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Eagles/Nets/Mets/Ionescu Andreina❤️ 24 MINS 5 PTS 2-7 FG Fouled out

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Bro it’s worse cuz we offered him 100 and he went around begging other teams to pick him up lmao had his sister sta…
Retweeted by LeAnkleHe was cooked before this injury. He got some dumb advisors/friends letting him turn that shit down lmao marks are key lmaooo
Retweeted by LeAnkle.@BlakeGriffin23 really broke out the “McLovin” (or “McGriffin”) Air Jordan 35 PEs 😂🤣
Retweeted by LeAnkleGood morning to my @BrooklynNets fans !
Retweeted by LeAnkleTeam 13 here for you that bother me that shouldn't: the L in Montrezl. Dudes nicknamed is TREZZ not Trezl. @MONSTATREZZ If the Lakers don't win the chip can you take the random L out of your first name please#stoptakingpercs
Retweeted by LeAnkle“Eight guys in double-figures. That’s Brooklyn Nets basketball and what you want to see.” - James Harden
Retweeted by LeAnkleSteve Nash was JUST hired as #Nets head coach and Kyrie Irving's already dismissing him. This is incredible.
Retweeted by LeAnkle#Celtics, with Kemba Walker: 17-7 23.5 PTS 43.2 FG% (17.7 FGA) 41.1 3P%* (9.3 3PA*) 88.2 FT%* (5 FTA) 5.2 AST 4.3…
Retweeted by LeAnkleTonight: #Celtics: Kemba Walker - Probable (neck) #Nets: Kyrie Irving - Out (disinterest, fear)
Retweeted by LeAnkle @PaulTweetz2Much Paul George 88/178 (49.4%)
Retweeted by LeAnkledo PG next @Libra10182 Harden and Dejounte Murray wanted the smoke 😳
Retweeted by LeAnkledudes a myth at this point
Retweeted by LeAnkleStill don’t know if I’ve been benched or traded?? 😐
Retweeted by LeAnkle
Retweeted by LeAnkle
Retweeted by LeAnklesilver made the call, play in.
Retweeted by LeAnkleGuess JJ Redick wants to be petty tonight
Retweeted by LeAnkleJames Harden on not having rust after missing 20 games with a hamstring strain: "Not to brag or anything, but I'm r…
Retweeted by LeAnkleAlso, the starting 5 had played a grand total of zero minutes together before night. The machine is rolling again.
Retweeted by LeAnkleC’s need to be playing in Indonesia 🇮🇩
Retweeted by LeAnkleJames Harden first game back: 18/7/11/2/2 6-8 FG 3-4 3P in 26 minutes off the bench.
Retweeted by LeAnkleWe here, Cody
Retweeted by LeAnkle18/11/7 in 26 minutes on 94% eFG 🔥🔥🔥 Beard is back @PaulTweetz2Much He re made his character and focused more VC on defense and play making this time
Retweeted by LeAnkleJames Harden manOnly took 10 shots and made 4 of them
Retweeted by LeAnklethat's @bori_antt's father needed Bruce to finish that stillHardens floater so eliteBaldy is special
Retweeted by LeAnkleI feel like they got 6 And 1s tonightLol can we ever shut the door around the 6 minute mark...Not gonna check the box score since we up 3 TDs but KD shot not been falling today? @PaulTweetz2Much He need to gone head and get in them Rico Hines runs they be going to
Retweeted by LeAnkleJames got the quickest hands in the league lmaoThe P&R whisperer. The shooter whisperer. The cutter whisperer. James Harden an off-season with Wiseman to fix how much Kerr set that kid backLmao we all know that shit was for Russ at the college or NBA level, James Harden should have huge offers to coach when he's done playing.I need another technical for hanging on the rim out of Claxtonim boutta delete cashapp if you dont got zelle grow up
Retweeted by LeAnkleDo you know how good playing with James Harden is going to be for Nicolas Claxton's growth during these early parts of his career
Retweeted by LeAnkle @KantBanRich Here's a present Nic shoot FTs like BStapIes @KantBanRich ?Feed Nicplease let him walk. please
Retweeted by LeAnkleI let you cook a lot, but you've lost your mind if you think Thybulle hasn't earned an all-defense spot
Retweeted by LeAnkleJeff rolled an ankle. Great.TLC a real meme now. There's no coming back from it. He is just an awful basketball player that should never see the NBA again.Jeff Green just takes flight then worries about the rest laterThis is what we dreamed of Harden is an elite coachI'm more sure Claxton will be a DPOY than I am he'll be a 70% FT shooterDeRozan staying true to his game making sure his toes were on the lineSeen players roll ankles and hit their heads in that section. It's dangerous real if the photographers were there KD would probably be hurt. That shit has never been safe lmao @Yuhuuur @Boy1drr He told me he hates you lolShhhhhh our Hawks need to flip him for Jaylen Brown Celtics not playing right now? got RonDaaaadon written all over it wonder how much Blake can lift goat best friend is millie bobby brown have some shame
Retweeted by LeAnkleBoy wingstop freaky ass hell
Retweeted by LeAnkle @asalgado11 Denzel Valentine actuallyThe leagues best playmaker is making plays.
Retweeted by LeAnkleBest passer in the worldJeff didn't go for the poster 😔Klay is back @e11isBK @booskutball Skippy was in his bag with that one @e11isBK @booskutball Was dripping down his leg like the Curt Schillings ketchupThe cheap assists are back 😭
Retweeted by LeAnkleSpurs just some snipers lolJAMES22-29 437 yards 5 Tugs and a pick
Retweeted by LeAnkleEvery game I watch Patty Mills play I swear he going 100% like he trying to send Bron home again @2Cobey2 just this questionKyrie re-entered before KD got any minutes. KD entered at the 8-7 minute mark that game, iirc @2Cobey2 what's your stat line at home vs Atlanta? jokes about fans of a team having to suit up for their favorite team may be overdone but 2Cobey2 lining up unde… @PaulTweetz2Much Rather them give Udoka a jersey and throw him out there
Retweeted by LeAnkle @PaulTweetBurner TLC a shooter in theoryHe's a casualty of people wanting to find things to blame Nash for depth without Joe is THAT thin lol James silencing the haters (yes somehow Mike James has haters lmao) @PaulTweetz2Much Didn't they get into it last game? When Demar fouled him hard.
Retweeted by LeAnkleThe screen itself was illegal lmao why he had to add the extra stiffarm a highlight with Kurucs on the bench and I got angryBlake's 3 point shooting entering today by dribble total: 0 dribbles - 39.8% 1 dribble - 34.6% 2 dribbles - 26.7% 3…
Retweeted by LeAnkle🚨 Eagles schedule 🚨 Birds have easiest schedule in NFL based on 2020 records Eagles on road won’t face a team tha…
Retweeted by LeAnkleHarden will be on a minutes restriction, Steve Nash says.
Retweeted by LeAnkleNo James Harden in the Nets starting line up tonight. Starters vs. San Antonio: Mike James, Landry Shamet, Kevin…
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@Plasma_97 I'd give 1-3 seeds the choice between 5-8 (or 9/10 depending on Play In results)