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Dad to 2 great kids. PAFC fan, lover of Dylan and Cohen. Proud European, Labour Party Member. Love the Norfolk Broads and Italy. Follows returned.

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@getnorthern He is very funny....but you definitely have to know him to understand @BorisJohnson @NorthantsPolice You should be arrested for treason @OnlyOneTeeta My daughter's hamster...cookie
@DrewLawDesign Love Sick. Bob Dylan
That's it. The end has arrived for my father in law. What do I do now? My partner, Karen (a decent one) will be in bits. Bollox @DrewLawDesign In weeks and days like these your stupidity is a blessing @JaneRemain It's been a horrible day. I'm mentally drained. I'm dreading the night. I think however I could write a… @KayBurley @DominicRaab Be careful what you wish for. @andreajenkyns An unintelligent pink blancmange @DrewLawDesign Mine and my partners mood anytime soon. Her Dad had another heart attack. He’s slipping away.
@DrewLawDesign @florencerounda2 @1GreenWorld9 you probably used to have a blow up lol @DrewLawDesign Definitely a west country accent, so soft, gentle and educated, even better a Janner accent from the… @robsmith286 This is terrifying....So very tired and stressed. A week ago I had completed an exam, new job and a holiday to look forward to. I'm now s… @DrewLawDesign Bob Dylan in Prague 1995. Just amazing. The whole evening was wonderful. Some of the Best 2 or 3 nights of my life. @sapphicrobbins @andreajenkyns Hi Andrea, I'm a woke lefty, continually offended by an uninformed, extreme right winger like you 😀 @Frobert08 @Rachael_Swindon For the many, etc worked so well. @Sarlouwills Sadly I have the evidence of a mirror, and as for what’s on the inside, god, don’t go there. @slaveto5cats We have evidence. Follow the science @slaveto5cats You are understandably far too popular with the masses of potential adoring followers @Sarlouwills Luckily I've only put on a couple of pounds since lockdown, so thats good. Sadly im still as fat and u… @marklowen It was Wilf, looking at the picture he can probably walk by now. @PippaPippapoppy @YvonneBurdett3 I do want to see him again. He is OUR PM. He has lead this country through one of… @theAliceRoberts I don’t understand why kids can’t be doing remote learning at home instead of being shut into clas… @DrewLawDesign 90 degrees @TheJessieKirk Good luck. Take care @surrey_femme Ovaltine chocolate bar....they don’t make it anymore though
@DrewLawDesign My daughter's hamster...cookie, 24 - 48 hours to respond to treatment. Otherwise that's it, beginning of the end. @terrychristian Can anyone remember cremola foam....what a drink @TracymOshea @DrewLawDesign Never enough lol @Laura__Fox @RealLateStarter @terrychristian In Cornwall and Scotland Swedes are called turnip @Laura__Fox @RealLateStarter @terrychristian Ah....but what's a turnip? @AuthorMonika No. Most of us men wouldn't be able to find the door. @Laura__Fox @terrychristian Yeah...our Asda does that. I remember my 1st pizza was from Bejam and 1st Curry and Chinese was 'vesta' meal. @terrychristian @Laura__Fox Peppers were unheard of until Delia Smith...even now I think of them as slightly posh and exotic @MisterZeets @terrychristian Yes, I use 2 types in a pasty. Black for flavour and white for pungency @Nigel_Farage Learn to live with this disease? A bit like how we have had to learn to live with you. Let's hope the… @superparentx4 Followed @TheJessieKirk @GordonHepburn Source or in Johnson's case, sauce? @KirstieMAllsopp I suspect in less than 5 weeks time your words will be proven to be normal. Plea… @RedFlagUK @cymrubarlow @MattHancock @pow_rebecca follows the party line, standard responses. Diabolical @jayrayner1 @BBCRadio4 Pasties..... @CCHQPress Why not ask Tufton St? They tell you what to do.👧 into requiring miracle territory. This looks like being a pretty miserable week. @DrewLawDesign Hope everything will be Ok. @ZombyWoof4 I'm presuming the orange stand is '#boristhebutcher's emergency drinks cabinet @wizbates Talk to them. Speak to their readers. Win election. Do the right things...... @YvonneBurdett3 @GoldenWonder10 @Jeremy_Hunt Not were agreeing with Thatch the other week lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
#NewProfilePic @TracymOshea Blimey! Remind me never to argue... @DrewLawDesign Closing time. Leonard CohenPlease wonderful twitterland. A few prayers etc for my father in law wouldn't go amiss right now....these are dark moments. @PishPishCat Freedom to spread the virus through their pathetically selfish and ignorant actions. @StormySturgeon Pasties mmmmm @florencerounda2 @ali__samson @miffythegamer Repent lol @florencerounda2 @ali__samson @miffythegamer I think you have as well, far-right selfish scum....covers it better @Rozkez67 It may not even get to an election.. @JoelBaccas The one the UK used to be... @BorisJohnson @JennerInstitute @UniofOxford There is a reason scientists and laboratory technicians button their co… @unojen_wood @Keir_Starmer Honest. Competent. TogetherI think I've turned into someone horrible. My thought process is bad at the moment. @DrewLawDesign Sincerely L. Cohen. Famous Blue Raincoat by L. Cohen @DianaSalmon1 @MPrepuce Whoever they choose speeds up the process of the inevitable way this will all end. @DrewLawDesign 3 coffees and getting nervous about my partners pinging phone. Her Dad had a heart attack a couple o… @miffythegamer Have we any grannys left after #BorisTheButcher's attempt at genocide in care homes? @tomhfh @Telegraph Sorry Tom. You really are a tosspot. No idea..... @SYFR The sad thing about this picture is the desk is still better than the wibbly wobbly desk I have to do my OU course on!
@Rozkez67 @ReasonedUK @darrengrimes_ @BBradley_Mans Ben aka baby gammon @darrengrimes_ There's a shock. Anything hateful and you support it. @butwhatifitsall When I used to work in fruit trade we called them scabby joy. @AngrySalmond Only 1. Bob Dylan. @DrewLawDesign Im just waiting for 'L'Origine du Monde' to appear on your timeline with the inevitable 'prince' answer from @Justbwc @gullssinceaboy @alanjstedman I can live with him coming out as a buffoon I'm just praying Bob Dylan doesn't do the same thing. @gullssinceaboy @alanjstedman Seen him 'live' Once. His early music was brilliant. But not relevant as he was. @Sarlouwills Empty headed moron.dozens of people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by @DrewLawDesign Surely you must have the answer to this Drew? @MarieAnnUK And regrettably violence @cheryllynmartin Images of former partner come back to haunt me. Lol @cheryllynmartin this shit show of a clown car government implode, as they will it won't matter if we have conservative or Labo… @DrRosena I'm in tears. Dr Rosena is a terrific example of decency in humanity. All the things she has are what the… @mattprescott Looked. Did nothing. Look now....she will be agreeing for her govt to break law soon.What a night. I suffer food poisoning then later Partners Dad taken into hospital with heart attack. 50/50. Can't v…
@reece_dinsdale Only thing he's useful for is to grow your beans by him. @BernieMorgan @SkyNewsPolitics Yeah, but they are far more intelligent than us ordinary mortals @Justbwc @DrewLawDesign 🤣🤣🤣🤣😋 @SarahScb @MrsAitchBee @TracymOshea Yep....I've said it for a while. We are heading for riots. @fifechess @DanielWBmouth Turned off @TracymOshea @DrewLawDesign Drew. (One out of 2! Lol) @TracymOshea @florencerounda2 Technophobe @fifechess @DanielWBmouth Not without batteries @MrsAitchBee @TracymOshea Expect a leadership (loose term) challenge. Then I would imagine Sauron/Michael Gove to b… @prodnose Saw Stan and Ollie a few days ago. Brilliant. Looking at L and H films since. Genius....hard boiled eggs. @cheryllynmartin If they don't hire you they are morons.