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what the hell is that's going on out there?
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @michellefunkphd Oh he gets his own glass, it’s a different kind of spoiledTaking a bite out of a ball of sticky rice like an appleWe love to pour our friend a drink, don’t we folks"@david_j_roth: "I was never one who looked at success as bad. For me, success was always good. I loved it, and still do." Donald Trump
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40% of the internet right now is articles titled like "Why I'm Concerned For The Democrats, As A Democrat" by someo…
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanThe Thrill of Sport need to unite to defeat Trump in November. This type of "energy" is not going to get us there.
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanAnd on the 🤩 BONUS EPISODE 🤩 @PtakJokes sticks around to talk chicken suits, another terror-related expansion of th…
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanGPSes love to try to save you four minutes. Can’t get enough of itWhy does this cat look like he’s being shown the tweets that got him fired
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @randygdub Please go easy on them, they are very small and tired“Pwease be nice, we’we just a widdle fwanchise! We’we not wich like the other guys!”🤩 NEW EPISODE 🤩 @PtakJokes joins us to talk a public snake orgy, an ill-advised sickness testing robot & more! Plus…
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Retweeted by Patrick Monahanmy favorite episodes of @whatatimepod are the ones where nobody gets to numbers for like half an hour
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanAll this could be yours Yeah Brother*standing up, clinking glass at my friend's wedding* excuse me everyone, can i go to the bathroom?
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanThe global, world-ending pandemic seems imminent, so let me just say I never cared for music. I didn't get into it…
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Luke Mones OnlyFans (Soup Play)
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @Biedersam This guy can’t assign homework. We’re not in school manMy haters have taken up a shared residence beast mode in a wing chain’s mentions because they insinuated that my preferred baseball team, which admitted… @randygdub Randy, congratsThe funniest lyric of all time is “My dick, more mass than the Earth” from Mickey Avalon’s “My Dick” - logistically alone tough to outdo
Was just proven right about a semi-obscure TV thing after two utterly convinced people tried to make me feel insane… the Weird Al Star Wars parody version during an “American Pie” singalong is activismAstros players preparing to passionately defend the merits of their 2017 season in the press powerful ski bar energy is a band knowing they can hang back because the entire crowd knows the chorus of… asked what he was doing and this mf spun around with a whole 2 liter in his mouth
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @BAKKOOONN This is the third Property Brother @LydiaBurrell This is what all those tech utopia articles from the mid 90s were talking about @kathbarbadoro Not now she’s eating. Eating a sandwich, from Subway @kathbarbadoro To get something to eatI dated a 5'8 guy who'd taunt every jacked, 6'3 bro he met until they'd pull their fist back to beat him up, whereu…
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanMike Bloomberg my price is one million dollars. ONE candidate has shown this kind of commitment to early 2000s kelly clarkson
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @Jackapedia_ @whatatimepod clip it shelby
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanEvery one of these is an incredible nickname
*extremely romance voice* Folks, bit from @whatatimepod has been in my head all week and it forced me to make this
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan🤩 NEW EPISODE 🤩 A fox goes to Parliament, lead curse tablets, a friendly bear with a risqué name, and more!…
Retweeted by Patrick Monahanlife is just a vehicle for sauce
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @Mobute Incredible to me that none of the defenses even start with like “Look, maybe he’s having the worst day of his life,”Love to log on and defend the grown man in the video repeatedly punching the airplane seat in front of him
@thisdiegolopez @mikeabrusci @im_adam_barrett SoldGRAIL MYTH DORKS RISE UP @crulge This is primo content @LukeMones @ashleyfeinberg Does the Boston Globe even have an assigned Bloomberg beat. That’s right I went thereQuietly amassing power on Instagram by cozying up to various mid-tier follower count dog accounts @TSSteinbacher Just thinking of how to respond to this made me remember the classic Jon Hendren reply “goblin’s lun… voters across America watching the CNN clip of Bernie calling James Carville—James Carville!—a political h…
And on the 🤩 BONUS EPISODE 🤩 FINALLY, time for Meet the Breeds Chat, a recap of a rowdy screening of CATS, and our…
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @MaxBoot They should nominate Mitt Romney sir. It’s the only way*slowed down, haunting version of “Somewhere Out There” plays* episode of Podcast Gold is UP! If you have or know anybody who has curly or wavy hair, this episode WILL CHANG…
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanWelcome back king @ZoloftDeschanel @whatatimepod @kathbarbadoro Mods. MODS @kathbarbadoro I am being bullied by my co hostsMade some goals official over at
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @DrGMackenzie @mynewaugustine've been brain poisoned by the @whatatimepod podcast. #PushTheAllSparkIntoMyChest
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanNodding while the announcers say “the head is very important to this breed” about every other dogLook, the dogs are all good. We know this. But look at that lil Havanese. Hilarious. Do the right thing here Judge Bob Slaycurrently workshopping a version of the 1996 hit song "How Bizarre" with the lyrics changed to "Klobuchar" and it is NOT going well
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanLouie came out of retirement for one last mission. Picturing his handler’s chopper landing at a remote forest cabin… through the ranks of dog show judging, getting to the biggest stage, then doing the Vince McMahon progressiv… will laugh at this every single time I see it forever @Dschnoeb @andylevy Well if he got paid he’s hoarding itI’m sure there’s a ton of the usual grimy human shit under the surface but I really am struck by how relentlessly p… @HowlinFantods This rulesI made a nice little video and instead of posting it I've been having anxiety about how to tag it so more people se…
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanIf the Golden wins Best In Show the fucking roof is gonna fly off the Garden @crulge “The Great Silence” is truly devastating. Had referred to it as “the parrot one” and reposted, out of respect @ItsPhetz Simply, Fran.
@rachelmillman @thisdiegolopez Get his assWe were warned close proximity poses a genuine risk of collapsing the space-time continuu—OH GOD NO from the discovery that these are not in fact the same generally likeable actress seems awfully chill about it @whatatimepod wow, this year's lineup is strong
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanYeh I got ya Dixville Notch right heah!!!!! [points to Dixville Notch on a Map of NH]
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @jfruh We’re ruinedMade some goals official over at guy ran a food pantry program that helped thousands of food insecure college students. Yesterday, he and his w…
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@AndrewHusband Get off my pagenot that we need another thing to worry about but to me it looks like the Big Dipper is getting closer
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanWhat a powerful moment in cinematic history
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Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @HelloCullen Lol teams of people worked 72 hours straight to fit Kirk Douglas into that montage on such short notice @NicoleConlan Cut to the actual bus, a smoldering wreck at the bottom of a gorge. The singers, Seacrest, and we, are in Hell