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Can't tell you how pleased I am to have drawn this years XMAS Dredd... Santa – it’s Tharg the Mighty who’ll be delivering the goodies this Christmas! Get a head start on your Xmas…
Retweeted by PJ HoldenComing Saturday #monsterMacs @monster_macs (or, if you prefer sooner! subscribe to the
Retweeted by PJ Holden @danmcdaid slimming world.
Coming Saturday #monsterMacs @monster_macs (or, if you prefer sooner! subscribe to the @EddieRobson @MrKenShabby I.. I have to stick around until the election. After that I'm deleting ever US political… @TaraOComics YOU don't get to decide when you can make a profit, publishers/editors do, so you keep pushing until t… @TaraOComics I'm with You Tara, you don't develop a style and sign off on it, like that's the end, no go and profit… @TaraOComics gonna require me to start writing 20 years of refunds. @kfury And Twitter was elevated purely because everyone uses it. No users? No Dorsey.These Spidey/Defenders pieces from the first half of #inktober are still available. $70 (+$5 US ship) 5"x9" on 9"x1…
Retweeted by PJ HoldenTHE ONE YOU FEED is a PAY WHAT YOU WANT digital first series from me Dylan Burnett, @DeanWhiteColor @JohnJHill and…
Retweeted by PJ Holden @HassanOE @highbrowtrash First one is great, a surprisingly good examination of class set within the bounds of a silly idea.Just saw that letter goebbels wrote about how terrible hitler is, but it’s ok, Cus He’s working from within to repr… this Saturday #monstermacs OR come support us and and read the first three pages at our… @scottygod Step one will be protesting that he was elected at all. The election will have been “stolen” (trumped ha… @simonfraser Yeah starting to find that.Gots ma new varifocals, so you yunguns better watch out.WE NEED 🍖BEEF💪BROS👨🏿‍🤝‍👨🏼 Gonzo, eye-searing & aspirational, the leftist superhero comic you've been waiting for i…
Retweeted by PJ HoldenOooh! 👕Get yours at
Retweeted by PJ Holden @neilhimself Restream will live stream to multiple platforms. Which might be the best way for a one off thing.Starting Saturday stay tuned at @Monster_MACS #monsterMacs to chat about book sales? I very much recommend you get in touch with @s0phie0 through the spare room project.
Retweeted by PJ HoldenEveryone who lives, works or studies in Northern Ireland can become a virtual library member! Means you can keep re…
Retweeted by PJ HoldenWe are now in to issue 4 so we’d appreciate any letters or fan art - send it is and it may get published
Retweeted by PJ Holden @cstross The writers room is too stretched. They’ve had to do the UK and, simultaneously, the US seasons. No wonder… @CreativebyDave Was NOT expecting the Gary Larson cameo.I havent watched an actual Kickstarter video in ages, but SWEET FIERY SUPLEX am I glad I watched this! #SOLD
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@jamiegambell my younger brother was the same, duplicated the thing using rapidographs.SHOW ME THE BEEF!!! some, dept K. The nice thing about this is I can just make up a whole bunch of silliness and say “well.. it’s… @TaraOComics Packing the courts is the REPUBLICAN’S job, Tara! @BeffernieBlack And it turned out worse than that even ... @DanWritehead @mccreaman I think, on reflection, I know which of us is going to die tragically in the end.If you’re a podcast or comics website who would like to chat to john or me about this let us know! @tomfowlerbug @mccreaman Smell that sweet Derry air. (This joke (c)1978 every dad from NI ) @ElectricDracula @DAvallone I have decided I’m fed up with just waking up everyday and being that little bit fatter… and ⁦@mccreaman⁩ at Derry in 2018. Ive know john longer than I’ve know most other humans. Hopefully we’ll get to… @lewis_goodall We’re thrown into it without clear guidance on how much work they should give, what would be realist… @lewis_goodall My kids are 12 and 15 (so youngest in 2nd year of secondary and eldest in 5th year-in two different… @lewis_goodall In word documents that required uploading as pdfs in order to maintain their layout (presentations,… @lewis_goodall I can tell you this Lewis; we’re an extremely IT literate family (I was the IT manager for a major (… is the Kickstarter for the latest issue of Tripwire, in what I done a comic. Please check it out!
Retweeted by PJ Holdenthe thing about learning a langue is they want you to know verbs adverbs, propositions and more and I don't even fu… @ManMadeMoon Haven;'t heard that, but what about this: @RobJonesWrites shouldn't be banging. Should be hoovering. Get it checked. @ryanqnorth I hope all your emails begin "Good evening Mister Bond" @ManMadeMoon Sweet, you could probably get like 8fps on that thing.Ok, if you're a patreon of mine and @johnreppion's at you can read the first three pages of… I think Cradlegrave and Leviathan are two of the best things @2000AD have ever published.
Retweeted by PJ Holden“Home working reduces creative thought, says Bank economist” this will be news to the vast majority of freelance cr… @sharkbitesteve @SimonFurman3 heh I always draw it as if the eagle is a decorative element on a more practical shou…
Christ, Alan... to bed, and will read V for vendetta. overdue a reread...) @TheAhmedRaafat Hard, very hard - recommend googling the How To Draw tutorials by the the Lorenzo Bros. I tend to d… you! @mikerturner @djfood that looks like it all right anyone identify this symbol for me please?
Retweeted by PJ Holden @floydthek So far (only 15 mins in to a 2 hour movie!) her accent is still grating. But it’s a marvel seeing V - I… v for vendetta. Still amazed this even exists. @PaulAllor I think your biggest problem with convincing people is coming up with a snappy name for this do - “comb-… EXTENDED TO 31 OCT: there’s up to 70% off @2000AD & @britcomics horror titles - including classics like Fiends…
Retweeted by PJ Holden @olliemasters (or, frankly, neutral news) @jeffparker @DaveHendrick I'm hoping to sleep through my next birthday. @olliemasters I'll take any good news I can get in 2020. @olliemasters yup water. Specifically dispersed all over the moon rather than just in the poles, which is the inter… here, poor people, is some of the food I won't be letting you have. going with the “I’m rubber and you’re glue” defence. photocopying his own butt is very on brand. the only time the term “sausage-fest” isn’t derogatory. wants you to live a long healthy life, mostly because he makes his home in the human urethra. Mate Seán showing up with the goods... how much energy is being poured into arguing over kids in poverty and who should pay for their meals and no… friends- the facts of the matter are that unbelievably @BBCSounds has given me a podcast series, and it start…
Retweeted by PJ Holden @olliemasters or, given the current political climate, a Trump nominated head of nasa will announce they've found postal votes up there. @olliemasters or they;'ve finally found that b52 bomber. @olliemasters water, I'm guessing. @TobyonTV YOU'VE NEVER HADDOCK SO GOOD. @TobyonTV fishful thinking.Here’s another illustration update of a piece I did a few years ago. Lots of fun to do and pleasing to see how I’m…
Retweeted by PJ HoldenStarting on Saturday #monstermacs - you can follow along, a weekly kid comic about monsters and kids at…
Retweeted by PJ HoldenIncredible Usagi Yojimbo by the great Ron Salas
Retweeted by PJ Holden @jeffparker They’re gonna need those suits and that hose to clear the White House after the election.good night!
@DavePorta1 hah well, luckily this was more about moving some panel tiers around than anything, worked out ok.Starting on Saturday #monstermacs - you can follow along, a weekly kid comic about monsters and kids at… @garyswilkinson That’ll be the armadillos... @DavePorta1 (i mean all that you mention there...) @DavePorta1 This one has all of them Universal Monsters 8-Movie Essentials Collection by Universal Studios Home Ent… @DaveHendrick If you’ve an iPad, point him to some tutorials for Procreate, and there’s a fun program called Loops… @NickRoche @declanshalvey God also made the platypus.Bought the universal horror movies and gonna work my way through. Dracula looks amazing, sound quality is iffy AF t… @pjgoodman @johnreppion (course we couldn’t tell they were having meetings because they were usually doing it two m… @pjgoodman @johnreppion (not to mention BIG STANDING TWO METERS APART - they’ve been having secret socially distanc… @pjgoodman @johnreppion Pretty clear it’s the agenda of BIG MASK. @PulpLibrarian Initially thought this might be some solid advice for the women swimming about to deal with weirdo c… @thomdunn Admiral Holdo. @jp_jordan Great to see frank Miller up and about