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Paul Dehner Jr. @pauldehnerjr Cincinnati, Ohio

Senior writer and podcast host covering #Bengals and more for @TheAthleticNFL. Karaoke aficionado, Dehner Cornhole Classic COO, lover of high-5s. FYI: Day-ner.

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@_DunnDeal @JayMorrisonATH You crazy? (Thanks for listening!) @Thomason03 I believe that is a regular season stat.Jay’s Final Thoughts with a lot of good stuff ( But as you might expect, #JaysGotStats cu… some weird #Bengals matrix Dre Kirkpatrick just picked off Andy Dalton in primetime and Bengals fans have no ide…
A lot of “guesswork” being done on where I stand and what’s in my head. Well today I’m going live for whomever want…
Retweeted by Paul Dehner Jr.The Estonian is back as Bengals search for any kind of answer on the battered DL. @AdamJacob87 *were the team's franchise players.And Pottsville Maroons and Dayton Triangles references
Retweeted by Paul Dehner Jr. @AdamJacob87 Those aren’t his franchise players.And not just shots, I’m talking fire all cannons stuff. it took a few Instagram comments to know how Carlos Dunlap feels about his place here, you probably haven’t been… a few fascinating #Bengals snap counts from Sunday. Walkout from the #Bengals collapse against the Colts. from Indianapolis last night. @_DunnDeal @JayMorrisonATH @Local12Skinny Yeah, it barely registers as news anymore considering how vocal 96 has be… a vacuum, you could find stuff to believe in during the #Bengals collapse vs the Colts. But not when these sam… @ACGates85 @FOX19Joe They review all TDs/turnovers in NY.🎙 New 'Walkout' edition of #HearThatPodcastGrowlin is live👇 @pauldehnerjr & @JayMorrisonATH react to #Bengals loss…
Retweeted by Paul Dehner Jr. @ACGates85 @FOX19Joe Every TD is reviewed.
FINAL: Colts 31, #Bengals 27. Blowing a 21-point lead in the middle of this tough stretch of games is an almost i… avoided the big mistake all game until he tries to fit that one up the seam. Brutal.And a pick will do it.That was an Adriel Jeremiah moment.Bengals basically down to some fourth-down magic to keep hope alive.Bengals trail by four. They have 4:03 left and need a TD. They haven't scored a touchdown since the third drive o… finally get a big stop on third down to force the field goal attempt.Vonn Bell with a yikes moment.Bullock off the right upright from 48. Resume your hatred of RB. Bengals still trail 28-27.Great catch by AJ Green in a huge spot.Tee Higgins up to five receptions and 117 yards after the flea flicker hookup.Jessie Bates has arguably been the best safety in football this season. That will help his case.And on that play, Rivers to Doyle for a TD and Indy about to claw back to the lead pending PAT.Critical red zone possession starts with this Bengals DL: Xavier Williams (signed this week), Amani Bledsoe (waiver… Bullock demands an apology from everyone. *ducks*Burrow just underthrows that deep ball. Green had Ya-Sin on his back.Third down. A.J. Green again. Best game for these two we've seen.Nice play design for Mixon and Bernard in there together. Bengals have been trying to find a few plays to utilize b… Higgins with a massive catch in traffic to convert the third down. Nice day for the new 85.Third-and-8 in the shadows of his own goalposts and busts a 19-yard bailout to A.J. Green, the type of play everyon… try to draw them off knowing the penalty is almost nothing.OPI saves the Bengals defense to force the punt. Kind of surprised Reich isn't going for it here.Bengals finally get pressure and are unable to bring down the undeniable agile and elusive Phil Rivers.Rivers limping around a little after that sack.Mixon back in.Jay about to have a lot of stats. strikes again. This time LeShaun Sims caught not looking for the ball. Just like that 21-0 whittled to 24-21.Shawn Williams saw where Rivers was going with that but just couldn't get there for a potential pick. Now Colts try… Mixon is back on the sideline and he is bouncing around looking like he might test out the ankle whenever the B… Rivers really unhappy with the OPI call. Went running down the field to plead with refs.Burrow nearly throws a pick, but Okereke drops it right in his hands. Bengals get away with one as they punt for the first time today.Appears to be OK. Working it out on the sideline.Tyler Boyd slow to get up after that last tackle.Darius Phillips getting beat by tight ends. More than once.Colts killing themselves with penalties. This one wipes a TD off the board.Joe Mixon has a right foot injury and his return is questionable.Randy Bullock buries it from 47. Bengals have scored on every possession. Now lead 24-7.Trainers are looking at Joe Mixon on the sideline. He currently doesn't have a helmet. Bernard taking the reps.Rock Ya-Sin called for illegal use of suplex, I believe.Great block by Mike Thomas sets Tyler Boyd running free on the jet sweep. Repeat: Creativity in the run game so important.I wasn't sure we'd see 28 points all day here. Now we have 28 combined in the first 18 minutes.Philip Rivers has led 28 4th-quarter comebacks in his career. Biggest deficit overcome: 14 points three times.
Retweeted by Paul Dehner Jr.This is just the second time in four seasons the #Bengals have had three rushing TDs in a game. There's 14:56 left in the second quarter.
Retweeted by Paul Dehner Jr.#Bengals have outgained Colts 201-36. Have 10 first downs to one. 3-3 in the red zone And 21-0.She turned me into a newt. Bengals offensive line has absolutely mauled the Colts at the point of attack on all three TD runs. Holy crap.Looked like a team that spent all week hearing about how awful they are against the blitz. is only the second completion on a pass thrown 20-plus yards in the air this season for Burrow. It's been the… mean .... thing you know you are going to tell me they are going to connect on a deep pass or something. We've seen all… now a three-and-out as WJ3 not having any of the slant to Hilton. This continues to be something.I guess we get to learn what it's like when this team plays from ahead. Certainly haven't seen much of that this season.This is something.Bengals going for it on fourth and short and sneak it in. Well, hello Bengals.Burrow out here setting them up and knocking them down on third and long. Looked like he audibled into it and fou… now we have A.J. Green involvement. Checking a lot of boxes.Very nice first down play call, bringing Higgins across on the Mixon play action. Need more creativity like that on… also might help explain some certain tweets.The Bengals appear to be playing LeShaun Sims over Darius Phillips on the outside. Don't know about that one.1. Opening drive TD. 2. TD off a turnover 3. Red zone rushing TD Lot of different stuff we haven't seen this year here in Indy already.Wow. How about that start. First red zone rushing TD of the season for the Bengals. It's Bernard. They were the l… play here. Bengals just can't be settling for FGs down this close.Bengals open with two nice runs to start. That has to be a big part of the gameplan today considering the makeup of this Colts team.We've seen a lot of not capitalizing on these opportunities this year. Big early drive for the offense against this stout Colts D.Stands. Bengals get an early gift.Carlos Dunlap was on the sideline with his helmet propped on top of his head during those first two plays while Ama… immediately we have a Bengals turnover. Jack Doyle drops a screen pass. They'll be looking at this closely.Roof and window open here. And this is what a scattered 12K looks like inside Lucas Oil. win the toss and will defer to the second half. They won it and took the ball last week against Baltimore.For some pregame listening, really fun podcast previewing the game with @zkeefer. ( Get yo… return is big for Indy with Carl Lawson on his plate today. to be back in the building for a road game again after the easy trip up 74. Saw a ton of #Bengals fans as I ma… Alexander back at CB. Should bump Darius Phillips back to the outside corner spot. Will be worth seeing h… Ross is back active after a few weeks inactive at back of WR room as Auden Tate recovers. We shall see how involved he is, but he’s up.#Bengals inactives.
@Local12Skinny @kscar4 @PetiePetiePetie Congrats!The #Bengals have promoted DT Khalil McKenzie from the practice squad to fill the opening created when Sam Hubbard went on IR.
Retweeted by Paul Dehner Jr.Sometimes you eat the VAR, sometimes the VAR eats you. #Toffees #TopOfTheTable