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Turn your woe into ACTION. Volunteer actions to GOTV in link tree below. Voter info at CC videos on YouTube & FB. He/Him.

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Join me in supporting @ReverendWarnock from GA, @MikeEspyMS from MS, & @harrisonjaime from SC who are all Democrati…
Retweeted by Mandy Patinkin @JonathanLyon @NatashaDNP That is four of the steps @DHaveson I feel the same way @ShoshanaBean @ilazer @jakewil @ZebraAdam @NatashaDNP It’s a 38 step process. Very complicated and very dangerous. @SaraLosch Nice to do group activities @ShenAnniegans37 Miranda’s! Patinkins are nuts.Our pinned tweet is the #3people song challenge. Here is Kathryn trying to remember the song a few days later.
Delighted and bewildered to be in such extraordinary company. Honored that our profanity is finding its way to othe…🔊🔊 Sound On 🔊🔊 #MO02 are you ready to Schupp? In 8 days, we're flipping this seat from Red to Blue. Join us:…
Retweeted by Mandy PatinkinIf this politically-motivated effort succeeds in Colorado in 2020, it will embolden the proponents to pursue bans e… care earlier in pregnancy. Health should guide important personal, medical decisions about pregnancy — not…•Proposition 115 makes no exceptions for individual circumstances. Most abortion care happens earlier in pregnancy… have trusted patients, families, and physicians to make these decisions, not politicians. Democrats, Rep… proponents of this initiative have been clear — they want to force a woman to continue a pregnancy with no exce… is nuts! Please share with everyone who knows anyone in Colorado. We’ve seen these tactics before in states li… + Chocolate folks just letting you know @onlyoliana will have the stickers on sale just through Thursday tomorrow night so… @TycoLoco21 @ballzonmyface @sexnchess @TashaSnowMFC Fantastic. Call them. Make sure they will call 3 more and so on… @ShenAnniegans37 Great! Did you make sure they were headed to check on their 3 people?
@albiechaser @jenny_berkley @stevebullockmt I take this as a high compliment.My wife Kathryn being the first of course.Thank you @allencivrights and your stupendous tremendous resplendent wife, the second best wife and woman in the wo… @HannahKJack donated to @stevebullockmt‘s campaign and we thank you for it . to @YoBaade for donating to @stevebullockmt‘s campaign. Thank you. you @jenny_berkley for donating to @stevebullockmt you @BarbaraLynne9 for donating to @stevebullockmt Keep in this fight. Thank you! @pattonoswalt We love you. @SonderingCallie @clearlylori That’s a nice thing about masks!The wait in line to vote dance @ScootsMcGeeee @ashleyparklady @ShoshanaBean @StephenAtHome @Lin_Manuel @ZebraAdam @Ilana @anotheracronym @You_n_Ewen That's one approach. @BattriesNotIncl @ashleyparklady @ShoshanaBean @StephenAtHome @Lin_Manuel @ZebraAdam @Ilana @anotheracronym @SaffrynPaisley @ashleyparklady @ShoshanaBean @StephenAtHome @Lin_Manuel @ZebraAdam @Ilana @anotheracronym @You_n_Ewen Do it. Can't hurt. @LisaDadas1 Yes! And make sure they are set to call three people. @arwgoblue Your brother must be the glorious resplendent indomitable @ZebraAdam. @AnnaBessLank @deirdre10003 @TrunkatedPig @sanalikesbooks Fantastic. Are they each calling three people and making… @sassenachfollo1 Thank you thank you for donating and for making phone calls!!! Nothing makes me happier. Next chal… @ecisabell I do!From @bmiriani “Your 3 people = 3 Their 3 people = 9 Their 3 people = 27 Their 3 people = 81 Their 3 people = 243 T… @ZebraAdam @Ilana @jakewil Thanks for this song Adam! Was a pleasure working with you.I know I challenged 3+1. Couldn’t help myself.When I heard this news, it was music to my ears! Who are your #3people? I challenge @ashleyparklady @shoshanabean another reason to vote? Watch to learn how @realDonaldTrump and #Greenwashing companies like @Toyota tried to… @GrahamCgram51 We all gotta do whatever we can Cathy and you’re doing it! So many different tools we each need to p… @AmandaWebsterCT Way to go Hank! Keep up the great work. Everyone take a note from Hanks book. @xSteve_Ox That’s fantastic Steve. @aoueseph Thank you Ann! @AllManicHamlet @Axne4Congress Thank you thank you thank you. Thanks for sharing this story. Keep working keep shar… @MGraham200 This is a great org. We have a bunch of friends phone banking through them and we’ve heard one good sto… @kenzgrondahl Thank you Mackenzie for braving the potential meanness and finding kindness on the other end. Keep up the great work. @barbramon1 @nikatnite00 Thank you Barbara! Everyone be like Barbara please. @JobethMoad @HornForCongress An excellent approach @mickeyfoon @swingleft Thank you! @kanekavi @swingleft 3 @maggiensadiesma @swingleft Well done! Keep up the good work.
Who has recently started volunteering to GOTV and phone banking? Please share your stories about how resplendent an… @JonasAquin @swingleft Thanks! @afroditafilms @swingleft Please don’t @ByrneApresLire @swingleft @StratosBlue_ Fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Everyone share all the amazing resources. S… @AllegraJordan1 @swingleft Keep it up. Get your friends to join you. @AllegraJordan1 @swingleft Yes Allegra!!! Thank you thank you! @afroditafilms @swingleft AdoptedThese last days and this last weekend are so crucial to get Trump out. If you have been waiting to get involved sig… 10 friends to make sure they're voting and helping to GET OUT THE VOTE. Friend banking is one of the most ef… @PastahD I was so nervous I’d fill@my bubble in wrong but I made very nice bubbles. @nahtarabp Mathisoning @dutch_sar Hallelujah! @jillinski Thanks Jill @TonjaMyers1 I agree. Today is my favorite of those options. Even if today is tomorrow. @erikjensen123 Thanks. We’re exhausted and inspired by all the people working a lot harder than us.If anyone has any questions about voting in any way or has any issue at the polls call The Election Protection Hotl… that felt good. We just voted early!!! Waited in line in the rain for an hour and a half. Everyone masked and… glorious AF wife Kathryn helped with my latest campaign video. Whatever the polls say we have to stay calm and r…
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We are on IG Live with Shadi in 24 minutes at 6pm EST! Join us! a great time with @ComplexSneakers' @JLaPuma in Charlotte. We discussed the Biden-Harris plan to invest in Blac…
Retweeted by Mandy Patinkin @cindy_r09 @USJewishDems Long!We made this add with @USJewishDems and these #jewishdemsinaction are in line to vote right now! @gigiamelli That is so fantastic. Great feeling right? Moments like that are happening in the thousands and that’s… @beautyisanimate We’ll work on that @thalassophyte Please make yourself pancakes in the morning. @jlupf Sam! Happy happy birthday! Thanks for paying attention to the details and moving away from Trump. So glad yo… @ChefAndrewMills What should I say? Have you voted yet? @AuntLowlen How did you do that? Please shareThis was one of our first GOTV vids. Spicy one! We don’t always call our child stupid, just to help get out the vot…
Grateful to @RESCUEorg for connecting us with Shadi Ismael. IG Live tomorrow 6pm EST. We have been looking forward… @rosemontag_ $18,000 @pepgiraffe And his dog may join in harmony @DirrtyDDD Don’t cry. Well, we cry all the time. I guess crying is good. @DogLove81875123 @GovernorBullock Amen! Well said @cmdwilliams @stevebullockmt That’s good luck!!! @Dan_UA @stevebullockmt Ok she definitely wins one if you can promise she won’t faint. I don’t wanna make 91 year olds faint!Donate to @stevebullockmt who is tied in the senate for Montana, post a screenshot of your donation confirmation in… @suburbanlemon @onlyoliana We will listen to you. @amelia08373333 @onlyoliana Really?! @jennieonthedock @onlyoliana Yeah she’s in there. @jennieonthedock Ok. Then you send us stickers of you and we’ll do the same. @onlyoliana Thank you!!!The GOTV org that we have chosen to support with @onlyoliana is The Movement Voter Project @MovementVote We encoura… follow @onlyoliana on twitter and TikTok and wherever else she is Also buy her other things she makes! Supp… saw @onlyoliana was making "vote blue" stickers of us! We'd never been stickers and found it to be cool AF. It i…