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Our November pick for the @NewsHour and @nytimes book club is Elizabeth Acevedo’s “The Poet X.” has more power: big tech companies or Congress? Kara Swisher weighs in. Watch more from @AmanpourCoPBS:… the crisis worsening, the Prime Minister is forced to consider more extreme measures. #COBRAonPBS continues th… mummy chocolate covered strawberries are a perfect Halloween treat. (From @PBSFood) days ahead of the election, hear from voters in the key state of Pennsylvania. Don’t miss the @WashingtonWeek recent revelation informs future space exploration and research. If astronauts can tap into the water on the mo… is better when everyone gets out to vote, right? Turns out there are a lot of obstacles in the way of that.… Crenshaw and Maud Alcorn are building a Black creative community through family reunions, home cooked vibes… that would have been spent at restaurants, hotels, travel, performances, all the things that people don't fee…"You can get away with anything if you just brazen it out." #RoadkillPBS starring Hugh Laurie premieres this Sun… less than a week before the election, what matters most to voters? Is it the pandemic or the economy? Don't mi…
"When I step outside my door, my first mission is to find a person in need of uplifting." — Yuri W. Yuri turned a… guidance says that spending a total of 15 minutes with an infectious person over the course of a 24-hour period… birthday, Bob Ross! Everyone’s favorite - and most soothing - artist reminds us “every day is a good day when… "Can We Cool the Planet?" from @novapbs? Watch it now on the PBS Video app! #NOVAPBS care of two orphaned wombats is not easy... Australian Bushfire Rescue from @pbsnature is now streaming on t… year, we can expect improved cybersecurity systems, which include strengthened reporting relationships with la…"How could any ship leave a ship, especially of Titanic's size, in distress?" Abandoning the Titanic from… do you get your creative inspiration? Native American painter Bunky Echo-Hawk shares his five tips for creati… police pledged to release 911 tapes and police body camera footage “in the near future” in the shootin… you miss the final episode of #AgeOfNaturePBS? Stream it now on the PBS Video app. do we combat misinformation online? Two recommendations include considering our inherent biases and taking cour…
In the 2018 midterm elections, women - and specifically women of color - played a bigger role than they have in any… may still be dark, but we're raising the curtain for theater lovers! Tune in or stream #BroadwayOnPBS from… Maggie begins to move on from Radio-gate, the family celebrates happy news. But does Paul have a secret he’s hid… arts have been devastated by the pandemic, with consumer spending in the sector dropping significantly this yea… two joeys lost their mothers in the wildfires, so volunteer Lisa Karran took them into her home. Australian B… the military comes in to move the barricades and get the transformer to Northumberland, extremists infiltrate th…"We're seeing Democrats vote by mail, instead of voting in person. And we're seeing Republicans voting in person, i… more about the world's coral reefs when #AgeOfNaturePBS concludes tonight at 10/9c. pandemic and a historic surge in voting early and by mail have sparked a number of questions about election nig…
Explore the wisdom and knowledge each generation has to share in Generation Nation: A PBS American Portrait Story,… three women running for office in the heart of the Midwest. #RepresentPBS from @IndependentLens is now strea… you prefer to spend your Halloween making sweet treats or curling up with a good-old-fashioned horror movie… a moment for the new @MAKERSwomen documentary, "Not Done," to come out. It tells the story of the progress we'…
Retweeted by PBSFrom @MAKERSwomen, ‘NOT DONE: Women Remaking America’ is a thrilling, informative documentary about the big and div…
Retweeted by PBS“Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?" 🎶 Sing along during A Swingin' Sesame Celebration…’s good news for astronauts at future lunar bases who could tap into these resources for drinking and making rock… got a chance to see this early and I don’t think there was anything that could have described better to our chil…
Retweeted by PBS.@frontlinePBS's "The Choice 2020: Trump vs. Biden" examines the defining moments that shaped the lives of former V… binds a generation together? In this classroom lesson, students will draw on themes from @PortraitPBS to explo…
Retweeted by PBSNot Done: Women Remaking America shows the intersectional fight for equality and the reality that our work is ​…
As Trump and Biden enter the final week of the presidential campaign, COVID-19 is roiling the race again. (From… up on the latest episode of #MaggieColePBS now on the PBS Video app! today’s feminists who are paving the way to true equality. Not Done: Women Remaking America premieres this Tue… look to geoengineering and other methods to cool the planet. Tune in or stream "Can We Cool the Planet?"… is a koala detection dog, and he has a very important job: to find injured koalas. Australian Bushfire Rescue… the finale of #FleshAndBloodPBS from @masterpiecepbs? Watch it now on the PBS Video app! the history of voter suppression and why it’s still around today in @NewsHour's latest episode of "America,… three scientists who continue doing important work well past age 65. (From @NextAvenue) this new one-hour Halloween special, Dr. Emily Zarka of @PBSDS' #MonstrumPBS will deconstruct some of the most s… you miss the latest episode of #COBRAonPBS? Stream it now on the PBS Video app! speaks to voters across the nation about issues they care most about ahead of Election Day. why restoring nature might be our best hope for fighting climate change. #AgeOfNaturePBS concludes this We… recently repealed Texas rule means social workers can turn away clients on the basis of disability, gender identi…
"I stand for my family, my ancestors, my community, my past, and my future. I will stand up for you, but will you s… you're feeling anxious about re-entry, here are a few ways to cope with your emotions while safely navigating th… are voters in Wisconsin, a key swing state for the presidential election, prioritizing in 2020? (From… you watch the latest episode of #FleshAndBloodPBS? Need a refresher of all the secrets, surprises, and who has… the last 5 years of the women's movement and its intersectional fight for equality. #NotDone premieres this T… election, Missourians will also be voting on the fate of Clean Missouri, a redistricting amendment that passed… follows three first-time women candidates as they take on entrenched political systems. (From @wttw)… play an important role in our lives and politics, if they are used and interpreted correctly. (From @NewsHour)
Discover the Grammy-winning conductor, pianist and composer, Michael Tilson Thomas. Stream @PBSAmerMasters now on t… takes a moment every week to honor victims of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the stories of five people… the implications of biodiversity decline in European forests during the final episode of #AgeOfNaturePBS, air… the town still reeling from "Radio-gate," Maggie is desperate to make amends. #MaggieColePBS returns this Sun…'s pumpkin carving and painting season! Learn how to make your favorite cookie loving monster with this pumpkin d… performing arts are testing new models, from offering space to local artists for virtual events and classes, to… new threat rears its head as public sentiment grows ever turbulent. #COBRAonPBS continues this Sun at 10/9c.
What should teachers do to help their students succeed? Learn more with @NewsHour."The tradition I carry on is making room at the table for everyone." — Jessie M., social entrepreneur and founder o…'re warming up for the weekend with this pumpkin chipotle soup. (From @PBSFood) Costa and the @WashingtonWeek panelists discuss the election tonight at 8/7c. #WashWeekPBS"We never demanded more than we're owed. You can run, but you can't outrun this destiny," poet Mahogany L. Browne g… all comes to an end this Sunday... Watch the finale of #FleshAndBloodPBS on @masterpiecepbs at 9/8c! Television stations to launch new learning channel
Retweeted by PBS"Freedom is never really won, you earn it and win it in every generation." - Coretta Scott King. Raquel Willis refl… three Midwest women tackle the political machine in #RepresentPBS from @IndependentLens. Premieres Monday (ch… election is shaping up to be a referendum on the president's handling of the pandemic, with voters choosing who… this episode of Weathered, scientists and Native leaders tell us what we can do to reduce the harm fires can cau… victim’s faces plastered on the front page of the paper — thousands have heard the interview. How will Maggie r…
"When this is over I hope to remember the little things I learned during quarantine." — Anonymous, Northvale, NJ S… along with @NewsHour as Donald Trump and Joe Biden take the stage for one final debate before Election Day. election coverage to the debate over a stimulus deal, catch up on the latest with @WashingtonWeek on Fri at 8/… "Touching the Asteroid" from @novapbs? Watch it now on the PBS Video app! #NOVAPBS the American Southwest, a once robust mining town is looking to a growing arts community as a new economic drive… to the Yorkshire Dales with All Creatures Great and Small, premiering Sun, Jan 10 on @masterpiecepbs!… through the steep Qinling Mountains to witness wild pandas' behavior. 🐼 Pandas: Born to be Wild from… of the election, @frontlinePBS tells the story of a deeply divided nation through the lives of the two men wh… an exclusive sneak peek of #AllCreaturesPBS via @TandCmag!
Retweeted by PBSHere's everything you need to know to get ready for the premiere of #RoadkillPBS starring Hugh Laurie! (From…'t miss @NewsHour's live coverage of the final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, tonight a… you miss the latest episode of #AgeOfNaturePBS? Stream it now on the PBS Video app! talks to the ACLU about separated migrant families and why hundreds have no prospect of reunion anytime…
Explore Grammy-winning conductor Michael Tilson Thomas's love of dissonance with this catchy tune! @PBSAmerMasters you miss the latest episode of #FindingYourRoots? Stream it now on the PBS Video app! health officials share an update on Wednesday assessing the U.S. COVID-19 response and efforts to develop a vac…"The scale is just incredible. It's almost incomprehensible," Major General John C. Harris Jr., Commander of the Oh… National Apple Day! Try out this sweet recipe for a mid-week treat. (From @CETconnect and @ThinkTV)