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♀️|♒|17|Single|Bi I draw and I like cartoons games & anime like OK KO, Wakfu, Rayman and SMG4! Don't be rude and enjoy my content!

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thinking about the gay flag by gilbert baker, it’s such a beautiful looking flag. not featured in the meanings is…
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖 @CharlieDraws14 aightShould i do the shirt cut meme? 👀Reminder that Ian straight up called Venomous' transformation a de-himbofication., if you preorder any of the new chibi line of merch, you will receive one random bromide card from the sele…
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖In Japanese folklore, the fox (kitsune) plays an extremely important role. In some instances the kitsune are shape-…
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖My hero academia but americanプロメア #PROMARE #lio My new husband
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖OH YEAH i forgot to post this #okko #okkoletsbeheroes #ko #carol #professorvenomous #meme #fanart #CartoonNetwork
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Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖 @kokocrave Who is that anyway?
@Pawdaii i tried
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖 @virtkha cute :>OK fuck it A Headcanon that B. Joe is gay and hates straights I personaly have nothing against straights, but rlly…, what did Shadowy want from Foxtail rlly? Like, Shadowy is so threatening that not even P.O.I.N.T can stand aga… rlly can't wait to visit my aunt so i can show my little cousin the Promare movie Did i mention my cous' rlly int…*sighs dreamily* carol................................ #okko
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖 @virtkha A fanart of those two would be rlly nice did the shirt cut meme! Here's Mallory trying on different clothes that she was TOTALLY gonna pay for. 🦝
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖POV: You're a Shadow fangirl"Like THIS?" @CoreRiff Wait what"THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEAN!""That's a bad idea" "Fink, there's no need to be jealous" i like how they show the character's flashback/backstory depending who it is by marking it with their color."Hey kid, you want sum candy?"
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New promotional art for 'Middlemost Post' has been released. The new series premieres this July on Nickelodeon.
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖I only ask for one of them. Please Nintendo... 🥺🙏 #NintendoDirect #E32021 #SmashBrosUltimate
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖Hey, remember when people also unironically simped for the Peach Rabbid? images for the Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp individual Nintendo E-Shop listing…
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖Blessed image ✨✨✨
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖 @obscurecreacher He'd make a cool pokemon @aqua_phoric Is this real? The characters look rlly happy there and it warms my heart @lolwutburger i kinda wish they used this Raven tbh @CharlieDraws14 Galolio?I liked the Ryuko one just becuz it was wholesome, i didn't expect the memers to ruin it... :( Animation: Kai Ikarashi (五十嵐 海) ??? Movie: PROMARE (プロメア) (2019)
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Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖 @taynimated w h a ttoday’s 6th bi-colored character of the day is Devil Marija from Muse Dash !! (requested!!)
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@taynimated Look its meeeeee!So, his chibish form is named Kogalo, eh? 👀 #PROMARE #PROMAREfanart #galo #galothymos @MOTEL777_ Do you think you can do other pride cherubs for the more flags? @PleoTCA ah @PleoTCA WAIT THIS IS HIS VA SINGING THIS??pride cherub sticker preorders are now LIVE! they will be closed thursday, june 17 (EST) 😇✨🏳️‍🌈 at least 15% of pro…
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖Bisexual Flag Color-Picked from the background in this shot
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖I found this while looking for Danny's self insert character from OK KO Made by Danny Ducker. #Amphibia #Evangelion🐾 The LGBT catboy of the day is... Yawara Chatora AKA Tiger from Boku no Hero Academia!! 🐾 He is a trans man! 🐾
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖Fun Fact: These 3 are self inserts of the storyboarders for the show. Stevie Borbolla, Ryan Shannon and Geneva Hodg… flags picked from marine fish I like :)
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖 @NetflixFilm Himbo is an idiot but an attractive, muscular guy Den is none of these. @taynimated IKR It's like calling sour cream a whipped cream. @taynimated Aren't himbos idiot but muscular attractive men? @taynimated What does it say? I can't see the tweetshe said do you like waffles i said hell yeah #Fluttgirshy #ANTONYMPH
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖bi flag color picked from this image ur welcome
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖【初音ミク】Hatsune Miku: Racing 2017 Ver.
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖Imagine if Spongebob wasn't based on marine life and the clams were potrayed regulary as birds Trauma at its finest @harbingerslut Why wasn't this kept?It has been a lot of fun seeing all your photos with your hourglass Dog Plushies. Big Thanks to @Ownaj for doing…
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖based on a stupid thing i discovered while drawing professor venomous HSJDKFHJGHGJKH #voxman #okko
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Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖Simply selling your art for money isn't the same as making NFTs, right? R I G H T ?I'm sorry, what... is the Polly Pocket show intro so short lmaoI drew PPGZ Blossom's little sister Kuriko but as a Powerpuff. ngl her being the 4th (or rather 5th cuz we already… love how people who make fun of others for liking old memes are the same people who unironically obsess over Among Us memes.🔥 Today's fire-themed character is Galo Thymos from Promare! 🏳️‍🌈 This character is part of our Pride special! He…
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖🔥 Today's fire-themed character is Lio Fotia from Promare! 🏳️‍🌈 This character is part of our Pride special! He is…
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖 @jeezreeze12 As much i like anime, i can't stand the weebs who praise anime like deities while treat regular cartoo… evil together⭐ #okko #okkoletsbeheroes #voxman
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖have some gay ol' ok ko memes for your amusement the first one I've made a couple months back and the others I mad…
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖real dad midlife crisis moment #okko #okkoletsbeheroes #professorvenomous #fanart
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖 @TapeCassetteGuy About 5, and then 6 after my birthday. @lezziefossa9009 GODAMNIT HE WAS THE CHOSEN ONE @lezziefossa9009 Nooooo not him ;; what did he do? @lezziefossa9009 Scott who?Hello i try to open a gofundme for my daughter illness with oneof my trusted friend please help me spread my link o…
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#Rayman #BringBackRayman 🙏🙏
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖Older MLP gens are cute, you guys just didn't grew up with it or are either mean. @RiseFallNickBck Omg they predicted the 2016 reboot and the movie.
YouTube Kids thumbnails scare me more than any horror video could
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖 @_kairy_draws_ I blame these vids for Coppa's existance."If you gotta take a PP, you gotta take the PP pass" step forward 🦴✨ #pride
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖happy pride to annoying people only #okko
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖hey keep up with craig of the creek, some reaaaalllll good episodes droppin at the end of the month
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖 @LazybonesInc Just saying, if you don't have a streaming service to watch anime or cartoons, just use free sites li…
Psst hey voice actors, drop your demo reels and say something nice about yourself ♥️🎙️
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖 @MythworkStudio Don't mind me I'm just scrolling down admiring everyones great voicesA clip from 'THE LOUD HOUSE MOVIE ' has been released. The film releases August 20 on Netflix.
Retweeted by 🐼Natasha🐼🆖스피네이도 완성!!! 돌리는거 뭔가 재밌음ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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