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Paul L O’Brien @paul_L_obrien Massachusetts, USA

Catholic. love helping people. $plob971

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@coachmelannie Happy belated birthday, Melanie! I hope you were able to enjoy your special day as best as possible under the circumstances.
👇🏻Let’s break it down ✅ You order a hand cream for yourself ($20+tax.) ✅ I donate a hand cream to the local hospita…
Retweeted by Paul L O’Brien @VickiGrafWX I always go for the hat if I play now, but growing up I always went for the thimble. Don’t forget.. Park Place is overrated. 😂 @LegalBeagle1215 I’ll buy one Sam! @VickiGrafWX That’s my favorite game of all time! What’s your favorite piece, Vicki?
@Dotty24901456 Beautiful as always, Dotty. @jetwoman29 @1RealMir I know! this whole pandemic is scary, but I’m glad you will have your granddaughter on your b… @jetwoman29 @1RealMir You’re welcome, Lisa! I hope you have a great birthday weekend! @Chem_Warrior @jetwoman29 @1RealMir Yes! @jetwoman29 @1RealMir Check your CashAppAnyone have @DonorsChoose credits burning a hole in their pocket? Here's a fabulous project so sprinkle some kindn…
Retweeted by Paul L O’Brien @TeamPulte @locksmith1075 Roy is one of the best people on earth. @julianamazzatv Hi Juliana, I have some wonderful teachers who are doing amazing things for their students. I will…
@KASMOM24 You’re very welcome! @julianamazzatv You should focus on local teachers who are doing so much to help their students and paying for so m… just 571 of my followers chipped in a dollar, we could launch this rocket! Anyone up for the challenge? Anyone?!?
Retweeted by Paul L O’Brien @kindness_sharer 🙏 @karenstiens Thank you! @Adriennella @support_a_teach @SHRock1979 Happy birthday!As many have said, @TpTdotcom does not replace teaching. But, with a little vetting and adapting, there are some re…
Retweeted by Paul L O’Brien @deedeehume ❤️❤️ @CashApp $plob971 Thank you for the opportunity! @BarbaraVolland Amen, Barbara! Love you too ❤️ @Lisa_skinnypig ❤️💙💛 Love and hugs to you too, Lisa!During this scary time, it’s important to be kind. A simple smile, a nod of the head, may lift someone out of their… @Lisa_skinnypig Happy birthday, Lisa! I hope you are doing well ( under the circumstances) ! 🎂 🎉 🎉
@CashApp $plob971
@BriaLundmark @support_a_teach @toddparr @pulte @paul_L_obrien
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@HerreraClass @mskendra6 Yes she is! 😄 @mskendra6 I’m sorry, but there is only one true Ms. Kendra! 😉 @Dotty24901456 I hope you feel better soon Dotty! 🙏 @CashApp $plob971 @Chem_Warrior Yes, we start online learning next week. I’m trying to get some supplies for bags for my students. 🖍…
Retweeted by Paul L O’Brien @deedeehume @Dotty24901456 Thank you! ❤️I’m praying for you too! 🙏I’m going to give away $30,000 to 1 random person who retweets this tweet AND follows Twitter Philanthropist @Pulte
Retweeted by Paul L O’Brien @Dotty24901456 I am praying for you, Dotty! 🙏 @Dotty24901456 Just reply and include your Cashapp handle.I’d to send post cards as another way to keep in touch with my #boston #prek students; @ ericcarle is one of my ver…
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@CashApp $plob971 @rgoulston 🤣🤣 @sunflowermoon14 @budweiserusa @AnastasiaRenae2 @1122Blessed @JWat1115 @LegalBeagle1215 @dodgelover2011 @deedeehume
Besides supporting students at her school, she’s also homeschooling three beautiful children; let’s help her!
Retweeted by Paul L O’Brien @CashApp $plob971Still have over $70K left
Retweeted by Paul L O’Brien @Blonde_Bunnie @PPiperato @OceanPatriot9 @instanthelpforu @macguyvermedia @binishala @TTribeLadies @ranland62 @teamhopejfm @rgoulston 🤣 God bless you as well, Jim! @OceanPatriot9 @Blonde_Bunnie @instanthelpforu @macguyvermedia @binishala @TTribeLadies @ranland62 @JohnWil28726085 @Blonde_Bunnie @instanthelpforu @macguyvermedia @binishala @TTribeLadies @ranland62 @JohnWil28726085 @SoLatinBarbie @rgoulston I’m getting a big puffy gray wig and a bright red jacket and I’m going to walk around around Boston with… @CashApp $plob971We’re giving away $100,000 this #CashAppFriday. RT this with your $cashtag or £cashtag for a chance to receive $250…
Retweeted by Paul L O’Brien @mskendra6 @Chem_Warrior 💜💙 @Chem_Warrior @mskendra6 Yes, mine too! 💙 @Chem_Warrior @mskendra6 is awesome!Kendra could really use an easel to help teach her littles virtually! Please help if you can! #clearthelist
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@MsBforStudents You’re welcome. I’m always happy to help!Help my students succeed! @TeachersPayTeachers is my go-to for high-quality,teacher-created classroom resources.A c…
Retweeted by Paul L O’Brien @Chem_Warrior I’m always happy to help. @Chem_Warrior Thank you! I wish you all the best! @Chem_Warrior You’re welcome! Best wishes to you!What does distance learning look like in #PreK? Reading a story to my class is easy; circle time...huh? A tabletop…
Retweeted by Paul L O’Brien @debbieteach2nd Amen @Emjay1028 I suspected it would. 😉 @Emjay1028 Nothing an adult beverage or two can’t cure.
@deedeehume ❤️❤️❤️ @Smreed81 You’re welcome! I’m always happy to help. Teachers are true heroes , especially these days. @deedeehume ❤️🙏 @Lisa_skinnypig Right back at you, Lisa! ❤️ @Dotty24901456 🙏🙏 @Dotty24901456 That’s a great example, Dotty. I hope you and your husband are better soon. You are both in my prayers 🙏Please remember that we are all one country, one family, one people. We are all going to get through this #COVID19 @teamhopejfm Good morning, Jim. God bless you too!During this time of panic & fear, this is something we all need to hear: Please help your neighbors, your loved one… help me spread the word? School's closed, but my students will need these #hygiene items when return from the…
Retweeted by Paul L O’Brien @Lisa_skinnypig @sheilacakes7 @cbrowncountry @pulte @TeamGivingCom @TeamGiving Thank you, Lisa! I hope all is well with you! ❤️ @Emjay1028 That was me waiting for winter.... 🤣🤣🤣 @sheilacakes7 @Lisa_skinnypig @cbrowncountry @pulte @TeamGivingCom @TeamGiving It’s scary and mind blowing. @sheilacakes7 @Lisa_skinnypig @cbrowncountry @pulte @TeamGivingCom @TeamGiving I know it’s been very weird here in… We ALL have the power to prevent #coronavirus cases from overwhelming our ERs and healthcare system.…
Retweeted by Paul L O’BrienHi @LaceyEvansWWE @LLPJMadrigal and @randizuckerberg ! Would you mind a RT or support for my shared @DonorsChoose p…
Retweeted by Paul L O’Brien @sheilacakes7 @Lisa_skinnypig @cbrowncountry @pulte @TeamGivingCom @TeamGiving You’re welcome, Sheila! The luck of… @sheilacakes7 @Lisa_skinnypig @cbrowncountry @pulte @TeamGivingCom @TeamGiving Hang in there, Sheila. I hope you fe… @JasonSolowski Well done, sir. @sheilacakes7 @Lisa_skinnypig @cbrowncountry @pulte @TeamGivingCom @TeamGiving Hi, Sheila, I haven’t been around he…
@KevinBoston25 Bill Buckner comes to mind. @ElysiaBoston25 With that tongue hanging out, Dahlia looks ready for the lick of the Irish 🤣 Happy St Petty’s day 🤣 Such an adorable pic! @MichaelHenrich Happy belated birthday, Michael! @jessicamreyes @FOXNashville Best wishes, Jess! You will be such a great addition to the Nashville news scene! @Chem_Warrior @teamhozie I’m always happy to help, Deanna! @teamhozie @Chem_Warrior You’re welcome!Good Afternoon @paul_L_obrien! Can you please help Tricia RT? She is a #stem teacher in Texas that needs a few item…
Retweeted by Paul L O’BrienHey .@TomBrady For the first 28 years of my life, The #Patriots were a joke. Thank you for 20 amazing years! You tr… @Emjay1028 Wishing you the happiest Of #StPatricksDay’s ( under the circumstances) my friend! I hope you have the w…
I am at 39 donors. Don’t forget to enter this contest or just help me with this big @DonorsChoose project😊 I apprec…
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It would be awesome to get some ❤️on my shared Smartboard project on @DonorsChoose . Any help or arT appreciated!…
Retweeted by Paul L O’BrienIn this time of panic & fear, let’s all spread some cheer. Help the old, tend to the sick. Put others needs before…
@sheilacakes7 Good morning, Sheila! @teamhopejfm Have a blessed day, Jim! @Chem_Warrior Thank you! I wish you the same!