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This is good, to me. The sax being the LOST BOYS guy is 😚👌 it looks like the song of the summer is once again “turkey in the straw” played on repeat for two hours by an i…
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanTo the tune of “Buffalo Soldier”: ♫ Amazon Prime Day / website crashing ♫ Just a little topical humor for you @nickwiger That’s a Wiger 🔒Btw....Ass, Damn and hell are allowed on my page. That's mild, generic profanity. Nothing else.
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @johnrobertsFox You know where you work, right? It’s in your handleI. Warned. You
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanNo body will talk about it .no body .Is it a sandsquatch
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanThere is something not human in the dessert
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanThis is a good one @GrantBrisbee I’m curious to see who OLD FAT IDIOT PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE WITH FAMOUSLY STRANGE HAIR WHO ALWAYS WEA… bad! @ChrisCJackson I can only hear the old Girardi standby, “It’s not what you want”Looking forward to a bunch of congressional Republicans reacting to the Trump-Putin press conference like an MLB ma… First! Well, most of the time. Depends who’s standing at the other podium, really @ikebarinholtz It’s almost like it’s never been about anything except causing the other side pain for these peopleCan’t believe the President Of The United States, an old moron with severe Fox News Poisoning, would behave like thatIn addition to not being gross, “Trump is an oaf who thinks he’s a Deal Genius” is just way, way funnier to me than “Trump is gay for Putin”Waiting for Elon Musk’s next post @kept_simple The Very Fake News Media won’t talk about the beans you hit send on a terrific tweet that will surely improve your public reputation
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanTRUMP: Say it TRANSLATOR [sighing deeply]: President Putin, the pundits were saying there was no path to 270. But…
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanTRUMP: After negotiating very strongly, Russia will be giving us a bag of very special beans. And you won’t believe… nice to hear from Mandy"$300 for doing nothing? I feel like such a crook." "Don't worry, gets easier every week."
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Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @crushingbort I don’t think it’s unreasonable to predict that he gets so mad he tries to make his own version of TwitterHonestly difficult to imagine a funnier headline than this kind of God would allow this at the rush of boos that start the second Reigns’ entrance music hits and then are mysteriously cut off @lukeoneil47 Bachelor Chow
It’s been months since the gimmick started and Michael Cole’s commentary on Matt Hardy is still basically “Man, this guy sure is weird” @lukeoneil47 @edzitron Remember when they say the thing about immigrants getting stuff done in “Hamilton”? I’m gonn… @ByYourLogic He’s just been saying “Ah, welp. Fuck” for like a week. Hard not to be impressed that he did that to such a blowhard“Extreme Rules” - what is this, my first marriage. Thanks @davidfrum @SachaBaronCohen Actually it’s incredibly funnyHere's the full meltdown where Elon Musk calls one of the rescue divers a pedophile and then doubles down because t…
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @GrantBrisbee @WhitneyM02 NSFW @boring_as_heck Thank you for your service. @lukeoneil47 Yeah, you!!!!Elon Musk might be the most high profile person with Poster’s Disease. Maybe he can make a big show out of pretending to find a cure*Judas Priest “Breaking The Law” voice* Jesse Farrar, Jesse FarrarGuy who used to run a Skyler White hate account here. Today I’ll explain why Elon Musk financially supporting Repub…
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Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @kevinseccia If they were truly equal we wouldn’t be getting THE EQUALIZER 2: EQUALIZE HARDERFinally, a show about crisps getting nicked, I've seen Sacha Baron Cohen's new show and I know I am under NDA but I don't care I have to share this shot o…
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanWhen I see The Haters will not be taking questions about why I was on the “Jake and the Fat Man” Wikipedia page.Thinking about the forum fight that led to this edit to the “Jake and the Fat Man” Wikipedia page @jfruh @HowardYou This is correct. They hired him to hack the planet. @jfruh I have probably seen this movie 6 times.Where my CORE heads at. The ORIGINAL unobtaniumJacking in isn’t the World Cup trophy a cup of some kind. I’m getting heated. Do not @ me about thisSKYSCRAPER (2018) REVIEW: Neve Campbell is also my wife.Still can’t believe Sacha Baron Cohen got Ted Cruz @crulge Love to change the game @cushbomb It’s still funny though imo @GOPChairwoman FarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtThis rabbit is some insanely good shit @sundownmotel @NicoleConlan Say hi to Josh and also I’m sorry @NicoleConlan @sundownmotel Oh fuck is this at the Griffin @PressSec @CNN @POTUS @Mikel_Jollett Ha thank you. Not a real fight, no matter how much other people who wanna jump in the mentions are acting ha @Mikel_Jollett I think there’s a large gap between what people say they’re gonna do online and what they do, but I’… @themmatob @Mikel_Jollett Ah my mistake thanks man. Where’d you get your law degree @Mikel_Jollett I get what you mean but having seen the episode this is basically the money shot @Mikel_Jollett C’mon man, a lot of people worked on this show. Don’t just give it away @Molly_Kats Yeah some #Resistance guy is already posting video of it apparently @Molly_Kats I can’t! I was just lucky enough to go to a screening this week!The NDA is up on so I would like to say that the gun-related segment in the premiere of the new Sacha Baron Cohen s… @Ethan_Booker to Twitter user @eastwes on his financial business on, guys
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanI’m devastated... just found out my fiancé of three years was Sacha Baron Cohen
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanThe Cardinals fired Mike Matheny because they found out he was actually Sacha Baron Cohen. TWO THINGS! TWO THINGS!