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Ten Reasons Russians Should have a Positive Attitude about Muscovites – According to a Moscow Resident Wouldn’t Accept Zelensky’s Capitulation Even if Ukrainian President Offers It, Portnikov Says Russians Dying from Alcoholism but Far More from ‘Alcohol’ Poisoning, Moscow Admits Kazakhs Nor Kazakhstan’s Russians are Religiously Active but Both See Faiths as Defining Ethnicity, New Stu… Define Their Identity by What They Aren’t Not by What They Are, Kolesnikov Says for Ingush Activist Sautiyeva Prepared to Take Her Case to European Court if Necessary‘Commonwealth of independent States Must Become a Union of Russian Republics,’ Tetekin Says to Treat Those Traumatized by War or Abuse Sparking Radicalization in the North Caucasus, Study Says Putin Nomenklatura Faces Same Problem Soviet One Did, Milin Says‘Putinism’ Came to Russia from the West but It is “Our” Life Hack and Merits Investigaion, Surkov Says
Struggle Between Eastern Ukraine and Western Ukraine Opened Way for Central Ukraine to Emerge, Hrytsak Says ‘Deep People’ of Belarus Favor Union with Russia, Especially Those in Eastern Regions, Petrovsky Says Legal System Increasing Acts in Same Ways Terrorist Groups Do, Feldman Says Truly Disturbing Development: FSB Arrests Ingush Activist Who Annoyed Kadyrov and Takes Him to Chechnya
Serious Prison Reform Could Boost the Russian Economy, Gallyamov Says Workers Hope Bringing Back Serfdom will Improve Their Position for Uniting Russia’s Muslims Bureaucratically Entering New and Perhaps Final Phase Point for Russian Regime: No One Likely to Overthrow It, but No One will Come to Its Defense, Volkov Says Case Opened Against Yevkurov Minister Political Prisoners Treated Better Now than a Decade Ago Because of Activism and I-Phones, Veterans Say Zhirinovsky, Tishkov Wants a Mono-Ethnic, Mono-Linguistic Russia, Tagirov Says
Erzyan Elder Says Estonia a Model for His Nation Replacing Utopias in Political Life, Eidman Says‘Regional Separatism hasn’t Disappeared’ Despite Putin’s Efforts, Russian Commentator Says, Last Nation Soviets Forcibly Deported, Cling to Existence Kazakhstan, a Common Civic Identity Now Overwhelms Ethnic and Sub-Ethnic Divisions, New Survey Finds /windowoneu… Meeting on 1552 Anniversary Calls for ‘Decolonization of Tatarstan’ Leader Pogorov Still at Large Despite Moscow Claims, Lawyer Says Russian Federalism and Strong Non-Russian Republics Can Re-Enforce One Another, Dilmukhametov Says Politics, like Russian Climate, has Long Winters and Short Growing Seasons, Prokhorov Says‘What Would They Do in Shiyes?’ Anti-Trash Protesters in Other Parts of Russia Ask
Rising Russian Hostility to Jews a Revenant from Soviet Times, Makarkin Says Percent of Ukrainians Say Conflict in Donbass a War Between Russia and Ukraine, Razumkov Poll Finds More Border Disputes in North Caucasus Seen Likely to Shift from Simmer to Boil Ingush Police Demand End to Practice of Appointing Outsiders as Senior Officers First 100 Days, Kalimatov hasn’t Made Contact with Ingush Society, Chablin Says Ten Percent of Working Age Russians, Most Highly Skilled, are Employed Abroad’s Problems All Rooted in Rulers’ Failure to Allow an Opposition that Could Become a Successor, Kiva Says‘Moscow-Centrism Acquiring Ever More Ugly Forms,’ Pryanikov Says Russia Be Able to Tolerate Humiliation of being China’s Gas Station? Shevtsova Asks Shaman Announces Plans for New March on Moscow Disturbing Analogy: Baku Analyst Sees ‘Foretaste of Civil War’ in Occupied Territories
To Be Independent, Belarus Must have Its Own Church, Archbishop Svyatoslav Says’s Hostility to Business Rooted in Lenin’s Ideas, Mlechin Says Goes from Revolution to Revolution as a Result of Uncontrolled Bureaucratization, Milin Says’s Regions Can and Must Declare ‘Ecological Sovereignty,’ Activist Says ‘Thaw’ is Possible in Putin Regime, Yakovenko Says
Russian People Understand What Russian Liberals Won’t: Putin’s System is Totalitarian, Lev Gudkov Says Courts Reject Appeals by Ingush Activists Sautiyeva, Mamilov and Maysigov Agents of Influence Main Task of Russian Intelligence Services, Khmelnitsky Says
Only 20,000 Chinese have Migrated to Russia in the Last Decade and Only 1,000 have Become Russian Citizens, Statist… Maidan in Ukraine Very Different from Both of Its Predecessors, Milshteyn Says and Belarusians who Want Russian Citizenship Would be Presumed to Know Russian Under New Plan Personally Responsible for All Repression in Russia, Krasheninnikov Says ‘Liquidation,’ Ingush Muslim Center Not Only Operates but Demands Release of Prisoners Steinmeier Plan, Putin is Doing in Ukraine Now What Stalin did in Eastern Europe in 1946-1948, Piontkovsky Says Bootleggers Now Estimated to Earn Almost 10 Billion US Dollars a Year of Jehovah’s Witnesses Expands Despite Putin’s Oft-Repeated Words’s Acceptance of Steinmeier Plan has Two Possible Consequences, Both Disastrous for Ukraine, Badretdinov Sa…’s Military Build Up in Far North Leaves Residents without Heat or Roads, the Indigenous without Fish, and All…
Nearly 60 Percent of Russian Judges in Criminal Cases are Former Siloviki, New Study Says Head Kalimatov Using Outsiders to Distance Himself from Yevkurov Regime Officials Again Refuse to Help Pamir Kyrgyz Plans to Memorialize Russians who Sacked Kazan in 1552 Outrage Tatars Opposition to Capitulation Not Limited to Kyiv Police Strike Against Outsider Works: Russian from Stavropol Won’t Get Commander’s Job Minsk Paradox: Biggest Defenders of Belarusian Independence are Biggest Opponents of Lukashenka Unwittingly Created Ukrainian Political Nation of Today, Polyuhovich Says Regime Will Continue Largely Unchanged Long After He Leaves the Scene, Russian Experts Say Cry of Despair from Khakassia: People Being Robbed and State isn’t Acting Like a State School and Medical Point Enough to Kill a Russian Village, Grudilin Says’s Actions in Abkhazia and Chechnya Justify Fears ‘Steinmeier Plan’ Will Become a ‘Putin Plan,’ Cherkasov Says
Russian Middle Class Now ‘More Dead than Alive,’ New Research Shows
Kalimatov Finally Takes Up a Political Issue – But Not the One Most Ingush Give the Highest Priority Remains ‘at Greatest Risk’ of Russian Annexation, Illarionov Says Declining Oil Revenues, Kremlin Plans to Maintain Itself by Taking More Money from the Population, Shelin Sa… Deputy Wants to Give ‘Victims of Perestroika’ Special Tax Benefits Chechnya and Chukhotka Haven’t Joined Upsurge in Protests, New Study Says Rather than Fear Explains Most Russians’ Political Behavior, New Survey Finds
Russia’s Buddhist Leader Sharply Criticizes Buryat Authorities for Failing to Defend National Language the First Time Since 1945, ‘the West’ isn’t a United Participant in World Politics, Rogov Says Year After Protests Began, Ingushetia Only Looks Quiet, Activists Say‘For the Shaman!’ Yakutsk Residents Protest Moscow’s Persecution of Gabyshev of Russian Prisons Head Sparks Proposals for Change‘Does the Caucasus Need a Russian Governor General?’ A Possibility Being Debated Now about ‘Moscow and the Provinces’ Keeping Russia from Becoming a Federation, Siberian Activist Says Images of Non-Russians Inadequate and Dangerous, Chuvash Historian Says Appeals to New Ingush Head to End Repressions, Release Prisoners of Russia’s Disintegration ‘Hung in the Air’ in 1990s, Putin Says
Restoration of Stalinism Continues with Whitewash of Kaganovich Russian Spetsnaz Unit Reportedly Visited Spitzbergen, An Echo of Earlier Russian Actions and the Dystopian TV… has Good Reasons to Think It’s Close to Strategic Success in Ukraine, Solovey Says – But Not All Ukrainians… NEP Ending like Soviet One with Triumph of Siloviki and a State Economy, Inozemtsev Says Far More Concerned about Small Pro-Russian Opposition than Larger Pro-Western One, Karach Says Muslim and Protestant Parishes Cutting into Orthodox Church’s Dominance of Russian Religious Scene Muslims Upset North Caucasus Super-MSD hasn’t Come to Their Defense Attempts to Pass a Russian Law on Private Military Companies have Failed Because of Shifting Priorities, Divis… Propaganda Effective Precisely Because It Isn’t Tied to Specific Ideology, Kirillova Says’s New-Old Policy of Assigning Outsiders and Russians to Non-Russian Republics Sparks Protest in Kalmykia’s Comments about Muslims in Russia Continue to Provoke Discussions