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Pat Ashe @patrickashe Sydenham but always EX-PENGE

Production & curation stuff with those pesky videogames at places like Hollow Ponds, Honeyslug, Wild Rumpus, Beta Public. Grampians Champion.

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@87th @NightmareModeGo Black Screen Records does distro in Europe for a bunch of the iam8bit stuff, still not cheap… I in general agree with this point but calling The Last Guardian low budget is utterly wild (and also the fram… yes, plucky low budget games like The Last Guardian. someone asks me if I've seen any good takes on Twitter since joining:'s okay to earnestly like a piece of media without needing to frame it as "so bad it's good".Deadly Premonition is one of my favourite video games of all time but my word I hate it's fanbase and reputation on the internet these days. @NightmareModeGo I've been replaying the first one on 360 ahead of 2 and it really doesn't run that badly, every po… @ultrabrilliant I just love the idea of David Lynch browsing Youtube accent videos at 4am and ringing up Mark Frost…
@JaredAshe Whot?
Retweeted by Pat Ashe @tomsmizzle I'm so glad I played it on the walking about not giving a crap about the enemies difficulty because I t… of my feed reading this tweet: see the wallet inspector is back on Twitter to finish his story about his make believe Brexit voting neighbours. @archer_rs Fuck off you weird lying twat.
My offline friends when I ask if they heard about what happened on twitter
Retweeted by Pat AsheLockdown vibes: hear a secret? There's something VERY interesting going on at the studio these days. And we just can't keep q…
Retweeted by Pat AsheStalker - Andrei Tarkovsky (1979)
Retweeted by Pat Ashe @martinhollis I would but first I need to work out why my hosepipe has suddenly stopped working by checking for a b… bit a donut and all the jam in it squirted out the other side like in a cartoon and now I have a jamless donut. @zimmermaneric Dunno if this quite what you are after but Pikoko is a trick taking game where you play the person t… @ChrisBennion_ Bit harsh on Banksy there Chris.I might become one of those old folks who eats an apple by slicing bits off with a knife.The main hobby I've picked up during this pandemic is getting really into sharpening pencils with a knife.And honestly this money will be going to the big players and headline makers on the whole. It will still be about s… spare a thought for all the people in the arts being made redunant or laid off who still don’t have any guara…
Thank you Mr Government Man for waiting until vast swathes of people had lost their jobs before doing anything at all.Imagine tweeting thank you at a Government minister for doing what he should've done months ago.Also still fuck the Tories and fuck Oliver Dowden for taking this long to do anything.Imagine if this government ever actually announced anything properly and didn't just slowly leak it out at 9pm on a Sunday.Seems it's out there now so you can all stop vague tweeting: a bunch of money is good but if just enriches the same folks again or doesn't help any of the hundreds of folk… actually wait and see where any money from the government actually ends up before acting like the cultural industries are saved yeah?The Happy Home Academy are such dweebs: got dinner out of the freezer. After Dark 2.0 Author: Berkeley Systems Settings: Module: Hard Rain, # of Drops: 27%, Drop Size: 73%, Clear S…
Retweeted by Pat Ashe if I can see the frog again.
Retweeted by Pat AsheAnother article though for the canon of 'I'm so clever because I don't like Sally Rooney' articles.Feel like it would've been quicker to just type out 'I hate women writers because no one buys my boring books anymo…, yes I can do that. @isaacashe Facebook commentators are getting personal these days.
Retweeted by Pat AsheInstead of watching Hamilton, please watch this important scene from MONEY PLANE (2020) where Kelsey Grammer explai…
Retweeted by Pat Ashe @Nikhilv95 When they won't let you in the room where it happens: only pub you'll see me in today is MacDevitt's in Lochmarne.
Retweeted by Pat AsheFeeling like an aul fella for not getting @Twitch at all.
Retweeted by Pat Ashe65,000 deaths
Retweeted by Pat AsheYou never feel more powerful on Twitter then when you RT your own tweet.Bad framerates in videogames are good because it means whatever is happening is so wild and extreme that the game can barely handle it.
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Retweeted by Pat Ashe @HilariousCow Waist height wall it is then, ta!This text is from Duty Free Art by Hito Steyerl by the way. Jansson out swimming in the archipelago. #animalcrossing
Retweeted by Pat Ashe @Nikhilv95 Michael Billington this morning:ゾウが完成しました
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The Official Video Games Cap / Print ad / Pumpkin Press Inc. / 1994
Retweeted by Pat AsheThis is like a hateful parody of modern adult cartoons but real
Retweeted by Pat AsheIf I owned a house as a profit making exercise I would simply hire decent work people who won't just do things half… best thing about renting a flat is endlessly stuffing wire wool into yet another hole left by a workman doing a… a nice throw back to being at primary school and getting called ‘copper knob’ as an insult though.Honestly still in awe of the FBPE person who made fun of me for being ginger last night after I posted about that w… @NightmareModeGo Might be worth getting yourself a foam roller, my old housemate who was a huge sports/fitness pers… @DAVID_LYNCH omg animal crossing version?
Retweeted by Pat Ashe @Pyroka Like if my boss can't understand that sometimes I need to play Puyo Puyo all day then frankly I shouldn't be working there.Gonna put these lads under my monitor to constantly remind me at work to think 'What Would The Yakuza Do' before ri… in the history of mankind has this much raw energy been contained in lumps of plastic.Well well well, if it isn’t the Yakuza lads.
Retweeted by Pat Ashe @nachimir "And here is my patreon link:"I'm honestly surprised how annoying I'm finding this thread and the people replying to it.mfw when my stupid Brexit neighbours say something stupid and I can add it to my totally real tweet thread.
Petition · Pay Cut for Winchester University Senior Management Team to Save Jobs · @ucu ⁦…
Retweeted by Pat AsheJust lying on Twitter all day long hoping to get a book deal writing books that sit in a pile by the till in Waterstones for 99p.That my awful Brexit neighbours thread is the worst thing to hit Twitter since that Sixth Form Poet wife thread.
Retweeted by Pat Ashe @jonpsmith631 Imagine still having FBPE in your profile name in 2020. @jonpsmith631 What a zinger @jonpsmith631 Well I just spoke to my neighbours and they said you were a twat.Just watching a master surrealist glue his trousers back together again with paper towels and paint them green again.I can't believe I missed this video of David Lynch fixing his trousers: Twitter Friends, David Lynch Theater will present THE 3 Rs tomorrow, Thursday, July 2, 2020 at 10 A.M. PDT.
Retweeted by Pat Ashe💡 Creaks Launch Trailer 💡 The game is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch… this month! Wish…
Retweeted by Pat Ashe @TacticalGrace_ @zarawesome Nah, the real problem is that FBPE folks still think they are much smarter than everyon… @JoeTheDough @alexhern They have to spend a week logged on to Twitter.Leaked scene from Crash Bandicoot 4
Retweeted by Pat AsheOh no, now I won't find out the thrilling conclusion to this totally believable saga about some totally real people… @archer_rs Just post the advertising link you are gonna end this thread with and log off.Please stop sharing that obviously fake thread about stupid Brexit people: @doougle This is 100% correct.Just had a 100% definitely real conversation with a British couple who have a holiday home near us. They were grote…
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Just waiting for an overlong corridor and this jingle now: playing Killer Is Dead tonight. Bunch of assassins talking philosophically about death, violence and the mo…, Die Hardman here. That's a McDonalds drivethru. You can use these to avoid traffic, but also to acquire one o…
Retweeted by Pat AsheMe immersed in the Niantic and Punchdrunk collaboration. photos of nuclear weapon tests at the moment of activation are among the most disturbing images. reality…
Retweeted by Pat AsheI feel like maybe we all need to just take a time out and think about what we have become
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