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Record bundles might include last year’s albums by @TheHighwomen, @charlybliss, @osoosoband, @Sleater_Kinney,…
Retweeted by Paste MagazineCheck out this very cute, occasionally horrifying behind-the-scenes look at the filming of #SevenWorldsOnePlanet on… @hulu #5 Cowboy Bebop is a "particular blend of cyberpunk intrigue, Western atmosphere, martial arts action, and no… @hulu #17 Adventure Time is a "strange, yet endlessly innovative little gem." @hulu #23 The Golden Girls is not just for Karens or Boomers! Hilarious for all ages! @hulu #31 The Thick of It is Veep's OG British counterpart. @hulu #36 Daria, a "perfect distillation of 90s goodness." @hulu #41 RIP Happy Endings, the platonic ideal of a hangout show
@hulu #46 @BetterThingsFX is an experimental comedy that also elaborated a "multigenerational portrait of women in… @hulu #49 Don’t Trust the B— in Apt 23 was "absurd, surreal, and clearly too weird for the network it was on in the… an early look at the @Quibi 'Punk'd' reboot that @chancetherapper is hosting: @hulu #50 Man Seeking Woman was a surrealist comedy series that started as "lampoon of modern dating" but morphed i… @hulu #76 @Lodge49 is tenderhearted and "the finest treatment of the Great Recession and its aftermath" has been the month of delayed videogames. Here are five highly anticipated games whose release dates were j… @hulu #77 Everybody Hates Chris was one of the "greatest sitcoms of the new millennium"'R.Y.C' evokes the chaos of modern day youth and takes cues from the U.K.'s urgent musical newcomers. Check out…'s Brewery Light Hearted Ale review: A "lo-cal" IPA that struggles to rationalize the low-flavor trend in… @hulu #81 Nathan For You turns sublime by its 3rd season but is absolutely iconic throughout. @hulu #82 @Please_Like_Me is remarkably likable with its snark and nuanced portrayal of mental illness and his brother Roger Eno have announced a joint album titled 'Mixing Colours.' Listen to "Celeste" now:… Rateliff (@NRateliff) shares new single/music video, "What a Drag": @hulu #83 If you're looking for a show about a woman who needs to lose weight to feel empowered, SHRILL ain't it! 2020 #Grammys ceremony is Sunday evening. Here are Paste's picks for who will and should win:… to a new single from Tennis' (@TennisInc) forthcoming album, due out on Valentine's Day:… @hulu #86: Cougar Town is "sunny, friendly, and often very bizarre." It's no surprise Abed was obsessed! share their new single "TOY" in three distinct versions: @hulu #88 Ramy, the "radically optimistic" dramedy about a young Muslim Egyptian-American that won @ramy his Golden… Sanders is learning that America's ruling class cannot be placated VALLEY, @annawiener's new book from @fsgbooks, delivers a refreshing take on the tech industry memoir:…'s (@official_GDC) annual industry survey reveals a rising interest in virtual reality, next-gen consoles and un… talk to comedian Moshe Kasher about his approach to crowd work and his new album Crowd Surfing, which is entirel… @hulu #91 @FreshOffABC "one of the most complex, engaging, moving comedies on TV" @hulu #92 @TheBoldTypeTV - a show that celebrates women even when their journalistic practices are dubious of Trump's confidants says GOP senators were told "vote against the president and your head will be on a pike":…'True Love's Flame," the monkey-sung song from David Lynch's (@DAVID_LYNCH) surprise @NetflixFilm short 'What Did J… @hulu #93 "modern-day hardboiled detective drama" @StumptownABC @hulu #98: the "excruciatingly awkward" @pen15 Billie Eilish's (@billieeilish) dark self-directed video for "everything i wanted": Chilean singer/songwriter Molina shares left-field synth-pop EP 'Vanilla Shell,' out today:… does Cook Serve Delicious 3 stack up to the first two? Holly Green has some thoughts on the game's upcoming Ear… that @hulu has 30 Rock, how do the 99 other shows rank?'s all celebrate Klein's birthday in her music video for "Claim It":'re giving away 5 curated record bundles from our 2019 AOTY list! You could win vinyl from @puptheband,… funniest tweets of the week target Presidential impeachments, Rob Lowe's dumb hat, and more.… Jones shares some words of wisdom in her riotous new Netflix stand-up special. on #Shrill Season 2, food stigmas, and breaking the cycle of shame: 'Watch This Liquid Pour Itself,' @okaykayaouch makes sweeping, poignant observations through the lens of… Thee Stallion (@theestallion) gives us a first taste of her forthcoming album 'Suga' and introduces us to her… day at the Paste Studio ATL: @drivinncryin, @kristianbush's new band Dark Water, @FamAndPals & a hard seltzer…
Retweeted by Paste MagazineHear @elliegoulding's glitched-out vocals on @FourTet's new track, "Baby": on vacation, or traveling for work? Here are 10 pieces of gear that'll simplify your travels.… Adam Schiff close out Thursday's impeachment trial with a terrific speech on Trump and America… spoke with us about Levi's arc on #GreysAnatomy, how it mirrored his own journey, and his new Freefor… out the contentious first trailer for "Tread," the Killdozer incident documentary. #Killdozer #MarvinHeemeyer Listen to Avi Kaplan's (@Avi_Kaplan) new single, "It Knows Me": @TheKeriLumm gives a (free) #GoopLab technique a whirl:'s weekly music roundup, featuring Waxahatchee (@k_crutchfield), Hayley Williams (@yelyahwilliams),… Win a Blu-ray copy of Paste's 2019 movie of the year, Bong Joon Ho's Oscar-nominated 'Parasite' (… Pennsylvania gearing up for a bipartisan battle in 2022?:, oh how we love you so. Here are 10 new records to enjoy this weekend before #Grammys discourse tak… announces first American release of Jameson Cold Brew, the coffee-infused Irish whiskey. #coffee
#NicolasCage makes everything around him stranger in #ColorOutofSpace interviewed @anaismitchell about her two brilliant projects, @Hadestown & @bonnylightband -
Retweeted by Paste MagazineICYMI - i reviewed the new album by @petshopboys for the nice people at @PasteMagazine.
Retweeted by Paste MagazineI will take any opportunity to clown on the #Grammys but here are a few times they actually did something right **n…
Retweeted by Paste MagazineWatch Kevin Krauter (@krauter_) perform songs from his new album, 'Full Hand,' in the Paste Studio:… shares mysterious new teaser--could 'Observer 2' be on its way?: #Grammys don't always get it right, but sometimes they really, really do. Here are the best @RecordingAcad Albu…'s soundtrack for Luca Guadagnino's 'The Staggering Girl' is coming to streamers this Valentine's… and Christoph Waltz are set to star in new action thriller series 'Most Dangerous Game,' launching… reunites with 'Swiss Army Man' writer-directors The Daniels (@DANIELS) for 'Everything Everywhere All At Once…’s nothing to suggest in 'Hotspot' that Pet Shop Boys are running low on inspiration. But their best play will… (@rosaliavt) releases new track "Juro Que" along with a vibrantly colored music video featuring Omar Ayuso…'s favorite show about wigs and dresses is back on Feb. 28. Check out the cast of Season 12 of… and @IggyPop collaborate on new track “Broken Boy,” combining the sounds of alternative rock and… the trailer for 'The Last Thing He Wanted,' a Dee Rees-directed political thriller based on the Joan Didion n… up with @AnaisMitchell of @Hadestown & @BonnyLightBand Jones shares some words of wisdom in her riotous new Netflix stand-up special. Read our review.… Time coming to Netflix US 2/11
Retweeted by Paste MagazineWill Obama actually try to tank Bernie Sanders? If he does, it will help Trump regardless of the primary outcome.… backpacks and packaging cubes to travel pillows and battery chargers, here are 10 pieces of gear that our trav… @PasteMagazine, i wrote about halsey's new album, which is an imperfect but worthwhile listen — and one of the…
Retweeted by Paste Magazine'Manic' is a rich and often confounding listen, an expansive album filled to the brim with the imagined worlds Hals… to @KarenO and Danger Mouse's (@DangerMouseJuke) cover of Lou Reed's (@LouReed) "Perfect Day":… Grammys chief @debdugan get interrupted time and time again on 'Good Morning America' and 'CBS This Morning'… Himes writes about the leading figures in modern jazz, including @alliboomboom @JennyScheinman &… talk to Naoki Yoshida and Yoko Taro about Final Fantasy XIV's NieR: Automata raid.'Parasite' (@ParasiteMovie) to get a re-release in black-and-white: (@stereolabgroop) announce a spring 2020 leg of their reunion tour, to hit Oceania, Asia and the U.S.:… David Bowie (@DavidBowieReal) perform songs from 'Station to Station,' released 44 years ago today:… Iowa caucus junk mail power rankings! A real Iowan, @BenGranWriter, ranks the endless piles he's received...whi… onto your hat (boxes): The final trailer for @NetflixFilm's 'To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You' (… Eisenberg and Imogen Poots are trapped in suburbia in freaky trailer for "Vivarium." #horror #horrormovies legendary artists who never won a #Grammy, featuring The Who, Diana Ross, ABBA and more: so the stack of records growing on my desk for this is a SOLID stack of records. i cannot wait to curate the bun…
Retweeted by Paste Magazine.@lizlet on how CBS All Access' Star Trek: #Picard series delivers a wonderfully mysterious, darker future--and why… in a legendary studio yesterday that was on my bucket list. thank you @PasteMagazine for having us. most em…
Retweeted by Paste MagazineThe real Mr. Peanut, Jimmy Carter, has outlived another rival.
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Where to stream the 2020 #OscarNoms: @PasteMovies' guide to watching as many nominated films as possible before… Lunar New Year Celebration brings new food, a new parade, and a new nighttime show to Disney's California Adven…