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Paul Lucas @paul_winginit London, England

YouTube full-time travel vlogger and travel enthusiast. Travelling the world. 160K+ subs, 30M+ views. Living my dream. #boardingbutnotboarding

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@GayleEdmond Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 😊 @tewillard @JebBrooks @Blake_edge @SANspotter Cheers Tom!
@CarolineJosephs One’s larger than the other. Always the way. @DominicusHKG Hahaha.Touchdown LHR! That’s all my flying done for 2019. Thanks for coming along for the ride. 🙌🏻Every trip reporter and their dog has been on this flight. Here is my cheeky review of @LATAMAirlines' Business Cla…
Retweeted by Paul LucasToday: the LAST LEG, last flight of the year. Muscat 🇴🇲 to London Heathrow 🇬🇧 on @omanair, again in Business Class…
Retweeted by Paul LucasOne last time, here are the final passenger services the HST's will operate today. 😭 Southbound 0940 LDS > DON 094…
Retweeted by Paul Lucas @AntonyR89816533 @omanair It’s great, would choose it every time if available. @sarahditum Always good to look up a profile and find I’d already muted them. @empireofthekop More mind games.Today: the LAST LEG, last flight of the year. Muscat 🇴🇲 to London Heathrow 🇬🇧 on @omanair, again in Business Class… @Tim_the_Pilot @Alitalia Are those the Alps? If so, could be a route to the Far East. @McWhirterAlex @yamesh @TheGasMan1985 @omanair I’ll have to look into this now - although I really want to spend a while in Korea. @paul_winginit @omanair Genuinely can’t wait to see the videos for this trip! To think you started at Teasside Airp…
Retweeted by Paul Lucas @ZaidJilani @CathyYoung63 Yep, this is the circle game - common even in the UK (it has no racial connotation here w…
@ahleaveitout He’s a shithaaaas.Been saying we’d love a dog about the house but our landlord doesn’t allow pets, so my housemate posted a letter to…
Retweeted by Paul LucasThe end of an era. After 41 years of sterling service, this is the penultimate day of @LNER HST operation and 94+4…
Retweeted by Paul Lucas @ArchRose90 Thought Owen was a journalist and definitely not an activist? @WchEpoo @omanair 😊😊😊 @paul_winginit @omanair Vicariously living through you is my happy place right now.
Retweeted by Paul Lucas @FlyerHeathrow @ShaunShane10 @AJ3 @jakey_hardiman @Conservatives They voted for him because he was the only candida… @FlyerHeathrow @AJ3 @jakey_hardiman @Conservatives Ask them! @FlyerHeathrow @AJ3 @jakey_hardiman @Conservatives Blaming voters for their “stupidity” is never a good idea.Arrived safely in Muscat. As a condition of my business class fare, @omanair paid for my overnight accommodation he… @AJ3 @jakey_hardiman @Conservatives More importantly, how on Earth did you lose to him?Superb Apex Suite business class product - there’s a one-row mini cabin behind the second door which is mega privat… @mybunshine All rules currently frozen until at least December 2020. Even so, very unlikely there will be a visa re…’s my ride for today. Off to Muscat, Oman 🇴🇲 with @omanair on their 787-9! 🙌🏻 is SO humid - air conditioned car to the airport and the area is a lifesaver on days like today. Traffic’s… @RoryStewartUK Looks like you’re sitting to the receptacle for Green Party votes. @jonk Performance (f)art. @duncan_morrow Awful dog whistle from Arlene. @mybunshine Are you an EU passport holder? Are you coming to work?
@vortexofevilkz Indeed, it’s not *normally* their responsibility. @RULCAR123 @omanair Sunday :-)Tomorrow - and Sunday: @omanair 787-9 Business Class Jakarta-Muscat-London! Should be a great couple of flights to… water feature at Jakarta Airport! 🤪 @every_station It’s good to collect a few of them every now and again.Btw someone just blocked me cause I tweeted this hahahaha 😂 Twitter, man.TFW the hotel concierge recognises you and gives you the best room he has... 🤷🏼‍♂️ @PilotDeborah Bloody hell Gerry Adams has put on weight. @PilotDeborah He should ask his mate Ian. Couple of trips to Sri Lanka with the right routing will see him right. (… great deals here! @PilotDeborah Even better when you look at who he unseated.A rude sign in Jakarta... 😳😳😳 @RyanMcAleerbiz @gildernewm Great news. @IconicIndigo Desert thermals - can come on very suddenly and always in clear air. PHX renowned for them!So what did I miss with the General Election? 🤣 @seatsixtyone This is a bad tweet Mark. Please reconsider. @Angus_Duncan Hooray. @karlpjohnson @LucyIsabel33 Which one is the prime minister?Touchdown CGK - another sporty landing with lots of crosswind. @britainelects YES @OfficialGMoore Indeed, most significant change comes about through activism and agitation. Big questions to answer… @FondOfBeetles Yes. But who cares? @brendanhughes64 @AllisonMorris1 @irish_news Great night for NI results at least. @AndythePandy_ More like overcontrolling - light movements always better than heavy ones. We’ve slid off the the right. @ej_mac Have a great time! 👍🏻👍🏻 @britainelects @ej_mac Oh wow that sounds awesome!! @ej_mac @gadventures Hope you’re going to Petra and Wadi Rum. @ej_mac Are you part of a religious tour? @ej_mac Munich is great though. @ej_mac They are, but curiously bad at airports. It’s like a blind spot for them. @ej_mac You’ll be fine then. I had a 1hr connection evaporate earlier this year due to Lufthansa’s and the airport’s incompetence. @GroundhopperApp Yeah can’t see them laying a glove on PC if their Welsh is that bad 😂 @ej_mac Always get in touch with your preferred aviation junkie to confirm Frankfurt is a hole. Hope you have a long connection. @GroundhopperApp I don’t even know Welsh and it sounds wrong! @ej_mac Why would you subject yourself to that?? @Tracey_utv @NigelDoddsDUP @ej_mac Both on the list for me! Jordan especially, will be going next year too. @ej_mac How many have you been to? @ej_mac Good question. I think probably 40 or 50. Haven’t counted!Oh now here is something exciting! Pristina is on my list and I’m going to see about getting on the inaugural! @ej_mac Not in Milton Keynes they won’t be 😂 @joelwatts Yep, this one was full of shrieks too. Even I let out a loud “Jesus Christ”. @ej_mac My constituency is super safe Tory so no point me even checking the result! @ej_mac 😂😂😂😂 That’s brilliant. Hope you aren’t pulling an election all nighter... sleep would be preferable for me 🤣 @ej_mac No but I zoomed in on your profile pic to see what you were eating and got a lovely surprise hahaha 😂😂 @ej_mac Nope, when I’m dead I’m dead. 😊 @Andrew26 To be honest it was so turbulent I couldn’t even film the interesting bit. I’m talking a four-limb brace… one point the aircraft lost what felt like a few hundred feet, and I became temporarily weightless. Had I not be…’s approach into Denpasar was the roughest I’ve had in a very long time. The clouds were very angry when w… @laurenemdavies Ah yeah, Surrey... a tough sell at the best of times! @yamesh In opposition for nearly ten years now and losing seats?? 😐😐😐 @laurenemdavies I don’t envy moderate Labour activists trying to sell him. Must have been a tough campaign. 😐 @laurenemdavies New leader next spring? @laurenemdavies Tough night 😬😬 @NathanCornfiel Don’t do it!No election all nighter for me - I’m off to the airport (again). Just 3 flights left of 2019! The last two should be *very* enjoyable 😄 @philrichardsuk @JohnTillUK He's just as bad. But I have no sympathy with Labour, who couldn't lay a glove on a woeful candidate.
@JohnTillUK It was, in general, far too ambitious and stank of a party not actually expecting to be elected. @JohnTillUK Bad leader and ridiculous manifesto overreach, a toxic mix.Good morning from Bali! Today: @Garuda_UK from Denpasar to Jakarta CGK in Economy class - let's hope for a less hai… @LucyIsabel33 He must be. He is an utterly feckless man; Boris is such a poor candidate and he didn't even land a glove on him. @_DHOTYA I like the underlining on “cried”. Wonder how she’ll cope tomorrow.Touchdown DPS. Heavily delayed, thanks to the weather around the airport: @kinthecountry 🤷🏼‍♂️