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Professional shitters for @NRGgg || 17 ♡ || @bweadna #1 fan ♡ || coach for @dcv1337 || @seidoaimers

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@fishszns i live in cali D: @xefiyy i’m good hbuuu @xefiyy gm jordan @breadnahh vinny <333 @breadnahh always missing w streamer @dcv1337 its a joke ..... ok @EpikDio yes i am dont listen to peter im 100% in nrg @PeterKakaVN AHAHAHAH @TokioLofi gn tokiiiiithis is genuinely the most fun ive had playing unrated in a long time @NotBugsy yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa @NotBugsy buggy nooo @bitchlessdrew i hav frenchie too !! so cutteeee
@itsneverzer0 enzo nooo @itsneverzer0 omg @itsneverzer0 cant relate my school is 500 students lmaoo @itsneverzer0 sir u just walked past- @itsneverzer0 enzo- @andrewwval i’m good! hbu? @andrewwval gmm @bweadna my emote lmaooo @imozny @itsneverzer0 GOOD MORNING ENZOO @bakadeww frrr how has it been 2 yrs2 years of this groupchat… actually crazy. love every one of you in gamers reassemble <333 happy birthday :D @bendah2k happy birthday jakeeee @itsneverzer0 WHY DO I SOUND LIKE THAT AHHAHHA @itsneverzer0 HES BACK! W STREAMER! @andrewwval havent really talked but u seem cool !!didn’t die on my first driving lesson @itsneverzer0 no🙄
Retweeted by NRG pawkii ♡ @bweadna - pawkii also ily @_Vette9 yea ig that’s true. texas race this weekend tho @itsneverzer0 smhh @_Vette9 cant u still do it as an american thooo @itsneverzer0 nooo i didn’t even see it </33 @1HUNNYU nooo @fishszns 11/10 job fishITS RAINING IN CALIFORNIA????? AGAIN???? WHAT IS THIS @dcv1337 fried oreos…? @D9imyo oooo marshallll @itsneverzer0 yeh me too (。-_-。) @itsneverzer0 YEAH SAME i’ll try to sleep more and my body literally will not allow it ;-; @itsneverzer0 i wake up this early every day sigh @itsneverzer0 enzo nO D: @andrewwval gm andrew !! have a good day todaygood morning twitter (*´꒳`*) @itsneverzer0 ???? @birbysad BIRBYYYYYYY @itsneverzer0 ahhh <33333 @SinamaFn i actually hate when my desk is dirty so i don’t ever leave mess on it, most is a few water bottles“my love” is so cute like yes say it again
Retweeted by NRG pawkii ♡update im in pain @SinamaFn always my favorite character man 😭 @SinamaFn TOO LATE :((((( @SinamaFn YEAH 😭finally finishing tokyo revengers ;-; @grusome_val i know ;-;
@AngelVictorio11 ur like famous or something @XorainGG i just agreed that u are smh 🙄🙄 @XorainGG hmmmm probably LMAO @XorainGG no lie u can see them in the pic @XorainGG i have TWO water cups on my desk i’m more hydrated than u @XorainGG it’s nice but where’s the ✨personality✨ @XorainGG everything must be pink @blurry1k thank you!! @AkoVisuals mitsuri nichirin :D i can send u the link of where i got it @zoiie ITS FROM TARGET I LOVE HIM @itsneverzer0 thank youu <3setup appreciation post🎀🍡 @XorainGG tyyyyCome support @dcv1337 @GoodyFPS . Team name T3 Rejects.
Retweeted by NRG pawkii ♡ @bakadeww hello baka bacca barka @bakadeww bacca.300 follower noddersss @Gramp_ @Gramp_ sigh @Gramp_ yk what gramp -_- @vur0ki same ;-;need someone to watch anime with @PeterKakaVN ... @Kezyyz yayayayyay @bakadeww :((((( @bakadeww noooookinda close to 300 followers no cap
i’m so cooolddddactually so bored but i don’t wanna be on my pc @EridaniFPS tyyy @Gramp_ unlucky really @itsneverzer0 i- @grusome_val yk what >:( @bweadna a whole model @grusome_val it matches OKAY @bweadna idek man gmo of this housejust overheard my dad saying he wants to take away my pc :D literally for no reason other than he doesnt like that i have it. cool @grusome_val pwkii >:) @SinamaFn ty cinnamonnn @SinamaFn LMFAO