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AoT Supremacy @PC3X3 Ypsilanti, Michigan

I main Zoners with some Falco on the side. Ann Arbor Gang. UofM Grad. Hablo Español

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@GameforThought @Dom_ssb I think MegaMan is just -1. Just gotta play more physical and rely less on nades. Ike, Pal… @ZeoLightning @Dom_ssb I think you're the only Pac that doesn't think Palu is your worst mu. Must be built different @YaBoiColm I'm vibin with this Japanese top tier man @spsrei No cap this char is absurdFalco MIGHT just be better than Fox after all... @Bringus_ M2 is so trash
@pghbread I'll play a few4 hours of Falco without switching!?? Twas a good time
Vibin in the lab, open arena later @Cybrid101 Faler @Daybreak502 Yeah I miss her old look but the manga has me used to it @spsrei Fs. The latest ending spoils more than all the precious ones lmao. @spsrei We can all agree Season 3 part 2 has the best ending theme right? Gets me so emotionalWaiting for @Browntable_Ent to do an Attack on Titan essay so I can die in peace. @spsrei Images that Precede LEGENDARY FCKING EVENTS OF US. ONE OF US @spsrei Outta context this tweet would be very worrying lmaoWas gonna stream and then a week's worth of sleepiness hit me :(
@spsrei Part 2 is even better I wanna watch some of it with you @colinies @Daybreak502 unrelated but I have to comment on how much I love your banner @Daybreak502 Same except I'd swap S4 with S1 part 2. Visually and musically I think My War really sells the hype (a… @spsrei FLY TO HEAVENNNNNNN can't say nothin' about Texas!
Retweeted by AoT Supremacy @ZeoLightning Bottom of mid tier imo @ZeoLightning Leo got clowned yesterday @spsrei KENNYYYY shit raised my blood pressure
@spsrei I think you mean good morningJk Eric got me covered 😄
Y'all really gonna let Kenshi turnaround up smash his way through this bracket huhMy newest take on the six character challenge! So much fun! #voiceover #voiceacting
Retweeted by AoT SupremacyI saw this on the internet and now so have you we survived the Hell House, we can survive anything
Lemme have it!
Retweeted by AoT SupremacyChat: oh boy you're about to hit the best part of the game! Me: Shoot I can't wait. *Fights the Hell House... All t… @exJORDANary This got me through my midnight delivery shift. Meteor Heard and Fly to Freedom too godlike @StardustSkyes
@Riddlesmk @Sojourn_99 more like the latest chapter lol @EthanNeff3 Was it just as obnoxious????? @spsrei plz tell me that's the dumbest mandatory boss in the game... I'm legit about to throw something @RadicalMGF i need a hug @spsrei AREITH DIDNT DO SHIT I NEEDED TIFA OR BARRETFOR 50 MINUTES I HAD TO FIGHT A HOUSE IM PISSED, again
@ROCKMVN I feel that but the atmosphere with the visuals and OST too gdlike @nickeemVO Oop
Retweeted by AoT Supremacy @ROCKMVN how dare you @Daybreak502 Too good 🤣 64 is the least fun game in the 3D all Stars collection @VenomedCosmic Bill Pope is goated @spsrei Ah my favorite turn your brain off Nolan movie @Bringus_ @LavishSsb what can I say too many fun chars in this kid's party game @LavishSsb I'm the last person who should be in this thread lmao @exJORDANary I've never seen a show that evolves so radically after every season. In my top 3 fsOPEN YOUR HEART ITS GONNA BE ALRIIIIIIGHT!!
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@YaBoiColm Park So Dam 😍 @Sojourn_99 Bell f smash doesn't kill at 30... @ZenyouX Wtf... @Axel_N_ ^Me before my Ft10 with Jordan. You really have to grind it out. Dont be reckless on their shield. Grab (o…
More FF7R , for real this time @beanzaru PERFECT SCENE FROM A PERFECT MOVIE FROM A PERFECT TRILOGY @DMGAlliance @_HavocSnake_ @apathycreates @trvisXX Lets goooooo @Parrish9224 They need to at least hit 30eps to finish the manga. Idk if that means splitting the season in half but we'll seeATTACK ON TITAN IS A FUCKING MASTERPIECE HOLY SHIT
Retweeted by AoT Supremacy
@QuarkBird In what world is Fox top tierCSL crew battle bracket for MSU featuring your favorite michigan players like Daybreak, Nectar, Tojo, Hawl, Linus,…
Retweeted by AoT Supremacy @MrDanishButterC @zupercar1 @droctavius99 First time I watched I thought he had too many jokes but 2nd time I realized he's Tony's AI so ofc he does lmaoThe first 35mins some of the best of any Marvel movie. The rest gets too much hate. Better than I remember it being… app is just the gift that keeps on giving @WavePrism_ @yungsnaku So glad I'm not the only one who caught that hahaha @QuarkBird ^^Literally me with Snake @ddee_ssbu Snake is top 10 @Daybreak502 Tragic that they ditched the co op kart idea after double dash... favorite gamecube multiplayer after melee
Smash then back to FF7Rmash then back to FF7R for the lack of streams this week. Coming back at noon with more Final Fantasy @QuarkBird Why German
@UberKryptonian Crazy how he peaked in Civil War but y'all not ready for that conversationCool weather ✅ New AoT chapter ✅ Ppl actually tipped ✅ @LavishSsb The rush of dopamine when you consistently hit Jab back air 😌 @RobCraze @CharlieHaruno yea dude save some clips for the rest of us
He's safe. @StardustSkyes number of reasons but this ones my fav @StardustSkyes BeEn Up since 4:30 theres no goin back now @StardustSkyes GO BACK TO BED @Captain_E3 On paper yes but he could've DI'd hard out after the 2nd up air so the bair wouldn't hitCute 0 to 75 thoughts. Wolf but with Sephiroth's back throw~bair confirm
Fun movie that gets worse upon rewatch @spsrei Kyle woke up like "today imma tweet a banger" @KoolOriBro I-if only there was a way to stop them... But no, the police must handle this peacefully @AquaticFox_ @_glacey The point of this thread is that I need more sleeper hits in my backlog 👇👇Your Lie in April Kill la Kill Anohana DBZ Silhouette by Kana Boon •Bunny Girl Senpai (HM for most underrated) °99… @SSBM_Aghi @HjartaStudios ^^^
Anyone can cook 😍 taught this man what the word "gratuity" meant and he still didn't tip. Please tip your delivery drivers @MojitoMd @CosmonautMarcus @zupercar1 @Bringus_ I think you're the first person ever to like the Uprising Arc more… @MojitoMd @RadicHedgehog There's still time to repent @exJORDANary BASED @RadicHedgehog Hot take... Mania is gone @Axel_N_ keeps getting the best highlights...