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@MweneChanga @RyanTAckerman @Plant_Daddie @mattyglesias Well this is my last tweet defending Matt yglesias but he’s… @MweneChanga @RyanTAckerman @Plant_Daddie @mattyglesias Nah if you follow him he clearly has sincere beliefs. He’s… @billbarnwell Darnold to the Bears @mattyglesias He also seems to have untreated mental health problems @seungminkim @maggieNYT @ericawerner Good thing they don’t need any republicans to pass it @rodger Did he rob a train after the game? @AmericanGwyn @ebruenig Online discourse does something not great to peoples’ psychology that increases hostility a…
@ebruenig I wouldn’t want to be in whatever dark place this guy is on to act like this. @jessesingal They’re like the dumbness version of the ghosts in the Sixth Sense @jessesingal The key problem unfortunately is there are a lot of dumb people on the internet who don’t know that they’re dumb. @robertmays I wonder how many orphans I robbed in my past life to be made a bears fan @LPDonovan If I tell my girlfriend I’ll watch a Hallmark movie with her it makes it harder for me to watch the NFL playoffs @LPDonovan Uh i hear your general point but I think agreeing to keep the filibuster makes it harder to eliminate the filibuster @_WilliamsonBen You guys did a great job handling the pandemic and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. @realaxelfoley Only 90s kids will get this @realaxelfoley He’s just going to try to partition every country @RyanTAckerman @Plant_Daddie @mattyglesias Yes he’s responding to a joke that this is part of a power sharing agree… @RyanTAckerman @Plant_Daddie @mattyglesias I think he’s making a joke by pretending to want trumps tweets back in l… @ArnMenconi @mattyglesias Not really a neoliberal (not that there’s a clear definition), but I do think it’s intere… @Plant_Daddie @mattyglesias He was being droll
@cokes311 @bestalbum95 @pitchfork That reads like a jim anchower onion column @bestalbum95 Also how can the album with Race for the Prize not win this year? @bestalbum95 I just listened to these back to back (fun experience). Voted for the soft bulletin. It’s a better alb… @jmartNYT That’s actually the message of the book he released about how well he handled the pandemic
@NickMiroff @maggieNYT @mariasacchetti Can we deport him back to leprechaun land? 🍀 @bestalbum95 I’m gonna listen to both of these again and vote. Love both albums. @whstancil @perrybaconjr @KevinMKruse @ggreeneva Disagree that urging unity and healing is in any way indictable. I… @itsnevybaby @mattyglesias Yeah I’m not defending them I think they’re terrible! Just thinking practically I’d rath… @itsnevybaby @mattyglesias Distrust of elite universities, distrust that people will come take their guns, beliefs… @itsnevybaby @mattyglesias A lot of those views, like guns and a lot (not all) of cultural stuff, aren’t rooted in racist beliefs. @SamAdlerBell I wonder how these people make it through their day without collapsing into a ball in the middle of a Yankee Candle @jbarro The culture of going after people for strained outraged readings of particular jokes is so tiresome. Seems… @MEPFuller We need to repeal the Third Amendment @espiers Unfortunately we’re ruled by people too dumb to understand irony. @scottshanno @jbarro People on here have to say it’s distasteful while defending him as CYA even though they know better. @Red_Tanager @ezraklein @NiskanenCenter @willwilkinson He didn’t call for that, he was making an ironic point about… @Red_Tanager @ezraklein @NiskanenCenter @willwilkinson If you think the point of the joke is that lynching is funny… @ezraklein @NiskanenCenter @willwilkinson What was bad about the joke? @GabeHoff You look like you’re constantly being dragged into court for failing to pay child support. @alley76cat1 @tr0yster @GabeHoff What an ugly way to live your life @Inspectah8 @GabeHoff My guess is he in fact did not understand it because he’s not super smart and then he did und… @GabeHoff Your inability to understand irony is not a virtue.
@ebruenig @MrAlAnderson There are always exceptions and luck but IMO you generally have to be smart *at politics* t… @mattyglesias @ebruenig @MrAlAnderson Everybody is smarter than James Carville but it’s definitely true that most p… @CEmma670 Will the Bears be able to maintain their high level of QB play without him? @DonaldJTrumpJr Shouldn’t you be looking for a job? @RubenGallego @MEPFuller I continue to believe that a good percentage of the Congress would be unemployable in any other job @bestalbum95 .@JeffTweedy @Wilco @jbouie @Nate_Cohn @hill_charlotte But without the filibuster can’t the republicans also pass increasingly counter… @MEPFuller And isolating the speech is a mistake. The incitement was the three month campaign of lies convincing ha… @MEPFuller He doesn’t want what happened to Boehner to happen to him. @jonathanchait I’m not surprised they won’t run it, but he’s right! Politico had been a malignant force in our politics for a decade. @daveweigel @mnolangray Used to be mine too but playing demon souls on PS5 now and I might like it more. @gilbertjasono I want reparations for you putting this in my head @adamjahns The collaboration trust falls are a strange interview technique but I trust the process. @libbycwatson @tarenceray @AthertonKD If they start taking substantive actions suggesting they don’t understand the… @libbycwatson @tarenceray @AthertonKD Probably a message directed not at online people in the style that won them t… @robdelaney I think the big obstacle is public opinion, which is a good lesson for ppl fighting for this to underst… @AdamSerwer People on left Twitter are almost as dumb as people on right wing Twitter. Unfortunately we now have our own dumb wing. @mattyglesias One person speaking without a mask into a podium for a short time is many orders of magnitude safer t… @randygdub @libbycwatson President Ossoff’s Goblin Slayer busts
@StephenM @POTUS Biden wasn’t including you in that statement @ezraklein Biden should fire James Comey again @daveweigel I thought the closing was moving: “in the end, America is a land of contrasts.” @realaxelfoley I’m more concerned about the presence of Ben Ghazi on the stage @ClayDog1212 @Nadeshot These tweets are showing how hard his message about disagreements is going to be to sink in @mikeyonthemoon @NYSPORTSOWN @Nadeshot You guys are not heeding the message here 😂 @MEPFuller I’m just happy the online incel forums are getting their most dedicated moderator backToday was the day Donald trump finally became president
Retweeted by Patrick @ashleyfeinberg It would be funny if he plagiarized trumps speech @RameshPonnuru @daveweigel Does Bannon get to keep all the money he scammed trump supporters out of when he gets pardoned? @mattyglesias When he said Obama “Schlonged” Hillary, and then tweeted about how that’s a normal description. @randygdub Uh he doesn’t need an excuse not to pardon Assange. That’s the path of least resistance position. Glenn…
@ebruenig I just read and loved your AEDPA article. Glad to have someone writing about that stuff so well. And feel… @daveweigel @nielslesniewski Columbia Heights should be known for the wonderland ballroom and the pupuseria nearby… @ChrisMZiegler @craigtimes I think they can bar him from holding any position of public trust. Which they should, and I hope will. @theedge996 @twostep87 @baseballcrank @ReverendWarnock He’s responding to his argument that liberals dislike outspo… @KevinRJones93 @realconjuguemos @baseballcrank Buckley wrote in favor of white racial supremacy on the basis that w… @baseballcrank You can look at conservative magazines from the era if you’d like to try to verify that hypothetical… @bigfatbond @bestalbum95 I already voted for beck but I’d I had remembered that emergency and i knocked out I see a… @long_pig @staxringold @lreynajr @CryptoAmericana I like his Japanese mascot series
@WithCrabs @Caleb11Lombardo @TheBabylonBee Who’s the president, buddy? @BigballsBarrt @WesleyLowery Lollllllll look up the word decried and then maybe take a break from commenting for a while. @mattyglesias @kittytweedy1 I don’t think you should have discounted trump’s contributions in the lab to developing the vaccine either @IntenseLogik @AppyJoel @brian_g_moore @govkristinoem If that’s her only reaction to the idea of giving food to poo… @oliverdarcy @JeffreyGoldberg @BenSasse I can’t seem to find it, but can someone tell me whether courageous truth t… @Burner000010 @SeanOwe20378473 @fairorchard @mattyglesias I mean he lies constantly in his speeches. @orthodoxthomist @greg_price11 Arguing this this guy is like arguing with a retarded llama @AppyJoel @brian_g_moore @govkristinoem We know what the governor thinks because she just said it
@CEmma670 How much does Pace enjoy being employed by the Bears? @SeanOwe20378473 @fairorchard @mattyglesias Not that Im not enjoying your cryptic indecipherable responses, but I… @SeanOwe20378473 @fairorchard @mattyglesias ? I assume that was one of the presuppositions you objected to and whi… @SeanOwe20378473 @fairorchard @mattyglesias Well yes, I mean you need to have predicates to make conclusions. If yo… @SeanOwe20378473 @fairorchard @mattyglesias Most republicans think there was systemic election fraud. There wasn’t,… @SeanOwe20378473 @fairorchard @mattyglesias There’s no way to say this without seeming combative, but a lot of cons… @AGoldmund @getongab those children look normal? @drewmagary Al saying ”he probably has an account at Goldman Sachs now” is top tier announcing though. @warren__terra @jkyles10 @davidabenner Honestly I don’t think it’s his responsibility to go out of his way to avoid… @mattyglesias You don’t have to be smart to tweet @robertmays But do the packers collaborate well?