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We’re in business to save our home planet.

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@COBlackpacker Hi Patricia, we're happy to check in on this for you. Do you mind sending us a DM with some addition…
@Hunterrider @COBlackpacker Oh no! We're very sorry to hear about this. Patty, please send us a DM so we can help you out. @jpcramer Hi Jeff! We are making masks, but they are not available for individual customer purchase at this time. W… @mksz2010 Hi Mike! Our masks are not available for individual customer purchase at this time - sorry about that! We… @bizinthe312 We're very sorry to hear about your disappointment with our current turn times. We recognize that this…
@rees__morgan Hi Rees! We plan to restock our M's Baggies 5" shorts in Black with our Fall '20 line. Keep an eye on… / Tarkine in northwestern Tasmania is home to one of the last tracts of old-growth rainforest in the world,…
@jultierney Keep an eye on the website - we expect to release our Fall '20 line during the first week of August. Wi… wasn’t a one-attempt-and-done kind of line, but a series of efforts ridden with avalanches and gut checks, which… Administration Ignores Pebble Mine's Dangers to Alaska via @nrdc #VetoPebbleMine
Retweeted by PatagoniaFor over a decade, Alaskans have been fighting against Pebble Mine. It should be dead, but it’s not. Instead, it’s…
Retweeted by Patagonia @brendanpike Hi Brendan! Due to limited staffing to ensure the health and safety of our employees, we are working o… @FairyHuman9 If you choose our free shipping method it should arrive within 3-7 business days. We're sorry to say w… calm quiet of climbing by headlamp. Photo: Brent Doscher
@breezeyfrenchie We are so sorry to see that this happened and would be happy to help make the return process as sa… @ThatsRickyTan Hi there, we'd be happy to help with the status of your return. Please reach out to us privately so… @Eilifursinreed That shouldn't be a problem at all. 🙂 Please get back to us privately so we can further assist you. @quinnifer7 Hi Quinn! We're really sorry you weren't able to reach us at that time. Our customer service hours are… @lysserbabes Hi Alyssa, we don't have a time frame in which items must be returned by. We just ask that non-warrant…
@gabsvogt We're saddened and concerned with what is happening in this region. With guidance from the Fair Labor Ass… @sparkii We're saddened and concerned with what is happening in this region. With guidance from the Fair Labor Asso… @bkh_leung Not at the moment, but we'd suggest checking back on the site from time-to-time, and you can always mess… @JSchnur9 Hi! We're sorry to hear about the baggies. Please send us a DM and we'd be happy to further assist with t… @SassyCityGirl_ Hey there, we're happy to help out with this. Please send us a DM with your order number. @bkh_leung We cannot set up a back-order quite yet, since we don't have a date set on the inventory. We're sorry about that! @colinags Hi Colin! We went ahead and passed your message over to our Design Team. Our designs are constantly being… @bkh_leung Hey Brian, it does look like we have some back-ordered inventory expected; however, we don't have a date… @sam_i_am_dada We're so sorry for the troubles with that. It looks like the baby size chart was included on that pa… @DaneVarese The R1 is truly a versatile piece of clothing. @GuimontLouis We are so thankful to have your support and really appreciate the shout-out. We are proud to have such awesome customers! @k_pyrek We are saddened and concerned with what is happening. In accordance with guidance from the Fair Labor Asso… @jultierney Hi Juliet, not to worry! We're getting more Retro-X gear in for women at the beginning of August. Be s…
When he was 10, Federico Fernandez moved with his family from the middle of the Iberá wetlands in Argentina into to…
@monnie_monica It brings us so much joy to see all your exploring, thank you for sharing. We have no doubt you have…
@CxurtneyLxve Hi Courtney, we're so sorry about the inconvenience. We've had to lower the number of staff to meet s…
Last November, Fitz Caldwell (age 6) finished his first multipitch climb, Sunnyside Bench in Yosemite National Park… @addison_mendez @patagoniaeurope Honestly, anything is possible at this point. @mark3k @patagoniaeurope um...let's see.. are you registered to vote? @lucy_vanessa_ @patagoniaeurope Done.Follow @patagoniaeurope @Twinguistics We are deeply saddened and concerned with what is happening in this region. According to guidance fr…'re fighting for safe, fair, accessible elections. Join us, @benandjerrys, @lushcosmetics, @Everlane,…
Retweeted by Patagonia @BeckyMaeW Hi Becky! That looks like our Men's Tropic Comfort Hoody II. You can check it out here: for #LCW2020 we are celebrating our #ConservationCultura! Conservation Cultura is an affirmation of how conse…
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@ELLE_0H_ELLE That means a lot to us, thank you. 💚 @balkie31 Please send us a DM for further communication. @balkie31 Hi there! We'll be happy to check on a return for you. Please respond with your email address, order numb… @joncalos Hi Jon, there are a few things that could be going on, but we don't believe it's a bacterial plaque. Plea… @kbshee Outside of wading boots we no longer manufacture shoes so we may not be able to replace them. If you send u…
Moona Whyte is a student of nearly every discipline of wave riding. Seeing Moona beneath the curtain using the powe… @bromhug Livin' simply is what life should be all about as a kid. Thanks for sharing! @Frechos0 We've sent you a direct message about this. Thanks!
Fixing the outdoors will fix our economy. Two historic public lands bills are getting a vote this week – and outreach from the outdoor community is…
Retweeted by PatagoniaTaking in the endless expanse of choss atop Misguided Angel Tower. Sedona, Arizona. Photo: Blake McCord @mr_amccall We're prioritizing donations to first responders, essential workers, and volunteers. Face masks are ava… @J1716083859 We've switched to natural cord on some items, and continue to move toward alternatives to plastic. Rea… @Eilifursinreed Hi! Unfortunately delamination is something we cannot repair. However, you are welcome to return yo… @ALShealy Our customer service representatives may be able to locate one hiding in our inventory, so don't hesitate to call or chat with us! @Ariajanelee Hi there, please DM us so we can assist you. Thank you! @GBravo908 Hi there, how exciting! We don't have any promo codes right now, but we do have a sale coming up in Augu…
To save our home planet, we must fall in love with it. What’s holding us back? Read Alejandra Oliva's answer on The…’s an outdoor clothing company doing selling food? Read Yvon Chouinard's response to Why Food? here: House is expected to vote on the #GreatAmericanOutdoorsAct within the next 2 weeks. We've made it easy to write…
Retweeted by Patagonia @ALShealy We recommend you reach out to our Patagonia Outlet stores during business hours to see if they have any p… @nmerklin Oh wow! This might be a new record. We're so glad you've put them to good use and hope they stay cozy!
Brittany Leavitt takes a road trip to Bishop and Las Vegas, and breaks down the narrative of who travels and who cl…
@wayneyamamoto Sorry to see that zipper issue. Please reach out to us in a DM and we'll be happy to see what we can… @yourkidsteacher You're welcome, Eric! Thank you again for reaching out to us. @joyfc Hi Joy! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This is not associated with Patagonia in any way, and… @yourkidsteacher Fantastic idea! Please reach out to Patagonia Provisions' customer service team at 1-888-221-8208… between pillars of sand. Photo: Jeremiah Watt's time to take back our Sound from commercial net pen aquaculture -
Retweeted by Patagonia @echant1 Hey Eric, it looks like we should be getting some more in our fall line which will begin to become availab…
@cnkerr Thanks for the feedback on the Baggies Pants. We will pass it along and maybe we can see them make a return soon. @NoahPreminger We are so glad we could help out and look forward to getting those replacement wheels out to you. Cheers! @TheHeavyWaite Hi there, we are sorry to hear about the disappointment. Please feel free to send us a DM for more i…
Discarded fishing nets are one of the most harmful forms of plastic pollution. That’s why we’ve partnered with… @williambrade97 Sorry for our delay! Please send us a DM with some details about your location and jacket and we'll get right back to you. @secondverseabc We thank you for the feedback on this and are sorry to hear the disappointment. We will be sure to… @PassovoyMelanie Thank you so much for sharing this! We always love seeing photos of our customers exploring in our… @wnparry Hi there, yes, you absolutely can send it back to us in Reno, Nevada. Please send us a DM for additional i… Judge Orders Dakota Access Pipeline to be SHUT DOWN! #NoDAPL #ProtectTheSacred
Retweeted by PatagoniaHUGE NEWS! Dominion Energy and Duke Energy have canceled their disastrous plan to build the Atlantic Coast Pipeline…
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@PeacefulBarold Hi! At this time, we do not have a set re-opening date for our retail stores; however, you can keep… @heathALL Hi Heather, we are experiencing some delays in returns due to reduced staffing to ensure safe working con… @LoubyLou101 Hi Louise! We're really sorry that your backpack is developing a hole. Please reach out to our EU cust… @ben_logel Hey Ben! We're not bringing them back this year unfortunately, but your feedback has been passed along t… @mk_cash Hi Mary Kate! We unfortunately won't be introducing new colors for the Nine Trails Pack 14L this year. Sorry about this!From Assignment to Ally. Keri Oberly photographs the Gwich'in's fight to protect “Iizhik Gwats’an Gwandaii Goodlit”… @Username1209 Hi there! Thank you for reaching out about this. We are aware of this situation and have forwarded th… @_mels_bells_ Hi Mel! Thank you for reaching out about this. We are aware of this situation and have forwarded the… @LadySpivak Hi Laura! Thank you for reaching out about this. We are aware of this situation and have forwarded the… @TechieMelanie Hi Mel! Thank you for reaching out about this. We are aware of this situation and have forwarded the… & Michael Whamond reimagined @HillviewFarmsCa to safely provide organic produce to their community during th…
@kjamesc We're sorry to say that as we don't offer tailoring on nontechnical products ourselves we don't have the b… @BootstrapTimbo We were so happy to help your dad out with this! We understand that raising a puppy can be ruff som…
In Coyhaique, Chile, the ghostly trails left by decades of resource extraction may offer a path toward a new recrea…
@uTKingster Our offices are still currently closed to ensure the health and safety of our employees. We'd encourage… @CrepeCheck Hi Lewis, we don't sell zipper pulls online, but we can definitely get some free ones out to you. Pleas…