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Fortnite is hosting a panel on racism in America with Van Jones, Jemele Hill, Elaine Welteroth, and Killer Mike…'m losing steam grinding through Apex Legends' battle pass indicates around 7 percent of Windows 10 users have applied the May 2020 update so far -- are you one of the… to try out the Hyper Scape technical test new Test Drive game will be revealed next week at Nacon Connect's a sneak peek at what Ubisoft's showing off on July 12 Andy visited locations from Yakuza and Shenmue in real life and here's how the games compare to the reality…'s what you need to know about the new Juggernaut mode in Warzone works for pots and pans, can it work for SSDs as well? can upgrade an Apple iPod Classic with an M.2 SSD fit for a PC AMD B550 motherboards are still mostly MIA, but they're coming week's top threads in the PC Gamer forums
We've teamed up with Lenovo to give US readers a chance to win a 240Hz Legion gaming monitor!… enjoy these Dwarf Fortress birds (there's also a lizard, and it's pretty cool too) Wars: Squadrons will have customizable HUD, controls, and cosmetic displays menu tiles in Windows 10 are not going anywhere, but Microsoft is working on making them blend in better with… Settlers, formerly due this year, has been delayed again will host a July 4 panel on racism in America with Jemele Hill and Killer Mike your VR helmet and dance like no one can see you for Speed developer Criterion is giving away six game jam projects top Asus and MSI Z490s might be more than $700 a pop, but there are more affordable options...… Pokémon players are using mods to randomize the games in wild and unpredictable ways over Juggernaut armour in Call of Duty: Warzone's new time-limited mode love Apex Legends, but its battle pass is starting to feel tedious Flight Simulator's closed beta release date will be announced next week to Steam's Point Shop, I now have a constant reminder of how much money I spend on games… next Test Drive game will be officially revealed next week Forward sneak peek teases Valhalla, Legion and Hyper Scape to try out Hyper Scape? Here's how to join the technical test.'s how to take down Juggernauts in Warzone 2.0 is less complicated, but it's hard to tell if it's a better game of Warcraft's lowest population servers are being merged with busier ones throughout the summer… Zero Dawn's PC release date is August 7 there's a clothing line to awash yourself in your PC's RGB glow at these lovely Dwarf Fortress birds Visiting locations from Shenmue and Yakuza in real life out you can upgrade an Apple iPod Classic with an M.2 SSD fit for a PC Online has been canceled following allegations of sexual misconduct against its former president… delays the release of The Settlers again Master’s making a tiny case to keep your Raspberry Pi 4 looking and running cool your VR helmet and dance like no one can see you for Speed's Criterion releases its game jam projects for free in the US? Then you've got a chance to win a 240Hz Lenovo Legion gaming monitor, and lots more...… tiny case aims to make your Raspberry Pi 4 run cool’s new in the PC Gamer forums this week the last Juggernaut standing in Warzone's new mode compact PC case comes with high-end water cooling built-in sci-fi Souls-like Hellpoint will be out at the end of July Flight Simulator closed beta will get a release date on July 9 an eye on your opponents with Warzone's new Spotter Scope has acquired another developer to help bring more of its games to mobile Design's puzzle adventure game Creaks is coming later this month promises "profound" changes as it continues to investigate allegations of harassment and abuse… Epic Games Store has cancelled the Conan Exiles giveaway and delayed the launch changes are coming to Rocket League esports Friend Pedro is being made into a television series Stranding on PC is a great version of a very weird, interesting game creators of Westworld are making a Fallout TV series're not sure if Ubisoft's battle royale game will hold our interest, but it does have a great double jump… Online canceled following allegations of sexual misconduct against its president has a 'hub and spoke' structure and an 'RPG village' truck looks like a new Shadow Warrior game is on the way is releasing a Minecraft 'Creeper Crunch' cereal's getting ready to release its first OLED TVs, and pricing looks good limited edition clothing line reflects your PC's RGB glow are the most iconic, game-changing graphics cards ever made... but what's your favourite?…, the next weird game from Amanita Design, is coming later this month 2077 is DirectX 12-only. Which is fine. DX12's never been a buggy mess, after all.
Here's 25 minutes of new Mortal Shell gameplay CEO promises 'structural shift' to address workplace toxicity fourth spin of the GTX 1650 is here, giving those unwanted RTX 2070 GPUs something to do you applied the May 2020 update for Windows 10 yet? has filed an 'Intent to Use' trademark application for Fable of WoW players are gathering in-game to mourn Byron 'Reckful' Bernstein's Nitro 5 laptop with a 10th-gen Core i5 is just $880 right now't want to DIY? No problem. Here are some pre-configured gaming PCs we recommend Metal Gear Solid movie director now wants to make a Metal Gear Solid cartoon makers are finally fixing AMD Ryzen's biggest annoyance Friend Pedro is being made into a television series by the writer of John Wick's our cover story on Kerbal Space Program 2, full of details on the ambitious sequel there's anything left in or around your PC that isn't already glowing in RGB lighting, Corsair's new RGB towers… Super Mega Baseball 3 with no crowds in the stands is incredibly eerie Souls-like Hellpoint gets a new release date and co-op gameplay trailer with Hyper Scape, Ubisoft's urban battle royale shooter Twitch streamer Reckful has died at 31 wants to bring more of its games to mobile House of Lords wants loot boxes to be considered gambling Epic Games Store pulls the Conan Exiles freebie and delays the launch is the first SSD to sport a ceramic heatsink Fallout TV show is coming from Amazon Studios and the creators of Westworld's fine that Cyberpunk 2077 is DirectX 12-only, right? Tell me it's going to be fine... is freshening up Windows 10's Start menu so it looks better with themes reveals Hyper Scape, a streamlined battle royale FPS is releasing a Minecraft 'Creeper Crunch' cereal League is getting a competitive overhaul with Mortal Shell, a newcomer that demonstrates the best and worst of Souls-likes is renewing the Fable trademark with 'intent to use' impact Mixer's closure has had on its partners 76's first season is having a mixed start Vogt-Roberts is trying to make a Metal Gear Solid cartoon