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About as funny as falling off your bike been listening to @bbc5live much lately - it sacked me so I sacked it from the preset buttons on my radio ! - b…
Retweeted by Patrick HartMy friend's young daughters have their own company which makes, among other things, these lovely badges.
Retweeted by Patrick Hart @BeckyWant @BBCRadioManc Good Morning Becky ! Lovely bit of Thomas Jefferson to start the day 😀😀Happy Tuesday from ⁦@BBCRadioManc⁩ “In matters of style swim with the current, in matters of principle, stand like…
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@bushontheradio Oh it’s a thing @therealedhart #teatonight @Muslim_Runner @UKRunChat @runr_uk Bravo !! @Aaspieguy @bushontheradio @adrianhieatt @absoluteradio Hooves alertSo my friend @adrianhieatt told me yesterday that he MIXES SQUASH. If you do this - step forwards, you're going on…
Retweeted by Patrick Hart @bushontheradio @leonagraham Yes !! ‘Stocks’n’socks broken nights sleep ! Up at midnight, 2,3,4 and 5-25. Then bounded our of bed at 7-30 full of the joys of spring.… @Hanstours Tottenham 4 ( Kane, Son 2, Kean OG) Everton 1 ( Digne )
Even accounting for 1 racist to take the photo and 2 or 3 more racists out of shot to help him take the photo, that…
Retweeted by Patrick Hart @therealedhart. 24 @therealedhart Cars @LivEchoEFC 10 to 15 years should do it
Thread 😁
Retweeted by Patrick Hart“I've never publicly spoken to anyone about this, but I had a panic attack last year. I sought help as I genuinely…
Retweeted by Patrick HartAnyone been to the Isle of Arran ? #Arran looks amazing #ScotlandStyal Clubhaus - looking forward to seeing you this Saturday! 😉🍷🍝 -
Retweeted by Patrick HartCompetitions Resume Next Week ! ⛳😉 -
Retweeted by Patrick Hart#styalclubhaus reopens today under New management..Good luck to Chris Lee and his team 🥂🍻⛳️ @ Styal Golf Club
Retweeted by Patrick HartUncle Buck ! @stabiloFFC Great !! 😀 @stabiloFFC What did it say ?First run since injury. Slow and steady. A few twinges but overall very very pleasing. #running #ukrunchat @itsallabigail @UKRunChat From Liverpool - live in Holmes Chspel entertained me way more than it should have. (🎥 Sound up)
Retweeted by Patrick Hart @mannnnny80 @ChrisGlover28 I reckon a 6am cuppa is as close to Nirvana as you can get#properparenting
Baymax from Big Hero 6 pal @DarththeMiller @seanrostron @stephenslack @Sean1878Lowe @BonzoToffee @PeterFearns @BarrieGWhite @sterushton
Retweeted by Patrick Hart @terry77owen No idea. I’d done all the wife’s clobber, the bedding and the tea towels were just kinda there !I’ll never see 100 followers me, only on 30 😭😂
Retweeted by Patrick Hart @TheRobVera Aerosmith - why ? My wife said so @terry77owen I ironed tea towels earlier 😂Sooo simple !!!!
Retweeted by Patrick Hart @Joewillo180 Not Bernard - stunk the gaff out when he came on against Leicester - stick with Iwobi @therealedhart @robertphart to the protagonist Billy Bigelow’s daughter after her dad has passed away during a botched robbery in the musi… thread: How Wigan Athletic have been victim to one of the greatest sporting scandals of all time.
Retweeted by Patrick Hart👏👏👏We love the new 2020/21 @Everton home kit and are proud to be the new incoming sponsor for next season. 💙#EFC
Retweeted by Patrick Hart @plusnethelp can you help me please y’all can retweet this enough times that Disney calls, that’d be greatly appreciated
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@therealedhart for the amazing welcome. Now it’s time to give something back #ShareTheGame #hummelsport #EFC
Retweeted by Patrick HartSalford Quays when we get 3rd. Bring fireworks. We can fire them at the Imperial War Museum.
Retweeted by Patrick Hart @FinKitch Has @LauraMerrin tweeted you ? You haven’t mentioned anything ?World Sports Photography Awards 2020
Retweeted by Patrick HartHaha...Tremendous.
Retweeted by Patrick Hart @therealedhart @PeterFearns “Who?” Happy Birthday old fossil
If @des_linden can do it, so can you.
Retweeted by Patrick Hart @mannnnny80 @pauldaley73 Everton Weekes: West Indies legend dies at 95 - BBC Sport ⁦@JB_1964⁩ sad this - Niasse’s statement to the Liverpool Echo regarding him leaving Everton.
Retweeted by Patrick Hart15' PENALTY TO EVERTON!!! No, seriously. 🙃 🔵 1-0 🦊 #EVELEI
Retweeted by Patrick Hart @SkySports can you help my Grandad out please
Retweeted by Patrick Hart“Kachow” !! Got the wrong size #ripclutchgoneski #cars2 #worldgrandprix #lightningmcqueen slightly obsessed @tblez Cheers pal - I’ll see if I can go on a waiting list. Did they deliver and was it easy to knock together ?Ok twitter help required. I’m after a single speed bike for myself. Something for nipping around locally. #cycling @EvertonDesigns What’s happened ?
Retweeted by Patrick Hart @BallysBoots How the hell CRIDLINGTON is in the fire service let alone the station cook is a mystery comparable to the sark of the Covenant @therealedhart
BREAKING Manchester City have agreed to sell Leroy Sane to Bayern Munich. #ManCity
Retweeted by Patrick Hart @therealedhart lovely stuff thread.
Retweeted by Patrick Hart @Marshallmedia So@ething something “Huge gangs of tough, sinewy men roam the Valleys, terrorizing people with their… @morgooox @AJCreevy I can’t remember to be honest 🙄Great article about local doctors on the frontline in hospital medicine @KnutsfordNews #Knutsford #Manchester
Retweeted by Patrick Hart @AJCreevy Van Morrison-1990s Apollo Manchester. Absolutely dreadful. Left after half an hour
@therealedhart @bushontheradio - we’ll it’s not everyday you’re 53 !! is like when Modern Romance wrote an angry letter to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Committee for ignoring Ay…
Retweeted by Patrick HartWe really are just an awful species looks fun.... would y'all try this
Retweeted by Patrick HartLoved this song as a kid - saddest lyrics most upbeat melody- Middle Of The Road - Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep 1971 (… @PeterFearns still think about this graffiti at least once a week
Retweeted by Patrick Hart @PaulRezon Cheers Rez *licks eyebrows*Ahaha hahahahaha kittens ?? week was too hot, this week is too cold, if my knowledge of fairy tales and amateur meteorology are sound then…
Retweeted by Patrick HartI've just finished reading Tony Evans' piece response to the Anfield/ Pier Head incidents. There are so many unfa…
Retweeted by Patrick HartGot them well trained ! #cake #nsno #birthday can I get a pair of these ? #desertboots #suede #boots #Trendsetter @M_OBrien71 Oh my - that’s as crass as you can get @Brian_ban The Victoria Ground -Stoke 1974 ishHappy Bloody Birthday to me !!! 53 today and don’t look a day over 30 #YOUTH #ageingnicely #babyface @hummel1923 don’t launch the new @Everton kit this week, with a video of a firework blowing a hole in the liver…
Retweeted by Patrick Hart @Marshallmedia Cheers pal 53🤪😂😂😂Yurrrrrrrrrsssss
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Beef Wellington by Luke V
Retweeted by Patrick HartWhat an order. Be all over that