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Ufa Court Bans Bashkort National Organization as Extremist in Working Group that Backed Arkhangelsk-Nenets Merger Opposed It and Resigned or Were Excluded so Moscow Coul… and Political Fallout from Pandemic Likely to Be Far Greater than Economic, Pastukhov Says Playing Key Role in Getting Ingush to Accept Pandemic Restrictions as Ramadan Ends Deaths in Russia Going Up as Kremlin Sends Mixed Messages about Future
Over Last Six Years, Moscow Spent More than a Billion Dollars to Suppress Protests Loses One Lever in North Caucasus as Daghestanis Organize to Challenge Another Pursuing ‘Complete Russification of Russia,’ Bratenkov Says’s Illness Explains Goals, Timing of Constitutional Reforms, Solovey Says Introduces Legal Category for Un-Hyphenated Russians: ‘Ordinary People’ Support Rather than Restrict Rise of Ingush Civil Society, Moscow Ethnographer Says the Pandemic End Up Strengthening Putin? Some Think So Pandemic, ‘Children of Perestroika’ Stronger and More Ready to Take Independent Action than ‘Children of the 196…’s Witnesses Say Russian Officials Far from Moscow are Treating Them the Way Stalin’s Did has Its Own Distinctive but Still Weak ‘Deep State,’ Khaldey Says
Moscow Now Wants to Merge Not Just Arkhangelsk and the Nenets AO but the Komi Republic with Them, a Plan Opposed in… has Destroyed Putin’s ‘Sacred’ Standing in the Eyes of Russians, Tsipko Says Show Greater Unity on This Anniversary of the 1864 Genocide than Ever Before Conflict over Northwest Dialect Parallels Russian-Ukrainian Dispute, Sidorov Says
Putin Moving from ‘Great Victory’ to Hostility to Entire World – and Young Russians are Ready to Follow Him, Ilchen…’s Call to Disband Federation Council Tests Waters for Kremlin about Ending Republic and Federalism, Pas… Will ‘Kill All Those Meant to Die,’ Russia’s Coronavirus Info Chief Now Says Allowed Punished Peoples to Return Home in 1950s Because It Lacked Forces to Hold Them in Exile, Emil Pain S… Relying on Force Alone, Kremlin Becoming Hostage to Force Structures, Gallyamov Says Exploiting Pandemic to Attack Non-Russian Republics, Sagov Says Decided What Death Rate Would Be and Punishes Any who Question Its Figures, Tamm Says
Pandemic Restricts Reinforcements for Their Ranks but Shies Dump Opponents aren’t Backing Down‘Pandemic isn’t Going to Make the World Better’ – Nikonov Offers Checklist of 25 Geopolitical Trends Residents Start Organizing Against Plan for Amalgamation with Arkhangelsk Oblasts More Russian Grandmothers Refusing to Raise Their Grandchildren, Demographer Says’s Son Heads Coal Company Whose First Workers were GULAG Zeks, Eidman Says Officials Refuse to Issue Death Certificate of Coronavirus Victim So They Don’t Have to Give a Reason for Hi… Modifications in Russian Anti-Extremism Strategy Point to Broader Crackdown Ahead, Rights Activists Say
Infections Increase as Do Russian Efforts to Hide Figures and Regime’s Problems in Combatting Pandemic Declining in Russian Military but Crimes by Officers Aren’t, Investigator Says Merger May Lead Moscow to Seek More Amalgamations but Its Success is Far from Guaranteed, Expert… Crisis May Force Putin to Forgo Constitutional Change and Go Back to 2008 Succession Model, Grashchenkov Sa…‘Crimean Tatar Tragedy of 1944 Being Repeated’ and Possibly with Greater Effect, Dzhemilyev Says Politicians, Feminists Demand Action Against Female Genital Mutilation in Ingushetia Now a Russian Nationalist and His KPRF Comrades ‘Black Hundreds on the Left,’ Stepanov Says Putin’s Traditional Electorate Increasingly Views Him as Ineffective, Nikolskaya Says’s Ideology Emerged from Miasma of Russian Marginal Movements, Vitukhnovskaya Says
Like Others in Self-Isolation, Putin in his Bunker Coming Up with All Kinds of Ideas, El Murid Says Decay of Russian Leaders, Highlighted by Pandemic, Contributing to Moral Dissolution of Russian Society, Mart…‘America is Fighting the Coronavirus; Putin is Fighting America,’ Vishnevsky Says Rights Group Again Fined for Failing to Identify Itself as Foreign Agent in Ingushetia and Disinformation Cover Up Russia's Environmental Assault on the Baltic Sea
Looming Gas Crisis Will Follow Oil Crisis and Also Hurt Russia, El Murid Says End of Pandemic Only Beginning of Crisis Facing Russia, Aganbegyan Says has Lost Its Levers of Influence over a Demoralized Russian Society, Kagarlitsky Says Plans for Countering Pandemic’s Negative Impact on Putin’s Standing Published Takes Radical Step to De-Russianize All Tajik Names have Good Reasons to Go to Estonia But Estonians Don’t to Go to Russia, Free Idel-Ural Movement Says Reaction to Western Reports about Coronavirus Deaths in Russia Shows They are More Numerous than Moscow Adm… Young People Less Oriented toward the West than Their Soviet Predecessors, New Study Finds Russian Laws Make It Even Easier for Kremlin to Falsify Elections, Melkonyants Says Regime Constantly Lies and Seeks to Force Others to Be Complicit in Its Lies, Skobov Says Says Russia Now at Epicenter of Coronavirus Pandemic Analysis Doesn’t Work for Russia Because It is ‘a Classless Society,” Rodgers Says
For Protesters, ‘Ingushetia is Like Moscow Only Worse’ Because Outsiders Don’t Focus on It, Aleksandrova-Zorina Says Amalgamation Involve Two Predominantly Ethnic Russian Regions? Reopening Especially Dangerous Time for Putin Regime, Inozemtsev Says’s ‘Victory over Middle Class Puts Russia on Brink of Social Explosion,’ Milin Says Undermining Stability in Turkmenistan, Saparmuradov Says of Arkhangelsk Oblast and Nenets Autonomous District Helps Putin but May Spark New Protests KPRF Move Beyond Zyuganov and Become a Real Leftist Alternative?
Coronavirus Cases in Russia Pass 250,000 But Officials Say Country has Plateaued and Putin Promises Vaccine Fear if Moscow Begins New Round of Amalgamation, Their Republic will Disappear Head Undermining Bashkir-Tatar Relations to Please Moscow, Gabbasov Says Government Asks Duma to Allow Police to Shoot at ‘Threatening’ Demonstrators Edition of Dmitriyev’s Sandarmokh Book Presented Online to Rave Reviews Infections in Russia Continue to Rise as Do Deaths but More Slowly Due to Underreporting in Ingushetia Call Attention to Absence of Russian Law Against Female Mutilation ‘Beria Thaw’ Model for Khrushchev’s Thaw Three Years Later, Emil Pain Says, Intended to Be Putin’s Triumph, Becoming Instead His Waterloo, Shevtsova Says
Europe’s Far-Right has a Cure for COVID-19: Nationalism Day Celebrated in Soviet Style Not Just in Belarus but in Turkmenistan‘Putin, Stuck in the 1970s, Acts as If Everyone Else is There as Well,’ Shavshukova Says Ending Days Off Restrictions, Putin Seeking to Recover the Initiative, Grashchenkov and Zharov Say
Russia Was Falling Apart ‘Everywhere’ When He Came to Power, Putin Says’s Approach to Pandemic Highlights Better than Anything Else Nature of His Regime, Shaburov Says Reigns Over Russian Response to Pandemic as Infections and Deaths Increase’s Failure to Reach Out to Society or Prepare for Pandemic to Blame for Losses, Ingush People and Experts… Chinese Airport Near Tajik-Afghan Border Reflects Beijing’s Aspirations in Central Asia Lacks an Arctic Strategy, Sukhankin Says Not Choosing Between Saving People and Saving Economy; He’s Only Seeking to Save Himself, Eidman Says Desperately Needs New ‘Short Victorious War’ and May Seek It within Russia, Gozman Says of Basic Rights of Russians Now in Hands of Governors, Trifonova Says Violation of Self-Isolation Regime a Threat to Russian Government, Kolezev Says Death Rate from Coronavirus in Moscow Three Times Higher than Officials Admit, Experts Say
Pandemic Radically Increasing Homelessness in Moscow
When Restrictions End, Moscow Will Be One Giant Traffic Jam, Blinkin Says Azerbaijan Republic Declared by Professor in Turkey with a Government in Exile to Be Formed Members of Putin Elite Now Feel Vulnerable, Dubov Says Personalist Rule a Political Coronavirus Russia Must Overcome or Decay, Pastukhov Says Cases in Russia Growing Despite WHO Suggestion that It has Reached a Plateau Caucasian Peoples’ ‘Total Distrust’ of Authorities Undermining Counter-Pandemic Efforts, Experts Say Pandemic, Radical Changes Less Likely in Near Term than Most Now Assume, Inozemtsev Says’s Victory Cult Less Complex, Interesting and Human than Soviet Version, Degtyanov Says Villages and Rural Districts, ‘Last Bastions’ of National Cultures, Under Increasing Threat, Gyylman Sa…