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“THE VICTORS” as our @ladyhawkzswim team had an all around night as it was electric on the @BHBlackHawks pool tonig…“THE RELAY COMES THROUGH” as our @ladyhawkzswim 4x100 relay as Brooke Thompson comes back and seals it for our…“CHAMPS” as our @ladyhawkzswim had an incredible night as they win the tri meet beating West Bloomfield and Troy to…“ACCUMULATING THE POINTS” as Raab, Janonz and Fischer finish 2,3,5 in the Breaststroke for @ladyhawkzswim“PHOTO FINISH” as Kiesel wins in a dramatic finish for @ladyhawkzswim in the backstroke @BHHS_Stuco @BHBlackHawks“TREMENDOUS RACE” as our 200 relay team battled back and came up .4 seconds short of the victory. Great drama and a…“THE BEST LONG DISTANCE SWIMMER” as Thompson wins the 500 for @ladyhawkzswim as @lara_janosz2 comes in 4th in this…
“INCREDIBLE FINISH” as Dylewski battled back and overtook the lead and wins the 100 Butterfly for @ladyhawkzswim Co…“WASCO WINS IT ALL” as Abby Wasco on this dive wins the tri meet diving competition for @ladyhawkzswim Congratulati…“BEST DIVE OF THE NIGHT” as Madison Copper has this spectacular dive for @ladyhawkzswim tonight in the pool…“FINALS IN THE MEDLEY” as our @ladyhawkzswim competed and did an excellent job in the medley relay tonight…“WELCOME TO THE MEET” as our @ladyhawkzswim team getting ready for the tri meet @RachelLMatz @BHSFoundationMI“INCREDIBLE RACE” as @lara_janosz2 battles back to just miss winning the 200 for @ladyhawkzswim Congratulations on…“GREAT SWIM” as Rachel Hall does a great job in the 50 in the final heat today for @ladyhawkzswim @dzulkiewski“DOMINATED FROM START TO FINISH” as Thompson dominated the 200 IM for @ladyhawkzswim as she easily beats the field“CRUISING TO VICTORY” as @KushalSan17 and Ishan Goel cruise to victory over Rochester today as our @bhhs_boystennis“NEXT STOP ROCHESTER” as our @bhhs_boystennis team getting ready for Rochester today @BHSFoundationMI @BHHS_Stuco“WINNING EASY” as Charlie Foster and Drew Cohen rainy win their match today vs Brother Rice @BHBlackHawks @BHHScage
“DOMINATING” as Jack Behrendt and Michael Guo dominates their match today @BHHScage @BHBlackHawks @RachelLMatz“THE MAN AT THE NET” as Zack Frank dominated the net as him and parter Brandon Ho easily win their match today vs B…“SLAMMING AWAY” as Tommy Hedges and Jack Boike easily win in their match today vs Brother Rice @BHBlackHawks“INCREDIBLE SHOT” as Rishi Chadian and Drew Speaks dominated their match today vs Brother Rice @BHBlackHawks“TREMENDOUS FROM THE START” as our @bhhs_boystennis varsity B team destroyed Brother Rice today as they celebrated…“HELPING BLOOMFIELD WIN” as our @bhhs_boystennis team had an intense match vs Brother Rice today and came out with…“WINNING IT FOR BLOOMFIELD” as Noah Behrendt and Toni Vasile clinch the match today vs Brother Rice for…“MEET YOUR @bhhs_boystennis varsity B team @CHollerith @JohnCiecko @BHBlackHawks @BHHScage @tjbidlack @TinaKostiuk“GREAT TEAMWORK” as Drew Davis and Josh Balan with this great point as they cruised to victory yesterday for…“PASSING HIS WAY TO VICTORTY” as Zach Kam with this nice passing shot after a great volley by Michael Lee as they r…“WINNING EASY” as Toni Vasile wins easily yesterday for @bhhs_boystennis @BHBlackHawks“BLOOMFIELD HILLS CELEBRITY” as @BHBlackHawks freshmen Walker Fairbanks stars in this movie…“JUST STOP IT ALEADY” as Archer Guanco scores the 7th goal for @BlackHawksSocca tonight as they rout Avondale 8-0.…“ANOTHER GOAL” as Archer Guanco scores another @BlackHawksSocca goal as the @BHBlackHawks took a 5-0 lead…“POURING IT ON” as Brooks Brisscette scores the 6th goal of the night for @BlackHawksSocca as it’s officially a rou…“NOT EVEN CLOSE ” as Marc Ventura scores the final goal as @BlackHawksSocca destroys Avondale 8-0 as the game was s…“HAINER SCORES AGAIN” as Douglas Hainer scores with the assist from @jamesswanson991 as @BlackHawksSocca lead 4-0 m… by Douglas Hainer as @BlackHawksSocca take a 3-0 lead @BHHSCounseling1 @BHBlackHawks @BHHScage @BHHS_Stuco“HAMMER TIME” as our @BHHScage are our tonight and cheering the way they know how for our @BlackHawksSocca after th…“SWANSONG” as @jamesswanson991 scores with a great assist from Blake Kaufman as @BlackHawksSocca lead 2-0…
“ALL RISE” as Lincoln Judge puts our @BlackHawksSocca up 1-0 @BHHScage @BHBlackHawks @TheBiff881 @BHHSModelUN“GAMETIME” as our @BlackHawksSocca team ready for Avondale tonight @BHHScage @BHBlackHawks“CHEN DOMINATING” as Andrew Chen wins easily today for @bhhs_boystennis in their win vs Seaholm“NUMBER 1 SHOWING HIS STUFF” as @NoahRoslin dominated his opponent with shots like this as he helps…“THE LOB MACHINE” as Lucas Solomon here at match point vs Seaholm. Lucas came back from 2-5 down in 1st set to swee…“BLOOMFIELD STUDENTS CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT” as our @bhhsenvclub getting ready to tackle the environment. Than…“BSA ALL THE WAY” as our @BHHS_BSA club has its ice cream social today at the high school. @CHollerith @BHHSModelUN“ON A ROLL” as our @blackhawksvball team after theses last 2 Tournaments are looking ahead to the playoffs. Congrat…“VOLLEYING ALONG” as our @blackhawksvball team keep winning as they won the ND Prep quad tournament last night. Con…“MORE OPPORTUNITIES FOR OUR STUDENTS” thanks @BHBlackHawks @BHHS_Stuco @BHHScage for these great opportunities…“LETS GO CLUBBING” as our @BHBlackHawks showcase their clubs today @BHHSModelUN @BHHS_Stuco @BhhsGavel @eeshyyy first episode of "This Week Today" is here! Watch and let us know your thoughts.
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“POLITICAL ADVOCACY” as our @BHBlackHawks students ready to look into the importance issues facing students…“TRADITION” as we meet our 2019 cast for fiddler on the roof. Congratulations to all as we cannot wait for November…“COLLEGE TIME” as these are some important @BHBlackHawks dates @BHHScage @BHHS_Stuco @BHHSModelUN @RachelLMatz bad is this was Bennett Cooper
“STUDENTS TAKING ACTION” as our @BHBlackHawks are holding a climate change rally this Wednesday. Please come and s…
“SWEEPING THROUGH THE FIELD” as our @bhhs_boystennis varsity B team did not lose a match today as they beat 7 other…“STUDENT ADVOCACY” come join this amazing club in order to get more involved. First meeting is Monday 9/16 B203 at… @BHHScage @BHHS_FB @BHBlackHawks @CHollerith @dreednordwall @TinaKostiuk @tjbidlack @RobDurecka @JasonRubel“LEADERS OF THE BAND” as we thank or band directors for helping @alfposner out on another incredible performance al… note I have an update on Tanner Slazinski. Tanner’s CT scans were all Negative. Mom says he is doing fine…“CHEERING ALL NIGHT” as our Poms, Cheer and @BHHScage were amazing all night for our @BHHS_FB team. Thanks to all…“GETTING READY” as our @BHHSBandOrch performance all night was spectacular. Here they are in the pregame…“INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE” as our @BHBlackHawks Poms squad had another incredible hafetime performance tonight before…“THE BAND PERFORMANCE” as our @BHHSDrumline and @BHHSBandOrch had another great half-time performances front of our… are all praying for @TannerSlazinski as he did give a thumbs up on the way to the hospital. I heard he has move…“TOUCHDOWN” as @TannerSlazinski with this nice throw for a touchdown for our @BHHS_FB as they fall 42-21 tonight…“HAMMER TIME” as our @BHHScage goes wild after a @BHHS_FB score and dies their traditional cheer @RachelLMatz“TOUCHDOWN” as Andrew Siepierski goes 67 yards as @BHHS_FB tie the game at 14 @BHSFoundationMI @BHHS_Stuco
“BEST STUDENT SECTION” as our @BHHScage are alive fir the home opener tonight @jwoow1102 @BHBlackHawks @RachelLMatz“TOUCHDOWN” as @TannerSlazinski throws this touchdown to @Alec_ward2 as @BHHS_FB are tied 7-7 mid first…“CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR BHHS FALL MUSICAL CAST” as our @BHBlackHawks announce the final cast for “FIDDLER ON THE RO…“TREMENDOUS EFFORT” as our @ladyhawkswim team had another incredible night in the pool. Congratulations to all as…
“MEET YOUR SWIM AND DIVE TEAM” as our @ladyhawkswim team look to continue their incredible season tonight in the po…“DECA KICKS OFF” as our @BHBlackHawks business leaders kick off the Deca season as they are ready to take on the…“GET INVOLVED” as our @BHHS_Stuco along with @JessicaLupone @CHollerith and our @BHBlackHawks have all of these ama…“ROLE MODEL” as @devin_holme is featured in this story and @bhschools could not be prouder of Devin for all of his…“CALLING ALL HEALTH STUDENTS” if you are interested in the health profession, please consider this amazing club.…
“WALL STREET WARRIORS” as our @BHHSInvest met today to strategize on how to beat Wall Street through these hard eco…“THE BEST IN THE STATE MEETING EARLY” as our @BhhsGavel @BHHSModelUN team are getting ready to debate the new year…“IT’S BACK” with @eeshyyy and Katie Heath back as the runner up in the world as your Co-captains and Matt Mcloud as…“SHUT OUT” as our @BlackHawksSocca team beat Oxford tonight 2-0 as our defense and the Savior shut out Oxford. Arch…“SCORE” as our @BHBlackHawks girls field hockey score here in the second half as they battled back from 2-0 to make…
Still battling as our @BHBlackHawks field hockey trail 1-0 late first but have had many opportunities @CHollerith putting pressure on as game is tied late first @CHollerith @thehawkeyenews @BHHS_Stuco @BHHScage“LET’S GO BLACKHAWKS” as our lady @BHBlackHawks look to win tonight vs Birmingham @CHollerith @BHHScage @tjbidlack
“BEST IN THEIR LEAGUE” as our @BHBlackHawks girls golf team win their league tournament today as they are the class…“FLYING OVER THE COMPETITION” as our @BHBlackHawks girls Vollyball team dominated the invitational this weekend ta…
First Model UN Team Meeting of the year will be held this Wednesday at 7:00AM in room D203-4. New and returning me…
Retweeted by PKSports“GIVING BACK” as our @BHHSDrumline perform this morning at Kirk on the hills and last week at Franklin. Thanks for…“INVITATIONAL CHAMPIONS” as our @blackhawksvball team went to Corona and won the invitational tournament. Congratu…
“AROUND THR BARRELS” as Emily Johnson has a great competition ride today for our @BHBlackHawks ad they look to win…“WINNING WESTERN” as @BHBlackHawks Gabby Grant wins the Western Competition today. Great job Gabby @bhschools“BEST TRAIL RIDER” as Alyssa Talerico takes first overall in the trail competition. Congratulations on a tremendous…“BEST IN CLASS” as Madison Cooper wins the flag race competition today for our @BHBlackHawks as she came first over…“THE UNVEILING” as @TEAM2834 help kickoff the middle school Robotics year for over 40 teams. Thanks Hall of Famer…“SMILE FOR THE HORSE” as our @BHBlackHawks students compete in the Western Competition today as our team is looking…“HORSES START YOUR SADDLE” as the official Equastrian season opens up and our @BHBlackHawks are ready to ride today…“JUMPING FOR BLOOMFIELD” as Ishan Singla in his first equastrian jumping competition for Bloomfield Hills finishes…“RUN BLOOMFIELD RUN” as our @bhhsxc team look forward to an incredible year and our seniors say farewell this year…“THROWING ON THE RUN” as @TannerSlazinski with this great throw on the run setting up a @BHHS_FB score @BHHScage