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.@NewsHour explores underlying systemic issues of the country’s civic unrest.
From the Society for Human Rights to Stonewall and beyond, the struggle for rights and visibility for the LGBTQ+ co… PBS Passport, get extended access to your favorite PBS programs – anytime, anywhere! Binge, catch up, and rewa… the real-time spread of confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. Since tests are not widely available, there a… do you change a troubled police force? Get a rare look inside a police department being forced to reform, in… Pride Month, we support our LGBTQ friends and family by listening to their stories. Auckland, protesters marched to the U.S. Consulate, where they kneeled. They held banners with slogans like “I c… you had to cancel a vacation due to the coronavirus pandemic or are itching to plan one, you’re probably bu…
We know from history that both peaceful and violent demonstrations can change the political landscape. Omar Wasow j… students across the country, this year's graduation looks different than expected. How are you and the graduate… awoke Sunday to charred and glass-strewn streets in dozens of cities after another night of unrest fueled… 80 percent of millennial singles have been ghosted at least once. (From @Rewire_dot_org) in a spa full of macaques trying to escape the cold. (From @PBSNature) #NaturePBS service is one of the first and hardest hit sectors of our economy... how are small business owners coping? Le… over the death of George Floyd and other police killings of black people grew Saturday from New York to Tu… relationships. New challenges. New mysteries. An all-new season of #GrantchesterPBS premieres Sun, June 14 at 9…
Minnesota's governor announced a full mobilization of the Minnesota national guard, activating another 1,000 troops… you miss the special "Eating in with @LidiaBastianich"? Stream it now on the PBS Video app!“When this is over I will get on a plane from Virginia to London and hug my identical twin. We realized that this i…
Retweeted by PBSIndigenous ingredients are at the center of Chef Brian Yazzie's cooking. Taste the landscape with his recipe for th… June pick for the @NewsHour-@nytimes book club is Lauren Wilkinson’s “American Spy.” Monét's clients tend to be people of color, queer and trans folk, and especially black moms. While unequa…"In some areas of our city, it's often seen as violent or crime ridden...and while those things do exist, it's real…“Self-employment among older workers is a lot more common than we think it is.” (From @NextAvenue)
Authorities in Minnesota announced Friday that Chauvin, one of four officers who was fired for their actions, was t… penguins must tiptoe through a barrier of elephant seals to be reunited with their chicks! (From @PBSNature)… Costa and the @WashingtonWeek panelists discuss the pandemic and race in America tonight at 8/7c.…“This shouldn’t be ‘normal’ in 2020 America. It can’t be ‘normal.’ If we want our children to grow up in a nation t…“I have three black sons and what keeps me up at night is thinking about their safety… thinking about how the world… MISSISSIPPI'S 2020 HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS: The Education Services department at MPB will highlight Mississ…
Retweeted by PBSWe wrap #AAPIHeritageMonth this year filled with hope for the next generation. Here are stories about six AAPI comm… NASA’s Jim Bridenstine talks ahead of SpaceX launch. (from @NewsHour)
Social distancing orders have kept millions in the U.S. at home for over two months. Now that the traditional summe… do we have tough conversations about race and racism with our kids when they see prejudice or violence play out…
Retweeted by PBSFood nourishes our bodies, cultivates creativity, and connects us to each other. Doing more home cooking these days… Sergio Rapu shares what the pandemic means for the most remote island in the Pacific. Stream… used what Fauci called iconclastic and theatrical measures to draw attention to AIDS and demand equal treatm… @LidiaBastianich for a celebration of cooking at home — something we are all doing a lot these days! Watch… another Asian American musician who blends genres and educated aspiring classical musicians, @pbsds and… has won 19 Grammy Awards and been honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In 1998 he founded the Silk Ro… #AAPIHeritageMonth, meet Yo-Yo Ma, world renowned cellist and founder of the Silk Road Ensemble. Ma has perfor…"I hope that the president will condemn the racism that is inherent in our institutions and our systems, particular… you miss the finale of #ExpeditionPBS? Stream it now on the PBS Video app! history, people have turned to music during disease outbreaks as a way to seek spiritual guidance, expre…
Sifakas have trouble walking on all fours... so they pogo! (From @PBSNature) #NaturePBS Chung overcame being denied residencies and internships in U.S. hospitals to become the first American-bor… that #LaunchAmerica was scrubbed? Us too. While we wait for Saturday, check out this episode of @novapbs. LIVE: NASA and SpaceX launch historic Falcon 9 flight with U.S. crew
Retweeted by PBSWATCH LIVE: Answers to your questions on summer plans during the coronavirus pandemic
Retweeted by PBSThe artist JR (@JRart) created a virtual yearbook for this year's graduating high school class. How do milestone ce… learning is not without challenges but holds promise for what's possible. (@Rewire_dot_org) to be in effect 10 years, the Chinese Exclusion Act lasted over 60 years and made it difficult for Chinese… Minneapolis police officers have been fired after George Floyd, a black man, was restrained by the neck and di… Oman’s Dhofar Mountains, where @SteveBackshall encounters one of the rarest animals. Don't miss the season fi…"This awful pandemic is bringing home to people that they are not immortal," says Rosie Inman-Cook, who runs a nonp…
Health care providers are making invaluable personal sacrifices to keep us safe and healthy — like these nurses who… a summer of trailblazing women — from those who fought for women's suffrage to those who continue to shatt…"In an effort to save Native American lives, tribal leaders have taken strict measures, including curfews and roadb… the brand-new series #PridelandPBS from @PBSDS! Host @dyllonburnside begins his journey across the South b… firsthand accounts of the recent rise in antisemitism in the U.S. and Europe. Tune in or stream VIRAL: Antisem… Public Broadcasting provides educational tools
Retweeted by PBSLooking for a new hobby while at home? Learn how to "Paint Your Pet!" from @cetconnect and @ThinkTV's new "Hobby Hu… states lift pandemic restrictions and reopen their economies, how are beach towns and business owners adjusting… Up Easter from @IndependentLens explores an intergenerational fight to preserve culture and environment agai…
"If you look at who has been most...affected by COVID-19, it is indigenous, black, Latinx communities — the very sa… you miss the National Memorial Day Concert (@MemorialDayPBS)? Stream it now on the PBS Video app! #MemDayPBS much do you know about where our waste goes? #EatingUpEasterPBS from @IndependentLens explores how Easter Islan… Walton Hamilton recounts a cherished childhood memory of her mother, Julie Andrews. Watch more:… in the landmark CARES Act legislation, there is additional support for state programs that can help business… how this intergenerational art center, @InteractArts, practices radical inclusion. (From @NextAvenue) #MemorialDay, we remember the brave men and women who gave everything for our country."The big challenge right now is just how big the coronavirus outbreak is. So what the U.S. needs right now is massi… you @ReneeFleming for your moving performance. #MemDayPBS
Retweeted by PBSThank you, @CeCeWinans for your inspirational performance. #MemDayPBS
Retweeted by PBSTonight, we honor the legacy of leadership and perseverance of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen with this moment from…
Retweeted by PBSThank you @CynthiaEriVo for your moving performance! #MemDayPBS
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Follow @MemorialDayPBS for live coverage of tonight's special presentation of the National Memorial Day Concert. St… the country begins to open up, more people may be considering expanding their social circles beyond their immedi… us TONIGHT at 8p ET for America's night of remembrance as we honor those who lost their lives serving their co… in or stream the National Memorial Day Concert live on our Facebook and YouTube channels. Tonight at 8p ET.… Danielle Bainbridge, host of @PBSOrigin, credits her father for pushing her to do what’s right from a you… the pandemic shut down courtrooms around the country, criminal defense attorneys had to quickly figure out how… states will vote by mail this November. Here's how it works. (From @Rewire_dot_org) the remote and impenetrable Dhofar Mountains in Oman, where @SteveBackshall hopes to become the first to clim… in Antarctica, meeting penguins is an absolute must. But it’s not always easy. (From @novapbs and @PBSDS) @YoYo_Ma will perform J.S. Bach's six cello suites live from WGBH today at 3pm ET! Presented by @995WCRB
Retweeted by PBS35 years ago, Mister Rogers learned that not all presents come wrapped in a box! @YoYo_Ma will yet again give his…
Retweeted by PBSBack in February, a Trump administration policy caused thousands of immigrants to give up their health insurance, j…
What happens when our spy creatures come face-to-face with real animals? A whole lot of meet cutes! (From… March, under pressure to quickly ramp up testing, the FDA allowed manufacturers to start distributing antibody t… is Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the month of #Ramadan in the Muslim faith. Eid Mubarak to all those…"I feel sometimes now we are taking all that social capital we built up and are burning it a bit while we are stayi…"You just have to treat everything like it is contaminated. So, it makes it very stressful. It makes it stressful b… this week’s #IfCitiesCouldDance episode by @KQEDarts, meet the women of La Mezcla who are preserving Pachuca his… the stories of islanders trying to keep step with the rest of the world while maintaining Rapa Nui’s own un… stay-at-home orders issued across the country have been a boon for some of the major online dating apps. (From…
Congrats to the 2020 Webby Award Winners! virologist answers questions about the transmission of the virus, including whether it can be contracted from swi…