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Paul Beardall @paul_beardall East Grinstead, South East

Down in Sussex trying to convince my boys that following the Palace is a great life choice.... ❤️💙🦅, of 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 stock, bit of an 🇮🇹 obsessive.

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@Roisinconaty That’s the same camping table they used on the side of the A1 too..... you can see the ring where the… @RoDuSu If you have a small child in the car then it’s obvious you’re just looking out for their future too - go for it 👍🏻 @amygreasby It’s superb isn’t it 🏀👏🏻👍🏻😊 @thecentretunnel Only decent thing in that pic is that beautiful Tango ⚽️, prob got seaweed on it though. @cockney03 Match tickets, the system should be online from midday tomoro (Tuesday) the latest email said, hopefully… @BradleyWhitford An adaptation of a joke going round in the UK for you Bradley: D.Trump is a very slow golf player.… @Phillyconcarne Jesus..... is that BoJo front and centre? Durham away?It took me half a second but when the penny drops 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😂🤣😂 @SeanMcLoughlin The Stig more likely, did you see how quickly he got to the other end of the country?!?Great photo of Cardiff’s old ground Ninian Park & their new stadium the Cardiff City Stadium, just before it opened…
Retweeted by Paul Beardall @carl_brace @rick_hough Ha Carl, you took the words from my mouth, one of my dear old dads fave expressions 😊Bank holiday, up town for a nice drink 2020 style 😷🙄 @rachel6584 Lovely, spent a bit of time in Sevenoaks last years, never realised this was on the doorstep.... 😊 @MarcWilliams22 🚲 @shiner_sam Holy moly she’s gone early again, like one of those Ethiopian pace setters in the 10,000m...... 😳🏃‍♀️ @kee2013_uk @Crozzy1971 @Cake2Pat @CliveTyldesley Wouldn’t know, we’re not at the bottom. @unrealxherdan That’s the f***ing Zenith Data Systems cup mate (in the national football museum no less), and it wa… @unrealxherdan Take that back! 😉🤣🏆 @unrealxherdan 🎵 “Ohh Jeffrey Schlupp, he’s won more than you....” 😉🤣👍🏻 @AmieElle ...or you had something more than just milk on your Cheerios this morning.... 😳🥴 @kee2013_uk @Crozzy1971 @Cake2Pat @CliveTyldesley 🎵 “Zenith Data Systems, you’ll never sing that...”, anyway on a m… @SullivansTweets @CEO4TAG 😂🤣👍🏻 @JontyCPFC I still don’t believe he’s actually a footballer. @WhyteleafeEagle “...ohh Tony Pulis, we’re taking your ‘ouse!...” 🎵
@nomadicrevery They’re opening them on the Falklands John..... or was it the Faroes..... or was it the Pharoah’s Ce… @jasonmohammad @TFHBs My Cardiff roots meant that the 1st game I ever attended was a Friday night at Ninian park 19… @jasonmohammad @TFHBs I see your yellow and white vertical stripe and raise it a late 70’s red’n’blue sash in that… @jasonmohammad @TFHBs Not Wales 70’s Admiral Jason?To the man who’s wife I buried, who wasn’t allowed to hug your daughter at her mum’s funeral. To the mum who had t…
Retweeted by Paul Beardall @Carl_Unofficial @WhyteleafeEagle ....and me and Gazza told him he was ok to take that coat off his head in the bac… @WhyteleafeEagle Fond memories of this rain soaked League Cup QF v Chelsea (93), there were almost as many Chelsea… @WhyteleafeEagle @Carl_Unofficial, remember selecting our original UpperHolms season tickets right at the top of th… @WhyteleafeEagle Old school? Looks like the back of the Arthur wait 2 months ago!! 😂🤣 @WhyteleafeEagle Hero for sure 👍🏻❤️💙 @Art_of_Football FFS, not this c*** again...... 🙄
@RoDuSu @tweetingnav Is this your statement at the end of your “Let’s Get Mubarak Done” campaign? 😉😂 @tweetingnav Least we know he didn’t go to any pizza express.... 🙄 @Wal4Eng1 @Carl_Unofficial - ohhh crikey, now there’s a sash.....!! @elisjames Or Cairo, to visit the “Pharoah’s”..... this type of comedy will cross the cultural divides. @shiner_sam Big Moretti / tiny person?!?! Father Dougal is confused....... 🤔 @elisjames Touring: Port Stanley, Goose Green...... 😉 @OldFootball11 @RealKenBruce - separated at birth? @WhyteleafeEagle Tomorrow - “whilst we’re on the subject of people who lied about trips from London to the north of… @KerryAGodliman Misread as “fridge”, incredibly confused for many moments. @amygreasby Cupboard in our ‘ouse 😉 @MarcusCull @Art_of_Football 🤮 reminds me, must pop to Tesco’s for some Chewits tomoro. @OneMorePoint1 @lovelocklily 😂🤣 no such luck - my m&d failed me, was crying out for a “Uriah” eh! @EG_Museum We used to go there as a little family outing in 70’s, I think they modelled the London aquarium on the… @elisjames - should make you feel bit better....... 😉 @lovelocklily Christ, lockdown is getting to me (well, that and possibly the kronenbourg), I just sat here for 10-1… @pnm1979 @_becki_d Finished it this morning - was gutted!! @shiner_sam Been there Sam, you’re doing the right / only thing.... keep reminding him how loved he is by all those… @shiner_sam Jeeeeeeesus she’s gone EARLY! @martinjfiler @AmieElle @xlisaann84x Looks genuine “Netli x” @AmieElle Haha, we had that in East Grinstead, fortunately the monsoon (not the local Indian) arrived literally rig… @AmieElle @martinjfiler ☑️ @AnneBrittK Be more like Annie ♥️😊 @martinjfiler @AmieElle I heard they intended to do exactly that (to one of their sisters?), but then didn’t for so… @Carl_Unofficial Thanks mate, will hold my hand up 🙋🏼‍♂️, not my pic.....?! @PalaceEaglesc0m Bamford.
@pnm1979 Do you think that’s why everywhere sold out of bog roll 2 months ago, everyone was on a massive cover up “… @rick_hough Cheers 🍺 @TherealNihal Maine Road Manchester - “The Bell End”. @Carl_Unofficial Happy birthday Luke!! 👍🏻🔴🔵 @thecentretunnel “....and Smith....” ohh I can’t even be arsed 🤡🤣
☀️+🍊🏔🚲=👌🏻😊 @WhyteleafeEagle You have NO IDEA what the weathers going to be have you?!? (But you’re happy! 😉🤣) @crystalclare88 You’re going to have another “white bit” 😉 @lastimadeit @shiner_sam @liamgallagher Agree, ‘tis cheap mind, although am in danger of wearing out the Netflix “P…
@TherealNihal @MarcWilliams22 @bbc5live @JohnAmaechi @matthewsyed @Reece_Parkinson Haha - have they got home yet Nihal? 😉😂🤣 @MarcWilliams22 @TherealNihal @bbc5live @JohnAmaechi @matthewsyed @Reece_Parkinson Ohhh kayyyy and Phil Jackson the… @MarcWilliams22 @TherealNihal @bbc5live @JohnAmaechi @matthewsyed @Reece_Parkinson Get the impression on a night ou… Will, make sure you put this on the internal Syncopatizoom only.
Retweeted by Paul Beardall @TherealNihal @bbc5live @JohnAmaechi @matthewsyed @Reece_Parkinson Just watching the bit about Dennis Rodman’s Vega… @WhyteleafeEagle Salako.....?!? 🤡 @FACupWembley @thecentretunnel @wembleystadium @FootballArchive @1968Tv ....and Smith must score....!! 😢 @shiner_sam @liamgallagher £8 for 15 x 275ml 1664’s in Sainsbury’s (that’s a lot of numbers!) 😉🍺🍺🍺🍺 @thecentretunnel Taxi for Rome Alan..... 🇻🇦 @GaryLineker Ee oop me duck. @MarcWilliams22 Woman from Bournemouth: “I’ve driven 2.5 hrs to be here straight from the beach for my essential nu… @pnm1979 If it’s anything like mine they’ll still hear you (bottle bank on wheels) 😉🍺🍺 @RedNBlueArmy1 Preece and Armstrong.... those were the days!! 👍🏻 (who’s that other 🤡?) @ChristianEagle0 @JohnSalako I think you misspelt reinforce / ruin. @cpfcboiling Money heist
@WhyteleafeEagle Thought Yohan was disappointing that day 😉 @wilfriedzaha Ice creams?!? @OldFootball11 You’ve heard of Lawrence, but that guy from Brighton is Lawrencer. @TalkCPFC ....and forgetting your strides for the photo shoot to boot!! @TherealNihal Christian seems nice 😉
@nomadicrevery Chiena Mierda-Sala. @rick_hough 🍺🇮🇹👍🏻 @NFFCJack_ @classicshirts Gareth Bale’s non match worn is it? @shiner_sam Mine was down to a record breaking 2:44, the I realised I’d got a new phone delivered on Thursday..... 🤔
@richardosman You must have seen...
@TherealNihal Oh god Nihal that’s put me right on edge at bedtime too..... @CiaranCPFC He knew the virus was coming 😷 @carls_long Sounds like shouting at the swimming baths....!!
@shiner_sam Me and boys had grandma (my mum) on Skype over dinner table to play “drink while you think (without dri…