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PJ Holden @pauljholden Belfast, N Ireland, Europe.

Maker of comics. email: portfolio: he/him

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@johnreppion Add it as a page, or as a specific category. And if you're paying for wordpress hosting, move it over… even to this day, I've had experiences of people in England not realising NI was part of the UK so - nothing sp… I worked in IT in retail we'd buy in parts+more from what we called the Mainland - and a surprising amount of… brilliant brexit dividend! @declanshalvey Yeah the sitcom-parody can carry it for an episode but it’s been done better by other shows (and it’… @ChrisSamnee @ChrisEliopoulos @PaulMcCall We also go mash but at time of broadcast in the UK they showed it without the laugh track the result was a very different show! @PaulMcCall We got bewitched (ep2 was clearly leaning on that) ep3 no idea what’s opening credits where-Brady bunch… third episode of Wanda vision and nope. Still not really able to get in to it. Feels like it’s doing a life on M… need a holiday. (But then who doesn’t?)Motivational tank is about 2% full right now.Legends of tomorrow, I’m at season 3 ep 10 and every episode is a delight (except maybe the cross over that was ver… @IBRZ96 @_adz096 Only available on Kickstarter from the Etherington bros, about £25 each. But the books material is… were all goo-goo for the brilliant Andrew Loomis books, that we all sort of ignored the brilliantly densely pack… @mightyfineline @philhester @mightyfineline @philhester Sorry! (he’s also got a really good one on drawing animals...) @ChrisFenoglio I love VFX (childhood obsession with Harryhousen movies) and I know video game people too, where pos… @ChrisFenoglio There’s a lot of 3D asses you can buy (and lots for free) (i speak as someone constantly looking to… @mightyfineline @philhester I couldn’t not buy all of them... (but lots of repeated info) The jack hamm book is mu… @benclarkson It’s very very good. But also the jack hamm book is brilliant on that front. @PJ_Draws I really recommended these @MrJalco Also a problem... @David_Brogan9 I might have a problem... @philhester If most of these books turn out to be nothing but empty pages, it would not surprise me. But sadly, I’ll never know...And I gave a bunch away a few years ago...Here are the books on my how-to-draw shelf... @Altindhistory Oh... Amazon link...? NO WAIT! DAMMIT. @moosegrinder I guessed. @NoodlesTech There’s half a dozen loomis books, but you can also find the key points online. @NoodlesTech I genuinely think the only how to draw book I ever read was the marvel one, decades ago - as a teenage… night with my stomach last night again. Part of refuses to accept that it’s because I mad pizza dough (because… bought another how-to-draw book that can go on the shelves I looked at with the other how-to-draw books. @Aptalops I might be wrong, but I feel like “Don’t look now” has a bit with the girl on a swing @mslola1904 This looks like his face has been run through one of those photo apps that adds a smile to your face.Showing up for that job interview to draw spiderman comics
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Just found out my wife has never seen My Cousin Vinny. It’s £3.99 on apple movies. Told her it’s a brilliant comedy… til 6th of March. Ugh. @alexanderfinbow No way jose, these fingers are a delicate instrument suitable only for drawing things...! @SteveDeeGreen Europe is suggesting everyone go to n95 - and I think we should do, n95 with cloth over the top seem… to figure out the best mask to wear and where to buy them so you know you're not getting awful knock-offs is ... bloody hard. @MattGertz @iyad_elbaghdadi @CullyHamner @jack I'd settle for a "No Jerks" button. @IamHappyToast @robmanuel can't go out and buy the stuff being advertised! @TaraOComics Heh probably not - but surely "ballsack's face" is a quintessentially Northern Irish expression, it's… a wee #HistoricalCrime book launch? Sign up to join author David Bishop ⁦(@davidbishop⁩) as he launches hi…
Retweeted by PJ Holden @robmanuel Clear a space where a churchill bust might have been, take a photo and label it "Churchill bust removed… @TaraOComics "ballsack's face" Ireland has changed you, Tara... @StewartL64 "Enema's at the gate"? @deezoid I'll still phone the doc, not sure how effective a children's medication is gonna be on me, a human elephant... @deezoid or it's a misdiagnosis. About the only thing that helps is a) diet (and that's really helped knock out the… @deezoid Well, yes... god, that's depressing.. @deezoid (I'll tell you this, buscopan works as well as pissing in the wind for me, but I still take 'em...) @deezoid gonna phone my doc in the morning and see what he thinks... @deezoid this is interesting, cus I found this: and I've been had rashes and things for the… @deezoid (when it's bad, I'll take placebos, sacrifice a goat to mammon and pray to jesus, odin, and zeus...) @deezoid interesting... off the shelf or doc prescribed?I was lucky enough to get to spend a decent chunk of last year working with hugely-talented people to make a thing…
Retweeted by PJ HoldenAnyway, today I’m woozy. Got two pages of pencils done yesterday, and a side project came my way (super short thing… up from 2am last night with stomach pain (IBS with a wheat trigger- I’m good at avoiding wheat but every so of… @kmichaelrussell No more daft than explosion noises, really...Hat tip to @MikeMeltzer for this Bernie sighting
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@EnglishmanSDCC @JosephPIllidge I think it’d be a ballsy move, and unlikely someone just trying to break in would e… @JosephPIllidge @EnglishmanSDCC Be tempted to draw that sample and just stick everyone in regular clothes. @danmcdaid Can hear dracula spitting it out as he falls off the castle with a stake in him. “It’ll be back in some… @wardcarroll @joelockhart @CheriJacobus Isn’t the 45th president like the 13th floor on skyscrapers, where they eit… @JoshuaDysart Dude deserves a medal.When does america become communist now? is it done through executive order or...?A plan to assassinate Adolf at 9:05pm BREAKTHROUGH (1980) #RichardBurton #RobertMitchum #RodSteiger
Retweeted by PJ Holden @SteveDeeGreen @tomshaps @westonfront I’m not saying history hasn’t been wrong, for surely it has. I am saying in t… @Chiropterarex @tomshaps The fact you even need to ask suggests my regime is going to have to get tough early. @tomshaps Five. AND I WILL ACCEPT NO MORE OR LESS. @tomshaps Unbelievably. Only just been made president and Twitter is already censoring me. I said “hat” day. Not “her” day. @tomshaps Thursday is her day. Everyone wears a hat on Thursday. Comedy hats only acceptable last Thursday of the year. I’m not a monster.I mean it was literally aimed at me so yes. It is relevant to me Twitter. @tomshaps I’m as surprised as anyone.Brilliant, now how do we get rid of the whole sickening lot of the tories next?Sun setting... @rob__mccallum God, what would it take to feel like this about British politics...?Watching the inauguration just to make sure it’s happening, before I can go back to only knowing a tiny amount about us politics. @MitchGerads IMPEACH HIM!So farewell then, person who picked trump’s music to make him look as ridiculous as possible. We salute you.Local ice cream can getting in on the sea shanty’s with what shall we do with the drunken sailor tinkling out of its speakers. @Robwilliams71 Young man, there’s no need to feel down. *walks off crying* @wardcarroll You would swear that the YMCA on top of that video as he walks off to “young man, here’s no need to feel down” as a skit by SNL @pauljholden Depends on the length remaining of the term they inherit. If it’s more than two years, they only get t…
Retweeted by PJ Holden @theronster I was really wondering aloud in the event Harris becomes acting president...If a VP becomes acting president, can they still have two actual terms as presidents?Once Biden swears in, I'm gonna unfollow so many american journos... sorry! @icemark @DanWritehead Suspect teachers have been asked by higher ups to set lots of “busy-work” to counter the pos… @martin_gleeson Thank you!not again
Retweeted by PJ Holden @DanWritehead Coincidentally, after posting that, Thomas (also y9) form teacher phoned (doing the rounds of all his… @theronster @LovelyLee_G She’s a very smart woman with very bad taste. @LovelyLee_G Some people loved that show (my wife)Oh the mythical city that drove everyone mad who tried to look for it? Crikey. @martin_gleeson (I think comic draw is about £20 -a one off fee) @martin_gleeson Procreate is essential (about a tenner). Clipstudio is brilliant for pro level comics (i think it’s…“slack” not “sock”I do think there needs to be sock in the system. We’ve just got to figure out where that is.Or hiding in the back and scribbling in notebooks and doing nothing) and teachers asking to see all the work wherea…