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Paul Kinlan @Paul_Kinlan Liverpool, England

Lead for Chrome DevRel @ Google. Progressive Web Apps, Mr Web Intents. Dev of many things including Twollo, Twe2, Ahoyo, FriendDeck and /web

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@DanTup Damn. The one inorder is not arriving until end of October. @jaffathecake Incredible racing @fizzychicken Ah shit. There's a lot of comments saying it's an air rifle, but it's just as disappointing. Got no time for any of that shit.
@danielknell @arranrp @Rinkoffbakery @StJohnBakery I do believe they will be amazing tasting, but the price is still incredible. @tomaszrykala @tholder That's crazy.Only in London does it seem acceptable to pay 4 quid for a doughnut @brucel Sir Cumference related to Princess Di Amiter?
@davemethvin @RReverser Hahah @kosamari Hmmm. Was that me @RReverser Nice thong @louisgray @__apf__ I didn't get it until I read what it was a reply to. :) @WestbrookJ I should try @henrylim96 Two!From my apartment window in Kings Cross I can see 4 apartments that are vacant and have been for over two months.📢 Create an offline fallback page: Use this🍴recipe described in @tomayac’s latest post to…
Retweeted by Paul Kinlan @DarknessFish Glad I could be of service. Just call me Dream Snatcher. @beverloo It feels like a year :D @beverloo 😘 @Mustafa_x did you fill the form out? @margielm @DasSurma he broke my app. I only look for changes he makes from now on. @othermaciej @RickByers @chrishtr @jonathandavis @jensimmons @smfr Taking Grid as the example, I'd suggest a joint…
Retweeted by Paul Kinlan @dan_jenkins It might be good to raise an issue on crbug and I will see I can route it. @rem hehehe @schmerg I pity the person who has me as their doctor. @jasonkneen 75 degrees celsius, not sure if that means I'm pregnant or not. @Raqbit_ hehehe @stopsatgreen That's why they call me The Butcher.Our team does the best swag. Face mask, apron and a digital pregnancy test. @dan_jenkins Very odd. Will investigate.I built a Floating Action Button with only CSS and HTML. Thought I would share how.
Retweeted by Paul Kinlan @abodera @DasSurma But not by this. That's why I out the validation in. @abodera @DasSurma Yep.
@denladeside @kennethrohde @slightlylate @tomayac Can't you just install them all on localhost on different ports?… @denladeside @kennethrohde @slightlylate @tomayac not sure what you mean @tomayac @chrsgrrtt @samthor Yeah, it's neat for sure. I liked it. @tomayac @chrsgrrtt @samthor I love the Escape key on mobile. It's a moot point really, ESC doesn't do anything on… @tomayac @chrsgrrtt @samthor I recall now why I didnt use it. You can't use browser back button to dismiss the fab,…
@DarknessFish Did people take all the hard bog roll? All I see is soft. @eisaksen Very cool. Will link to it. @Lady_Ada_King very cool. I love building readers, so much opportunity to experiment too. @bashennekam Yeah, that's true for sure. But at the same time there's so much in the store you end up taking out ad… @hdv ahh. that's it! @hdv oh interesting, I was thinking display: none will remove it. Will investigate. @foolip @patrick_h_lauke @robertnyman @yoavweiss @sleevi_ @RickByers @atopal Yeah, I can investigate for sure. @hdv Oh great feedback, I'll investigate. @kosamari I mean, yes, that is exactly what we need. Shame Notification Triggers have been postponed. @Paul_Kinlan could use a hidden checkbox with adjacent selector to handle the show/hide without pushing navigation,…
Retweeted by Paul Kinlan @chrsgrrtt Yeah, that's a good shout. @foolip @patrick_h_lauke @robertnyman @yoavweiss @sleevi_ @RickByers @atopal The only thing that is missing are footnotes. @foolip @patrick_h_lauke @robertnyman @yoavweiss @sleevi_ @RickByers @atopal Tables need a bit of work, but it was… @foolip @patrick_h_lauke @robertnyman @yoavweiss @sleevi_ @RickByers @atopal Mostly there: @kosamari What we really need is a scheduler, that is a bit easier to use than a calendar. @eisaksen Fingers crossed. There might be an issue with hiding and showing the anchor frequently, so I need to re-check that. @kosamari Logging. although we've grown out of the need to monitor everything now. @Lady_Ada_King You know, I didn't think about that.I built a Floating Action Button with only CSS and HTML. Thought I would share how. fact that I can make a PWA for my little apps and have them be installed without any extra process or stores is…'s finally out, the MDN Browser Compatibility Report: (PDF, 1.9MB) A large part of 2020…
Retweeted by Paul KinlanThe data behind these graphs in the MDN browser compatibility report are directing our investments into easing deve…
Retweeted by Paul KinlanIf you work in Ecommerce, what counts as success beyond raw conversions? How do you add nuance to your metrics?
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@tobie Its ok, everyone is healthy right now. :) @DarknessFish Shit. Its friggin nuts, not sure what they expected to happen.The Web DNA Report 2019 identified browser compatibility as the top pain point for developers. We spent 2020 diving…
Retweeted by Paul KinlanTurns out, year group isn't closing.How to read this government. Do the opposite of what they say at first until they say what would have made sense in… @HenriHelvetica @dalmaer I mean it might be happening, doesn't make it right. Looking at UK and Europe, we're just… @kosamari Because the instructions only say isolate if you have symptoms... And I hear it's an asymptomatic illness. @kosamari Now we're trying to work out if we isolate even without symptoms.Letter from son's school about a covid case in his year. At no point in the letter does it say his year group is cl…
Being a webdev used to mean never having to wait around for code to compile. We seems to have fixed that with npm and SSGs.
Retweeted by Paul Kinlan @ainslec @ThreeUKSupport Yeah, my pixel 4xl broke and they replaced it immediately. Most of it was web chat. @RReverser @ThreeUK Yeah, that was before they forced their customers (previously relish) on to their new network. @JTParrett @jaffathecake @DasSurma Or to their mates, Dazza and Kazza @JTParrett @jaffathecake @DasSurma Daz and KazSo frustrated with @ThreeUKSupport I get bounced around the same 2nd line support people, who ask the same question…
About 24 hours left to RSVP for @gdgtvpm (with 50+ of you so far 😳) Come hear about all the things I've done wrong…
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@henrylim96 @iamdavidobrien @TimvdLippe Its a bit of a rubbish mealGreat to see the web getting so much use in restaurants. is a great example. @jaffathecake my eldest doesn't mind sparkling water. No Twitter account, how do we get him on the list?
@mary_grace @wiredferret Well, you asked a question... But it was a general one to the community about the event... I'll shut up now. @mary_grace @wiredferret You know... I just re-read the tweet, you weren't asking a question. Sorry for the pollution. @mary_grace @wiredferret No developer product is worth getting sick, infecting others, or dying for. @mary_grace @wiredferret All virtual until there is a vaccine and we're confident no one will be infected. Not sure… have reached the "my son racked up five Fortnite Victory Royales before noon" stage of the NYC public schools phased opening plan.
Retweeted by Paul Kinlan @rowan_m Approved. @rowan_m Noted. @kaihendry @cheeaun @jaffathecake It needs a lot of work still. @cheeaun @kaihendry @jaffathecake Yeah that's me.
Can we collectively drive down this use counter? Don't use document.domain
Retweeted by Paul KinlanI've updated with this information. Stay away from document.domain!
Retweeted by Paul Kinlan @pierrefar @ThreeUK Yeah, I once had to enable a hidden setting to fix the DNS... the old relish router hides a lot of the UIThey called back, and then lost the call after bouncing me between teams.Update. Its still super slow, less than 5mb/s. 5g signal occasionally turns on then disconnects. 4g reguarly discon…
@aliafshar @DasSurma @hashseed @_shu He's actually told me this in person. @jaffathecake @DasSurma @hashseed @_shu Yer wha? @DasSurma @hashseed @_shu Simple. Just adopt the accent and mannerisms of the person you're speaking to.
Question is, can one invoke the cal picker programmatically to make customizable date pickers!? Only seems to open…
Retweeted by Paul Kinlan @bryanrieger @brucel You're still on Yoink? Everyone's moving to Puke-alpha. @yoavweiss @briankardell Well polyfill is used on cracks you've already made.... So it's already technically correct.