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@AlexMorse that's an excellent question. I did some research, and it turns out they grunt: "The emu has a pouch in… 1 to SpongeBob, how ready are you for Australian #untitledgoosegame spinoff "Untitled Emu Game"?Transformers, re-enacted by carrots. Works! @donttrythis Have you seen this latest homage/follow-up? Blew my mind: @matt_lud @nainar92 @FilipStanis OMG🎉We are so excited to welcome @AMPhtml as an incubating project!🎉
Retweeted by Paul Bakaus ✈️AMPCS⚡️ AMP was created four years ago to easily build fast, user-friendly web experiences. Today we are excited to sha…
Retweeted by Paul Bakaus ✈️AMPCS @DerekNonGeneric @AMPhtml @openjsf @preactjs not sure, maybe @cramforce @dvoytenko canBig day for @AMPhtml! We just announced that we're joining the @openjsf foundation's incubation program – right aft…
This was the predictable result for app stores and why “storeless” (web) is better. What matters is for everyone to…
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Retweeted by Paul Bakaus ✈️AMPCSAlways surprised by how far New York surpasses San Francisco in everything food related. Had *amazing* sushi with @iAlbMedina tonight! @chrisgherbert Yep, I understood the meaning, but I didn't understand the size of the tragedy attached to it. @mor10 well, I didn't know the background was so serious. Glad I do now! @joelnagy @Refinery29 thank you for having me!
@Batz Keine Tag line?? Ich dachte Marketingdeppen in Deutschland können nicht ohne?TIL: The expression "Drinking the Kool-Aid" is an expression that is connected to a tragic mass suicide:… I had my first major celebrity sighting today!!! #blessed
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@stubbornella Completely agree. One significant issue playing into this is that men usually define themselves and t… @dalmaer yeah! So much opportunity.. but need to connect the right dots now and come up with a great plan. Looking forward to chat! @herong hi! Will support you all no matter what stupid laws appear. Stay strong, you're not alone!
@heyjenbartel hey Jen, really enjoyed Blackbird, walked past your table earlier and didn't see Blackbird Vol 1 (may… I've met so many interesting creators, editors, artists, journalists, teachers and of course fans at #NYCC community should think hard about what it wants *most*; do we want a web that can compete and be relevant in th…
Retweeted by Paul Bakaus ✈️AMPCS @christosap arrrgh! Let's hang out, I'm here until FridayAfter three days of #NYCC, the most beautiful observation is that all the ~200k attendees are here because of love…
@szechuan man, that's a tough question indeed @donttrythis @AnimeFestNYCC I spy @szechuan in there! @EricaFails nice to meet you earlier :) @msassyk nice to meet you earlier ;) @continuants @_KimHernandez should have given you my powerbank but forgot I had it with me! @rachelnabors @tesseralis @reactnative @rickhanlonii a tea party very related to my interests..!20th Century Fox panel at #NYCC was absolutely worth it. So hyped for Free Guy, a movie based on a premise I long w…
@westonruter considering going to #NYCC in Star Trek/Wars mashup cosplay sprinkled with some Marvel/DC extras, but I also do…
@webflow @WordPress yes, super awesome!Wow! I asked for this a week ago and @webflow delivers: 🤯📺⚡️ new video: In today's episode of the State of the Web, @rick_viscomi asks @benmorss "very good questions" (his…
Retweeted by Paul Bakaus ✈️AMPCS @cramforce @JDGoesMarching @blv @Refinery29 @AMPhtml Fair enough :) I'll file an internal bug and report back when I get news. @JDGoesMarching @blv @Refinery29 @AMPhtml huh that is indeed a very annoying issue.. @cramforce is there a good pub…'m actually quite excited about this, ever since the Courier leaked a few years ago. Hoping they're still focusing… Xbox Mini looks pretty great tbh! @JDGoesMarching @blv @Refinery29 @AMPhtml ..other option: you could channel your frustration into constructive feedback while I'm here :) @glueckpress Definitely interesting. I found an old AMP talk draft of mine that started with these words: "This isn… @glueckpress super hard to find the right balance here, I found over the years..native walled gardens are drinking… University researchers crawled 53k product pages and found 1,254 websites using dark patterns. As a bran…
Retweeted by Paul Bakaus ✈️AMPCSAlmost #NYCC time! A little bit of light reading I acquired to get into the right mood..
@continuants I know, I had no time to prep T_T
Apparently roughly half of all Americans leave the water running while brushing their teeth. I literally can't even… #NYC, join us at @Refinery29 on Oct. 8 to learn from @pbakaus about the developer experience of #AMP and how it…
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Without further ado, here's @szechuan with "I Still Believe in Heroes", where we use the Marvel Cinematic Universe…
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@ce1es oh yeah, no question..the state of monetization practises in gaming today is a disgrace @simevidas Haha good question
@continuants Yes please! @continuants @UNCGLib OMG FOMO @rustybrick As important as ever! Google Analytics is great for analyzing the views that actually happen, but for t… if you don't measure and analyze raw server logs, you're likely missing a large chunk of users that drop… people are always surprised when I show them by how much games have surpassed any other form of entertainment. open source won't let us keep our code from being used to commit human rights violations, maybe it's time to mov…
Retweeted by Paul Bakaus ✈️AMPCSAssuming you -could- legally enforce it, in an ideal world, would you be OK with your open software being used dire…
Retweeted by Paul Bakaus ✈️AMPCS @AlexMorse @WordPress @webflow Carmakers are already sharing quite a bit of hardware, infrastructure and software w… @jasonhuck @WordPress @webflow Oh it's definitely fair criticism/comparison, my point was more that it would be gre…
Thought: Instead of criticizing @WordPress, it would be so great if @webflow could be used to build WordPress theme… @bgalbs Henceforth I shall call you Baron Galbraith
@DuaneStorey @ChrisFerdinandi @pbakaus In engineering, and law, and medicine, and a myriad of other industries, bre…
Retweeted by Paul Bakaus ✈️AMPCS @GoldenApples interesting! Too narrow for my use-case, but interesting nonetheless. Thanks for sharing. @mor10 @westonruter A few to start: 1) Military use (offensive/defensive as option, maybe) 2) Companies who primar… @DerekNonGeneric agree it should be broader (covering all humans, possibly animals, and the planet), and more speci… @kanocarra agree! Had similar thoughts a while back, and @goutaste brought up your idea in the thread as well:, and my 5-year prediction (in original thread) wasn't bad! Big reason why Maps looks worse: aggressive culli… heaps of hate in the mentions to the announcement of the Hippocratic license is...interesting. Lot of people st… @nachocoloma Only in one direction. A project with an ethical license would still be able to include MIT/Apache OSS… @mor10 yep, @ChrisFerdinandi pointed that out as well! It's a good start, but not specific enough for my taste. @ithinkihaveacat @schlessera I disagree with that post (and most of Stallman's opinions). His points are weak, sayi…
Turns out there's at least one, but it's not very specific: @schlessera yep, exactly. @schlessera thank you, will let you know if/when I'll come up with something! @schlessera yes, aware that I'm still very hand-wavy :) now actively pondering.. might steal from the Constitution… @schlessera you definitely thought about this more than I have so far, so appreciate all the thoughts! Sounds non-t… @schlessera yeah. If I include all those that indirectly benefit from fossil fuel, then nobody could use it (includ… @schlessera interesting case, I think that can be solved with a clause, but I get your point. @schlessera difficult maybe, but I don't buy impossible. But maybe I need to dive deeper..for me, a sentence like "… @mor10 @westonruter I can definitely tell, and glad you're on it :) Sounds like there's no decent license yet..won… @wycats @westonruter yeah it's a fair point. Not sure yet how to solve this in a lawyer friendly way. I would proba… @mor10 @westonruter Completely with you here. And personally believe this interpretation of freedom is greatly over… @wycats @westonruter yep, makes sense. Not convinced that's necessarily a bad thing. Maybe it's just an entirely new license then. @wycats @DerekNonGeneric Yep, exactly. @DerekNonGeneric how is it ethical? @westonruter Interesting. I would probably prefer a more specific wording than good/evil, but I guess my modificati… lazyweb: are there ethical software licenses out there, preferably some derivative of MIT/Apache? Ideally one…
Met a surprisingly high amount of cool people at @webexpo. Good times! And lots of folks who are more curious about… @jennschiffer #notalldads @vjwang @mattsmcnulty @peterlubbers wow @vjwang @mattsmcnulty @peterlubbers but then you're taking the thrill away! It's always nice to know that a link co…
You really, really need to understand the shift that's about to happen. Grant for the Web aims to support those who…
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@MylesBorins @sarah_edo My prime example of this is It's perplexing: Their guides look great and unclut… @szechuan it's such a weird belief too, that somehow you're entitled to keep a place free of politics..