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Emmy losing producer partially responsible for Ghostfacers Series, Silent Hill Homecoming, Oscar Sci-Tech, Beyond Stranger Things, 100 Humans & Nailed It!

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@tcm @ProfJStewart As a horror fan, seeing Ken Foree always makes me smile.
When a Black woman says "you know what...don't even worry about it," you should definitely worry about it.
Retweeted by Patrick J. DoodyWhat does Star Wars and @NailedIt have in common? A podcast! This podcast is hosted by the wonderful @nicolebyer wh…
Retweeted by Patrick J. DoodySorry but Fauci says we are still knee deep in the FIRST wave of Zoom comedy
Retweeted by Patrick J. Doody @SammyObeid That's funny.The unmistakable Marty Feldman was born on this day in 1934.
Retweeted by Patrick J. DoodyLoser @franklinleonard Surprised he didn't pull the old "red, purple or green, I don't care WHAT color someone is!" @TheTimJennings I'm not sure...I mean....I think
2020 @TheTimJennings - did the Haddonfield community council approve this sign? I'm not sure we want to promote this s… @richsommer Tell me Blow Out is happening. Because honestly.... @alisonmartino From Russia....with Looove.... BTW, it's worth hunting down some Ernie Anderson outtakes... @KealanBurke Wait, you telling me you called the sandwich place and actually spoke to someone? But...that sandwich…, agents & managers: It's cool that you've decided to up the diversity in your rosters. Thank you for that. Howe…
Retweeted by Patrick J. Doody @franklinleonard @BernardusLodge Love that the racist dude's LinkedIn page says he helps with "leadership skills."… also, stop fucking over little brown girls whether they're going to be @thandienewton or not. Period.
Retweeted by Patrick J. DoodyWhere do I contribute money to watch a public conversation between @MichaelaCoel and @thandienewton after reading e…
Retweeted by Patrick J. Doody @Todd_Spence F13 New Blood - the bit with the spike he was hiding never made sense. I know that's irrelevant to yo… you know you can watch me guest judge on @netflix show @NailedIt?! The contestants were asked to make their own…
Retweeted by Patrick J. DoodyThank you, for caring as much as you did. Will never forget it
Retweeted by Patrick J. Doody @scott_tobias ... censoriousness ...
Two soundtracks were used when writing #Beneath. Climax Golden Twins Session 9 & #EnnioMorricone's The Thing. The… can now preorder Minecraft Volume Beta from Vinyl Me Please without having to subscribe! I love this version be…
Retweeted by Patrick J. Doody @leonardchang @e_alexjung Exactly. For an undisclosed amount as well... @leonardchang Dear. God.TV show writers and creators, read this.
Retweeted by Patrick J. Doody#NailedIt Star @nicolebyer on her New Book @SamOnTV @NailedIt
Retweeted by Patrick J. Doody @forexposure_txt Assuming he can’t pay this 80K lawyer, so he’s qualifying his lawyer’s level of competence by his… composer Ennio Morricone has passed away. A friend and collaborator, his talent was inestimable. I will miss him.
Retweeted by Patrick J. DoodyFade to black, Maestro.
Retweeted by Patrick J. Doody if BOOGIE NIGHTS is a damn good movie
Retweeted by Patrick J. Doody @tvaziri Awesome score to this movie as well. @semiote23 Under any other circumstances, I would say dive in. But this is a weird time. What’s the job you could take in LA ?
my brother just passed away because of Covid-19. please, please, please wear your masks.
Retweeted by Patrick J. Doody @TheTimJennings My chest feels like it's full of black tar...This 11-year-old absolutely crushes The Bob Ross Challenge, putting his own spin on the artist's landscape stylings
Retweeted by Patrick J. Doody @weirdpaul That was favorite episode of Love Boat! Your big song and dance duet with Ethel Merman was a highlight of Season 3. @franklinleonard @KwCongressional I can attest to their secret power. I’m a fan of both Patti Pies and Cheddar Bay Biscuits.All Black people do is play all day! 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Patrick J. DoodySo honored to get to premiere the trailer for the next blockbuster on our show @SwingsAndMrs #WearADamnMask
Retweeted by Patrick J. Doody @BoingBoing Eric the dealer’s dumpy Santa Monica pad would now run him 3500/month. @Todd_Spence It’s never been like this in mid city. Wall to wall for hours. Someone threw an M80 out a moving ca… RUNNER 2020
Retweeted by Patrick J. Doody @Wildaboutmusic @netflix FYI - he’s won some Grammys. Don’t know if he mentions it...Walking the dog in @beverlygrovela and the echoes of #Fireworks is a constant wall of sound in every direction. It’s unlike any other year. @RalphGarman Cosmo wants to hang with Reggie.
@NILES100 You gotta hand over the bottle and ask them to do it. WORLD of difference.That first 15 minutes of #Rollercoaster is incredible. This @ShoutFactory Blu does the film justice. @sambwrite @spaghetti_life @thegarygraham No judgment from me! I love that movie. Just surprised when someone ha… those waxing poetic on the loss of "historical" statues or misplaced sadness over protests all being chalked up… @sambwrite @spaghetti_life @thegarygraham Uh...whose never seen it? @spaghetti_life @sambwrite @thegarygraham Came here to ask this too.yeah I took a tequila shot for breakfast this morning but you also should mind your damn business
Retweeted by Patrick J. DoodyAwesome! totally @NailedIt #MOREBRAINS!!!!!! I love this movie. I love this cake. totally @NailedIt .
@diannaeanderson @maxsparber He's a Gargoyle hunter.... @diannaeanderson @maxsparber Cosmo says hi.... @diannaeanderson ha! could be from that description. But my fav movie is Night Of The Living Dead!Strangers hang out in a farmhouse and don't let anyone in. @SaraRothwell @NailedIt We support this thinking.“Skeleton” and “Unclean Spirit”: Listen to Two Brand New John Carpenter Tracks Right Now! [Video] -
Retweeted by Patrick J. Doody @newbeverly I remember seeing it at the Nortown Theater on Western Avenue in Chicago! Sadly, demolished now. @newbeverly I’ve been in that building when the art walk is open! INever forget @cinematic_void Rollercoaster is my 4th Of July jam. @ItsJustCadence my mom pulled us over in harrison to take this pic 💀
Retweeted by Patrick J. DoodyJust Disney? Why not everyone??? Amazing! @TheTimJennings @EriceARoni @adamfgoldberg Also.. @redwoods81 @ShutUpAndrosky @drewmagary @MayorOfLA I went to a testing site a few days ago. My friend went yesterda… @Wildaboutmusic @SpikeFeresten @ElvisCostello Great album. Let Him Dangle...
Retweeted by Patrick J. DoodyI'm proud to be part of an exciting virtual fundraiser for Joe Biden for President on July 4th where we'll declare…
Retweeted by Patrick J. Doody @diannaeanderson Also a gross misunderstanding of horror analogies and meaning...horror is much smarter than this. @diannaeanderson I can’t even... @diannaeanderson Like - are criminals like Frankenstein? What does that even mean. @diannaeanderson This is just...dumb and not clever. Like...I don’t even get it. The comparison you made is smart… 🐶🥴 @Hannahgadsby and @pamelaadlon love baking, and @NetflixIsAJoke couldn't resist 🎂 tbh... they... naiiill…
Retweeted by Patrick J. Doody @DinosaurDracula I have not seen that Motts commercial in a very long time. Yet I remember every beat...Do The Right Thing! A @SpikeLeeJoint. 31 years ago it was released. As relevant today, as the day it was born.
Retweeted by Patrick J. Doody
Retweeted by Patrick J. Doody @TheTimJennings Wow. I remember when it was “Dilbert? More like DilERNIE!”
Trailer for new documentary about The Go-Go’s
Retweeted by Patrick J. Doody @FreddyInSpace 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸but my freedom???🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🍟🍟🍟🍩🍩🍩Idk what God was thinking giving me a kid😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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@VicSage2005 @AllisonGeeksOut @BTPBlog @TheNerdyBlogger @rhianon_rhea @ISeeRobots @LogBookGuy Flim flam will not be tolerated. @DinosaurDracula @therealjoebob @kinky_horror Hey, amazing! Congrats!
@frightrags @memcave much of my money DO YOU NEED????? @dnyree @MatthewACherry We are... @MatthewACherry I look forward to seeing it. It’s being handled on many award and event shows. The Disney song alo… I’m tipping my hat to all the giants in the Negro Leagues, from Satchel Paige to Toni Stone and so many other…
Retweeted by Patrick J. Doody @S_johnson_voice Hilarious. Awesome work as always. @S_johnson_voice Was that... Zardoz ??? @franklinleonard I have a friend who is shooting a film at the studio on the campus. Still need a connection?Really wish I hadn’t found this @tcm library on @hbomax. #NoSleep
@Wildaboutmusic I guess I never discussed my senior year student film with you....between a shared love of Hopper a… @Wildaboutmusic They should have left the other diners in this. @BrianDuffield Oh, I don't know what the plan was. But potentially 2020 stopped that plan?