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@amstradsen @DirkdeVos Brilliant idea. Yes, thank you, I will do just that! 💜 @DirkdeVos @Cqoicebordel @NFasmal @Hagelin I did not mean your country’s state epidemiologist, I meant (which I fel… @amstradsen Exactly @pbaggethun Probably, some of these are probably post-mortem testing, they take time @amstradsen @DirkdeVos He’s been charming like that all day, it’s been a real treat @DirkdeVos @Cqoicebordel @NFasmal @Hagelin 🤣🤣🤣🤣 “Nils Anders Tegnell (born 17 April 1956)[1] is a Swedish physician… @dascandy42 More like actually died on a different day then they were previously reported.Not a great picture, but it’s the best I can do right now. The gray lines are Saturdays. So it looks like they are…, I finally had a minute to look at the excel sheet they publish, and the analysis in the articles seem a bit mis… @DirkdeVos @Cqoicebordel @NFasmal @Hagelin It has not. Weekend data will come in on Monday, like it did last Monday… sound really makes it though
Retweeted by Patricia Aas @DirkdeVos Thank goodness @augustlinnman Good for you. I am not. I’m afraid (and progressively more convinced) that pride and ineptitude is s…'s Sunday lead story: "70 days of denial, delays and dysfunction."
Retweeted by Patricia Aas @DirkdeVos Make the graph of total deaths over time. The graph everyone is actually studying right now. Like I have… @myrleKrantz That is awesome @Kensan42 💜 Never thought that would be a controversial position... but here we are 🤷🏻‍♀️ @Cor3ntin @olafurw @DirkdeVos It seems asking you to run the numbers yourself is too much for you to handle. I suggest you stop wasting my time. @stefan_3d This will definitely turn at some point, we just don’t know when yet. So we need to watch the rate of growth. @Alacho_ Latest charmer I just retweeted 😂This exposure to Swedish domination techniques has really been a treat. They really need to widen their range here:… @olafurw Not completely sure 🤷🏻‍♀️ @DirkdeVos @DirkdeVos @NFasmal @Hagelin 😂 Yes, I suppose checking your facts is too much to ask. Good day to you sir. @DirkdeVos @NFasmal @Hagelin Dear lord, what do you think we’re all looking at? Make the graph yourself and stop this nonsense.I’m sick and tired of folks being ignorant on purpose and proud of it. And then purport themselves as rational people. Smh. @DirkdeVos @NFasmal @Hagelin Lol, come back when you have actually looked at the numbers yourself. @DirkdeVos @Hagelin Except they don’t do they? They don’t plot the one plot that shows the exponential growth? It i… @DirkdeVos @Hagelin There is no doubt. Plot it yourself. @DirkdeVos @Hagelin Yes. Every single day for 2 weeks. @DirkdeVos @Hagelin I don’t understand how it can’t be obvious. Sweden is literally on an exponential curve, doubli… @TedMielczarek @hsivonen This might be relevant though, coauthored by him and a lot of other international experts. @royclarkson I didn’t mean to become this 😂 @TedMielczarek @hsivonen Unfortunately, there isn’t much available. It is a very closed process. A lot of handwavy… @wladzynski I haven’t seen it but it would be awesome 🤣 @shunley42’m about 3 tweets away from becoming an internet loon: “Wake up sheeple, the truth is out there” 🤣 @ornris Heldigvis @ornris Kanskje ikke, men de har tydligvis nye tall @alimosavian 🤯 @Hros Mandag blir nok ganske ille jaThe Swedes are going to Swede themselves into the biggest tragedy the country has ever seen.
Retweeted by Patricia AasI don’t know if y’all will take my advice, but: If you’re in Stockholm right now: - Stay home - Keep your family h…
Retweeted by Patricia AasIf you’re fine with killing people for “science” and the “economy” I have a history book for you.
Retweeted by Patricia Aas @augustlinnman The numbers for Sweden are actually much worse than reported so far. Refusing to study the data is n… @peterkochlarsen The data is clear. Refusing to look at it is not a rational position. @sadasant I’m hoping the Swedish people will start holding their government to account @peterkochlarsen The “forecast” is based on the many other countries that are further along than Sweden and the dat… @peterkochlarsen Unfortunately, no matter who makes the decisions, these decisions ARE political and they are not b… @razumny It seems that this has stirred in some other political stances, meaning that if you criticize the governme… @DirkdeVos @Hagelin It isn’t. The data is here now. And it is clear. @augustlinnman This is not political, this is math and statistics. The same math and statistics available to the pe… @DirkdeVos @Hagelin There is little reason to think they will be any different. @augustlinnman Populist? This is such a weird take. I’m a freaking second gen immigrant, child of a refugee, voted… @augustlinnman Hospitalizations have stabilized in both Denmark and Norway. I have been tracking this for 2 weeks n… @DirkdeVos @Hagelin Stockholm is Sweden’s New York, that is it is the first peak, there will be more unless drastic… @augustlinnman His job, his main responsibility, was to make sure they did not end up where they now are. He has no… @razumny Unfortunately the Swedish people seem to think that criticizing him makes one right wing @Hagelin @DirkdeVos I only saw just now that you can download the Excel sheet @bordplate Ouch @tweetsbi It’s a feature and a bug @SurpriseSparrow @heggland0 I hope so @OJNilsen Takk! @heggland0 They should just stay in tbh. Get folks to drop stuff off outside their door. There is no control on infection in Stockholm. @DirkdeVos That is so dishonest at this point, I cannot take it in good faith. Hospitalizations have stabilized in… @thorwhansen 😢Anyone recommending the “Swedish model” right now are a hop and a skip away from a f-ing Nazi imo Just so we’re clear
Retweeted by Patricia Aas @bjorn_fahller I’d like to see the numbers they have that are referenced in the article @bjorn_fahller In the article they reference revised numbers, so I know some numbers exist. I want those numbers.Please. The situation is even worse than I thought. @DirkdeVos In the article they reference revised numbers so they do exist @bjorn_fahller 😞 @ClaymorePT I still want to learn COBOL @ltning All three countries 🇳🇴🇸🇪🇩🇰 had their first deaths within 2 days of each other. Hospitalizations are levelin… where can I get the real Swedish numbers? @augustlinnman What? I’m a Norwegian, I know nothing about your politics. I have been paying attention that is all.… @jaxroam Yes, but that means you might already be on course for 1000 dead in a few days, maybe even tomorrow. @augustlinnman The healthcare system is doing a massive heroic effort do deal with the tragic outcome of his decisions. @MxLambda I can’t see anything not factual about my phrasing? @sforkmann He is a f-ing menace and should be fired immediately. @OJNilsen @sundhaug92 Skjønte ikke så mye. Konkluderte med: Det går, men det blir ikke optimalt. @vetler 🤬 @augustlinnman Everything the Swedish government is doing is on his recommendation. Oh yes, their weak leadership i… @Lektorthorsen 🤬 @AEVallestad @Festlegen @EmilyGorcenski @audunstrand Omg 😆 that’s brilliant. @henrikau 🤬 @aslakr @potetnese @Festlegen @EmilyGorcenski @audunstrand @A_Marst I don’t know anything @DrBerglyd @graymalk Omg, that’s great! @invalidop That’s the thing about COBOL and that’s pretty cool imoMany more have died in Sweden than have previously been reported. Maybe twice as many. “Nya uppgifter visar högre…
@kclemson I mean... they *are* doing it wrong... optimizing for utilization is rational until I compulsively rearra… @A_Marst @Festlegen @potetnese @EmilyGorcenski @audunstrand G’nite! @potetnese @Festlegen @EmilyGorcenski @audunstrand @A_Marst @tomasekeli @georgebernhard @Patchemup1 @Festlegen @EmilyGorcenski Lol @tweetsbi It’s the truth 🤷🏻‍♀️ @graymalk @DrBerglyd is a great follow in that case she did FORTRAN at CERN 😃 @sundhaug92 @tomasekeli @Festlegen @georgebernhard @EmilyGorcenski @potetnese @Festlegen @EmilyGorcenski @audunstrand Awesome! We’ll need to invite her to a COBOL training for nerds…