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@ztiworoh You didnt start with End ofbruh moment some of the recent announcements and product chatter, I've seen some people discussing time-to-market when it…
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My cat tucked himself in to take a nap @kobunheat Plus some kid wrote their name on it @MichaelBennet Who dis @uzionmain Homestly, I forget @uzionmain live too grind Quest XI is the game Dragon Quest VIII wanted to be, but wasn't @Monstrous_Fest I think its a 6-8 hour demo, 8-10 for completionists @Monstrous_Fest You can skip cutscenes entirely now, yes. Though I mostly just skipped talkingMore like 5-6 but I ran everywhere, kept battles on Ultra Fast, and skipped the back 50% of all VO boooo #NintendoSwitch thou like to puff-puffliciously? @uzionmain Here comes the Hotto Steppa
@RYStorm AS A TIE @davidfrum Sure, David 👌I'm not saying it doesn't have its uses as an edge case, I just want to know about *primarily* kickstand players docked vs. portable—I want an exposé on the weird perverts who mostly play in kickstand mode
Queen @charlesv I havent actually finished it yet (in last battle rn)I made Edelgard a heavy armor class Great Knight so instead of gloriously leading her followers to victory on the b… @jeffrubenstein @DanielHeithorn Danke schoen (need some souvenirs)Me boarding a Rhine river cruise:
Retweeted by Patera Quetzal @uzionmain is gonna LOVE this receipt on my trip report forgot paying your lunch bill in Europe takes 45 minutesCologne dumped all its infrastructure stat points into the Cathedral tree @kyotocosmology Ohne Hüttenkäse bitteGermany, no boarding a Rhine river cruise: Comics fans closing their eyes Tuesday night, knowing new HoX PoX is on the way . . . .
Retweeted by Patera Quetzal @atweetingtwit @frankcifaldi @kshipwhitecat Insanely good, well done. What resolutions does it work at?
@jennatar Excuse me this is David Mitchell erasure @jennatar I KNOW RITEShamir,,, isnt even student, is mercenary KHAN IN THE NEW AVENGERS GAME I NEVER LOSE
Retweeted by Patera QuetzalIt's so rewarding to have a series that rewards deep reading, a group of like-minded people to talk about it with,…'m just gonna say it: I haven't enjoyed a weekly media ritual like House of X / Powers of X since Twin Peaks: The… @uzionmain LmaoUE4 texture loading error @uzionmain only if you manage itVIDEO GAMES DUCK YWAH @JosukeYeager @shinobi602 and robotityScope of Yakuza 3 cuts announced three new Yakuza games just TODAY... Shenmue fans, you don't have to do this to yourself I can't believe Tom Holland was actually Ben Reilly all along
Sad it's not this David Mitchell writing The Matrix.
Retweeted by Patera Quetzal @atweetingtwit I just saw David Mitchell is cowriting Matrix 4 so looks like I winYeah that's right cowards unfollow me! I said what I said!! @atweetingtwit are YOU trying to enrage ME @atweetingtwit Hmm....wrong @atweetingtwit I'm trying to enlighten youJupiter Ascending is the best Matrix fanfic best Matrix movie is Cloud AtlasMatrix Reloaded > Matrix🎼When a friend bonks your head For a dumb thing you said, That's tsukkomi🎵
Retweeted by Patera Quetzalhey "nice" manbun haha it fuckin sucks you hipster asshole [he turns around and reveals he is a yakuza hired by CD… Dragoon mural at #gamescom2019! Stranding tips,2019 #Gamescom2019
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gamers are more terrifid of a pisisng baby, than they are of, bullets from a gun,Oh~ Ghost Baby!Every single screenshot of Richard Farnsworth driving a tractor in a landscape in THE STRAIGHT STORY beats any sing…
Retweeted by Patera QuetzalDo you think robots get high and ask each other, "If you replace your robot arm with a HINGED MEAT STICK, are you still a robot??"Cyberpunk $20.77Cyberpunk 2077: if ur human... but become a robot... are u still human Yoko Taro: for fuck’s sake
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Retweeted by Patera Quetzaltuned into the Stadia livestream and theyre running Cyberpunk 2077 shit and the project director literally opened i…
Retweeted by Patera Quetzal @patrickklepek More than anything, that story is what sets Nintendo apart from other game companies to me: they pai… @patrickklepek We did, along with a handwritten note from 6yo me about what items I had, what dungeons I'd complete… @patrickklepek when I was 6, I lost my Legend of Zelda save when I didn't hold Reset while turning Power off. I was… @Wario64 Still waiting on my contest copy
Retweeted by Patera Quetzal @patrickklepek This is why there's an EP VHS tape of me saving over Cliff's endgame Final Fantasy IV save as I pick… @patrickklepek Back in 1993, well before streaming was a thing, my friend Cliff would feed his SNES into his parent… @Wario64 Nowhat time is it???? #kirby #dragonquest #GooGang
Retweeted by Patera QuetzalA post-apocalyptic world is the perfect place for adventure! Travel the land and make friends along the way in…
Retweeted by Patera QuetzalWhat the Golf rules're excited to be bringing @PixpilGames' delightful pixel art action-adventure game, Eastward to #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by Patera QuetzalEverytime I see Berlin mascot "Ampelmann" I start singing the Cheetahmen theme song, AMA Siwa is the American Kyary Pyamu Pyamu
That 2%? That's my brand. in the dumpster, Shinji. up a new CRT at the flea market. Ringers (1988) @MrAndyNgo Where'd the hammer come from, Andy??Real "cake or death" energy
professor x: what's your power me: i can strip tenure doctor x: fuck
Retweeted by Patera Quetzal @KyleOrl @benjedwards ...that's not what a boot disk isNo boot disk? Sure, kid. @sethjdickinson I dunno how you saw my tweet but I have your book queued up next on my Kindle! God bans me for eating meat on Lent I will face Him and chew backwards into Hell @hellomizk In German too apparently but I don't speak German so joke's on DuThe German word for "organic" is "bio", which turns everyday grocery shopping into a fun cyberpunk adventure. Why d… "T.K.Maxx Effect" is the erroneous belief that the department store chain is actually named "T.J.Maxx", resulti… butcher has a 3D-printed statue of herself at her market stall, goals honestly @DVATW Maybe if they'd met with President Trump they wouldn't have died