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Just gotta get them eggs. No more egg shack after this gif, I swear.... #SciFi #Blender out I have new followers... thanks for that. As well as my cg doodles I sometimes make films. Here's one that… what you're doing right now and experience the glorious catharsis of chronically incorrect blowhard Julia Hart…
Retweeted by Paul Fright 🎃 @PhilMyChambers What? @SkyNews Tory measures: It's really very simple... @MrJalco @bowendesign @MrJalco @bowendesign Mine are like that too. Don't worry. :) @MrJalco @bowendesign @MrJalco @bowendesign You mad? @MrJalco @bowendesign I like to have things nice and ordered @tradegovuk They wanted a Canadian deal and ‘Soya’ is listed as Canadian English so this is on brand. @tradegovuk Soy.
Film noir sci fi nonsense from this morning... #SciFi #ConceptArt #blender @Karl_poyzer @dan_hin Not delicious doughnuts but this guy is great for explaining concepts and things to think abo… @paperghost @bowendesign CATS? @bowendesign Thanks btw. :) @bowendesign No backstory, just start extruding faces and off we go. Although this one was inspired by watching Apo… Shack, baby. #Blender3d #ConceptArt #SciFi #FilmNoir #B3d #Eevee @PPissedofferson Yay! That means the U.K. is soon to follow. Burn burn burn burn
@coldesign_ltd Wonderful. How do I get my remains sent there like that one voyager episode? @AsqRob It can also be that! @paperghost The arty side of big dinners @Michael_Dunn4 Why don't kids just get a job? @rec777777 @BBCNews @Channel4News @channel5_tv @SkyNews This dumb tweet is dumb. @dingle23 Nonsense. @bowendesign @OliverJR88 @LiamKavanagh17 Course. Nodes are like 'say whaaaat' but @Mrdodobird's lazy tuts have some… @Karl_poyzer @Mrdodobird Mega isn't it?If anyone is interested in seeing it raw. @DrewMillward They will be trained to shit post on twitter. @MrJalco Cheers Mr J :) @Knott_Fayle Thanks Josh. :)Made a future film noir flying taxi... #ConceptArt #SciFi #FlyingCars #FutureBoat #SpaceShips #Blender3d @Steveeejg I quite often find people say 'we already have that' and they think what you are proposing is universal credit.
The 322 @conservative MPs who voted against extending Free School Meals during holidays have themselves accepted £1…
Retweeted by Paul Fright 🎃 @PhilMyChambers Rugby are doing it too. So weird... @colorblindmess Sounds horrendous. Take care, man.Ep 2 of discovery was much more like it. @tprstly @coldesign_ltd I defy you all. #NoScoreLeftBehind @coldesign_ltd @tprstly Wha...?
@britttbanks Collaboration for sure. @bowendesign @JimMFelton Cracker addict... @SelaineSaxby Weird how most conservative MPs comments are being taken out of context, huh? @Luiseach @ij_ford More likely it is going to distance itself from operation moon shot.This would be well worth it I imagine! @JimMFelton Ben Bradley is the type of guy that would go on Toby Young’s stag do.
@markjenkinsonmp heartily recommend the ‘40 year old version.’ Top stuff :) @MattBrothers2 It’s awful. Still love it though. That queen song(s) tho... @DrewMillward If this is how good the gov are at negotiations we should be back in the EU by the end of the week.Absolute champ.
Retweeted by Paul Fright 🎃 @Mat_S_Johns Correct @BlenderNation Chuffed to be in there with my 'gran's electric fire' space ship :)A very nice start to the weekend. I got featured again! Chuffed to be in with some super talented artists.… @CoppetainPU Fair enough. *slides back into conspiracy den. @CoppetainPU Forgive me if I'm being a little 'tin foil hat' but should we be worried about the last one?Nothing but admiration for this man. @ij_ford @IrradiatedMouse Maybe shes alone cos they heard a Tory was in that carriage?This is the law @Luiseach They could've flown to another one. @PyramidHead76 @PyramidHead76 I find it bizarre the amount of means testing they want to introduce or maintain. Just bin it. Give us the money. @Michael_Dunn4 To get fair, ‘Blitz Spirit’ does seem to be extremely virulent.
@StevePeers Pretty sure that’s a trek episode. Deep space 9, maybe... @groovedoctor85 @spocklightpod @MattBrothers2 @ajheretic666 Enjoyed the show! Can’t really argue with any of the po… @paperghost @bowendesign @InflatableDalek It’s brill. Worth for the Venkman tv show on its own. @tomhfh @Shaun4WBW @groovedoctor85 @spocklightpod @MattBrothers2 @ajheretic666 @groovedoctor85 @spocklightpod @MattBrothers2 @ajheretic666 Paul’s are scientifically proven to be superior. @montie Evil takes it out of you. @spocklightpod @MattBrothers2 @ajheretic666 @groovedoctor85 I will fight ANYONE to defend its honour. @MattBrothers2 @spocklightpod @ajheretic666 I LOVE the motion picture so I'm worried for your safety already ;) @spocklightpod @MattBrothers2 @ajheretic666 Ok, episode 1 is on... @spocklightpod @MattBrothers2 @ajheretic666 @DVD_YNG @ManMadeMoon Feel the magic, hear the roar. @MattBrothers2 @ajheretic666 @spocklightpod My better half hadn't seen any series so we’ve watched TOS to voyager v… @MattBrothers2 @ajheretic666 @spocklightpod DS9 = best trek. You didn't ask for my opinion, but here it is... @ManMadeMoon No. Except the theme song. That stays or else.
@JimMFelton I’m so tired, James. I can’t cope with the relentless twattery. @BBradley_Mans @BBradley_Mans How about you step out of your cunt bubble? @thisnorthernboy We go LIVE to Boris Johnson: @MarcusRashford Keep fighting the good fight. @Karl_poyzer They don't care.'I'm sorry, did you just call me scum'? @kruxedev Thanks! @seanmason I've gone for Apes as the hobbit was included with LOTR. Take away the hobbit and LOTR gets my vote. @BBradley_Mans 'Christian' country. '... and lo, Jesus held up the five loaves and two (British) fishes and said "… ship in GIF form. If you are into that sort of thing... #ConceptArt #SpaceShips #Blender3d #scifiart @SteveBakerHW @MarcusRashford He doesn't have a vote in parliament you clown. @Mat_S_Johns @BRUTALPosters @payalmistry_ @joannemitchellb @leaplingfilms @bfinetwork Looking forward to seeing it :) @WrightyMinis Welcome! @spacegooose 4 @superpaddiepads @PyramidHead76 STRONG and stable doors to you. @Baj_Singh Labyrinth zone. DooDOOdooDOO DOODOODOODOO *drowns @LightingAnthony I think so? I’m certainly getting quicker and finding a decent base shape. The surfacing is down t…
@LightingAnthony Ta! I like it too. As usual, hated it it up until the last 30 minutes. @MissReliah Hi! I muddle along making spaceships. I should probably branch out... watched ‘What Did Jack Do?’ Inspired.Gee whizz, that poppy is HUGE