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@yousefcircus @CIRCUSmusic @CircusRecording @DeckedOutAgency GO ON SON. Onwards and upwards xxIf you have any interest in human endeavour, you need to watch this documentary @mbootyspoon @scottfraser606 FFS @DJmag 🙏🙏🙏Big thanks for @PaulWoolford for playing Depth Charge on his Radio 1 residency - 🙌🙌 Availab…
Retweeted by Paul Woolford @joemuggs Thank you Joe! @S_Q_W_ you CAN do it!
@futureselfhouse @BBCR1 Have a listen @isaac_swaby @romanfluegel @tricklabel SaluteBack on the @BBCR1 Residency Music from The Orb, Mathew Jonson, Radioactive Man, Datassette, Walton, Dillinja, Mode… @BluMarTen 🙏🙏🙏
@attentive Demented — all all part of Bannon’s grand planb2b with @PaulWoolford today at E1...going to be mad
Retweeted by Paul Woolford @Krazysucio Coming soon!
Love to @ukmele and all the crew celebrating Club Bad’s second birthday in Liverpool, It felt great in there... next stop Leicester at 2am @AsaGrundy 🙏🙏🙏 @Zed_eX There’s one other (excellent) artist playing with me who they are announcing soon @samvoltek Noooooo! Best of luck brother x
@Charliely0n5 YES bruv xTONIGHT / Good Life / Leeds SATURDAY / Club Bad / Liverpool SATURDAY / Atone / Leicester SUNDAY / Trick / London @djthinking How could I? Sincere apologies @WJFOrchard @bluedotfestival MindCore Mainstage and you’ll clean upSalute all the Magnets @newera_boxing Send me the names in a DM and I’ll sort it @jetfury Are Boston Dynamics involved? @richfurness @mattcolton 🙏🙏🙏 @jetfury Enjoy life @iamjoelpowell Hey I’m still all over that @Pete_Cee Splurgecore in development but comparatively low-brow on the old grey matter scale @gabrielszatan @b_nmrrs Comes in a box as well. A box. “What’ll it be then?” “A box of Mindhop please” @OllieMWilson 😂😂 @JewellJuliette @Davethadawg 10/10 reply @KeeveMusic Love a bit of itTo aid you in understanding new high-brow developments in dance music, I’ve assembled this handy list of the new ge… shouts to Cutmaster Colton @mattcolton! Celebrating the release of Special Request's new album 'Offworld' Check out the full album here:…
Retweeted by Paul Woolford @Bandcloud 😂😂 @Harry_Styles @yungblud @DanReynolds @GerryCinnamon @Elbow @meduzamusic @BeckyHill @goodboysoff @Lorenzosbeats Get…
Retweeted by Paul Woolford @sellbydave @HoundstoothLBL Awesome, thank you!I’m not one to retweet compliments but sometimes it’s got to be done. I want to thank everybody that’s been sending… @ScottElliot76 @special_request Thank you so much 🙏 @JSchofield_ @special_request I salute you🚀🚀🚀 #Offworld @PaulWoolford 2 x 12” 140g clear vinyl in a spined silverfoil laminated sleeve housed within a chr…
Retweeted by Paul Woolford @darttrax 🙏🙏🙏 @newera_boxing Eeeeeek! Do you need guestlist? @newera_boxing 2-4am @b_nmrrs @HoundstoothLBL Thank you, whole thing feels surreal🤯OFFWORLD Released today Space Age Love Songs Double clear vinyl / Digital On @HoundstoothLBL @scottbroadhead 🙏🙏🙏
Newsflash: Announcing our anniversary compilation, 20 years of fabric 🙏 Released on double vinyl and CD on 06/12. O…
Retweeted by Paul Woolford @Bobcluness @blackdownLDN @VICEUK Well, yeah...The final track on here was written after one of my best friends, Zeddy, passed away this summer. He was a marine b…
Retweeted by Paul Woolford @thesisterbliss 🙏🙏🙏The problem with this coverage @VICEUK is that if you say “he’ll probably get away with this as well” you reinforce… all the @diskunion_clubt crew
@DeanMuhsin @lukesolomon Sorry I must catch upThank you so much @Jon_Freer @Si2BadMice @MARTYN3024 Not even a stroopwaffle?Forget records, it’s all about socks now @frazzler That’s absolute trust for you
@richchibuku @Shorterz My new project is called AAA @Albondofonso Thanks! There’s a Cardiff show in early 2020 @its_talker ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ @svetterihjel ❤️That day gave me more determination not to fuck it all up than anything else in life. 2 people, strangers to each o… remember not having any words, just putting ‘Blown’ on again and again, for about 4 hours bawling my eyes out in the kitchen @BigGlitch1 ExactlyMark Bell passed away the same day as my Uncle Peter’s funeral. I got home after an emotional day and received the…
@DJ_SubHerb @paxahau 🙏🙏🙏Obviously the sound of foxes shagging is horrendous, but we can at least be thankful that we don't understand what…
Retweeted by Paul WoolfordSpecial Request's Offworld featured in @TheVinylFactory's "10 new albums to look out for in October"…
Retweeted by Paul Woolford @DesignDefault_ Exactly🌲 @DesignDefault_ I’m gonna take Christmas off @PaulWoolford get in #specialrequest
Retweeted by Paul WoolfordThanks to everyone I met in Detroit the last couple of days, especially the @paxahau crew. Now heading to Atlanta t… @PaulWoolford @HoundstoothLBL Just arrived home to this. Well excited, was it supposed to arrive this early?!
Retweeted by Paul Woolford @BelleandtheBoom @normanrecords 🤣Shouts to all the @normanrecords crew @terny Thank you, I sincerely appreciate it @HoundstoothLBLBack in London with the @solardomusic boys and going back to back with me old @HotflushUK mucker Scuba... hands the Vortex reigns to Mall Grab and @sullyE64 on new remix EP.
Retweeted by Paul WoolfordOFFWORLD Released this Friday @HoundstoothLBL @Zedd RESPECT
@mbs74921597 I use SSL in different studios, not all the time. I use the mbc on some stems, sometimes on the whole… THE BLEEPERS @bleep Artist of the Week is the enigmatic alias deployed by @PaulWoolford when he feels like indulging in jungle, bas…
Retweeted by Paul Woolford @Ian_Void Would love to hear them, send me a DM @Denney_Music @Patrick_Topping @CamelPhat @solardomusic 🙏🙏🙏 @CPURECORDS @datassette @bleep Belter. Played two of them in Marble Bar tonight in Detroit ⚡️⚡️⚡️ @LOUISAHHHh Here’s 16 jackets can you put them behind your ears & have you got any drugs @andimavis1 NUFFTonight in Detroit Marble Bar With the @paxahau crew ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
@carloslopez16 It’s UK only for some reason. Should br global of course! CC @RCARecords @KygoMusic @mrjesserose @UKREDLIGHT I will catch up xJust had a proper heartwarming conversation/ nerd-out with the @UKREDLIGHT on our Modesta-SF transfer. What a complete don. @HoundstoothLBL @tom_ravenscroft @sullyE64 SALUTEMad love to the @DirtybirdCamp A true family affair @StuStreetlife @DirtybirdCamp 🤯🤯🤯 @I_Skream ❤️❤️❤️