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Co-host of the podcasts @NerdLunch, @CFCPod, @Hellbent4Letter and @IReadMoviesPod. Black Star Ninja. Shark expert. Ravenclaw. Bad ass.

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Great question. I flipped a few games on Atari but they just start over again. As a literal finish, probably Super…
To mark the final day of #halfterm, tomorrow's #fontsunday is dedicated to children's TV shows. Send in your fonde…
Retweeted by Pax @JasonSt72 Yep. The carpet and paneling stuck around until about 2003 when it was all torn out and relplaced in a basement renovation. @NeonRocketship I know, right?! That paneling stayed until around 2003 when it was torn out and replaced with dry wall. @itzmurda187 Thank you for that. Well, it looks like regular Contra was released in Feb 1987.… @nerdlunch @Plaidstallions Holy crap! Are those the Phantom Shadow ghosts from Scooby Doo?! @DinosaurDracula Yes, “gold” indeed. Literally.
@ShawnRobare Left side. Look at my pinned tweet.#NewProfilePic @Spidey004 @sommerjam As stand-alone movies Iron Man and Winter Soldier would be my top 2. As a part of the full st… @sommerjam You should have been there for my agonizing nit picking. Those top 10 spots are FLUID.I’ve agonized over this for weeks. I’m done nitpicking at it. Here’s my MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE movies RANKED! @paxtonholley I had to search for your shirt. It's Maui & Sons brand "Invasion" design.
Retweeted by Pax @FijiMermaid THANK YOU! I couldn’t remember. Yes, I totally remember that shirt now! @Retromash I remember that party very clearly. We also had a ping pong tournament and watched Texas Chainsaw Massac… @Retromash Ha! I noticed that too. The pic is from my 12th bday party. It was a sleepover. There were 5 of us. We w… @rmanning151 Totally. That was my whole summer. It’s weird seeing how small the TV was. How’d we see it?!Digging around in some old photos and found this one from 1986. I’m on the left in a yellow (T&C ?) surf shirt and… @MarcMcD She’s not in it. Which is honestly surprising.Watching... @Hunkburger Oh. Day-um. #WANT
@ShawnRobare That’s the exact reason I hadn’t picked our next CFC movie before now. @ShawnRobare @juliacmarchese Man, I need to watch Nightbreed. I’m surprised you haven’t picked it for CFC, Shawn.Shhhh! We keep it raw on the set... @nerdlunch Do we? weeks @hojukoolander I can’t choose. I won’t.
@michaelmaycomix @Veggiemacabre @nerdlunchjeeg @nerdlunch @Geek_Kay’ve been savoring this one like the last Fruit Wrinkle in the packet. I am sad it’s the end but happy it happened.…
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@michaelmaycomix Oh, no. You aren't allowed to bring it up on there. Sorry. @michaelmaycomix You love your viewing challenges. Western Wednesday is AMBITIOUS. I look forward to how it turns out. @hojukoolander @WizardsComics Even though I’m more of a Comic Scene/Toyfare guy, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your deep… to my run this morning. ⁦@shezcrafti⁩ ⁦@iAMeclectik⁩ @shezcrafti @nerdlunch @iAMeclectik recorded! In a few weeks the @nerdlunch Hip Hop Show is coming back hard again with @shezcrafti and… @hojukoolander @ShawnRobare I’m nothing if not on Brand #edInThe80s ;-) @ShawnRobare @hojukoolander Trying not to say Shadow, so I’ll say Teen Wolf!
@nerdlunch @michaelmaycomix @Retromash @Geek_Kay @nerdlunchjeeg Our commentary: “The hair was better on the original.” @Retromash @nerdlunch @michaelmaycomix @Geek_Kay @nerdlunchjeeg Didn’t we joke one time that we’d go back and do co… @ShawnRobare @super7store @ShawnRobare @WizardsComics Me too. It was lost along with the majority of my newspaper ads during one of my moves in college. :-/I'd feel more sad about the final @nerdlunch Star Wars panel if every member on it hadn't become such a valuable pa…
Retweeted by Pax @ShawnRobare @WizardsComics This was a blast to read Shawn. Well done. I loved this set of cards too. I don't th… a closer look at the posters for The Crush over at the Cult Film Club today!
Retweeted by PaxYou thought the #StarWars Panel was done, but surprise! We have one more for you. @michaelmaycomix & @Geek_Kay join…
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Today over at the Cult Film Club we take a closer look at some fun magazine articles on Alicia Silverstone and The…
Retweeted by PaxBeen listening to a lot of the @WizardsComics podcast lately and it led me to recreating a very nostalgic event tha…
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@Hunkburger @theatomicgeeks He stands next to him saying “YOU CAN CUT IT!” @theatomicgeeks Coming in HOT, Digio. ;-) I haven’t seen it yet but I hope to this week. @_mynameisbruce @Retromash Castle Rock for me is on Hulu. And Picard is on CBS. Hoping to start those soon. @Retromash We love Prime in my house too. @Retromash I just looked it up. I think it was episode 56. @Retromash Do you remember Jeeg and I pitching Treadstone TV shows on Nerd Lunch? It was a while ago. I just watch…
@Retromash Great question. I want to know that too. @Retromash Congrats on 10, sir. @Retromash Thanks. Not impressive, just old. ;-) @Retromash Our next European trip is to London. I was lobbying for next year, it’s my wife’s and my 20th anniversar… @Hunkburger @Retromash Don’t get me wrong, I watched that show when it aired. A lot. I revisited it a few years ago… EPISODE! We're taking #AdamSandler back to the #90s in our pitch for a hilarious #TheWeddingSinger sequel!…
Retweeted by Pax @Retromash I haven’t been yet. I’m the only one in the family with the desire to go, but I’m going to make them do it sooner than later. @Retromash @Hunkburger I love that the Rubik cartoon exists, But it is the worst. @Retromash Currently my fav is either 5 or 6. That Dumbledore/Voldemort battle at the end of 5 is just one of my fa… @Retromash @ShawnRobare @HorrorMovieBBQ @timlybarger @chapmanrunner @ShawnRobare @HorrorMovieBBQ @Retromash Nice. My local theater has been showing them on the big screen as part of their Flashback Cinema series.…
@michaelmaycomix @fallwestmike @IReadMoviesPod @ThatJamesKahn @Hellbent4Letter @michaelmaycomix @fallwestmike @IReadMoviesPod @ThatJamesKahn A small one, yes. Now I know what it takes to get you… @IReadMoviesPod @paxtonholley @ThatJamesKahn waiter there’s an ernest in my goonies podcast.
Retweeted by PaxNEW EPISODE! On this episode of #IReadMovies I'm taking a deep dive into the wonderfulness of The Goonies (1985) no…
Retweeted by PaxCondolences to the family of Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon, who was a #hoverboard stunt double for @Dvogel1025 on…
Retweeted by PaxWe've got a new column over at the Cult Film Club, The Dead Media Library! Check out our first piece centering on T…
Retweeted by Pax @theatomicgeeks Incoherent discussions only. @michaelmaycomix I know, right?!Got the newest episode about ready. Buuuuuuuuut,
Retweeted by PaxI’M THE GREEN ONE. Part 2 of my @sesamestreet talk on @thehourchive podcast is here! 🎙
Retweeted by PaxAvailable now from my #etsy shop: King Thunder (Fictional Glitter Rock Band), 3" Die-Cut Sticker #QuantumLeap
Retweeted by PaxPut some love in your ear holes with The Muppets Valentine Show, an early Muppet Show pilot featuring Kermit’s firs…
Retweeted by PaxInsanity personified. But I’ll watch it.
@michaelmaycomix Wait. WHAT. @Nubule I saw that in the theater too. I honestly didn’t think of that as a comic book movie...but yeah. Good one @RevengerLamar Crap. I also had the Gameboy Advance. @RevengerLamar My full console timeline: Atari 2600 NES Sega Master System Gameboy Sega Genesis SNES PS2 Nintendo… SPOTLIGHT! 10 months after STAR WARS debuted to worldwide acclaim & success, the first original novel conti…
Retweeted by Pax @IllustratorErik @geekmentality @michaelmaycomix @bizarrojimmyols @Siskoid I've always been curious about Dark City… @geekmentality @michaelmaycomix @bizarrojimmyols @IllustratorErik @Siskoid LOL! That's what you get with time trave… @michaelmaycomix @bizarrojimmyols @IllustratorErik @Siskoid That being said, John Woo was the wrong person to direc… @michaelmaycomix @bizarrojimmyols @IllustratorErik @Siskoid I feel like if you can go with the movie premise of fut… @michaelmaycomix @bizarrojimmyols @IllustratorErik @Siskoid Of this month's movies I've only seen Paycheck. I agree… question. 🤔 More than likely Superman II. @Retromash Yes! My runs eventually started changing to first half: podcasts, second half: music. @Retromash Like when I’m running a marathon for 5 hours, I’d blow through a playlist super quick if I skipped around. @Retromash When I started running longer runs, like an hour+, I had to learn to just listen to the songs on my play…, as I cross the end point of my run, this starts playing. DAMMIT, “Just Run” playlist, I needed it a mile ago… Rocky music. 3 weeks to door knock. #GonnaFlyNow @paxtonholley @michaelmaycomix @Geek_Kay @nerdlunchjeeg @nerdlunch Okay, listen to the Mandelorian Star Wars panel,…
Retweeted by Pax @ShawnRobare @michaelmaycomix @Geek_Kay @nerdlunchjeeg @nerdlunch HOWD IT KNOW!?
@CFCPod @Retromash @ShawnRobare @shezcrafti That right one. Weirdly posed. W. T. F. @ShawnRobare @CFCPod @shezcrafti