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Here is a @CenterEconomy's nongated working paper of Schumacher & Scheall (2020): @_RSchumacher together with Scott Scheall managed to dig out an unfinished biography of Carl Menger writte…'s theory of institutions was influenced by Carl Menger's thought. As Victor Vanberg (1989) pointed out, Me… paper where we discuss how Lachmann convinced Shackle of the importance of institutions and their focal role in… remained unconvinced, however. 1985, Lachmann exchanged a series of letters with G. L. S. Shackle discussing the importance of institutions for… @TheAnnaGat That us somewhat ufrotunate but you can write some interesting potery this way ;) #TypoPoetryAre the days of the live university lecture numbered? @TheAnnaGat Wyh?
@MarekHudik Ja myslim, ze by stalo za to vyhlasit verejne hlasovani o to, ktery z nasich post sovetskych lidru bude…
@MarekHudik ROFL!!! (or not??)We are on street to against national security law. We shall never surrender. Now is not the time to give up.
Retweeted by Pavel Kuchař @MarekHudik Queens Park Reindeers vs Wooferhapton! @MarekHudik Hahahahaha @MarekHudik Um.."As early as the 1970s, Ostrom argued against the 'efficiencies' of consolidating the police into larger forces. He…
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I am just going to leave this here.. and Shackle should appear front and center when talking heterodox economics!
James Ladyman: What is a university without philosophy? | CDBU. On the closure of the philosophy department at UWE
Retweeted by Pavel KuchařRorschach? | The European Guilds Tune in now to watch Sheilagh Ogilvie's lecture on the role of guilds in the economi…
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The latest issue of this wonderful PhD edited journal in philosophy and economics
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The university management at @UWEBristol are planning to close down @UWEPhilosophy apparently. A terrible decision…
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@MendiolaKaren_ @leah_boustan @KamiarMohaddes @TrevonDLogan Marcel Fafchamps's work perhaps?
A must listen. The history of economics is so much more than a history of ideas and theories. It is also about unde…
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Today's reading: Knight and Johnson's fascinating discussion of the priority of democratic processes - as distinct…
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@GrahamBrownlow Throughout the 2010s have commonly been required to type in "Czechoslovakia".On the evening we watched Hoxha’s statue fall from its plinth, my family enthusiastically declared in front of the…
@JosafatHernndez @JosafatHernndez Una cosa es suscribir, otra cosa efectuar.. (me doy cuenta que con estas palabras se puede recapit… @JosafatHernndez Son muy diferentes esos tres! Nigromante fue un radical, Mora un "romantico" y Limantour un "cie… down those statues. Put them in museums, preserve the memory of what they symbolize, but don’t give them place… @PaulLew16394851 I see you are optimistic about this conjecture being refuted ;) @JosafatHernndez Hay alguien en la historia del pensamiento cuya definición de liberalismo es apropiada en el conte… tiene que ver el ideario liberal con el régimen actual. is rumored that the modal three-article dissertation looks like this:
Retweeted by Pavel KuchařMy comments on the Reddy thread. I’m sympathetic to his complaint that economics (generally) disvalues non-quantita…
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Me: Hello, can I apply for some data? Them: Yes, fill out this application, get IRB approval, get a letter of suppo…
Retweeted by Pavel KuchařYoung MALES 👨‍🎓 with university degree (left) Young FEMALES 👩‍🎓 with university degree (right) #education
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Reviewer 2 walks into a bar complaining immediately of this not being the joke they would have written.
Retweeted by Pavel Kuchař @vladtarko @Undercoverhist @irwincollier A Course of Study in Institutional Analysis and Development Econometrics Online? The second theme of the @economics_net symposium on online teaching is now available…
Retweeted by Pavel KuchařNew post: Building the Theory of the Firm
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Can you draw a line through this map? @rutgervanbergem Indeed. Anything does not go. Without the rule-following punishers we get nowhere (provided appropriate rules).Also known as the "Havel's lesson" (just made that up, btw) of the 1990s. @philosophybites I think this idea often gets confused with insulting people without actually saying anything (also… repeating and learning by heart: ‘If liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what the…
Retweeted by Pavel Kuchař cannot even potentially begin to fathom the dimensions at which things might play out behind the imaginary Iron C… Kelsen:"One of the fundamental principles of democracy is that everybody has to respect the political opinion…
Retweeted by Pavel KuchařSo, on destroying statues: My favourite story is of the world’s largest Stalin statue (at the time) built in 1955 i…
Retweeted by Pavel Kuchař remains a disturbingly segregated city.
Review of Risk, Choice, and Uncertainty: Three Centuries of Economic Decision-Making by ⁦@pavelkuchar⁩
Retweeted by Pavel Kuchař @Ostrom_Workshop Cf. Jeff is known for being Bristol's most avid gig-goer, attending gigs pretty much every night of the week - befo…
Retweeted by Pavel KuchařA lot of people know Nobel Prize-winning economist Elinor Ostrom from her work on the commons. But many might not…
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@ferarteaga @timurkuran One third wrong, two thirds right..Unbundle the police.
Retweeted by Pavel KuchařPlease note that our paper is a draft written for a REP volume (see below) edited by @Undercoverhist and Aurélien S… a more recent overview, see “Riding in cars with boys: Elinor Ostrom's adventures with the police” by… an example of this work, see: “The Public Service Production Process: A Framework for Analyzing Police Services… I have seen some more or less serious calls to #DefundPolice, it seems appropriate to mention that in the 197…
"The Ostrom Workshop: Artisanship and Knowledge Commons" by Erwin Dekker & Pavel Kuchař
Retweeted by Pavel Kuchař, inspiring
Retweeted by Pavel KuchařIn the midst of a pandemic, many people are risking their health to support Black Lives Matter. It’s a very impress…
Retweeted by Pavel KuchařAnn Yearsley, A Poem on the Inhumanity of the Slave Trade (London: G.G.J. and J. Robinson, 1788)… ... . . . . . . . . . What? @DurhamPhilosop1 we're advertising for a #HistoryofPhilosophy postdoc (1yr part-time position) suitable for remo…
Retweeted by Pavel KuchařThe latest hot debate - cat or dog? What do you see?
Retweeted by Pavel KuchařThere is some irony about erasing part of the historical record in such a Soviet style.
Bristol has a nice opportunity to add to the ritual year here; every June 7 dummy up a Colston, carry it through th…
Retweeted by Pavel KuchařDEFUND EVERYTHING!
Retweeted by Pavel KuchařBREAKING: Antifa & BLM endorse austerity.
Retweeted by Pavel KuchařRano Pano is bananas. Barry wrote it and always said the riff was like something the muppets would sing. The title…
Retweeted by Pavel Kuchař#blacklivesmatter protesters in Bristol pull down statue of slave trader Edward Colston
Retweeted by Pavel KuchařStatue-topplers of the world, unite! that was that... scenes in Bristol as protesters kneel on the neck of the toppled statue of Edward Colston for eight minute…
Retweeted by Pavel Kuchař @jeuasommenulle @JoMicheII You know that he is on Twitter, right? Why not ask him directly?
... conversations with executives in Germany showed that most headquarters have little understanding of how their b…
This whole issue is stunning!
Retweeted by Pavel KuchařThis is simply precisely perfect.
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"...questions of the international economic order and geopolitics ought to be at the heart of classical liberals’ e…
Retweeted by Pavel KuchařExtreme Economies ... fascinating conversation w @EconTalker
Retweeted by Pavel KuchařHiya Echo, could someone check the math in my homework?Hey Siri, tell me about the economic history of pandemics! << Surge pricing active, do you wish to proceed? >><< all our specialists are currently busy, please wait >>Alexa, what is the relevance of the labor theory of value in the 21st century?A year ago I thought higher education is going in the Netflix direction. Now I am convinced that in 5-10 years teac…