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@wilde @Shambles151 Cabinet should have got rid of Johnson months ago. It's to their eternal shame they didn't have… @JamesDAustin And starmer hasn't uttered a syllable. @campbellclaret @SharonOrourke67 Westminster Hag won't, she's too dutiful to Mr Bean. @SJBenn44 @mra2020hf I just meant the ending. @DawnButlerBrent She's been sacked. @mra2020hf E T @demindblower Westminster Hag is always 100% dutiful to Mr Bean. @WestminsterWAG Westminster Hag dutiful as ever. @_JD_Black This government has lost the public. It's losing the media. It's losing its own backbenchers. It's totally lost all credibility @Peston Have you got a shiner pesto. Hancock hit you with his Suzy Q. @Calumets The Tories count a nostril swab and a throat swab on the same person as two tests. Next they will be coun… @acatherwoodnews @adamboultonSKY You are asking pertinent probing questions. They won't be answered or even addressed by this government. @David39133380 @davegreenpotter Dominic raab does the same with his left upper arm/ shoulder. @gletherby Latest modelling shows the death total would be 8000 if lockdown has happened one week earlier. Tory murderers. @LauraSmithCrewe Gove has a vested interest in this going badly for Johnson. His faux support for cummings shouldn't kid anyone. @BrianHTweed @IanClar63643117 Dead @PaulBrandITV @londoncatz1990 Plus, we've lost 3 crucial days in the battle against covid. Unforgivable.Grime @Hepworthclare Cool? He was a quivering wreck. @ElaineDyson1 @LeicCommuter Adventures of the Famous 3. Chapter 1-Bluebell Wood. You look a bit ill, said Mary. I… @Jackielowrie6 @Think_Blue_Sky @unojen_wood @NeilRu55ell @cathynewman @BorisJohnson @UKLabour @Number10press Thanks…
@Think_Blue_Sky @unojen_wood @Jackielowrie6 @NeilRu55ell @cathynewman @BorisJohnson @UKLabour @Number10press About… @MarinaHyde Top class entertainment though, models himself on Harry Enfield character Dim Tim. @JGForsyth Daily mail will be happy tonight, they won't even have to change their front page for tomorrow. @AngelaRayner I think Johnson has something on Cummings. @unojen_wood @PippaCrerar @SaraCo130813 @danbloom1 Cummings spent well over an hour insulting our intelligence, he… what a wicked web.... for one CANNOT AND WILL NOT accept ANY suggestion that our Prime Minister is partial to a porky pie. You people.
Retweeted by PaulB#GTTO @lisanandy @breakingthelore Are you for real! @artytrace And castles. @joepike Any news on the missing scientists at today's briefing. A source tells me they refused to do it in protest… @MrHarryCole The cabinet should be invited. @DPJHodges Is taking your 4 year old son on a test drive in his best interests. Surely even you can't say it is. @mellors_karen @BrandonLewis Whenever a Tory admits to some pecadillo, you can bet your bottom dollar there is a mu… @soniasodha Johnson getting shy in his old age. @BeatsSurrender The adventures of the famous three. @RobertJenrick He went to a hospital with covid 19. @Tony_Robinson His story has more holes in it than Rab C's vest. @shaunjlawson Great storyteller though, perhaps he could be the next Enid Blyton as his new career. @mojos55 He was a nervous kitten, his feet were paddling ten to the dozen under the table, like a swan paddling awa… @ACunninghamMP @Starry_Plough67 Dvla issue. @Frances_Coppola Shoulda gone to Specsavers. @BarryGardiner With a child in the back. @mellors_karen How can you test your driving, eyesight, with a child in the back. @lewis_goodall With a child in the back. Some test run. Dvla. @afneil With a child in the back. Some test run. @gletherby Why would you take a four year old in a car, to Barnard, if your eyesight was dodgy. Social services. Dvla. @PippaCrerar @a_bad_name @DailyMirror He won't be saying, 'next question, Piers'...... @bbclaurak @BBCNews Violin concerto. @gletherby the bank transfer to Durham chemistry teacher was late going through. @thedefenderuk @ValleysCommando He's as smitten as kuennsberg. Bless him. @AyoCaesar @NancyKe71102175 Did Cummings have covid Did Johnson know his closest confidante was 300 miles away. Wha… a reminder. #r4today #wato
Retweeted by PaulB#GTTO @MsCCollins1 @HovellingHermit @Peston Course they can, but they very rarely ask anything pertinent and probing, if… @MsCCollins1 @HovellingHermit @Peston Questions of any pertinence aren't allowed.🌹🤔😳🤷‍♂️Apparently this keeps getting deleted on Twitter? Let’s not allow that to happen, shall we?😬😜👌👇🏽👍👇🏽👍👇🏽✊
Retweeted by PaulB#GTTO @10DowningStreet Keep 262 miles apart and the public will keep two metres apart. @shaunjlawson Would have thought Westminster Hag would be too busy measuring up for Downing to be on Twitter. @MikeSmith04 @BethRigby @adamboultonSKY @Jo_Coburn @BorisJohnson @JuliaHB1 @bbclaurak @bbcnickrobinson @maitlis Tha… @OwenJones84 Who is she @IanLaveryMP @mconway70 Meanwhile, chez Gove, Mr Bean and his missus prepare for Downing St. @Tomdove70 @affleckquine She's speechless.
@jk_rowling @chrispurser101 Today was the day it finally dawned on millions of brits we aren't living in a democracy, but a dictatorship. @ROSAZAMBONINI @mojos55 Tories @docrussjackson He needs locking up, and left with his own shoelaces. @docrussjackson Rubbish. @CorrieDrew @Hardeep216 @Tobias_Ellwood That ship now officially named the Titanic. @bbclaurak There she blows, Tory propagandist surfaces. @adamboultonSKY Perhaps an alien stole his car. @Peston @BorisJohnson How do you feel about having your intelligence insulted by these charlatans. @MsCCollins1 @jamesdoleman A few simple checks could easily verify his whereabouts, phone records could do it. @FraserNelson @spectator The most disturbing part of this drama is the 60,000 dead, needlessly. @OwenJones84 Tories rebuild red wall they smashed in just 6 months. @WillBlackWriter @BorisJohnson It's inconceivable Johnson didn't know Cummings was in Durham. They must still have been in daily contact. @PickardJE Absolute embarrassment. Laughing stock. @adamboultonSKY @BorisJohnson Unlike Johnson himself.If Johnson thinks announcing an official inquiry into the Cummings affair will appease, his judgement is badly lacking. @silverrich39 @DaveCol08591776 He's off for a few weeks. @gletherby @_JD_Black Johnson needs to fly back in before 8 th June quarantine. @Shambles151 Cummings will be gone soon, that's certain. Meanwhile just sit back and enjoy the Tory shitshow, minis… @Trickyjabs Wrong order I think. @RespectIsVital @suziegeewizz What's 365 x 365. Wouldn't mind a pound on it. @Calumets Oneself.
@georgeeaton @mconway70 Johnson will be fast asleep by now, pissed on the Newcastle Brown Cummings brought back. @GaryLineker Your tweets are getting more bizarre and pointless by the day. Lockdown obviously not agreeing with you. @PippaCrerar @unojen_wood Time for phase 3. @JolyonMaugham @SharonOrourke67 Cummings made the second trip because he had forgotten to pick up Johnson's Newcastle Brown. @piersmorgan @MsCCollins1 But where's kuennsberg? @ElRaynerista @unojen_wood Sending the plebs back to school early is akin to sending canaries down the mine. @SebastianEPayne @DailyPolitik Cummings is his adviser not his liquor man. @BethRigby @PippaCrerar Pippa has it covered. Drip drip... Cummings is history. @ElRaynerista This his Waterloo.Cummings’ wife’s sister LIVES IN LONDON. His closest aide LIVES 2 STREETS AWAY IN LONDON. This is such bullsh*t.
Retweeted by PaulB#GTTO @demindblower The next Bond villain... @MartinRemains @AgnesPoole15 Starker should appeal to them as much. @JamesEFoster @jackieschneider They're really popular with the neighbours apparently. @DPJHodges Circus freak. @demindblower The government has thrown a protective ring around Cummings. @gletherby Also tells us what a spineless bunch we have in cabinet. They should be getting rid of Johnson for the g… @karl_trotsky Hour's filibuster.