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Lady actor, boy breeder, sparring partner to @huntyboy1966 and non-imbibing bourbon lover. Jesus saves.

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Spent yesterday morning with my good pal and expert organizer @tracy_mccubbin - helping me eradicate a few carpet…
Me when someone says they haven’t tuned in for tonight’s #carolssecondact episode. Gospel was spread in the early church by personal conversations and life examples. Not through programs, not even through preachers.
Retweeted by Patricia HeatonGet excited!! #CarolsSecondAct is almost on! 9:30/8:30c on @cbs
When we say Lexie, you say did it! @CarolsSecondAct is all new TONIGHT at 9:30/8:30c on @cbs #carolssecondact! #NurseDennis is actually happy about the return of #CarolsSecondAct! Tonight! 930/830c on CBS!
Retweeted by Patricia HeatonBon Pasteur Kolwezi, founded by Sister Catherine Mutindi, works with exploited mining communities in the DRC, provi…
Retweeted by Patricia HeatonThanks sister! go on a @WorldVisionUSA trip with this excellent human being! @MelissaJoanHart
Nothing I love more in life is to see the guys in our one year recovery program build hundreds of bikes and wrappin…
Retweeted by Patricia HeatonFor #GivingTuesday, you can empower kids in need by giving alpacas and other farm animals! Donate through…!! Clean water for one person for life is about $50! Dont pass it up!
Retweeted by Patricia HeatonToday is #GivingTuesday! Any gift given to World Vision TODAY will be matched with a donation of product from Thirt…
Retweeted by Patricia Heaton{Fundraser link in stories and PayPal in Bio} In 2016 and 2017 we brought home two son’s who are completely amazing…
Retweeted by Patricia HeatonWhat a great idea! @SPolymathe @ThirtyOne Thank you Sarah!It’s #givingtuesday !!!! Get all your #christmas shopping done TODAY and save lives in the process! EVERYTHING YOU… have no idea how much I respect their entire approach to existence and even if they knew they wouldn't give…
Retweeted by Patricia Heaton @alyssalimp @alexgagnephoto @RIMonthly @LimperisLinda How tall are you?!
@lynnsweat1 @RubinReport @TheIrishmanFilm I don’t look at them in real life, I’m just looking at their acting. Also… @kitkoz @RubinReport @TheIrishmanFilm I beg to differ. De Niro is not a scenery chewer. Pacino definitely guilty of… @MightyHeaddress @RubinReport @TheIrishmanFilm Yes I would"To practice Advent is to lean into an almost cosmic ache: our deep, wordless desire for things to be made right an…
Retweeted by Patricia Heaton @rubyruby720 @TheIrishmanFilm @DavidHunt1966 Good question! @rkinsella19 @TheIrishmanFilm I would have to go back and watch that @MustardSeedish @TheIrishmanFilm “Veiled anguish” perfectly stated! @Dustin_Solice @TheIrishmanFilm Agree! @mcgovern_bob @TheIrishmanFilm Exactly! Well put! @RubinReport @TheIrishmanFilm I don’t disagree with your comparison to Goodfellas and Casino. I think because I am… @TBos90976586 @RubinReport @TheIrishmanFilm Haha! True’ @mherlhy0816 @TheIrishmanFilm That is a good scene @RubinReport Dave, Dave, Dave... did you not realize that you were watching some of the world’s greatest actors, a… is one moment in @TheIrishmanFilm near the end between Di Nero and Pesci in the Howard Johnson’s where Pesci… of this please a varying comments on @TheIrishmanFilm. Since @DavidHunt1966 &I are actors, we relished every moment of dialog… @dented__halo @TheIrishmanFilm Everything in ELR was scriptedThis is brilliant of this please holiday viewing: watched my pal #RayRomano in @TheIrishmanFilm - he's terrific! Totally holding his own with a…
Been watching @TheMorningShow - a delicious, addictive drama with lots of humor, twists, and cliffhangers. All the… you make a difference that actually lasts past #GivingTuesday? 🤔 Absolutely! Here’s the proof: With World Visi…
Retweeted by Patricia HeatonRaymond writer still making me laugh...
Kingston’s fight to walk again continues every day. Brain cancer didn’t stop him. Nothing will! Please donate to he…
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A little fun to start your Turkey Day off right!
Love seeing my #PatriciaHeatonHome collection in action! Look at this beautiful #tablescape featuring my porcelain… @jillhhisland So true. @katiesmamachic Beautiful! @FLDWall Pretty! @OSUMeemz I like the tray holding it all together @denise_franklyn Very pretty! @ChronicHope_DC Very creative! @Karicostanza Great idea! @kcochrane1965 Beautiful! @MattLovesYoohoo You win Matt.Just watched #DreamKillerFilm on @netflix . Very scary how prosecutor #KevineCrane could lie, lead and badger witne… know it’s only Monday but I’m already setting my table for #thanksgiving! Still deciding what to do for a centerp… finds out they are having twins after fostering two siblings: "We are thankful."
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Make the holidays just a little easier with my #PatriciaHeatonHome mixing bowls with lids! I love that they can go… documents detail China's systematic brainwashing of Muslims in a network of high-security prison camps
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Happy Sunday y’all.
Retweeted by Patricia HeatonIt’s been so long since I cooked! I’ve been very tired from shooting #carolssecondact ! But we’re on #hiatus for…
A Pennsylvania couple are now parents to a group of six brothers and sisters who spent 1,640 days in foster care.
Retweeted by Patricia HeatonRum. Raisin. Rocks. @Saren221 Happy happy Cameron!
Growing up with a disability in one of the world’s toughest places to be a child requires special care to achieve i…
Retweeted by Patricia HeatonTaking a break between filming scenes with @Kyle_MacLachlan of #carolssecondact to check out the east coast feed of… excited. Get VERY EXCITED!! ONLY 20 more minutea til a brand new episode of #CarolsSecondAct @PatriciaHeaton
Retweeted by Patricia HeatonSo proud of @clarishealthla’s recent initiative - our mobile clinic is now able to serve 27 communities every singl…
Trying to stay calm even through we have a brand new episode of @carolssecondact featuring guest star…
GET READY TO GET YOUR LAUGH ON! We gotta brand new episode coming atcha tomorrow 9:30|8:30c and we’re a liiiiiiiiii…
Retweeted by Patricia HeatonThe hardest part about making a #popover is not opening the oven! Normally I would add roast beef and horseradish -… dads are doing ballet with their daughters and we are here for it 👏👏👏
Retweeted by Patricia Heaton @suzysuperstar Thanks Susanna!
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I was at this refugee camp in Jordan on a @WorldVisionUSA trip. The people are wonderful. WV help build the soccer…
@Margaretcolin6 Thanks Margaret! When are you coming to LA next?
Don't go to sleep just yet! #CarolsSecondAct is about to start on @CBS!! @SabrinaJalees COAST! Thanks for watching with us! We'll be back again next week with the amazing @JaneKacz!! WEST COAST You'…
Retweeted by Patricia HeatonEAST COAST! Get ready for Dr. Mom! #carolssecondact is on in less than 30 minutes at 9:30/8:30c on @cbs
Hey Tweatons! I told you before about ⁦@DaniModisett⁩ and #LaughterOnCall for #Alzheimers patients. Here she is on… agrees Carol’s a #TripleThreat? Weigh in tomorrow with a whole new episode of #CarolsSecondAct at 9:30/8:30c o…
"I think all Christians would agree with me if I said that though Christianity seems at first to be all about moral…
Retweeted by Patricia Heaton @haxton_maria Yep @ikpanderson Thanks KP!
@Mudcat83 A little bit.It’s been one year four months. I was leaning on it too much. Most definitely better for me.
It’s in nature for a mother to protect her unborn babies. @iamfujimura @DukeDivinity Lucky!!!!
My #PatriciaHeatonHome porcelain dinnerware set and gold flatware is perfect for a Thanksgiving #tablescape. Both c… Lurv Stanley Hauerwas. the #PriceIsRight goes to church, it’s a beautiful thing. 🤣☺️ #churchyfornoreason @frank_mickens
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This:"The real test of being in the presence of God is, that you either forget about yourself altogether or see yourself…
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Hope you all enjoyed the episode tonight! We were a little busy taping a whole new episode for you!! EAST COAST WE…
Retweeted by Patricia HeatonIf you're loving this episode and you want more #CarolsSecondAct, get excited—there's more where this came from on…
Retweeted by Patricia HeatonEast coast! 20 minutes until an all new episode of #carolssecondact Tune in at 9:30|8:30c on @CBS