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Books I'll be reading: Celine - Journey to the End of the Night Kierkegaard - Fear and Trembling Eldridge - Wild… weight and pics. My guess is I'll be at 165lbs when I get back to post last supper. Fettucini alfredo, ribeye, roasted broccoli, St. Emilion bordeaux you in a week! don't affiliate market ANYTHING - only doing this product because it's been a gamechanger for me, and Jay and I t… @JayCampbell333 is having a MASSIVE sale now too - if you spend at least $333 everything is 33% off Use my code Pa… POST: What To Do If You're Losing Your Hair Smart Guys Make Dating More Difficult With Her must meditate on death because men must surrender to it in order to become instruments of the divine.
Retweeted by Pat StedmanA male initiation is an opening to truth and death; a woman's is an opening to love and life.
Retweeted by Pat Stedman @NimbusAetherus tent, filter, bringing them
Lots of men who are apathetic or fanatical think they have surrendered to death. I still get sad when I think abou…
Retweeted by Pat Stedman @NoahRevoy It's amazing how excited people are for police force in this situation, yet in others...Watch it here: @chalimrefu @t21surfer thank you Martin! @limitlessleila If only I was in the VA portion! I'll be doing NJThe Real Truth on Auxano Grow and how it STOPS HAIR LOSS in its tracks! Join @Pat_Stedman and Me Now!
Retweeted by Pat StedmanLink to buy Auxano Grow: Use code Pat15 I get 15% commission, you get 15% off. LMK if you have any questions!We're live here: we are: make sure you read this Article:
Retweeted by Pat StedmanHAIR LOSS ISSUES w/ Jay Campbell periscope at 3:30PM EDT today, going to be talking about HAIR LOSS If this is something you're struggling… red pill is something that is necessary but it's not the full picture. It's one of the tools in your toolbox. @Pat_Stedman
Retweeted by Pat Stedman @Parlapanton @LionCubPhD Thanks, I'll do thisI will keep an eye on The Cabal in your absence.
Retweeted by Pat Stedman @Parlapanton @LionCubPhD Won't affect dopamine? Trying to cut all that stuff out.The 2 Types of Friendzones energy today. Barely slept and feel great.800 year old daygame wisdom: IOIs don’t mean much
Retweeted by Pat StedmanHonestly...goals.
Retweeted by Pat Stedman @LionCubPhD Taking a bag of these just in case, but I won't need them. free to update me in DMs about big stuff going on, questions, I will check them out when I return!I have emails scheduled throughout so make sure to get on the list: Reminder once the mast… morning I'll be leaving on a 7 day, 75 mile solo-hike in the Appalachians. Will be fully fasted throughou… are better off fucking off essay from @thomasjbevan1 "People who don’t want to have to deal with gatekeepers and tastemakers are re…
Retweeted by Pat StedmanTragic that girls have been taught this is a good approach.
@AlexandrovnaIng @browntimmy10 Africa and China are definitely inaccurate, not sure about India though @InvestorPUA @BrianFearless Dude... We all do. We are jumping straight to the ADVANCED LESSONS here. You know how…
Retweeted by Pat Stedman“Why would I hire you? I can work on my own issues.” Sure you can. But does your stylist cut her own hair?
Retweeted by Pat StedmanThe #3 Element of Effective Dating
@Abuamerican Huge amounts of emotional repression, class stratification & crab-bucket resistance to breaking said norms, and fear @Excitotoxxin This depends entirely on the person's level of consciousness. Different dating markets. @markallanbovair Main objection I hear to remote schooling is that some parents' work isn't remote. But in any job…“Sparing the rod spoils the child.” Wrong The rod spoils the child. Stop beating your kids dumb fuck
Retweeted by Pat Stedman @drtigerjoseph Depends which branch they tookIs it any wonder the new age "spirituality community" sucks at serving men?
Retweeted by Pat StedmanIs it any wonder the new age "spirituality community" sucks at serving men? @Pat_Stedman All male initiations involve ritualised wounding. In the absence of this ritualist mechanism modern m…
Retweeted by Pat Stedman @dovidfeldman 🙏"Gents: Ignoring a woman you are with is a form of emotional abuse. Attention is currency for women, and it devast…
Retweeted by Pat StedmanThey are waking up when they want and finishing their work in 3 hours. How will they go back full time? Makes sens… niece just showed me the new remote system today. 7 hour "in person" days just aren't going to exist as a norm i… male initiation is an opening to truth and death; a woman's is an opening to love and life. @LandsharkRides :)))Start a company. A hidden bi-effect is that you’ll likely find yourself too.
Retweeted by Pat Stedman @gianni_dipoce Thanks man!The #2 Element of Effective Dating
@handsome_words "All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."This the most accurate statement I never seen before
Retweeted by Pat StedmanMen must meditate on death because men must surrender to it in order to become instruments of the divine.I am becoming a meme a bad sense of humor is fearIf @Pat_Stedman gets a cat and doesn't name it Cat Stedman, I'll be very disappointed
Retweeted by Pat Stedman @ben_foth LMFAOThe #1 Element of Effective Dating @REDdestGuy @beamanforreal @Not_Naked_Now @PistolAndreas @alpharivelino @GotPickup I would be too busy laughing
Traders - what are your dollar / euro forecasts? Will the euro continue to gain? @dovidfeldman Thanks Dovid :)"To get to Tier 1 women, date LESS women not more. Be very SELECTIVE about who you decide to pursue things romant…
Retweeted by Pat StedmanOne of my favorite accounts a fun time learning this Opinion: Alotta people are ruled by Satan, thinking it's God.
Retweeted by Pat Stedman @allicovington For long term relationships, definitely. Dating though usually the opposite.Lack of attention is worse than too much attention
Retweeted by Pat StedmanAlways remember the dogs of September 11. 300+ affected—all are gone now. These beautiful creatures would get so d…
Retweeted by Pat Stedman @rulesofthetrade my friends and i compete to give each other more money on venmo lol @Sociopathlete yesterday, BOOMERS GONNA BOOMER @AndrewLoeschner This was back in March, PRESCIENTPour one out for the GOAT dad got banned from AOL for trolling, feeling super proud to be his son
The avoidance response in men to emotional pain might seem "safer" in the short term, but in the long term women ge… many relationships have ended because men ignore their women as have ended because they act too needy.You Treat Yourself Like Shit something to force through. Meet the needs the procrastination will evaporate.Procrastination is an anxiety response endemic in people who don't know how to meet their own needs. Approaching flies so fast: 18y-I don't want a man, I want to have fun 25y- I don't want a man, I'm building my career 30y…
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The Origins of Rock Solid Frame go up again mid-october. Don't delay! to do what I do.
Expressing / enforcing your boundaries and feelings while staying in a place of love is a superpower @ben_foth damn, stay safe man @ben_foth how? @Moneybaglives Indigestion and not a fan how it affected tooth enamel May have needed more diluting however23 minutes until these emails go out Both cut DEEP into the reasons behind emotional suffering, and what you as a… blog post.
Retweeted by Pat Stedman2 emails for you today: "The Most Tragic Truth in Coaching" & "The Dark Night of the Soul" These emails are abo…