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@vontheodore @GungHo_America Not being dramatic, but I cancelled my preorder over this. I can't abide upscaled sprites @PrCat88 @MagaliProd @elonmusk Very petty.Elon Musk has never gotten Ending E, pass it on saying "hermano" voice) "...senpai..."
Retweeted by Patera QuetzalOur daughter has for weeks insisted our cat Yuzu's name is actually John, and today we realized it's because when w… @bombsfall aware of this weird upscale bootleg Mae @atweetingtwit @emshort let's port Inform to the PC-98 @Hickenlooper "As President" bruh you just posted CRINGE @Hickenlooper shut the fuck up, B O O M E R
why must my genius go unappreciated in my time stands for All Cadence of Hyrule players who play as Link instead of Zelda Are Bastardshose mad Cops are Boomers Mads @mmstewinc @IvankaTrump Ideally in jail!🎶She's got legs, she knows how to lube them🎶
anyone who complained about the dragon quest hero is officially banned from playing as banjo for fifty years
Retweeted by Patera Quetzal @pedrothedagger Freedose Percocet @geoffkeighley @elonmusk no @NintendoAmerica I sleep @metaly thank I hate it @PateraQuetzaI i saw the “i sleep/real shit” meme with Loto/Banjo and it’s probably the maddest i’ve been online
Retweeted by Patera Quetzalimagine thinking Banjo-Kazooie have more cultural relevance than Dragon QuestOgopogo lives!
Cyberpunk 1997 ⁦@RussianDoll⁩ 🦇🦇🦇🦇
Retweeted by Patera QuetzalBright 2 to Explore Classic Fantasy Character “Max Landis, Professional Screenwriter”
Retweeted by Patera Quetzal @AE_Double @AntfishVO I KNOWelsa bloodstone in ultimate alliance
Retweeted by Patera QuetzalFriendly reminder di trailer #MarvelUltimateAlliance3 yang rilis semalem, ELSA BLOODSTONE confirmed akan muncul di…
Retweeted by Patera Quetzal @MikeDrucker That was playable Elsa Bloodstone in MUA3
@dramata1 @dramata1 Bring Another Mind to Switch @dreamboum @Mysterybro2
Retweeted by Patera QuetzalPaul Simon really has a way with words @dramata1 agreed; now we know what game they'll package the FF7r demo withOops! All Midgar (fake FF7 fan): Why haven't we seen Tifa yet? And where's Cait Sith? ME (true Compilation of Final Fantasy VII… to Banjo-Kazooie on finally being in a good gameis that Elsa Fucking Bloodstoneanyone already bitching about Panzer Dragoon as "just another HD remake"'s Awakening (2019) @johntv @mossmouth Okay, but what about !!1 @PateraQuetzaI It looks like everyone's MMO characters bought the Avengers cosmetic add-ons.
Retweeted by Patera Quetzal @ShaunMusgrave It' sure theyre wonderful people but that doesnt make them avengers @ShaunMusgrave Are the likenesses actually based on the voice actors because if so I feel slightly worse slagging on these modelsThe year is 2074. Despite years of lobbying by Disney, the Avengers have finally fallen into the public domain. T… Storknutt lookin' ass or Trans Inclusionary Feminist Antifascist
Retweeted by Patera Quetzal @Xythar @Shinmaru @vestenet GFhub @vestenet they stopped using GFs and regained their memories of where the code is
Retweeted by Patera Quetzal @Monstrous_Fest this joke requires more context than any one human being should have but @NotLasers look, more excited to replay FFVIII on Switch than the FFVII RemakeThis Ain't MARVEL'S Avengers: A AAA Game ParodyROT IN HELL FINAL FANTASY IX HUA HUA HUAIs that.......Chicago
Retweeted by Patera Quetzal
@R_Kasahara Im glad you noticed cause I had to resize it to 33% from the original source lol Chess is an Epic Games Store exclusive after Valve copyrighted "DOTA" and wouldn't let Blizzard use it @MikeDrucker Musicals AND games... that's both kinds of sadness!Watching #BE3? You'll get caught up in the...GhostWire @PateraQuetzaI yeah actually agreed, there are some things where you can be prosecuted for merely possessing them r…
Retweeted by Patera Quetzal @austin_walker This is also the official warcry of the #CasioLoopyThis is bad legal advice, if you see Randy Pitchford drop a USB do NOT touch it
@Wario64 No @austin_walker @waypoint I follow this account for food beds not food spreads GTFO
This is bad policy in general but it's extra bad policy for...remasters and rereleases? @XSEEDGames "is and has always been" != "will be" be better
That's one small step for Moon, one giant leap for Marskind. @M_contradiction @Wario64 It's from the saying, "Let sleepy dogs lie." @Harry1T6 Vox employees don't actually own these monitors, unlike how the Wilks brothers actually own you
Google Stadia controller colors suggest the existence of a previously undiscovered entertainer named Jack Wasabithis was basically 0.2 in a nutshell
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@JasonCKillpack @CDWritten @carolaverygrant I prefer Shaolin Soccer (original cut) but fully admit Kung Fu Hustle is the better movie @SlayerofCis @carolaverygrant Elaborate on that. @TeamYouTube @gaywonk @YouTube as a multibillion dollar company in control of the most influencial media platform o… @EddieLosoya @austin_walker @headfallsoff dislike conflict, and if they need to escape from enemies, they will simply roll away
Retweeted by Patera Quetzal @sonnyjoynelson @RoyCooperNC big fan of Jesus, Trump 2020 lol @DestinHall lolYouTube hits keep coming "my twenties" count now you’ve heard: WB isn’t going to Hall H this year. We’re so sad to miss you there! And waiting until Dec. to…
Retweeted by Patera Quetzal @NaNaNeckless @Michael_RM @mbyhoff @mercenarygrip @maria_delrusso @TeamYouTube @gaywonk just go eat a whole bowl of… @NaNaNeckless @Michael_RM @mbyhoff @mercenarygrip @maria_delrusso @TeamYouTube @gaywonk go eat a fig, figgusimagine thinking you've pulled a fast one on the world with this bulletproof defense @austin_walker Good Austin, We're Rinsing Now IV: From Teeth to the Tongue of Madness @KrisLigman @austin_walker (this is not real insurance, it's a shock campaign against gun violence, which is still not normal) @KrisLigman @austin_walker uhhh the small print tho @ztiworoh @austin_walker I guess EA is "Nazi-ing" any problem!!The Vengabus is coming And Nazi fucks are running Me If Timespinner's Good Challenge 2019 @kthorjensen @atweetingtwit you said my client was "literally a piece of shit" when he is actually only figurativel…