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@Hunter_Wolfe 👏👏 @AdamRobitel Yo! We just watched Escape Room finally and loved it. 👏👏 @BenGMan25 @austin_walker @nataliewatson @a_cado_appears haha oh my GOD those games would be good, but I don’t even…
@TinaAmini @lizziecuevas @Samuel_IGN @stevenplin hell yeah @mudron ?This clip defies words—I kept thinking it was almost over, but just KEPT GOING. is,,,, good
Retweeted by Patrick KlepekHas there ever been more of a spineless doormat of a person than Dave Rubin. The incredible delicacy with which he…
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put it right into my veins no. I don't want to hear this kind of report. I hope that all handsome cool good guys will be vanishing from thi…
Retweeted by Patrick Klepek @DrunkenVike At some point you have to stop relying on Republicans doing the "right thing."I’ve been of the mind that impeachment didn’t make sense strategically as a political tool—just slow bleed the thin… thing is just an abuse of power ball pit
Retweeted by Patrick Klepek"so if the tesseract is trapped under the ice with captain america at the end of world war 2, why isn't cap also un…
Retweeted by Patrick Klepek9 years ago today, Greg Jennings broke his leg and put the team on his back.
Retweeted by Patrick Klepek @HavokRose CONGRATS!!!!!
@_BenSolo_ sometimes you write a tweet and it gets a response and you think you should turn it it into an actual es… is honestly one of the strangest takes I've ever read @pithyalyse Hell yeah, good luck!! @nataliewatson peanut butter isn't slime @MarkDiStef @waypoint Thanks for linking, Mark. @Brock_toon LOL I know. I'm dreading when she'll stop responding to my current parent trick of saying something is… @Brock_toon Sometimes we call other things mac and cheese and trick her. It works...sometimes. @Brock_toon I stress over it less than my wife does. So long as she's eating, the rest will figure itself out? She… @Brock_toon She came home yesterday after starting her new day care and ate a piece of broccoli off my plate (they'… @Brock_toon Jessica is 2 1/2 and at a stage where she's getting a lot pickier. Mac and cheese. Mac and cheese. Mac… @thevowel lolOne of the most prominent anti-feminist voices during GamerGate has turned towards politics, having been named a ca…
Retweeted by Patrick KlepekIs Tucker Carlson ok?
Retweeted by Patrick Klepekjack dorsey looks like he was exiled from rivendell for being a sex offender
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One of the most prominent anti-feminist voices during GamerGate has turned towards politics, having been named a ca…🧘🏻‍♀️
Retweeted by Patrick Klepek @bryanintihar I’m very hyped to strategically choose bathroom spots with my wife so we can fill each other in on wh… a sneak peek at PlayStation’s next-generation plans.
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@TopTierSloth It's especially maddening in Sekiro given how often they just dump a save point right in front of the boss door. @appleciderwitch I didn't parry in any of the 3 souls games! @AryMonteiroJr You're not wrong--def easier to buy in both games, but there's *so* much to spend your money on in t… @imranzomg @transgamerthink I HOPE @transgamerthink I know! I KNOW. I'm just mad the time for Dogma 2 was probably right after Dogma, and now we'll probably never get it. >_< @transgamerthink !! Another convert. Now you understand why I'm mad we got DMC5 instead of Dogma 2. (I love DMC5, to be clear, but...!!!!) @jake2712 That's basically where I'm at. I use firecrackers when I've got a boss on the ropes, and that's it. @Soycrates It's just confusing on where they land on the "why?" part of what costs currency and what doesn't. @willsmith @Fobwashed gah :( @VeryRealJeremy2 Yeah, it basically made me punt on all those creatures until the endgame. @MysteriousDrD idk, the stakes are incredibly low because you can call back to an idol at any time with an unlimited use item @TrapRegent holy fuck WHAT @dr_karate Precisely. It's like having a billion shotgun shells/acid grenades at the end of a Resident Evil game. G… @SUduwana They're clearly conflicted on it, given how much it changes from game to game.tldr I think blood vials + spirit emblems + anything like it being consumables you need to grind/buy are bullshit,… @lackofrealism Absolutely.This is beautiful. @osifracrat lol you’re fine I don’t care about the story in these games very much @osifracrat I haven’t done that yet! Did Owl while my daughter napped. So long as you’re ahead of me, can’t go to j…
My daughter and I swapping who is hiding the Easter eggs around the house while Game of Thrones music blares in the… @petexnasty LOL yes—I thought I could close distance with a spear thrust and on my god no @KeithCyphers 1stGoodbye, Owl. ⚔️Those final few holes by Tiger were incredible. @ScottWamplerBMD Good luck! @kmalins3 I think everyone has a moment where their personal idol becomes a person. Part of growing up, I think.This is a hell of a way to frame this.
NYC friends!! TONIGHT I’m going to be on a panel on games and labor at Theorizing the Web 2019. I’m excited!!
Retweeted by Patrick Klepek @ScottWamplerBMD Scott I’m going there tomorrow morning please make sure I don’t see themimagine not giving a shit about something other people enjoy to the point that you, instead, actively care if that…
@cyanbreak 👋uh, holy shit one on the internet is more ecstatic than the PrequelMemes community #StarWarsCelebration
Retweeted by Patrick Klepek @Xanagear @Wrighteous_86 lol he was joking, friend @Wrighteous_86 my hope is there's a misdirection, that he knows the right call is to think he's going the fan servi… good @JamesStevenson I honestly think “hiatus” just means “no movie next year.”I wanted to like The Surge way more than I actually did, but I will sure as hell the sequel another try., stoked. #StarWarsCelebration
Retweeted by Patrick KlepekKristin Cavallari says Jay Cutler unclogged her milk ducts by "sucking harder than he's ever sucked"…
Retweeted by Patrick Klepek @MrPope yessss @CharlesPulliam I really hope the TV shows lean into comedy.
@uhnet I also don't understand the desperation to tie everything into The Conjuring-verse at the expense of just telling a good story? @uhnet it looks so bad >_<Here's @nataliewatson's first Waypoint review, of the ambitious and thematically engaging, though frustrating-in-de…
Retweeted by Patrick KlepekBIG New Hampshire news: the Senate just voted to abolish the death penalty by a veto-proof majority. The House did…
Retweeted by Patrick Klepek @WarrenIsDead the best beatles song imo @capnsmak @sewart @markmacd @johntv @DaToole incredible
This was inevitable. $50 is hardly a deal. All of these services are going to slowly raise their prices over time,… paragraph of this piece is jawdropping (ht @libbyanelson)
Retweeted by Patrick Klepek @Charlie_L_Hall i'll be around for a few hours on Saturday @austin_walker @RobZacny i agree, rob is bad @RobZacny @austin_walker bury me with this take @GenePark when ur editor sees how many people are clicking on black hole and demands 500 words of literally whatever before your lunch break @agentbizzle Maybe we're talking past each other. Either way, your framing in the original tweet comes more across… @agentbizzle I mean, now you're arguing semantics over how people describe themselves. That's fine, people can use… @agentbizzle My guess is you have some folks in your news department that take that same pride, too, and don't laugh about it. @agentbizzle You're welcome to describe your work however you like. I'm happy to call myself a games journalist, a… @agentbizzle Not even sure where to start with this one, honestly. @mdtedone Enjoy the city! I assume you’re in town for Star Wars? Gonna swing by for a few hours with my kid on Saturday. @mdtedone For pizza imo Pequods is far and away the bestTHREAD: Sekiro is basically a Rhythm game and heres how it uses #animation to set its difficulty. Every attack has…
Retweeted by Patrick KlepekA few months back, I asked people to tell me why they cared so much about Kingdom Hearts. Hundreds wrote back with…
Retweeted by Patrick KlepekTwitter: Yeah, sorry, we can't take down hate speech or even explicit Nazism. Too hard. Also Twitter: A copyright v…
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