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Professionally published writer, fighting the good fight against my Multiple Sclerosis. Web developer as my dayjob, & make video games for fun

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wow @michaelmhughes it's a great song! @thisjulieday @effies @MrDavidson LOL @llhall2 it is both! @fabiofernandes thank you! @say_shannon I was in a noise rock band in my mind teens and we covered up not being able to play our instruments b… @thisjulieday @effies it's going through his skin it's like a belt piercing? maybe some merpeople tribal initiatio… @JohnAMcColley @kurellian @lchanwrites only if they bark and growl @kurellian @lchanwrites wear a puppy on your head @kurellian My hair was down to my lower back, and I cut off my hair and then decided to grow my beard long because… @kurellian Yes! I've never let it grow this much before. So I was like hey pandemic, I'll grow my beard because why not @wnwagner It is! Fluffy and like a puppy. Though in the summer it might go bye bye because wearing a sweater on yo… Noor Hindi poem is p h e n o m e n a l
Retweeted by Paul JessupPlease please please wear masks. They go over the nose.
Retweeted by Paul Jessupmy beard is even more epic now than before. Also. I am crazy disheveled, because lockdown
oh I was wondering what to do with this article for when I switch my website to my own host and single page design.… needd tooo wrriitteee going over the last thing I wrote last thursday ish, to get back into the swing of things.… @CheGilson not a failure at all, publishing is a spiral and a hexagon and not a straight line. I had 8 years betwee… from my current #WIP The troll nodded and then walked northbound, carrying a small lantern in his giant… right it's that time of year for what I published this year things Huh. Crap. This year felt like a million yea… @BrokenFiction oh how awesome that would be! @BrokenFiction murder monks! @heksenhaus oh! I liked that one @Inkybat my spider plant is very hard to kill, so yay for that... @Inkybat I have one plant, a spider plant, and I've been meaning to get more @Inkybat I kinda want my whole house to feel like that too, now.Oh my gosh I love this corner.
Retweeted by Paul Jessup @Inkybat this is AWESOME"There are two kinds of people; those who go over the wall, and those who stay behind. No one who goes over the wal…
Retweeted by Paul Jessup @TheNuminous1 right! Better worded, but pretty much what I meant by it being the movie's strengthsNo twitter, I decline to add a comment to a perfect tweet.
Retweeted by Paul Jessup @TheNuminous1 I can easily see that! Max has always been the least interesting characters in the movies. Which is k… my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! I am so thrilled to share the cover of my upcoming novel, Wendy, Darling with you…
Retweeted by Paul Jessup @TheNuminous1 Toe Cutter rocked! @TheNuminous1 I didn't know he was both Toe Cutter and Immortan Joe! @lhardingwrites God Speed You Black Emperor @jp_oakes any time :)this is nuts! don't need a holographic display. I don't need a holographic display. I don't need a holographic display. I don't…
Retweeted by Paul JessupHere is an interesting writer no one reads anymore. He's awesome. If you don't trust me, trust Kelly Link. #classics
Retweeted by Paul Jessup @NataniaBarron @BrokenFiction so true!lol well this is eclectic @NataniaBarron @BrokenFiction hmm. Would beaks work, too? Since it's the hebrides, I plan on having a small army of puffins @NataniaBarron @BrokenFiction YAY! I like this plan. @BrokenFiction @GirlsandGoblins oh, ouch, yes. And the pogroms, too...though that was pre-Soviet @GirlsandGoblins @BrokenFiction too true. Even ones with joyous moments are balanced by the sad @BrokenFiction @NataniaBarron #retirementgoals @BrokenFiction @NataniaBarron I'll get a neighboring island and we can ferry back and forth and say "hermit hi!" a… @GirlsandGoblins YESSSS And the same! Lots of books, tons of books, more and more and more books! @GirlsandGoblins me too. I adore the classics, as well as sorts of other fictionSo excited about this book! @GirlsandGoblins EXCELLENT @lhardingwrites me too! @BrokenFiction SAME @magwazam1 @Teddybux @jabriella they can't do either of those things- they can take you to court, and garnish your… @Teddybux @jabriella oh, that's illegal. You would be able to leave.Name of the Rose: The Campaign! @mareasie that kept waking me up all nightKelly Link (@haszombiesinit) very much thinks you should read Robertson Davies’s great Canadian classic, "Fifth Bus…
Retweeted by Paul Jessup Coltrane sketch. One of the biggest geniuses in music ever.
Retweeted by Paul JessupI Wrote a Thing: Adventure Generator 2
Retweeted by Paul Jessup @nameshiv @BrokenFiction @AlixEHarrow @tobi_thedreamer Best Book in an Amazing series still means all the other boo… @tobi_thedreamer @BrokenFiction @AlixEHarrow @nameshiv I really wish I could have met her (and Gene Wolfe) before they passed. @pauljessup @AlixEHarrow @tobi_thedreamer @nameshiv How is each book better than the last, too? By the time I finis…
Retweeted by Paul Jessup @nameshiv @BrokenFiction @AlixEHarrow @tobi_thedreamer esp in the 80's and 90's @nameshiv @AlixEHarrow @tobi_thedreamer wow, that's amazing @AlixEHarrow @tobi_thedreamer @nameshiv me too. I mean, it spoke to my bones, you know? In a way I can't explain.… @Adakisn .... no it snowed for the best reason, it stopped by for a bit, and left before it overstayed it's welcome @nameshiv @BrokenFiction @AlixEHarrow @tobi_thedreamer thank you for making me feel old @AlixEHarrow @tobi_thedreamer @nameshiv RIGHT? @BrokenFiction @AlixEHarrow @tobi_thedreamer @nameshiv LOLOLOL @AlixEHarrow @tobi_thedreamer @nameshiv I GOT THAT THIS YEAR as a birthday present to myself best thing ever. @nameshiv @tobi_thedreamer And Tales of Earthsea, which is a collection of short stories... I bought the Illustrat… @nameshiv @tobi_thedreamer Don't forget the Other Wind, which is also really good @AlixEHarrow @tobi_thedreamer @nameshiv OMG the dance I get chills just thinking about it. Le Guin knew how to mak… @AlixEHarrow @tobi_thedreamer @nameshiv Make that three! @aliettedb @tadethompson oh agreed @tadethompson @aliettedb right? Books aren't there to teach us lessons. We're adults, and really even as kids if th… @aliettedb YES. I noticed a lot of youtube (booktubers?) are doing this and it bothers me a lot. @nameshiv @tobi_thedreamer Yes! Autuan is one of my favorite books of all time.yup and that sidewalk is completely filled in with snow now. DUM DUM DUMMMMM hopefully it will al melt Thursday,… @Inkybat One of the best trolls!I’ll add a troll!
Retweeted by Paul Jessup @murphcas Oh, no! I need to read the Chrestomanci book still! Yeah, Castle in the Air and House of Many Ways are l… @murphcas Yes! Castle in the Air, and House of Many Ways. I really have to get copies to read them @murphcas Oh yes, I found that to be the case, too. I still have to read the sequels, I've heard it gets even better after the first book @Bhaal_Spawn LOL now with extra cartridge!tap on a mirror, and if there is a whisper of cold breeze, push through it. There is something that waits on the otherside @llhall2 it is a nightmare. Only good thing about a pandemic is there is no reason to actually got outside into the… @sebastian_lk folklore and Joni Mitchell is doing spotify right @cat_hellisen it's pure comfort food to me, I played it a bit after it had come out (on the Ultima Collection CD in… @mikekasprzak that's awesome!SO COOL @DariaPlays twitter so sucks when it comes to stuff like that. The drama is nuts. @cat_hellisen Ultima 4! @MeasurePebbles YUP. @murphcas It's quite interesting! Esp how the book is like a reverse portal fantasy, while the movie is just a secondary world @murphcas I hear you...I wasn't ready for it yet, either, lol @Inkybat Oh, yes, that's another fantastic one. I need to get a copy of it, for re-reading each year, that should b…