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Hi all, I am VERY MUCH looking for paying work! Need games reviewed by an established & universally beloved name? W…
Retweeted by Patrick Klepek"Do you need someone fucked over on this Fourth of July? We will kill your deadbeat dad. We will kill them all."
Retweeted by Patrick KlepekPod 042: “Proposal: use the enemy’s logical learning function to formulate a weakness.” A2: “I don’t know what tha…'s honestly incredible that, as the UN is reporting that the US is planning air strikes on Iran, after the US thr…
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@dr_karate Maybe because I was one of the last interviews of the day, maybe because I didn't really have any specif… to publish this interview tomorrow. @jbu3 honestly thought that was FFXV for a secondBuzzFeed News staffers across the US are walking out today to demand that BuzzFeed management return to the table a…
Retweeted by Patrick Klepek @ykarps @bearmccreary Absolutely. Love that soundtrack.I don't know if the new Child's Play is going to be any good, but @bearmccreary's theme is *incredible*. Make sure…, @BuzzFeedNews. @DogOfThunder360 I cannot fathom. I look at my daughter and cannot fathom. I’m so sorry. I hope those words helped, if only a little. @DoctorPenna Good luck with everything, Joe. @SicJake It’s good to give yourself time to let those emotions out. I save sad movies for those moments. I find it… @Heponwana I’m so sorry. I cannot fathom that pain. It’s OK to feel conflicted.
You're allowed to be angry. You're allowed to be jealous. All of those feelings are normal, even if we're supposed…'s Day is a mixed bag. I'm proud and humbled to be part of my daughter's life, but it's an all-day reminder m… @JeffGrubb @DanRyckert @jeffgerstmann @noiehoek noThis is the best use for an Apple watch 😂👍 Credit to Nstalgic
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@itmeJP lol WHAT @dannyBstyle 👏👏Cadence of Hyrule bops, has bops.I was helping my brother-in-law fix a door in his house. I remember being shocked with disbelief that I’d actually…
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I don’t remember taking this picture
Retweeted by Patrick Klepek @markmacd I had no idea you were there! Dammit. @SamanthaZero 👏👏tune in to with me and @austin_walker cannot wait to download Cadence of Hyrule. 👏👏👏
@tarantulaarms @Inioth We did talk about the empathy q, Will mention it on the pod tonightI’m sorry all we talked about were spiders.Any questions for the Monster Hunter team?5-star runtimes, 5-star podcast @waypoint
Retweeted by Patrick Klepekplease listen to our pods I need to feed my family @lmichet Good seeing you today 👋Getting ready to talk playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake (👍), seeing real-time gameplay of Avengers (🙃), and more!
Any Avengers questions? About to do an interview.obligatory botw2 drawing
Retweeted by Patrick Klepek @trintran @danikaharrod w ooo w bill
Retweeted by Patrick KlepekBreath of the Wild is a great metaphor for Zelda’s unrecognized labour both within and outside the game, and it’s a…
Retweeted by Patrick KlepekCan y'all believe these are from the same franchise and both got trailers on the same day
Retweeted by Patrick KlepekAbout to come back! are gonna be talking about our hands on with Borderlands 3, Ghost Recon, Doom, Wolfenstein, Monster Hunter DLC,…
Retweeted by Patrick Klepek @luisfrancisco Yes @danikaharrod
@JustinWoodman @TeamCherryGames Bugs @JamesStevenson @TeamCherryGames I’m just thirsty for bugs James.@TeamCherryGames LET ME INThe new Hollow Knight is playable behind a velvet rope, and I’m currently causing a fire hazard trying to watch it…’s a big yikes @porglezomp During the segue itself. @mudron I’m wondering if it “emerging” is the idea of a whole underground space.We actually saw the Direct a few days ago, and Austin and I theorized it cut of in a very weird way. ANIMAL CROSSING CHARACTERS BLACK ANIMAL CROSSING CHARACTERS!!! YOU CAN BE BLACK BLACK BLACK!!!✊🏿 THANK YOU NINTENDO!! 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿
Retweeted by Patrick KlepekWelcome to the party, Nintendo fans.
Retweeted by Patrick Klepek😴Waypoint Radio is going LIVE talking about Watch Dogs Legion, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Roller Champions, and MORE:
Retweeted by Patrick Klepek @AGoldmund get outOK, that’s pretty dope. Fantasy 8 getting a half-assed “remaster” that looks like the game running in an emulator falls exactly in li… fact that Marvel people don't look like the actors in the movies makes it look like some weird community theatr…
Retweeted by Patrick Klepek🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 yoko 🕯 🕯 taro 🕯️… @Campster I just played 45 minutes of it and feel like it’s column A and column B? @GameOverGreggy Congrats, Greg! @juliemuncy23 I have been hoping for this all day 😭 @RecRoulette !!I had a chance to ask Clint Hocking this exact question, thankfully! A quick interview, but will share his thoughts…
@EliEthridge it’s almost like you can totally do that and my feelings on a game will not stop you @kait_zilla 👏👏Watch Dog 3’s recruit-everyone-for-the-resistance pitch is undercut by the notion that plenty of people would enjoy… this house we stan my grandma, the hacker @mistermegative Wow, insightful thread. Thank you for taking the time and emotional energy. @NYid07 This is fair @cthomer5000 @C00lthulhu And my point is the way Fallout, esp with Bethesda, has increasingly fetishized nuclear wa… @austin_walker do we keep podding until 2amE3 Day -1 part 2
Retweeted by Patrick Klepek @clmazin @personandstuff Haha, let me be clear—I totally realize the two have ZERO connection. I’m just always look… @RaygunBrown @skinnyghost
Retweeted by Patrick Klepek @clmazin @personandstuff Craig, Chernobyl is a really powerful piece of work. Would love to chat w/ you about the s… join us as we, the gamers, unwrap our brand-delivered gaming presents during this very special gamer christmas @PerryVandell AbsolutelyThis is your reminder to play The Evil Within 2, a supremely underrated horror action game.Fallout feels like a much weirder game world after watching Chernobyl.
2019 said, the bit with the father/daughter had me on the edge of tears because, it turns out, I am very easy to emotionally manipulate.Pitching your ultra powerful next-gen system with a trailer that doesn’t show anything is pretty strange. I still d… finally
Retweeted by Patrick KlepekEmbedding with our friends @waypoint for our doc on #e3
Retweeted by Patrick Klepekoh my god I can’t believe we were here to film @patrickklepek’s reaction to Blair Witch
Retweeted by Patrick KlepekI QM LOSING MY GOD DMAN MIND @RobZacny First blood chat
Retweeted by Patrick Klepeklook at the size of this fucking peanut butter that ⁦@RobZacny⁩ bought for the next SIX DAYS lmao
@austin_walker when rob and I walked 84 miles to procure some beer from “around the corner” he no less than three t… @LinktheSquash Yeah, she’s almost old enough to be able to do that. That worked well when we were counting down to… @agentbizzle We are in a real attached-to-dad phase right now with her, so even broaching a goodbye is playing with fire. @ultrabrilliant it gets a thousand times worse