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Doing my best to be a feminist, dad, husband, and Sr. Social Media Strategist at @copafuji.

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You Can Do a Lot More than You Think | Steve Lacy’s ‘The Bare Maximum’ that to the editors that keep rejecting my Snake People pitches. Sheesh.
We need art so much in this world. It brings perspective and insight. Even wisdom. But sometimes, art exists only…
Retweeted by Paul Balcerak2 Running Videos for When You’re Feeling Unmotivated (somewhat) emotionally draining essay about list culture and the real life impact it can have is now up. Im now…
Retweeted by Paul BalcerakWeekend plan: re-watch all the Star Wars movies, but every time they say “Luke Skywalker,” pretend his name is actually Brock Chalmers.
@knitpurl I fear human interaction as much as the next person. But: agree. (Except for the time when a guy told m… proof that the WSJ is run by Lizard People