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Journalism course leader, University of Gloucestershire. Determined to keep proving journalism can make the world a better place. My views.

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Even in the driving rain, God's own city is lovely. of the day - via Newsnight/Politico
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Daughter's boyfriend here to sort out some phone problems. Very much reminded me of this beauty hail @OxMailEditor - good for you
Agree. We owe him so much.
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireGood analysis in this thread: if the MP is charged, there's going to have to be some pretty nifty court footwork. I… from a press release on new LSE research into young people in house-shares during lockdown. Anyone talking abo…
Retweeted by Paul WiltshirePowerful words indeed. And all the more powerful for being delivered with such measured calmness.’s nothing good about John Hume dying, but you can only hope that other politicians read what is being written…
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireIf some of our current politicians could show an ounce of the political courage and integrity that this man showed,… there was a perfectly good slogan in the shape of Step up to the Plate staring them in the face, I'm increasin… seems these days the only thing that will get you suspended from the Conservative Party is standing up for your principles.
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This seems to sum up a mantra that I parrot all the time to our students - and did to reporters in previous jobs: c… @ellastella @AdamHartScience @PaulaWhitcher1 @SybilRuscoe Very Hungry?Masterful writing difference between wanting to be Prime Minister & wanting to govern has never been clearer.
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireWelcome to the Wiltshire Family Phone Museum. Having a bit of a recycling clear-out.’m sorry but the government has got this whole “staycation” business shamefully wrong. If you leave your home and…
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireThere is no headline that isn't improved by the words Bognor Regis. BBC News - Twitter hack: Bognor Regis man one o…
Sorry that we've unleashed a tide of emotion by nicking @Flowers_S Overjoyed that our students will now be feeling… blog from me on what we'll be doing to to help our journalism students become employable. It's all about baby… you were due to get married this weekend, every journalist in the land is prepared to offer you free anger therapy right now.👀 Looking for brides and grooms I. Gloucestershire who were hoping to have a small wedding reception in the next fe…
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireGreat advice for all journos....The one question I ask in all my interviews
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireMonths ago, the WHO’s pandemic expert Michael Ryan said, very clearly, you have to act fast and don’t be afraid to…
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireIncredible service from @e_casalicchio in the @politico London Playbook email this morning. Great north west lockdo… of the reporting of this awful case wouldn't have been possible without @clairehayhurst attending, often on da…
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireAnd here’s a council, tasked with Public health duties, having to tell people it isn’t sure what is going on. Shame…
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireWorth a watch. He’ll be missed. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireAnd to the council comms people undoubtedly also struggling to keep up with it all, too.Big 👏 to tenacious - and rightly frustrated - journalists such as Jen, @lewis_goodall and many more for trying to m…
Just caught up with this. Really good, painstaking reporting from @lewis_goodall pleased to be working with this inspiring duo again - and obviously sad that current guidelines make it imposs… @olivia_scull Keep on running, Liv. Don't let the bastards get away with it - or stop you doing what you want to do… the old days (pre-March 2020), when I used to drive to work, I used to switch over to the Today programme just t… meetings today with news editors in our region to maximise the opportunities for our @UoGjourno student journal… home from work, came across this over the other side of the canal. London, you are honestly sometimes the be…
Retweeted by Paul Wiltshire @BenJaneFitness Well done for avoiding the phrase 'No it's not, you #@$%ing idiot.' 👏Quote of the day/week/year ⬇️
@CazzaW Sorry, again.I still don't think there's enough analysis of why Huw Edwards says 'thanks, again' at the end of two-ways and liv… thread stuff from @TomRosenstiel on journalism's mission here: 'It's not just about a collection of facts.', as @KenGoodwinITV points out, is a top Venn diagram. And very much reflected in the Wiltshire household's foo… I love this country
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireThank you to @ifgevents for a great Q&A on coronavirus coverage this morning. And 👏 to @KateEMcCann for talking hug… looking forward to this - especially the chance to hear my heroes @EvanHD and @JenWilliamsMEN speak… day for the @UoGjourno family today - and all our extended @uniofglos second cousins and third cousins, twice r… was a lovely package last night on @bbcpointswest - two people who are helping to bind the communities of the…
I'm in. Or, rather, out. There should be no safe space for any hate crimes. #NoSafeSpaceForJewHate
I love a straight-talking judge. Even better when there are two.
'It is quite simple: when I see the parents of independent, fee-paying schools equally happy for their children to…
Yes indeed. An amazing truth about journalism and the immense privilege of telling other people's stories. am in awe of this woman: the grace, the poise, the articulacy, the ability to speak so brilliantly without appare… is just fabulous.
Retweeted by Paul Wiltshire @CazzaW @MarkHannaMedia @NCTJ_news Good stuff. You're a few chapters ahead of me, by the looks of it.Is it lunchtime yet? Asking for me.Just walked through our town centre where it was lovely to a) see plenty of shoppers, b) see almost all of them wea… made today: the first time I've had to use Google Translate to see what someone has said about one of my po… @ShirishMM I might take you up on that - thanksBlimey, this is good. Turns huge amounts of conventional journalism thinking on its head, but massive food for thou… @meganrprice_ Lovely to see you two together. But 'Plym'? I'm really not sure that's acceptable.
Don’t boycott outlets because they won’t try to force (often) minimum wage shop staff to enforce something guidance…
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireYes it is still taught and we don't regard insisting on such details as dinosaur-like. What is dinosaur-like is the… students should read this thread on fact checking, verification and legalling of content
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireFor crying out loud Barnier: Nobody has ever been able to show me even the tiniest bit of added value of Brexit.
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireThis is sobering as we go back to more normal ways of living can't the government have the integrity and humility to admit it could have done better? The arrogant complacen…
Glad this is being shared. Rejection is totally normal in journalism and it’s important to explain that - from jobs…
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireBoris Johnson is now using #PMQs to say the same tired, lazy, untrue garbage week after week after week. It is des…
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireNot only does @thegirlsilver produce the best weekly news round-up thread around, she also does a mean Facebook Liv… editors could be struck off, this bloke would be top of the list.⬇️ Pembrokeshire Herald sorry over wrong man's… a wistful flashback to when I invented a 60s Motown group for a first year assessment. They've now been reti… a splendid idea........ Jersey Evening Post honours teenagers hit by coronavirus - Journalism News from Holdth… would say this thread is a weekly joy because it is so entertainingly put together. But it’s also kind of depress…
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That’s a cover
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireEvergreen cartoon
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireJournalism, ladies and gents. Courtesy of the superb and tirelessly determined @lewis_goodall fond memories of reviewing am dram at this place in the 1980s BBC News - Coronavirus: War Horse author calls f… good of the government to be so comprehensively awful on so many different fronts on a day when I actually hav… my word, this is so true Biden chap absolutely nails where we are with UK politics right now. (Oh, he didn't mean us?)
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireYou can really see what the Conservative Party's current priorities are when Julian Lewis is stripped of the whip,…
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireFor newbies/students/grads on pitching. I'm doing a super informal session next week where you can grill me on mone…
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireSpot-on anyone looking for employment, check out the Census site which is advertising a number of opportunities around…
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It's the big one. I scoffed at our post-Brexit prospects, but the government is making me eat my words now it has o… claiming you are ‘following the science’, then dumping senior scientists & nurses who won’t publicly back y…
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireI am a massive fan of @AndyLHoward But this has sorely tested my devotion to the great man. Not for the faint-hear…
Michael Rosen. Uh-uh! A bookcase. A big, wide bookcase. We can't go over it. We can't go under it. Oh no! We've go…
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireThis really made me smile
Retweeted by Paul Wiltshire @eliistender10 Don't be constrained by word countsHeartwarming pic of an oversized baby with Carrie and Wilfred.
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireAlready thread of the day
Faced with a judicial decision they dislike, a democratic government will try to change the law; an autocratic gove…
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireIt took 150 emails, 5 hours of calls to the banks, Financial Ombudsman and Finacial Conduct Authority and a 2 hour…
Retweeted by Paul WiltshireLate to the party on the new McNae's - and it's now part of a pile of reading that a week off has failed to make a…