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Likes: Freedom, Free speech. Science, Technology and Tools, Trance and Techno, Most things that are edible. Dislikes: Totalitarianism & Marzipan.

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@fabiolacag @UberFacts I think he said many years ago that he plans to give most of his wealth away BEFORE he dies.…
Please watch this. The church at its best. May the Lord be with all of these people tonight. So in my prayers.
Retweeted by Paulie @ArchRose90 @LgotBiden It was Corbyn, on his allotment, with a marrow. @LeftofLeftEye Not unreasonable. @melindiscott @JimBlobz I walked through Debenhams about 18 months ago and there was about 10 people wandering arou… @andrewdoyle_com On a shelf in a shop the first will definitely stand out more. @andrewdoyle_com First one is much more striking and seems more original to me. Second one looks familiar so thinki… @debatante Will check him out. I have always preferred 4/4 techno beats to break beat stuff. Seems like younger bro… @MagnificoIX @Bubola Or a product launch or artist making some profound point about the media. Tedious. @debatante Not familiar. Will have a listen. @debatante I like hallucinogen. Have the twisted album and the first shpongle album. @KateAndrs Rule by distraction. @debatante @Claire_Voltaire @adamdavid85 Platipus Records is the soundtrack to my life. @KaneEmerson @afneil It's a bribe. @post_liberal @debatante @Claire_Voltaire @adamdavid85 Are you a fan? @Claire_Voltaire @adamdavid85 Surely that's another term for a vulva owner? @fancythis Bloody good one though.
🗣️🙉 Noisy bastards. @KateFantom @EVNewsDaily From the pro EV side this is a good thing. Same as diesel gate. The fact the pro-ICE side… @bouledenerfs_ By not voting for it they can avoid blame. By not voting against it they can also avoid blame. It wi… @Armygrad1 @joannaccherry @theSNP What referendum? @bouledenerfs_ My guess it's the phrase 'garbage funko pops'. @BDSixsmith How much hugging did you do? Lots and lots? @sloppyjoehotdog @primalpoly @SteveStuWill I am pretty sure it's more the adrenaline rush of trying it and the even… @EPoe187 Google Lens can help to a degree. It's on most Android phones. Might make you hate it less. @LgotBiden @ISetSimsOnFire Would love a McDonald's strawberry milkshake right now. @SimonClarkeMP @Calum92Stevens Lol, why would you publicly admit to buying 357 million vaccines for a country with 65 million people?Was Diane Abbott involved with this purchasing or something? @Calum92Stevens @SimonClarkeMP I bet most, if not all, will never be used. @cr8_communities @createstreets Good idea. That method is totally shit. @BarristersHorse @FraserNelson Nevermind, I realised his stats are from the Zoe app not NHS testing. @HannahAlOthman Needs more grey. @joseph24gt @theinkbubble @JulieBorowski How could you prove that? @BarristersHorse @FraserNelson If you look at Frasers next tweet he posts a chart but it seems to be peaking at 45,… @theinkbubble @JulieBorowski Might be 80% who want the vaccine but if you and your family are vaccinated then you m…
@theinkbubble @JulieBorowski I would think the airlines would fight against such measures though if would mean losi… @theinkbubble @JulieBorowski But if it's not enforced by law then loads of people will just not fly with the airlin… @JulieBorowski Are more people likely to fly with airlines that enforce such a policy? Or are more people likely t… @berniespofforth Can he actually eat off that without tipping it all on the floor? Or is it glued on? @viperman17 @WeDoNotLearn73 How are you going to prove in court that someone is responsible for the passing on of a… @concretemilk Interesting he writes "Islamophobia AND hatred of Muslims". @RajaAti17492920 Why did you put prophet in inverted commas? That means you don't really think he was a prophet. A… @estherk_k Disagree. Happiness should be shared. Let the bitter be bitter. @CarnellAnita Too early to tell. Years until the next general election. @FarleyP @berniespofforth Especially if by the time the vaccine is ready there is herd immunity anyway. @JGJGJGJ99262080 @nathansldennis @toadmeister Just due to the lag. @nathansldennis @toadmeister The November lockdown will barely have had any effect yet. It could mean the tiered sy… @leopardsheridan @MarinaHyde He sounds like an arrogant, out of touch, and grossly unserious knobhead. @inihelene Obscene. Raisins are effectively concentrated sweetness minus the dry mouth inducing tannins. @bryan3663 @Holbornlolz Exactly. @keithwrjones The shark fins look crap. @Holbornlolz This is why we need electric cars. @SarahDixon18 @JOBSUKWIDE @JuliaHB1 They want economic disaster under the Tories so people won't vote Tory next time.🤢 @profsked Probably because it costs £900 million a day. @marinamaral2 How many arrows did he have?🤢 @theblucasthe @d4nny1337 @coherentstates China began vaccinating in 2018. 😬 @HelenTeaPot @PaulHud32059570 @BreesAnna Can you see it here? @TheSimonEvans @DavidDPaxton @Zacnaloen At least he's got eyes. @K_Niemietz @TBrannoc1453 Where do you even buy German sausages in the UK?
Just spoke to a friend. He tried to take his own life last week. Just out of intensive care. Why? Because his small…
Retweeted by Paulie @Watertankkitty @GarryC1204 Doesn't need to be videos actually in ICU. There would definitely be loads of videos of… totally would. @ellegist The bleep test was evil though. And athletics. Pure evil. @barryspicer @ClareCraigPath @mriminton Why would the excess deaths not diverge further if the virus is still as ra… @melindiscott @AmigoNews20 @berniespofforth I haven't tried but I suspect it depends on the variety and age of the… @barryspicer @ClareCraigPath @mriminton Because the scientists wanted lockdown earlier. I just don't see how anyone… @barryspicer @ClareCraigPath @mriminton Your view would entail the lockdowns working perfectly despite the differen… @barryspicer @ClareCraigPath @mriminton I don't think any scientist would describe PCR as perfect. Would you agree… @barryspicer @ClareCraigPath @mriminton Even though the PCR testing appears to be so flawed? How certain are you th… @barryspicer @ClareCraigPath @mriminton Are you agreeing with my point or not? I think from your and Clare's chart… @sallylepage What's your take on this chart? more I see the more it seems the virus has already passed through the UK. @barryspicer @ClareCraigPath @mriminton The blue line diverges at the end of March then runs parallel all the way u… @ClareCraigPath You've probably already answered this but what was the reason for the increased non-covid related d… @YasMohammedxx It's quite nice coming out of the supermarket on a cold, rainy day. @sugarkane_12 Westminster has to vote to hold any Scottish referendum right? @NadineDorries @nadhimzahawi Why do we need a vaccine if (as you said) there's no such thing as herd immunity? @melindiscott Is it something green? @SamWhiteTky Not too dissimilar. @emilyhewertson Let's all get out our banquet tables and knock holes through walls to make them fit.
@thecoastguy I think what they are revealing to us is that austerity is unnecessary. Is that what you mean? @Miss_Snuffy Better than all the plastic surely? @AeHcat @CarlDevitt @RichardWellings A patent isn't technology that exists. @CarlDevitt @RichardWellings @AeHcat Technology has to actually exist before it can be used to make the planet better. @AJamesW2 @RichardWellings @JWSpry Don't think that's true for modern batteries. @eefkkuno @godblesstoto Because we have had a system in place for 1000s of years that most people are used to and h… @AlStewartOBE @SteveBakerHW @bankofengland Do you need to get it back though? MMT guys would say you don't right? T… @EllllllllloD @firejam1 @thecoastguy The years being cherry picked is less likely to be the issue than the months.… @SirBasilBrush Lembit Opik. @MisanthropeGirl @Markgsparrow Would have thought it would be better to shred the sprouts. @fartelengelbert @Markgsparrow @MisanthropeGirl It is if you add chilli and cumin. @berniespofforth @june_mummery @JSM110880 Is Barnier even suggesting a transition? Is am reading what he is suggest… @sallylepage So in your view should such a chart be used in a science environment let alone a public one? What adv…
@John_for_hope @dombey @timspector What happened in April isn't quite as relevant to policy as what is happening now. @John_for_hope @dombey @timspector You could just as easily make the same point for people who die because of lockdowns. @dombey @John_for_hope @timspector You could reasonably ask that question at any moment in time. @John_for_hope @dombey @timspector I don't think excess deaths are particularly high for this time of year. Marginally above normal.