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We’re in business to save our home planet.

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@christalmegan Sorry to hear about that! Send us a DM with your order number and we would love to make it right for… @MarkLeruste Sorry to hear that! You can start the repairs process online here: @kamburgerhk We have discontinued that style for the moment, but encourage you to reach out to our Patagonia Europe… @jayarmi Sorry to hear about your bag, Jay! We'd be happy to help you out and see if we can repair it. Bring it to… @SavvyLuke Hey Luke! It shouldn't as long as it's washed properly. We recommend washing in cold water and drying on low.
@JoshuaTreeNPS @DeathValleyNPS @MojavePres Join us and our friends at @AmargosaConserv, California Wilderness Coali… 1994 California Desert Protection Act established @joshuatreeNPS, @deathvalleyNPS, and @MojavePres and over 50… @mounglaube Hi there, thanks so much for your feedback and for your concern on our plastic usage. Although our bags… @elisemurph We are sorry to hear you've had troubles contacting us. Representatives are available via phones and ch… @thewindmilly Sure, thing, here you go (+44) 203 636 9222. @tk_hammond We are sorry to see that, Tara! Simply washing your garment in warm, soapy water with a liquid dishwash…
@thewindmilly Hi Charliee! Thank you for reaching out to us. We can mail them from the US to the UK, but it may cos… @AdamsPond Hi Peter! We are so sorry to hear about this. We see that you have sent us a DM so we will be replying t…é González is a poet, educator, activist, and runner. He founded Latino Outdoors, an organization that creates a… @206UserNotFound Hi there! Would you please send us a DM with your order number and email? That way we can take a look at it for you. @eraromeros Hi Chelsea! We'd recommend taking a look at our Nano Puff Parka. It doesn't provide quite as much warmt… @ActivistIntl Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will pass this along and please also feel free to se…
@bmick56 We're happy to look into this for you, so check your DMs! @hollibphotog Thanks Holli! If you're near a Patagonia-owned store (highlighted in orange on our Dealer Locator pag… Kazukawa was born in Sapporo, Japan and now lives, coaches and runs in Denver, CO. A two-time breast cancer s… @elegyqueen Sorry to hear about the troubles with our website! Please send us a DM with your order information and… @asage_mktg3340 Great question! Some of them were built for the roughest of weathers while others can be used for e… @hollibphotog Oh no! We are sorry about that, Holli! It looks like your rain jacket has started delaminating. Fortu… @haleytheknight Oh no! We are so sorry to hear about this. We would be more than happy to help you out. Would you p… @ActivistIntl Hi there! We haven't seen anything as of yet. Did you DM us or did you send us an email directly? @manperson12355 We're really sorry about this. Please DM us with your order number so we can look into this for you… @itsnotaboutaj Sorry about this! We just reached out to our Web Team to verify this and they let us know that it ma… @En3rg1_Yann Hey there! Sorry to hear you didn't get your order confirmation. Please DM us with the email and billi… @asage_mktg3340 Check out our Black Hole collection, which is now made with 100% recycled fabric, lining and webbin… @jasonacurry Hi Jason! Yes, click on the following link to see our synthetic options in baby & toddler jackets.…
We can’t allow one of our last, untouched wild places to disappear at the hands of this administration’s reckless d…
Retweeted by PatagoniaA Colorado home run. Photo: Val Atkinson @treywlker We are growing so quickly and so is our job opportunity! If you are interested in a position, please fol… @bethcooperox At this time, the only discounts we offer are to our Pro members who are qualified outdoor profession… @millypontipee What a sweet gift—looks like it just needs a little love from us. Please feel free to mail that into… @ComputerMakerJB Here's a great history of our foray into environmental activism: @itsnotaboutaj Hi Anthony! Unfortunately there is no way to add the order to your new account since it was placed a… @WS_Donaldson Hey there, happy birthday! It looks like the Terrebonne Joggers will be coming back in new colors nex… @rachael684 We love your intent behind this suggestion, Rachel! While we don't provide GuppyFriend's with each flee…
Still made for the rowdiest weather. Now built with recycled materials and Fair Trade Certified sewn. ​ Shell, Yeah… @mollymilehighh Hello Molly, we're sorry you're disappointed with your Re Tool Snap T. Due to the nature of that pa… the offerings at Crater Lake in Colin Wiseman's backcountry lunch at The Cleanest Line. (We're ready for win…
@knun2 That was a Spring 2018 hat. Be sure to submit an online review of any of our hats asking our product designers to bring it back! @GreatestGilmore So sorry to hear about the condition of the down jacket! Please reach out to us in a DM so that we… @deanfalcke Thanks for your feedback! @tobermorylife Check out for more information on how to trade your gear in. @tobermorylife We love this! Way to get outside and rediscover your love of nature. You are welcome to trade-in you… @littlescintilla Synchillas, helping keep possums warm since 2019. Keep up the good work, Daisy!
@to_millions Hi there! Thank you for reaching out to us about this. We support innovative work that addresses the r… @_CLAAY Hi Clayton! At this time, we are not sure when/if they will be expanding that option any time soon. They… you for making history. This is just the beginning. Support youth activists. Get involved with environmental… @laura_e_durham So glad to hear you are going to stop by the Worn Wear event in Manchester, Laura! It's hard to say… @PatrickFogerty Hey Patrick! We do offer some military/government discounts through our Pro Program. Please follow… master, Laura Sabourin on the Great Red Roof. Red Rocks, NV. Photo: Drew Smith @lexiemillard Hi Lexie, we're sorry to hear your fleece shrank even after you followed the care instructions. Pleas… @KrsaMaeFshr Hi there! We currently expanded our sizing in both our men's and women's items. For example, some of o… @styleethic We currently have a couple of women's jackets that go up to the size XXL. Click on the following link i… @lydiejo Hello there, we're very sorry this happened! Please DM us with your order number so we can help you with a…
@styleethic It's definitely a thing and we appreciate your feedback! We're increasing the range of sizes each seaso… pitch or first ascent, at a certain point, someone has to lead. We landed recycled materials in 100% of our w… @pinkgrapefroot Hi Jonathan! Unfortunately that is something that cannot be repaired by us. But you are more than w… @rappolee Thanks for checking in with us on this—our latest update on our research and implications in regard to mi… @TAThorogood We are so glad to have your support and are bummed we aren't currently carrying the sizes you need. We… @CChoeft Your wish is our command, 1.800.638.6464. @jfoley Thanks for choosing to get that beloved R1 repaired—now you can have many more years of adventures and memory makin' in it!
100% Performance. ​ 100% Fair Trade Certified sewn. ​ 100% Built with recycled materials.​ Every waterproof shel… @lobstahqueeen Sorry to hear you're disappointed. Always feel free to reach out to our Customer Service before plac… @OhSarahMae Hi Sar! Our Worn Wear clothes are clothes that are sent in by other customers that have gently used the… light lap on the Charlatan. Sierra Nevada, CA. Photo: Ken Etzel @dtloken Hi there! Our Diamond Quilted Bomber Hoody would be slightly warmer than our Nano Puff Jacket. Although it… @wildwildwild Please send us a DM so that we can respond in detail. Also you might check in with the Patagonia Manc…
@wildwildwild Were you looking for product recommendations for the wash or the waterproofing spray? @conor_courtney Hi Conor! Thank you so much for you interest in our internships. Unfortunately our internships are… @ben1wood Oh no! We are so sorry to hear that, Ben. Would you please DM us with additional details so we can help you out with this? @M_Z_Harrison Hi Melissa! Thank you for reaching out to us about this opportunity. We would recommend reaching out… judge rules against Trump admin, allows lawsuits to proceed over reduction of Bear Ear's National Monument…
Retweeted by Patagonia @wildwildwild Sorry to hear that, Mark! Wash that with a performance wash and dry on a low heat setting (heat from… @BlakeAmplified We are so glad to hear you were left feeling inspired. Our Action Works site is here to help link y… @jamestweets Thanks for sharing, Jo! Continue tagging us in your posts wearing our gear. We love to see our custome…
@MaiaWestendorf We released new styles at the beginning of August and they are live on our website. @JLClarkeVT A good tote for a good boy! @thomas_henry12 Hey Thomas! We would be happy to take a look at your hat and see if we can repair it for you. Bring… @Steelhouse09 Our stud kit is specifically designed for our Foot Tractor Wading boots and won't be compatible with the Redington boots. @Avery_S Thanks for your feedback! We're testing a new low-impact packaging program and rolling it out slowly. If y… @keithrichmond82 Well done Keith! If you ever need it repaired you can take it our new Patagonia Nashville store! @Akamas__ Sorry to hear you haven't been able to get your hands on the Black Duckbill Trucker Hat. Please send us a… Villaneuva on Astroturf, Joshua Tree National Park, CA. Photo: Ken Etzel
@irene03397450 Hi Irene! If you would like to request stickers please follow this link:
@spaldingbp We are so glad to hear this, Brandon—we would love to let her know that you were so pleased. Were you h… @CocoaMonoi We have not, and will not, deny we contribute to the problem. However, we use our business to lead by e… @MikeTausig We do not deny that we contribute to the problem. However, this business has given us the ability to be… @Ohtangji Hello there! Please DM us with your order number or with your email address so we can see if your order w… @TylerJHead Hi Tyler, we're sorry to hear this! We'd be happy to help you out with a 25% off promo code. Go ahead a… @labruna You're welcome! Please email that over to us at: Thank you! @DanCrenshawTX Congressman, We are aware of our own contributions to a crisis we are trying to help solve. We enc…
@TomLeech1 Oh no! We are so sorry to hear about this! Would you please DM us some more details on this and yourself… @taylorbhogan Hey Taylor, glad to hear you're loving the Micro Puff. We are happy to try and find a solution. Mind… @labruna Hi Kim! So glad to hear you are lovin' that bag. We do not have any plans to release more this fall, but m…
Rotpunkt—Alex Megos and the advent, the agony and the art of the redpoint. See the film touring in October:… @wrobokp Hi Ben! The Nano Puff and our Micro puff are very similar in design. The major difference between the two…