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If you are feeling helpless and want guidance + educate yourself, please go follow @TatianaTMac. She is the best pe…
Retweeted by Paul Woolford @clarinbarry Agreed all the way sir. The very same to you, stay home and safe 🙏 @clarinbarry Bazzy, I’m going to respectfully bow out of this conversation as it appears to be a cul-de-sac. We ag… @clarinbarry Bazzy, you appear to be arguing with yourself about it. You do agree they are children in riot gear so… @clarinbarry @ItsGillen I’ve not said anything about that, all I’ve done is ask you where it is @clarinbarry @ItsGillen So where is it? You don’t need to have policy documents to know what is right in front of you @clarinbarry @ItsGillen Where’s it from Bazzy?From the government who brought you ‘allowing Cheltenham to go ahead 5 mins before lockdown’
Retweeted by Paul Woolford @MrOMFGWTAF @thesociallondon Well you gave a thorough and accurate analysis, something we all need more of in this… @MrOMFGWTAF @thesociallondon Write it up, without a doubt.Child soldiers in riot gear working hard 2020 am deeply concerned we are now rushing too fast to lift lockdown measures. The Joint Biosecurity Centre has said…
Retweeted by Paul WoolfordThread for bail funds in various cities:
Retweeted by Paul Woolford @newera_boxing @SkySportsPL Insane logic. They just don’t give a fuck about life.What an absurd and irresponsible way to push the “it’s fine, get back to work” narrative @SkySportsPL We are in t…
@UKREDLIGHT It happened and you walloped it x @benwestbeech 💫💫💫 @JZED74 Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it 🙏
@JDawgHero 🙏🙏🙏3 years ago we lost an irreplaceable talent, a wonderful person and most importantly our friend. We miss you Marcus…
Retweeted by Paul WoolfordI apologize to everyone expecting to see me on Good Morning America today, but after the events in Minnesota with G…
Retweeted by Paul Woolford @oliverjnewman @adeepergroove @spencer_parker Aye. I feel like it’s still an album, but then it’s whatever you want… @adeepergroove @spencer_parker 💗💗💗
Salute @nubient @murdamami It is, but KNOW it will pass, we just need to sit tight and be as mindful as we possibly can. Best of luck to you.Murder is murder. #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd
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@Neil_Barrie 💝🌷🌸💐 @DanCurtinMusic Truly insane. Did you see the footage of the kids in the Ozarks partying as well? Terrifying stuff.. @thesociallondon @MrOMFGWTAF @Coldwar_Steve Absolutely bang-on. @DanCurtinMusic That seems to be the way many people are now viewing it. Quite terrifying in how mundane a reason i… @WeAreAltern8 Ahead of the curve, as ever @nebsafc Fair enough, only you can know how much trust you have in others. Best of luck brother. @doorlydj Insane @b_nmrrs Glued to it. Proper industrious bods @nebsafc You’ve had enough until you end up in an intensive care unit @iamscottlewis Sadly, I agree @DJBarelyLegal Crazy. @JohnOsborn75 I can understand whyPeople are blatantly fucking off lockdown. Traffic 90% back to normal. Parties being planned, there was an attem… @laserpixel Thank YOU 🙏🙏
@TheOriginalMosa In 12 days time you’ll have it brother...
@djmarkfarina Oh yes. @RalphusMoorus @RSDUK @MrRichardNorris @leebrackstone 🐬🐋🐳 @scousejohn575 @nytimes And they are seeing the results...The @nytimes gets it right today Meanwhile UK politicians play schoolyard games We are only just seeing how serio… @__chrisbellew Big up The Bellew
@atrak Case - belter @nathanfake @kexp Likewise brother @nathanfake @kexp Thanks for including SR 🌷
@thesociallondon @petefowlerart @ParkStonebridge 😰😰😰 But we WILL return, and we’ll more than make up for it! @Eddie_TrOne For sure @Eddie_TrOne How can they be compared really, other than being from Detroit, they are wildly different from one ano… @tiraquon I’ve got a mate who has the way he slurred “help me” down to a fine art. I see him once every 3-4 years a… @MrRichardNorris @DFA1976 Thank you sir 🙏 @tiraquon One of the all-time greatest movie wipeouts @DFA1976 @MrRichardNorris I still can’t believe this happened!
@joemuggs @b_nmrrs 🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣Many per capitas
Retweeted by Paul Woolford @b_nmrrs Totes agree babesPick #brexit Pick being conned by inbred toffs telling you immigrants now trying to save you were fucking up your l…
Retweeted by Paul Woolford
@b_nmrrs She’s ace
This tells you all you need to know about schools re-opening now of the best 🌟🌟🌟
@lovefingers @AshLauryn313 🌱🌿☘️ @lovefingers @AshLauryn313 💫💫💫 @lovefingers @AshLauryn313 An incredible catalogue
Would three of my Twitter followers/friends please copy and re-post? Yellow heart In these challenging times someo…
Retweeted by Paul Woolford @DJHeidiLawden That’s an absolute cracker @Plastician @djoneman Top shelf
When I left NWA I used to call Chuck D a lot. I used to ask him for advice.
Retweeted by Paul Woolford @filmbeatzzz Fascinating stuff, thank you 🤝
@northworksmusic @hollyherndon It can be as simple as you want it to be Obsession with technology, be it through c… @hollyherndon This is why overly laboured material struggles to connect with large audiences, yet the most simple g… @hollyherndon This is beyond technical capabilities of technology. When you create, your mood, demeanour, clarity o…🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
happy 70th Stevie Wonder protect the man at all costs 🐐
Retweeted by Paul Woolford @matdryhurst @eionjwklm Tough to generalise — there are thousands of artists that work with musicians, designers, c… @DJBarelyLegal @beatport @nikki__nair @sk33mask @djbone313 @man_radioactive @manlikerossko @aux88 @pangaea Thank youuuuuuuu Chloé 🙏🙏 @hollyherndon There are abstract qualities that humans can imbue into music that are simply impossible to replicate…
Just Announced: Mall Grab - Take Down Enemies (Inc. Special Request Remix) Looking For Trouble…
Retweeted by Paul Woolford @Ian_Void Change — not heard that in some time, thanks for reminding me! @NightlapseUK @anabelenglundz @MarcKinchen @ultrarecords @area10records Awesome, well done!Right at the beating heart of techno @sunilsharpe @residentadvisor YES YESWant to feel old? This is Future Sound of London now.
Retweeted by Paul Woolford @EmilioSnazz @gabrielszatan Oh I need that! @hollyherndon Only you can do what you do A machine version cannot “be” you Humans will always want human connectio… @gabrielszatan HALLELUJAH 🏆
S a l u t e @MellaDee_ 🔮🔮🔮🌟🌟🌟
@sippinlmnfanta Apologies, I was using it to make a domestic point, my bad @__chrisbellew What a description 🤝 @__chrisbellew I try me best mucker @CameronHodgee Totally arse over tit @OborneTweets Yeah, if you’ve necked a whole A4 sheet of blotter acid @djemmay @nickhalkes @petetong Ah yes..... what a set of circumstances @EmilioSnazz Yeah, it’s unbelievable