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@NikkiHaley @standamericanow Sounds great! Thanks!Doing some research @stavvybaby
Belated #SullyDay last thing you see before you enjoy a quirky workplace comedy @VogtRoberts @jaret2113 @MitchAllan The world is full of wonder. I learned something today. Thank you(Brontosaurus enters salad bar) Manager: oh hell no!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @googleymoogley @aklingus Yes. Also the soundtrack to an all-time scene in the last season of “Fringe” welp seeya laterFirst merch sale of 2021, folks! $13 t-shirts, everything else up to 35% off! “Check it out”
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanNew blue just dropped @timunken Sorry T, no can doA good tv show idea is there’s a Gordon Ramsay who’s double the size (like 12 feet tall) who goes to all of regular…
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @andylevy @briangaar If you tell me you also grew up with the SR-71 guy but it was also a different guy I am gonna flip @BrotiGupta Thank you for holding his feet to the fire on this. Someone has to @ChristFinnegan @KevinMarshall *voice of Baba Booey from the Stern acoustic MP3 I had in high school* Do “Everlong” @HiJake757 Don’t do this to meThe lead singer of Bowling for Soup is NOT the lead singer of SR-71, but the lead singer of SR-71 DID write and pro… ma’am, right this way, your pardon is just over here, on top of this unsuspicious carpet of leaves
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @JATayler Imagining all this in his voice is pretty fun too @celebrityhottub Getting the broom, then sitting there for two hours to get the broom a second time, then telling people about it. WonderfulLol god damn nite, time to put on "my house" by flo rida and break a tooth opening a bottle with my mouth
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan*extremely “Things are looking up!” voice* Folks,
@lukeoneil47 Yeah I think it’s not a great adaptation but as its own thing (and not a knower of the comics) I love it @lukeoneil47 The movie rocks @joshgondelman clips from the 2020 best-of @whatatimepod are up on the show’s YouTube channel, if that’s something you’d be i… you’re with your mom at the grocery store and she sees a friend
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanSat down with @bummer_no_b to talk HELL HOUSE LLC, a sneakily-good scary movie and one of my recent favorites, on…
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanFROM THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: A hamster who survived a blizzard reminded Kath about a hamster from her past who wasn’t…
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @SteveGuest! Put that back!
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @celebrityhottub I would welcome the opportunity although I don’t know how I’d get my pilot screenplay to “Cheers” star Kelsey Grammer
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan[extremely Rammstein voice]
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanConfirmed: Ted Cruz is one of the things from Dean Koontz’s PHANTOMS
@bonerhitler Keeping Calm, I hope @Sethrogen We’re Giu-li-any, totally insaney, go down in infame-y,Also! Today’s episode of @amar_risblood with @pattymo (as well as all previous eps) is also on Spotify!
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @ScottWamplerBMD Well there it isJust making sure to max out on as much evil as possible on the way out the door
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanRudy Giulianics., a tomato with cow horns, a pig snout, and a lily-of-the-valley tail, is the mascot of Biratori Town, Japan.
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @BrettRedacted Isn’t Martin Lawrence an FBI agent in BMH (I shorten it to BMH) though? I only remember this bc he h… down with @bummer_no_b to talk HELL HOUSE LLC, a sneakily-good scary movie and one of my recent favorites, on… Pod Is Finally Back In The House!!! I sat down with one of my favorite podcasters @pattymo to talk about our fi…
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanCalm Meaney.
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @gograntgordon Swish
going to hang out at walgreens all day and hope they give me a free vaccine at closing time like it's a day old muffin.
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanDonald Trump loves getting impeached. Total freak for it, can’t get enough @davey_fernandez What movie are you watching tonight? I need to update my schedule for between 3 and 6 months from now, apparentlyAnd on the 🤩 BONUS EPISODE 🤩 we talk about our favorite things that we can't stand to see again and why one of us…
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanFolks, on this week’s ep we talk the big man getting banned, a blizzard hamster, the earth spinning too fast, an ev…
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @crulge @Chinchillazllla I would also like to thank you for this knowledge. Phew @entoncesallora There was some kind of sale/restructuring but they’re still distributing! Got this last week or soCan check @boring_as_heck Mobile Wedge @kathbarbadoro Yeah it REALLY hits right nowAFTER HOURS is a HOME ALONE prequel @stoppingbywoodz That’s rightWe must be prepared for the political reality that the wellermen may never come. Read more in my bracing new piece for The Atlantic
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanWow, it looks like @eliyudin predicted this in Oct, 2019. Very impressive and insightful
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I wish I wanted anything in life as much as every single website wants me to enable notifications.
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @irish1stslaves Lol God your fucking @ @ItsPhetz A hearty “jeers” to the bug thing!That classic feeling when your childhood VHS copy of GODZILLA 1985 is about to start @LukeMones Shanties only in 2021As one of the commenters said, “This track is too powerful to exist” @ScottWamplerBMD Strong opening to a game tbh @ScottWamplerBMD Inching ever closer to this game to announce that EPISODE 201, dropping next week, will be a Comedy Grab Bag featuring the amazingly funny…
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @Peter_Fries Truly a blessingShanty of the Summer keeps getting better
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanIf you’re inclined to ask yourself “These people don’t really BELIEVE this shit, do they?” the answer should probab… they both look like the guy who goes, "duhhhh, but what about da rabbit, boss?" to one another
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanGollum... Dobby... there was a time when buying a ticket to the movies meant you were about to see a truly disgusting little freak
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanThe Music Festival Tickets Online Queue Guy is moonlighting as the Vaccine Appointment Online Queue Guy
@david_j_roth @ScottWAtlas @JATayler I don’t subscribe to newsletters per se (but I think they have something along those lines as an option),… needed this!! TAKE a look at my new DAMN show: Jan1121ESPNPlus.mp4.
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @ecareyo She’s hitting up a mic at Pine Box @davidlsims Let’s gooooo @david_j_roth Toasting you with a sweaty dinner roll the size of a cantaloupe!Sobbing, I douse my golf bag in lighter fluid. “This is for what you did to Mr. Trump!” @DanHopp Siri insert Mike Tyson clapping laugh gifNo way the weekend, got to see CHERRY (Holland is great) and watch a chat between the makers and some kind of iron...… extremely bad faith) I am ready to start a dialogue,
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanApologies for the glitchiness at the start of this week’s @whatatimepod, GarageBand betrayed me during recording and will taste my bladeA genuinely cant believe this is real
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @tonyinportland The heights to which I could only hope to aspire