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“Make the best of every moment. We're not evolving. We're not going anywhere.”- David Bowie Tarryn, Teagan, Tayson say wear a friggin' mask.

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@maggieNYT It's Tuesday and Trump is lying. @joelockhart And Trump supporters hate and loathe a state Governor, Whitmer, who was seeking to secure the health a… @KerrangMagazine No effing way. @clairecmc Flipping the Senate, no question. @clairecmc Good call. @washingtonpost McConnell looks like Baron Vladimir Harkonnen from the film "Dune" but more . . . turtleish. @adgs8 And Trump will be picking out furniture for his place in Russia. @Kay68195383 @robreiner Paid Trumpers. @StopTheCriminal Would that have been a two-handed glass of water ? @SRuhle Where is Mr. Moneybags 100 million he was going fenagle into his campaign ? @EliStokols @maggieNYT @GovWhitmer Low cognitive ability for the rally moron and his paid rally village idiot attendees. @Kevinliptakcnn @kaitlancollins I call him Mr. Shyster.Just your regular reminder that we’re not actually set up as a democracy.
Retweeted by PatrickEastin“I don’t think we should be moving forward with a nominee in the last year of this president’s term. I would say th… @marcorubio “I don’t think we should be moving forward with a nominee in the last year of this president’s term. I… @Fahrenthold @realDonaldTrump Was that the Trump two-handed glass of water ? @maggieNYT Huh, was that the Trump two-handed glass of water ?Trump is already complaining about Fox news airing Obama's speech. Priorities POTUS? 🙄 #Trump
Retweeted by PatrickEastin @SRSankari Focus POTUS ? @RudyGiuliani @realDonaldTrump Thanks for the PSA, "Lefty" jerkoff.I find these folks so naive—almost foolish—constantly leaning on norms that have been dismantled and really no long…
Retweeted by PatrickEastin @NikkiHaley You are just as pathetically desperate as the pathological liar & narcissistic psychopath, Trump, you h… @DanRather The shit stinks tonight. Our ship is on fire. The vote is stressed, the vote is also suppressed. The vot… @markknoller The bastard got his Barrett. @MarkRuffalo @StephenKing An impeached President. @JackPosobiec Your question is moot. Go back and finish rubbing it out, jagoff. @PhantomCannibal He spits. @SenMcSallyAZ You repulse me. @ABC I don't believe this conservative strumpet. @dankbaker777_YT @JudiciaryGOP @TrumpStudents @HillaryClinton You can't even spell, jerkoff. @NBCNews There goes dinner. This scene is repulsive.
@SenatorSinema thank you.Florida Man Steals Bulldozer to Dig Up Biden Yard Signs, Police Say Florida competes with… @Independent Let's see if Van Jones has the balls to weigh in on this. @kylegriffin1 @pamMOvotes It was '60 Minutes' and Trump was lying. @maggieNYT 10/26/20-The American people get pissed on again by Trump, the GOP and the Senate GOP led by anti-patrio… @thebr0keb0i I despise her opportunism under current circumstances. ACB brings w/ her an agenda, a extremist relig… @marcorubio So why doesn't the "LORD" help you with your mealy mouthed personae ? Why doesn't the "LORD" assist you… @marcorubio "When you say "radical right" today, I think of these moneymaking ventures by fellows like Pat Robertso… @thebr0keb0i To keep Trump on a leash. @IvankaTrump The Narcissistic Psychopath and Pathological Liar. @waltshaub The shyster and the shyster's offspring.Please don't retweet this @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by PatrickEastin @mjfree The shyster and the shyster's daughter. @sarahcpr Duh ! @DrJasonJohnson @JeffGarciaJGFA He said it.Good night, my friends. Hold tight. #VOTE
Retweeted by PatrickEastin @StopTheCriminal When the flu season kicks in, like right fucking now, Trump and his administration will attribute… SKY: The Northern Lights put on a mesmerizing display over Finland.
Retweeted by PatrickEastin @POTUS_15 Maybe Trump could use or perhaps has, an "Aunt Fancy". @mitchellreports @DavidJollyFL @LesleyRStahl @realDonaldTrump Then, reference and research "Pathological Liar". The… @AshaRangappa_ @espn Yep, got it, the inept child, Trump, has not changed. @joelockhart @realDonaldTrump Little Donald in search of a teat. @SRuhle Look, Pence is a toad. Pence is a gopher. Pence is a Trump errand boy. Pence is that religious/political pr… @SarahKSilverman Not so much, it's how guys have always been able to procreate . . . @AnaCabrera Pence's other "mother". @AndyJinW0ng @StopTheCriminal You got it. @WheezyNC @ChampB50 @ChuckGrassley @SenJoniErnst Mark Meadows is the White House version of Marco Rubio. @ChuckGrassley Mark Meadows admits that TrumpGOP has no plan to mitigate deadly virus. You are literally destroying…
Retweeted by PatrickEastin @Dknight10k @ChampB50 I'm 63. In 2020 years, i'm officially dead. @TiffanyDCross @MalcolmNance I can't believe the United States elected this aberration of a human being. @yourauntemma Absolutely. Let's stop screwing around here, media, query Trump on his relationship with his mother. @joelockhart Sure they did. Remember, 30 some odd million Americans are clueless. @joelockhart "Fundamentally" ?. Dude, Trump is a Pathological Liar. @ElieNYC @MalcolmNance Pence is the Paul Reiser character, Carter J. Burke, in the film, "Aliens".Did these motherfuckers just ask @KamalaHarris if her perspective is "the socialist or progressive perspective."…
Retweeted by PatrickEastin @Jo_G640518_ What is worse is 30 some odd million fucking Americans latch on to his bullshit.
@chelseahandler Can you imagine giving head in this ?, I can't. @mjfree I miss Milk Duds. @Kay68195383 My hope is that he is alive so that the cocksucker will be held accountable for his transgressions as… @alladdinno @MalcolmNance How much was the pay scale ? Similar or equivalent to Trump's wherever the hell city rally rate ? @PatrickEastin @kylegriffin1 I hate this herd immunity bullshit. Herd immunity typically requires a vaccine and a…
Retweeted by PatrickEastin @jckuhl87 @kylegriffin1 Agreed. And it is too early to know if this novel virus has the capability of re-infection… @AnaCabrera Unfortunately, acceptable to our President and his administration and all that support and condone both.It’s shameful that Lindsey Graham would have super-spreader Pence visit South Carolina when he’s an active covid ho…
Retweeted by PatrickEastin @KYWeise "the superhero costume we all need this Halloween". We all need for the COVID-19 novel virus pandemic. @sdr_medco @QueenG719 The best thing people that follow pandemic protocol can do is condemn and shun the ignorant,… @MollyJongFast @ChampB50 It's called ignorance and stupidity. @StopTheCriminal The Trump virus of ineptitude and incompetence preceded by unqualification. @McFaul Translation: Meadows is pushing herd immunity and it's coming directly from Trump. @DanRather Trump doesn't care what Americans think about bullshine, bullshit, horseshit, lies, deflection, propagan… @kylegriffin1 No, not at all. They are pushing the herd immunity rationale to deal with this novel virus pandemic.… @kylegriffin1 Another conservative extremist/science rejecting/science ignorant excuse to compel the country to acc… @AnaCabrera Each day , it seems, brings an excuse to not practice virus safety protocol. Gottlieb "understands" why… @waltshaub Turduckling. @maggieNYT There is no turn but we as a country vs. COVID-19 novel virus are going round and round. @rebeccaballhaus @maggieNYT Did O'Brien have anything to comment on voter suppression ? @kaitlancollins Anything from the doltish Meadows on social distancing ? @PhantomCannibal Honorable. What did Trump really make America? : selfish, self serving, self absorbed, dishonest,… @MSNBC West is simply another aspect of the Trump shit show circus frolicking in the big tent and making an ass of… @az_puck @ChampB50 "Lefty" prone, tucking in his shirt and adjusting the electronics . . . @JonLemire Got metrics on the number that were paid to be in attendance ? @Baligubadle1 @ChampB50 Uh huh. @NBCNews Sure, West got a calling. Maybe "god" can act as a dispensary to medicate this phony out of the public forum. @NBCNews "When you say "radical right" today, I think of these moneymaking ventures by fellows like Pat Robertson a… @StevenTDennis @Susan_Hennessey Yes it is. We were told by responsible medical experts and professionals that it would get worse. @BetteMidler Give a hand to Rudy "Lefty" Giuliani for best performance of fixer fumbling with his "electronics" in… McConnell has the Senate working through the weekend right now—not to provide COVID-19 relief to people who n…
Retweeted by PatrickEastin @davidhogg111 @ChampB50 It must be.44 is going in on 45 and I'm 100 for it.
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