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@n3llypollito Gunna add palThis was some buzz 🏰 🌇 Full set on Youtube 🚀 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
And just like that... IT IS SOLD OUT! @Patrick_Topping 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingNewcastle sold out! 🖤 This is gunna be the first ever social distanced platform rave of it’s kind in the world! Doo… @kalumgray 🙏😁Omfg it’s gonna be an absolute banger wow
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingMa man @Patrick_Topping playing one of my @tricklabel new ones over the Edinburgh skyline, some setup…
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingNew music video from the gaffer @leefossmusic 👽 🙌
🚀 DIFFERENT LEVELS set by @Patrick_Topping last night... 🚀 🔥 FINAL TICKETS for his show at the Arena on 21st Aug a…
Retweeted by Patrick Topping @KieranLimbert95 It’s called New Reality! My next release dropping soon on @tricklabel !
Views in that @Patrick_Topping set were another level
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingLive now!💣💣💣
Retweeted by Patrick Topping @chasemedaddyy I don’t actually have one but Beatport do mateLivestream in 1 hour! 🚀🌇🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 8-10pm UK time my FB, Youtube or Twitch to god this was the best day of my life
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingTonight 🌎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @Patrick_Topping x @beatport
Retweeted by Patrick Topping @johnedance Aye this was holiday the other week hahaIt’s the weekend 🍻Doing a livestream later today 🙌 From Edinburgh overlooking the city 8-10pm 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🌇 Watch on my… @jadegibson_124 @TerminalVFest A knaaa 😫 that’s why we are doing this livestream though 8-10pm tonight overlooking…
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingReady for tomorrow💥🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Can’t wait to share this with everyone 🙌🙌 🌇 Streaming 8-10pm UK time FB, YouTube, Twitc… happy! Just signed a 4 track EP to @Patrick_Topping ‘s @tricklabel I met Patrick a few year ago through being…
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingThis Saturday, 8pm UK time, a 2 hour live epic sunset stream overlooking the Edinburgh skyline with…
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingThis Saturday, an epic Edinburgh sunset Live Stream. @Patrick_Topping x @beatport . Tune in 8pm UK time
Retweeted by Patrick Topping
Our Artist of the Month is @Patrick_Topping 🍾 The British rave master takes time to reflect on his "whirlwind" of…
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingThe future of festivals has arrived... #SocialDistancing #covidrave
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingI mean if any DJ could make this lit it’s him but I’m very intrigued to see what these raves are like 😂
Retweeted by Patrick Topping @jessharker_x @taylorjones_xx It’s 6.30-11 💃💃2020 has been saved SEE U SOON BBY
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingHomegrown heroes @samfendermusic & @Patrick_Topping are announced to perform at @VMUnityArena.
Retweeted by Patrick Topping @KProudlock13 Looks sick mate!. @TerminalVFest will launch CONNECT this weekend with a stream from @Patrick_Topping
Retweeted by Patrick Topping💥 TICKET WARNING FOR THESE SHOWS 💥 ⚠️ @TDCinemaClub - 15% OF TICKETS LEFT 🔥 ⚠️ @Patrick_Topping - 5% OF TICKETS LE…
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingThis Saturday 8pm UK time, 2 hour live sunset stream, overlooking one of the most beautiful cities in the world…
Socially distanced rave in Newcastle let wu gan! 🚀 So buzzing to finally do a show back home again and this one is…
The man 🕺
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingThis is gunna be so epic 🤯 I had such an unreal time playing over the Edinburgh skyline! Join me Saturday the 8th A… @realzaw @tricklabel Excited to hear🍾
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingMy fave is doing another STREAM 😍😍😍
Retweeted by Patrick Topping🤩😍
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingYa belter
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingStream incoming 🚀🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @TerminalVFest @beatport whole host of absolute bombs in @Patrick_Topping current @beatport chart
Retweeted by Patrick Topping
Our Artist of the Month is @Patrick_Topping ⭐️ The British rave master takes time to reflect on his "whirlwind" of…
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingParadise is back! See yous soon in Malta for @TheBPMFestival 🇲🇹
@Patrick_Topping How in the world can a brown cow, eating green grass, come turn around and give us some white milk?
Retweeted by Patrick Topping @beatport Artist Of The Month 🙏😁 Interview link here - @GreenerAnthony 😂😂 I didn’t realise they had hoyed that up then! That’s just meant to come out on daftest of occasions 🐒Thank you @beatport for Artist Of The Month 🙏 I did this interview for them - reflecting on lockdown, changes in t… how they had to subtitle that😂 can tell I was excited as fuck, I could hardly get me words out line up is everything I CANNOT WAIT🙌🏽🤩🤩🤩
Retweeted by Patrick Topping
Our Artist of the Month is @Patrick_Topping ⭐️ The UK dance music principal reflects on his latest tracks, his ris…
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingListen to that crowd 😍 @Patrick_Topping in full control at @TerminalVFest
Retweeted by Patrick Topping @PaddyFinnan1 @petetong @tricklabel @BBCR1 @BBCSounds @PaulWoolford @mjcofficial @Tiga @HudMo @spencer_parker Amazing to hear mate 😁 @petetong @tricklabel @BBCR1 @BBCSounds @Patrick_Topping @PaulWoolford @mjcofficial @Tiga @HudMo @spencer_parker Th…
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingLast night felt so special! Unreal to share music and these moments again with actual people!!! Thank you Italy 🙏 🎶…
Listen back to last night's @BBCR1 show via @BBCSounds... @Patrick_Topping joined us to chat about all things…
Retweeted by Patrick Topping1st gig back tonight
@Dougie_James_ Sorry to hear bud. If it’s not complete in 24 hours the booking is refunded but email enquiries@poll… Artist of the Month is @Patrick_Topping ⭐️ The British rave master takes time to reflect on his "whirlwind" of…
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingMe, him and my dad carried the speakers into the club that night hahaThe face when @spencer_parker drops bombs 💣 Out today @tricklabel ⚡️ I’ve been a big fan of Spen for years, even bo…, 11pm on @BBCR1 new music from @PaulWoolford, @mjcofficial, @Tiga & @HudMo, @spencer_parker and more +…
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingTune in to @petetong @BBCR1 show for a @tricklabel showcase presented by @Patrick_Topping ⚡️ He'll be talking you…
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingFlashback to the last time @Patrick_Topping joined us at Terminal V.🔥 In December he returns for our first 'All N…
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingHeading off now to my first gig back! 🙌 Italy tomorrow in one of best open air clubs I’ve been to 🇮🇹 Can not wait… Playing Patrick Topping - Rocket Fuel @Patrick_Topping
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingOur Artist of the Month is @Patrick_Topping ⭐️ The UK dance music principal reflects on his latest tracks, his ris…
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingSanchez works as a VIP host at @IbizaRocks. Thanks to his job, he's lined up @eats_everything, @Richy_Ahmed and…
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingWhen @Patrick_Topping finally released ‘Be Sharp Say Nowt’ 😅
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingThis is a class set. A real journey from Chicago to Newcastle and everywhere else in between. King of Kings 🚀🙏🏻…
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingLIVE NOW: #Factory93 livestream replay w/ @Patrick_Topping + @toliptset. Dance with us →
Retweeted by Patrick Topping
WTF!! 😱 This has blown me away! Sold out in 1 hour! You lot are so lethal man it’s unreal ❤️ Can’t wait time party… AT THIS
Retweeted by Patrick Topping
Long story short i am GOING to Budapest
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingSorry how fuckin sexy does that look
Retweeted by Patrick Toppingmy 2 fave things, Paddy T & a spa 🥰🥰🥰 thats me sold x
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingLast chance to sign up to pre-sale here @DenisSulta one of my very favourite artists has just been added to @tricklabel Budapest weekender 😱 So happy to ha… me straight in the mix 💃🏻
Retweeted by Patrick Topping @CourteneyQuinnx 😂.@Patrick_Topping is one of the UK's most in-demand DJs. But as @katietweets26 finds out, who he really is may jus…
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingGoals for 2021. 🥳😎
Retweeted by Patrick Topping @ibizasandy Might have to tax that mate hahaOmg this is what I need rn
Retweeted by Patrick Toppingmight have to attend
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingGet me right amongst this man!!!
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingThis is a must
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingYou can still sign up here if you haven’t already 🇭🇺⚡️9th-12th April 2021 🇭🇺 Day parties, night parties, after parties and a boat party + 3 nights accommodation starting… the fucks game for a rave in an outdoor heated spa in Budapest like? 🤣⚡️⚡️Tickets for our @tricklabel weekender…
@HeatherMcNallyx @tricklabel It’s because Ryan air / easyJet haven’t released their flights for April next year ye… from London
All black 🤙 Off to London to shoot something for @tricklabel 😁⚡️ @eilataNBryan @skiddle @tricklabel Still trying to sort it
.@Patrick_Topping brings his @tricklabel party to Scotland for the 1st ever time as part of the new Terminal V All…
Retweeted by Patrick ToppingJust heard Easy For Us @Patrick_Topping for the first time. What a fucking absolute anthem that is
Retweeted by Patrick Topping
Retweeted by Patrick Topping