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not the Train guy. cherries jubilee and that's it | cohost, @whatatimepod ( | IG: pattymo | contact:

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🔥🔥🔥 @davidcrosss @McLeemz Emmy (Emily) Appreciator here as well, @BabsGray Masterful @GriffLightning Forgive me.@TheTickTV features an eclectic cast of highly toyetic characters including superheroes, supervillains, monsters,…
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanTearing through my local novelty store on release day, shoving aside everyone in my path, with one singular focus:… realized this @rlloydf70 Oh damn I forgot about this oneThinking about the funniest album title of all time again
@rachelmillman ACCORDING TO SOURCES, to overstate how normal a guy you’d have to be to 1) read your sister’s sexts in the first place and 2) l…*extremely “Gore Bellows” voice* Folks, gave the brushoff to a supermarket entrance clipboarder whose opening line was “Hey sir, I bet you wanna know…
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanProud to announce the launch of my personal lifestyle app knocked me off my chair
Retweeted by Patrick Monahanwhen u finally get the thing that was stuck in your teeth out of your teeth
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @cd_hooks The Heminator. @randygdub That one guy definitely isn’t stupid. No sirI am here, Cher
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @pattymo This legit jump-scared me.
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanThat Guy You Recognize From Those Shows Can’t Remember His Name Either
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @usedwigs Lol @boring_as_heck @SohrabAhmari @willmenaker The Right Is Starting To Get Better At Comedy And It’s Making Lefties Nervous @SohrabAhmari Tfw you dismiss the massacre of hundreds of civilians by US-trained troops >>>>> @GrantBrisbee My favorite was from during the SOTU someone trying to make something out of “His tie is tilted 17 degrees”A master at work @thetomzone Now you’re being Very Unfair to me! Equal time for us?“Declare a ‘national emergency’ then lose a bunch of lawsuits over it” isn’t quite “just lie and say the wall is al… morning! This is terrifying!
Ten years in and we bone like we're cheating on each other WITH each other. A decade-plus and her clit/brown/taint-area still pOwns my dick.
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanNeed a last minute gift for your Valentine? Freakin, sign em up for @whatatimepod bonus episodes at already @oldmanweldon “I’ll tell you one thing I didn’t steal from him - his disrespect for women.”All the principled small government conservatives out there freaking love the idea of the executive branch seizing… @nichcarlson I love to let weirdly thin-skinned giant conglomerates do whatever they want without making a peep abo… in
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan🤩 NEW EPISODE 🤩 @alex_navarro joins us to talk Child Fight Club, some disturbing rogue octopus news, and The Ballad…
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @vruntハッピーバレンタイン!! #valentinecards
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @vrunt (To the tune of “Hot Dog Lunch”) Come on baby wolfman son. Did anyone do that yet♫ MOTORIN’ ♫ @gregorybrothers Ya hate to see itI’ll be out of town this week so if you want to see a show but do not want to see me, you’re in luck @StokelyHathaway Best reaction shots in the bizSign up for the Bad Karma email list so we don’t have to make Facebook events anymore - c’mon folks, who doesn’t lo…
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse funding billSex gifs
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanLol @GrantBrisbee “Over the ages our weapons have grown more sophisticated. In Gotham we tried a new one: Facebook ad buys” @pattymo 2004: Gonna write some code so that we can rate how hot chicks are 2019: Ra's al Ghul wants to give us mo…
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanIf you can, spare a thought for the Long Island City real estate speculators out there. Gonna be a grim Valentine’s… Yeah it’s called The Facebook, it’s a fun way to pass time between classes or whatever 2019: @gilbertjasono 💯💯💯I have never related more to Jeff Bezos now that he has flaked out on a promise to go to Queens
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanNext month there's a critical Pennsylvania House election where the Republican candidate seems to think that Pizzag…
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @tilyouregone Love to be of the exact age that results in me remembering that Tim Meadows was the guy in the car with OJThe quintessential twitter moment somehow managed to take place in 1994, when Al Cowlings, slowly driving around hi…
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @tilyouregone Okay but here, is me Schultz’s consultants are currently spinning the fact that 98% of likely voters (2% margin of error) said th… would get so fucking blasted here
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanWelcome to Twitter ladies. A married man, who mainly follows, and interacts with only women, will be assigned to you shortly
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @darth tweet has been tagged on 3 different bad take people today who i've never heard of before in my entire life an…
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @crulge @iamchrisscott @libbycwatson Get her TimVery upsetting! @thisdiegolopez I believe it’s former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.The thing this site excels at, above all, is debuting new people to get mad at every day
open letter, to the man who told me that they should make an app for "Shutting the fuck up" during my town hall web development conference ;
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanWhen your plea deal gets voided[Colossus noise from the X-Men arcade game] @mikeabrusci @mikeabrusci Tap that icon in the bottom right corner to switch from selfie to regular camera, playa @TommyMcNam God. @MaxBoot @IlhanMN @CFR_org Your Boot levels are too high dude. Turn em downI Crave That Vegetable
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan.@karengeier is good @Marc_Normandin Also would have said “CEO of a company with one employee” energy , so this seems to track @Marc_Normandin Strong “future billionaire” energy hereWhen someone breaks out the mouldy jam
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan Driving While Making YouTube Video To Explain How PC Culture Destroying America
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @willmenaker British politics is wild, manKinda shocked there isn’t a Trump tweet lauding the Yankees for signing proven winner Jacoby EllsburyWhy does the Mucinex Man look like he’s psyching himself up for suicide-by-cop @gmelucci @KarenAttiah @theferocity @esquire If you’re aiming for nuance, one way to achieve that might be refraini… @gmelucci @KarenAttiah @theferocity @esquire When someone says your magazine’s cover story was stupid thank you.
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan“I’m supposed to believe the warriors ride these giant creatures without ANY sort of creepy ponytail mind meld?” stan an Assman
Retweeted by Patrick Monahan @benkling I do Welcome anything to help me feel justified in finding the whole “choose your own” deal too exhausting to even attempt @alexqarbuckle I kind of assumed it was Scavino originally but who knows. Maybe someone advised that un-RTing is th… be thinking for a while about the post I saw dragging Opportunity, the probably dead Mars rover, for being a… @RepMarkMeadows Get bent, loser!Lol this is still up. Normal man here, who definitely enjoys animals! @KrangTNelson So it would seem. Pretty rockin’!BREAKING: Boomer Brain Destroyed By Too Much Computer’m on this week’s episode of What a Time to Be Alive to talk about shark bongs and wandering octopuses, among othe…
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanAnti Vaxxer- “Put a needle in my arm? What’s next a pill in my mouth? A scalpel on my skin? Metal in my hip? Receiv…
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanA moment of silence for the little robot that could and its poignant last message “My battery is low and it is gett…
Retweeted by Patrick MonahanWinky... thank you. @Sethrogen