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Once there was a way to get back home

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If, If?? Surely Mr François just needs to buck up his ideas and be a bit more optimistic and believe in Brexit? (T…
Retweeted by Paul PrinceCarrying a gallows? No probs. Dressed as a broccoli? You're nicked. #ClimateChange #Brexit
Retweeted by Paul Prince @Ahwellnevermind Wolf whistling those wellies @EatMyHalo As much as half? I’m surprised. @gunsnrosesgirl3 0.25 sI preferred Joe Pasquale when he told funny jokes.
Retweeted by Paul Prince @gunsnrosesgirl3 153 @gunsnrosesgirl3 The green and purple cars are dry underneath. Suggests red car has recently parked. @gunsnrosesgirl3 96Mark Francois is raging! Boris Johnson promised him 2 things & it looks like he won’t do them: 1. To get the U.K o…
Retweeted by Paul PrinceI’m getting a real sense of deja vu here...... Conservatives using tax payers’ money to buy DUP votes. Anyone else…
Retweeted by Paul Prince+BREAKING+ Confirmed sources now reporting that Boris Johnson has offered the DUP (multiple) billions to vote for…
Retweeted by Paul Prince @LeonieMarianne When you’re the type that forgets to take your own child with you when leaving a pub it’s understandable.Today is a huge milestone for Mr Lumpy & Friends we reached 50,000 followers on the whole of Social Media after jus…
Retweeted by Paul PrinceThe François Waddle is the new Lambeth Walk.
Retweeted by Paul Prince
Brilliant, best laugh today. 1952 saw the end of trams in London, After half a century they're now starting to be re-introduced. Once a fam…
Retweeted by Paul Princethese people are a disgrace. what price freedom?
Retweeted by Paul Prince @mdecae Now I realise the mistake I made. @mdecae Of course I told her - she said she was happy being in the web @Ahwellnevermind Something wrong with her iris whilst you were still a pupil. @gunsnrosesgirl3 I’ve never seen anything like this before!It's not all doom and gloom: Telegraph Media Group's pre-tax profits fell 94% from £14.3m to £900,000 last year. W…
Retweeted by Paul Prince @gunsnrosesgirl3 Wow @Ahwellnevermind KestrelHehehe
Retweeted by Paul PrinceBREAKING: UK suspends the sale of arms to Turkey, although mainly as Liz Truss accidentally sold them to Saudi Arabia instead.
Retweeted by Paul Prince @gunsnrosesgirl3 Cool beansIn other news I think Naomi has walked out on me. Now there is just an empty web, slightly torn, that once contain… @Norma_Daiquiri @seery_o Brenda wouldn’t comment. Brenda lives her life by her rules. @WCullmac Mine in sewn in the back of my coat. @LeonieMarianne As a single man I can’t tell you how plagued I am by all the desires i recieve. Ladies, hold it tog… know there have been queues to visit the installation- thanks to everyone for their patience - soace is limited a…
Retweeted by Paul PrinceAnyone? Before I sell spares? form of Brexit is good for the People of the UK. No form of Brexit can be "done" in a day. No form of Brexit can…
Retweeted by Paul Prince @LeonieMarianne Next they could make some badges with an “I” on them so immigrants are easily recognised. That’s no…
Goodnight all xScientists: Earth Endangered By New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans
Retweeted by Paul Prince @miffythegamer haven’t seen you around - you ok?Your boss refers to black people as piccaninnies and Muslim women as letterboxes and bank robbers. Sit this one ou…
Retweeted by Paul PrinceI can't make the #PeoplesVote march ok Saturday. But if there is someone who is hard up but still going who could d…
Retweeted by Paul Prince @Charlie2102XOXO @RyanCullen90 @Charlie2102XOXO Good ruleI just lost my wallet on the way home from work. I didn't have much identifying info in there so a good Samaritan g…
Retweeted by Paul PrinceGood morning
Retweeted by Paul Prince @Alan_Measles You might have made an effort @miracalix I was a bit obsessed as a kid. Did you see the Brexit disco record is up for preorder? @miracalix I love snoopy and Charlie. @thedreamonfire Looks good! @KarenKts11 Blunt @KarenKts11 😂I’d rather David Tennant than Angelina. Emily Blint would be nice though. @xrrot I lost my virginity to the same person that day I don’t want to know how I was gonna was the night of the day that we were togetherI got a bad feeling about this, it’s Monday. How did that happen? Good morning all.There are calls for @piersmorgan to be fired over his views on gender. Should he stay or should he go?
Retweeted by Paul PrinceIt *was* a beautiful grizzly bear ... until you shot it.
Retweeted by Paul Prince @miracalix It’s an Aniop
#Brexit - a view from Thailand (Bangkok Post)
Retweeted by Paul PrinceI love this 😂😂
Retweeted by Paul PrinceGoodnight all you lovely people. Today turned out rather well. Going to bed a happy bunny. Sweet dreams all. @miracalix @SloughForEU @HuwpHuw idea @miracalix @SloughForEU @HuwpHuw I love the I dearly of a slow dance to "No Deal" @miracalix @SloughForEU @HuwpHuw it wasn't that funny. @miracalix @SloughForEU @HuwpHuw Also people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome would form a resistance group and protes… @miracalix @SloughForEU @HuwpHuw Priti Patel is not that keen @miracalix @SloughForEU @HuwpHuw I know...I was kidding aroundTHIS IS UNDOUBTEDLY THE BEST THING TO COME OUT OF YEARS OF BREXSHIT 👇 it should be number 1 #article54 thread
Retweeted by Paul PrinceLove this song @alison__cotton I'm only a bloody cat mindreader! This is a turn up for the books. @miracalix @SloughForEU @HuwpHuw no leave - with those tunes who could resist...joking of course @popsicle_____ @MK17061 🤣J - Plenty of laughs ✌️F - Peace 🌗M - Moody 🎗️A - Making bread 🦡M - Badering someone 😇J -… @miracalix @SloughForEU @HuwpHuw I've been conditioned to be replaced by the titles but then, the disco kicks in. T…'s not dancing, she needs a wee and you are filming good @joonloons @GavinCurnow There's a reason why it was forgotten @miracalix @SloughForEU @HuwpHuw Hard is better!!!! Love it. 🤣Let's go WTO @alison__cotton Hope the cat closes the flap quietly @sarahcascarino because they are cauntsCate Le Bon - Crab Day Definitely right up there in my favourite albums this so much, especially the f… & The Focus Group - The Be Colony....I miss Trish's music and voice @LeonieMarianne We should get a Twitter singles club and all go on a massive holiday. @wawwoski1 Goodnight and sweetdreams to you too @Charlie2102XOXO I know. I’m against it. But it’s a way of getting ID cards and Tory voters accepting it. @josephinewiggs Looks like a giant wig @wawwoski1 It’s a good word. Nothing like watching happy dogs zoom @wawwoski1 I had to look “zoomie” up. Makes sense now. @sarahcascarino @wawwoski1 @wawwoski1 How was your walk? @wawwoski1 I just ate it. Lovely. @sarahcascarino Cute @miracalix Right up my street :-). I also put a track from the Clangers kids tv show on the mix @miracalix Excellent. Yeah, only 4 years. @miracalix I will see if I have anything in a similar vein @miracalix Look on bandcamp. The label releases 10” in limited numbers. That one is sold out I think - I only have it digitally. @miracalix Thank you so much. I’m working on one for Halloween @miracalix Made my day, I’m easily pleased :-) @miracalix Chuffed that there is something on there you loved :-). @miracalix Do You Hear? By Rev Galen Okraina records cool little Belgium label. I found it via Delphine Dora @LumpyandFriends If I paint some stripes on my face and chew really loud will you look after me?