy lol and the lesbian is a fake ass but case @hayyanuhh So cute! @ohhmyguss Most of the Americans in this season are GROSSSSSSSSS except for the two Australian couples. Those relat… @ohhmyguss He’s so GROSS. I’m glad she dumped him @hayyanuhh Awwww how cute 🥰😍 @hayyanuhh Oh ...yea I forgot to say that part lol @hayyanuhh How cute. David had Jordans from 3 months old. That’s all he wore .....that’s all he wears now lol. Even…
It's just after midnight, so I guess that makes it officially World Goth Day in the UK!
Retweeted by OVER.THIS @Paddy_GE 🖤🖤 changed my life for sure @Paddy_GE I think I’ve heard of Stargate. But here in LA we also had our LGBT club most of us started at in the 90s… @DefectedRecords
@Zeledon_D I don’t think I’ve ever been without one 😏 @macjamesward CBD penIt’s interesting to know the 5 stages of grief so well & knowing exactly where I am & the next steps and yet still… UP: @TheFactory93 & @Bassrush LiveStreams this Weekend & a much requested Rave-a-Thon dedicated to @Basscon!!
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@AcidPhonk Wow. Wonder how long we’ve been friends. It’s definitely YEARS lol I miss you friend @NachtIstLeben I’m so sorry about your friend. It definitely is a life changer @albarrios84 😇 lol6) He was my son’s 4th gr teacher and @lenakins_ science camp teacher. He treated them like his own children. The… I already miss him so much. It’s going to be so hard to remember I can’t pick up the phone and call him to feel… That’s the way it was SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!! Not him walking into the light and not coming back. But I can’t blame… Animal House now you’re gonna be on “double secret probation” and on a strict diet. I’d help him and his wife f… Ridgemont High “Must’ve of been one hell of a piss, Arnold” he always said that when something dumb would happen… This is how it was SUPPOSED to be: he had a heart attack. I go visit him in the hospital & and walk in saying “W… @albarrios84 May as well have fun with itCatch at the raves with my COVID mask rarely, if ever post personal gofundme posts. But for my bestie I am and I and his family appreciate any help fro…
@darientechnos @vonwolfenheiser It’s actually really fun. A definite MUST at least once in your life