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Since the totality of what I’ve given is $1 in 2016 for an article, seems like bad news if that’s better than 99% o… one man came out with his family to cast a ballot on the first day of voting yesterday. @bafeldman Uh, one source? Come on.Always appreciate thoughtful reader feedback. it happened three months ago? for Sporadic Recommendations for Parents™: The three-year-old is very into the game Zingo and has been for weeks. @TCapoeti @KBAndersen I added that after considering Kurt’s comment! @JamesSurowiecki Nice thing about picking people at random is that that seems to be less of a problem. Did happen t…, some of them.Yorktown sits right at the boundary of red and blue New York. In 2016, Trump won by less than half a point. Yeste… man I forgot that I have Borat content I can flog. @circlejtp asking @SolidShepard back in the day when i was a teenager before i had status and before i had a pagerme: i should go to bed also me: oh award tour just came up on spotifyStill rounding that corner, it seems. be clear, my father was not on duty tonight.) @EmGusk No! @HalMarshall2309 Last night.Good day *not* to be the official scorer of a World Series game. @JamesUrbaniak Overdubbed. He was actually dancing to "Kids in America." @RyanLizza @Olivianuzzi The Post already has this pre-written with "killed in a [ANIMAL TK] attack" in the lede. @daveweigel hmm seems like this says biden was completely finished off though @benpershing Can’t hear this without hearing the KMEL “Bay AIR-eeeeeaa!” @kbschroedy Or parents that lived there for a long time! @IBegToDiffer6 Hecka is Oakland.
Thomas just said that if he threw his toy spider against the wall it would be “hecka hurt.” Good luck with this on… pacing and lighting of the Giuliani scene is evocative of the climactic scene in The Jinx.Who falls for this nonsense? phrasing here.
Retweeted by Philip Bump @jdavidgoodman Ugh typical ghost town.This is entirely the case. “[Fox News talking point], and I’m not even a Trump supporter!” @thegarance Nope, you’re right. @thegarance It’s MSG! How often can you vote at MSG?As of yesterday afternoon, this was the margin in state polling from closest to least close. many deaths have there been? How many were avoidable? How many preventable deaths are there to come? presidential candidate accused another candidate of leveraging his position for personal gain. Which candidate di… what Clay Travis’s Twitter poll says... @hopefulresident Probably didn’t hurt.From my dad: The view from the scorer’s position and the scorecard. @VinceKirchhoff 6-1 @libbyspencer He is. @NickMenezes Don’t know! But i suspect it won’t come up tonight.Six years ago right now. @baseballot oh lol yeah i guess you'd be interested in that @jameshamblin you’re the person I knew would be most toxicMy dad is the official scorer for the World Series game tonight, which I hesitated to share because people are terr…, hyperbole and deception: How Trump claimed credit for an Obama veterans achievement —> an @AshleyRParker spec…
Retweeted by Philip Bump @brendohare no, i remember you saying that on entertainment tonight last december. "next year will be a big year f…
Just an absolutely incredible specimen
Retweeted by Philip BumpIf we rank the states by the closeness of the presidential contest at the moment, you get some very odd results. NEWS GREGG @tom_mallory she's definitely tech savvy, what with her servers and such @bafeldman @davidlsims and you got out to see if he'd lived? im skepticalDid you switch off Gregg Jarrett's wifi in order to keep him from filing his story? I'd like to talk to you! Email in bio.[SOMEWHERE IN THE DEEP STATE] alert alert jarrett is about to be critical of biden dispatch a black-bag operative t… told voters that anyone responsible for as many coronavirus deaths as Trump was shouldn't get a second term.… @SmallBiz4Trump With love, you are not very smart. @SmallBiz4Trump Show me those tweets? @databyler @AaronBlake Or, if you'd like a more refined look from a better newspaper: @terri_rupar @daveweigel whoa: IF true @SmallBiz4Trump A truly impressive tweet.Shortly after that attack on the Minneapolis police precinct, Attorney General Bill Barr said: "In many places, it…
Retweeted by Philip Bumpgreat job america @knowhereman4 I realize you're a troll, but you should read my article, if reading in English is easy for you.Good morning! Sure, how about the WSJ.'s actually investing in a closing-days narrative about Joe Biden leveraging his position to make money. cc… half-birthday! me, the Washington-Post-citer. @darth Just once: @darth sus @darth my only goal was to have you stop and think about it for a second @darth it's noon on the east coast @_cingraham you should subscribe to the paper if you're hitting the paywallI am pleased to have finally nailed the proper analogy for Twitter surveys; you'll need to read the article to see it.Congratulations to anyone who still cites Twitter surveys to argue that Trump won the debate. You're festooning you… @DIamnotabot @brianstelter L O — and I emphasize — L @lizzieohreally @mattyglesias as always, harry is the 1 percent @LeotardFull ...How would Trump reunite children with their parents after they were separated by Trump's punitive policy? Well, Tr… years ago this morning. @jfruh @jim_newell @KenLayne This is the functional equivalent of the Iran-Poor Boys thing. @jfruh @jim_newell @KenLayne i forgot this was so close to the election @jsmooth995 What can you say? They love hard data. @jsmooth995 I can say from experience they do. @aedwardslevy the kids today have migrated to tiktok pollsI may be wrong, but I think the Trump comments from today which will have the longest shelf life is his embrace of… of the reason Trump's attacks on Biden haven't landed is that he's worked so hard to discredit the agencies he…'s defense of taking children away from their parents at the border? He put them somewhere nice but also Biden… back story on Trump's wind-farm fixation, which derives from him being mad about the aesthetics of a golf cours…'s argument about family separation is entirely that he didn't build the cages in which kids were placed. So… told Lesley Stahl he wants Obamacare to be thrown out, at which point they'll come up with a plan on health c… @lauraolin maybe those are ghostsTrump criticizes New York on nursing homes and insists he's prioritizing their safety. But the level of cases and d… be fair, there has been one notable resident who left New York recently.UPDATE: New York is also not a ghost town.As a resident of New York, we are not fully shut down and/or dying. @aedwardslevy ariel, i have good news @jfruh ok, resident of LAThe vaccine is ready. It's ready? No. We're rounding the corner. He said it will be over soon. I didn't say it will be over soon.Ah, yes, the "cure."