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Pat Ashe @patrickashe Sydenham but always EX-PENGE

Production & curation stuff with those pesky videogames at places like Hollow Ponds, Honeyslug, Wild Rumpus, Beta Public. Grampians Champion & Clean Boy.

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@ultrabrilliant Basically every boss in Control can do one.I look forward to all of South London being average pubs decorated in the same style.A good business decision is opening a new pub on a street that already has 5 pubs on it, 2 of which you own.Good to see a third Antic pub opening on Crystal Palace triangle. Just what it needed.
@angusdick This is going straight to the top of my Letterboxd queue.This is all thanks to a Twitter account posting about Drillbit Taylor, another film my brain stored away the most b… just remembered that Hot Tub Time Machine is a film that exists, I've never seen and most likely never will but a… love it when a piece of media just pops into your head and you remember that it is, in fact, your da who is the chieftain of the puddin race
Retweeted by Pat Ashe @joonturbo @tigershungry @jonbro Me: When I was your age there was a vine called smash it. Grandson: His mind is c… @HilariousCow I'm excited for you to recreate the 'heard of cows' vine for a new generation. @tigershungry @joonturbo @jonbro We have to preserve games culture for future generations.And how much money was pissed away on some digital design agency telling them this would be good for engagement?Why are the Arts Council acting like they are Nike dropping some new limited edition trainers? @joonturbo @jonbro I’ve uploaded it but it seems you can’t actually link to Bytes yet. @joonturbo @jonbro You mean this important piece of games history? @jasonjcrouch It's basically Vine 2.0, just publicly launched.And the most important question is does it have the weird and horrifying Family section full of wholesome American… Byte is Tiktok for old people right? @tomsmizzle Me to those memes:
@retroremakes The one true bowls clip worth watching is this one anyway: Neighbor Toototabon
Retweeted by Pat AsheThat’s my evening’s listening sorted.'m frankly obsessed with the weird breathless way accounts on social media talk about movie making these days: OWNERSHIP BUSINESS UPDATE 124 shares have now been sold to 64 different shareholders. Most of my face has g…
Retweeted by Pat AsheDip Dip / MSX / Microbyte / 1985
Retweeted by Pat Ashe @mrsambarlow @Aosher @KommanderKlobb They'll send round their lawyer: on day 4 of GDC: @mrsambarlow @Aosher @KommanderKlobb Please tell me you still have a build of this. @Aosher @terrycavanagh @KommanderKlobb @Aosher @KommanderKlobb @churlishmeg This has been me every weekend since it opened. @Aosher @KommanderKlobb You telling me this is an egg? @Aosher @KommanderKlobb He's a yolkfolk.Frankly always thinking about this: went viral on linkedin and i now have over 2,000 jobs
Retweeted by Pat Ashethere is a teen youtuber who has bad eyesight but won’t get glasses bc she doesn’t want to get “addicted” to them a…
Retweeted by Pat Ashe @king_spooner Overblood 2
Anyway this is why your weird videogame should have Norman Reedus riding a motorbike with his own name on whilst he… funny as they were at times, I think the silly product tie ins in Death Stranding helped give a weirder feeling… was a bubble that you never saw outside of and so the weird elements never rubbed up against a sense of the norm… felt correct, everything made sense in that world of The Oldest House. It all had a purpose.I finished The Weird & The Eerie by Mark Fisher the other night and it really crystallised for me why Control didn’… s01e01 into google is the 2020 equivalent of running basic commands in DOS, big hacker energy rushing throug…
Retweeted by Pat AsheDeath Stranding has me in its grip, folks. #DeathStranding
Retweeted by Pat Ashe @v21 @pippinbarr @FlorianVltmn Yeah, if I remember correctly the only thing you see in the mine tunnels are the sil… @pippinbarr @v21 @FlorianVltmn I've not played a version where they are in the mine but they do appear as you leave…[blondie voice] once i heard a loud pyroclastic blast / soon turned out had a brain of glass
Retweeted by Pat AsheThis is so sad
Retweeted by Pat AsheBob can have a little garmonbozia, as a treat.
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Retweeted by Pat AsheI hate Facebook boomers so much. What the fuck does this mean?! When did binmen stop being proper binmen?
Retweeted by Pat Ashe @billorwill Seems it just means it's on a quieter floor, no networking or anything.
Retweeted by Pat AsheDo I want to pay £10 more and stay on the 'Business Floor'? / Apple II / Muse Software / 1978
Retweeted by Pat AsheTold this guy to not go into work today as he was looking a bit green. @Slaktus Conquest Of The Useless, it's his diary from when he was making Fitzcarraldo.I really want to know what film Werner Herzog is describing here. is not comparable to the nonsensical term ‘gameplay’ because it describes an actual, embodied experience,…
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I mean it's either me complaining about Pokemon Go or tweeting about Grimes' unborn baby having a Twitter account a… least if it's Dratini I can have an extra long lie in that day in Febuary.Sorry for all the Pokemon Go tweets today but this is bad. Heracross spawns in the city famous partly for the Beatles is missing an open goal Niantic: @JoeTheDough Kinda wish I'd posted another video of some A+ bowls playing now. @Fortress_Inman Second best thing I've ever seen at the Bowls championship. First is this: @mtrc @hollygramazio Haha, that was exactly the one I was thinking of. @hollygramazio None of them caught on really but everyone's attempts to replace roguelike were bad and they should be ashamed.Oh.... my god
Retweeted by Pat Ashe @mmmorganism I like how nowhere in this ad does it say what it is, just that it’s commemorative. @mjmcmaster @doougle @DiscoComments Haha, I almost sent this to Doug as well earlier.How Couples Argue Today: Wife: cool how theres 4 mustards in the fridge in 2018 and none go with my sandwich. Norm…
Retweeted by Pat AsheAlso I hope the person who leaked this picture also leaks the email they'll be getting from Microsoft as they left… @jwaaaap It's not much of a leak that some game devs don't know how to clean their offices.According to my sources it seems the new Xbox is an object that can be used to play videogames.Imagine leaking the fact the new Xbox has a HDMI port. If you are gonna leak, at least leak something interesting. @dickthebox I have actually stolen it off you in the past.
@HSCultureDiary The Frederic Rzewski piece you posted the other day was stunning, I'd never heard it before.Reading about Nigel Kneale's The Stone Tape and all I can think about is this thanks to @feralvector. tearing Infinite Jest in half so I can read it on the tube.'s almost like the 'age' of a medium is a meaningless metric to judge worth by."Please don't judge my art properly I'm just a little baby medium, I've only been around for nearly six decades."Stopping treating videogames as a 'young medium' is a good thing. It means we treat the medium with more respect an… @Crazyreyn Your luck has been unreal lately, I've had nothing all month outside of community day @tigershungry @mjmcmaster @BRKeogh Tweet of the week right here.Spacewar is 58 years old. Please stop calling videogames a young medium.
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Retweeted by Pat Ashe @mrsambarlow Everyone knows that Nim in Last Year at Marienbad is the true battle of wits metaphor.
@JaredAshe Or spend the day mastering Lucky Hit?✧・゚: * Now Play This *:・゚✧ London's festival of experimental games is currently on the look out for mischievous ga…
Retweeted by Pat Ashe @Seemo Song lyrics that reflect your current mood is a better option.Going to see Portents tomorrow night at CPT if any London pals want to share a beer before/after it. reading Mark Fisher’s The Weird & The Eerie at New Cross Gate like the cliched Goldsmiths graduate I am..@HSCultureDiary is frankly the best account on @torahhorse Gonna post “what’s everyone talking about?” every time I open Twitter from now on so people can catch me up on what’s happening. @harrisandwich As I've said to someone else: "Because I didn't know the person who tweeted it and I thought it was… @postsklett Will do, thanks for the tweet!Deadline is 5pm today to join the Labour Party and have a say in the election of our next leader. If you support ou…
Retweeted by Pat AsheWe're open to all manner of creative things. digital and physical games, workshops, performances, film, to name a f…
Retweeted by Pat AsheWe're announcing the Now Play This 2020 OPEN CALL! Do you have work that investigates/breaks/reshapes systems? We w…
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