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PCRA India, registered society under @PetroleumMin has been working diligently for efficient utilization of fuel, energy & natural resources for past 40 years

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You win or you learn, you simply grow. #MondayMotivation
It's your chance to let your creativity flow and 'CAPTION This Image'! #PCRAFun can save a life, be a hero! #SaturdayMotivation shows certain cooking habits cause substantial waste of fuel. To get tips and save up to 30% of cooking… alert and avoid fuel wastage and heat loss to the atmosphere. To prevent it, always keep vessels or pans cover… ensure that the cooking vessel is clean because even a millimeter thick coating of undissolved salts can red… research has identified that vessels with a diameter of 25 cm are ideal for cooking on most stoves. Try this… has been working tirelessly in the domestic sector. The organization has been conducting sessions in the rur…
Save fuel. Save Water. #ConserveResources #DomesticSectorTips increased number of cars on the roads is taking a toll on the Environment. Shouldn't we wake up now? 🌿🌏 you believe that 'Global Warming' is essentially responsible for extreme weather change? 🌿🌏 #poll #ProtectEnvironmentMore than 60 million dollars worth of man hour productivity lost due to air pollution every year- Another eye openi…
Retweeted by Petroleum Conservation Research AssociationRoughly 50% of the households are able to meet their cooking needs with LPG which was 29% some time back -…
Retweeted by Petroleum Conservation Research AssociationHousehold air pollution affects 71% of Indias population. 1.2 million deaths due to air pollution, 50% of deaths du…
Retweeted by Petroleum Conservation Research AssociationHere's why your lungs hurt when you work out in the Winters and what to do about it? discuss the Determining Health in India we welcome our esteemed panelist Mr. @aloktripathi74 , @pcraindia,Dr. Ma…
Retweeted by Petroleum Conservation Research AssociationThe face of #RuralIndia is changing. ✨#ProgressiveIndia India now has 8.95 Cr household toilets, 5.34 Lac Open Defecation Free villages, 546 Open Defecation… right usage of cooking-gas can save a lot of fuel. - use broad-bottomed vessels that cover the flame completel… was awarded prestigious 'Innovation Award' in "Excellence in Omni Presence" category by @IDC at Hyatt, Chandig… selfless service and commitment of our soldiers is peerless. We are safe and sound at our homes because they…'s the only one we've got! 🌿🌏 #FridayFeeling #ArmedForcesFlagDay, let us do our bit to ensure the welfare of the families of our martyrs and ex-servicemen.…
Retweeted by Petroleum Conservation Research AssociationHeartfelt tribute to the heroes of Indian Armed Forces on this Armed Forces Flag Day. Let us remember & honour the…
Retweeted by Petroleum Conservation Research AssociationInteresting Facts to know --- Energy in all forms is precious, #ConserveEnergy.
Always ensure that the flame from the burner is completely utilized. Use broad-bottomed vessels that allow uniform cooking. #CookingTipTogetherness brings saving on many fronts. When all members of a family eat together, there's no need to reheat th… organised a Driver Training Program at @IndianOilcl Navagam Terminal in Ahmedabad, Gujarat from 03.12.18 to 05… colour of the flame can tell you whether it's efficiently burning or not. A steady blue flame will indicate ef… you have enough time to cook, prefer the small burner over the big burner of the gas stove. Research has shown… conducted a Youth Program at Dr Subhash Arya Kanya Vidyalaya, Junagadh, Gujarat on 04.12.2018 in which 61 stud… @romiamour9 @VSwami The contest started in video format, however, as per clause no. 7 of T&C PCRA under its sole an… YES to Life! ✨🥰 #ThursdayThoughts
Pradhan Mantri Kishori Shakti Yojna is like a wonder-box; that aims to change the dynamics for adolescent girls. underestimate the power of soaking! Research has shown that 22% of saving takes place on the cooking gas whe…पुरुस्कृत कविता: कम ईंधन, स्वच्छ पर्यावरण। 🌿🌏 @dpradhanbjp @PetroleumMin @mygovindia @VSwami @VSwami, kindly check your twitter inbox. @VSwami Congratulations 🌿🌏Congratulations, @VSwami on winning the Grand Prize for the #SloFie contest. 🚲😎 #CycleHitBharatFit resource of Energy is the new way of living as India is progressing toward clean fuel and energy. We can… hard-earned money should be valued and utilized meaningfully. We have some invaluable tips in store for you t… #WorldSoilDay let us a take a look at the measures taken by the Government led by PM @narendramodi towards impro…
Retweeted by Petroleum Conservation Research AssociationThe abundance of positivity coming your way! #WednesdayWisdom #PositiveVibesOnly conducted a Youth Program at Ganthila Primary School, Ganthila Village in Junagadh, Gujarat on 03.12.18 in whi…
Stay tuned to know who won the bicycle for the #SloFie contest! The winner will be announced tomorrow. 🚲✨ to know about PCRA's contribution in the #DomesticSector. Visit for more information 🌿🌏 @romiamour9 @nalinidesai We will disclose that very soon. Stay tuned! 😇Clean the burner if you see an orange, yellow or non-uniform flame. Be your own superhero and save fuel! 🦸‍♀️🌿🌏 #SaveFuel #CookingTipNever stop believing. ✨ #MidweekMotivation #TuesdayThoughts cooking vessel covered with lid prevents it from losing heat to the atmosphere and maximizes fuel saving. 🌿🌏 #SaveFuel #CookingTipWhile cooking food, always remember that surplus water only causes wastage of fuel & resource. Use all natural res… you your own superhero when it comes to conserving fuel and energy at home? 🌿🌏 #TuesdayThoughts #PCRAFunMOU was signed between PCRA & Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC) at Jaipur on 30.11.18 by Mr Naveen… cereals and pulses in water before cooking results in fuel saving and better quality of food. #CookingTip #TuesdayThoughtsSaluting the Brave Sea-Warriors on the occasion of 47th #NavyDay 🌊⚓️ #NavyDay2018 #India @indiannavy's 1st female amputee to climb Mt. Everest, Dr. Arunima Sinha, was with Team Gurugram @HPCL She shared her tho…
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#DidYouKnow? A bright and steady flame means efficient cooking and fuel saving. #CookingTipBe smart. Save smart. 🌿🌏😎 #SaveFuel #DomesticSector cooking different dishes, the amount of water required differs. Always use relevant quantity of water for effi… Pressure cooking is one of the fastest and economical methods of cooking. Also, separators can be us…’s take a pledge to make an inclusive & just society for all those who are differently abled. Let us recognise…
Retweeted by Petroleum Conservation Research AssociationReduce. Reuse. Recycle. Be #EcoFriendly! 🌿🌏 #MondayMotivation you care about not wasting fuel? By keeping all materials required for cooking close to you before lighting the… on winning INR 1000/- voucher for the #SloFieContest, @nalinidesai. 🚲😇't keep food items straight from the refrigerator on the gas burner. Allow cold or frozen food to reach room t… utilize fuel for multiple purposes and there are ample opportunities to conserve it. You can save up to 30%… you all for your enthusiasm to participate in 'Spot the Answer'. Kudos to each one of you who got the all the… you have an interesting, witty caption for this gorgeous picture? Follow our handle and reply with the hashtag…
Retweeted by Petroleum Conservation Research AssociationPCRA conducted a Driver Training Program at @IndianOilcl Navagam Terminal in Gujarat from 29.11.18 to 01.12.18 in w… your own destiny! #MondayMotivation a great visionary, Bharat Ratna and the First President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad ji on his birth a…
Retweeted by Petroleum Conservation Research AssociationMy humble tribute to the legend of #Hockey, Padma Bhushan Major Dhyan Chand ji on his death anniversary. He won Oly…
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Leapfrogging to the more efficient and clean BSVI grade fuel from BSIV in Delhi from 1st April 2018 and rollout of…
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Can you spot 'Five' words related to #AgricultureSector? #PCRAFun Tuned! #SloFieContestAlert's always hope. #WorldAidsDay @NACOINDIA weekend, be an Environment hero and ditch your personal vehicle. Use public transport or peddle your way for… According to the data from the Agriculture Ministry, India produced a whopping 98.38 million tonnes o… Environment. Healthy Earth. Healthy You! #SaturdayMotivation
PMFBY has given Indian #Agriculture a new outlook. Benefitting crores of farmers, this scheme has brought tremendou… Our farmers are quite tech-savvy and use their smartphones and the internet regularly to be updated on…'s always advisable to consult an expert when selecting implements for your tractor. Right implement gives maximu… The consumption of fuel on a tractor can rise up to 30% if you use undersized implements or operate at… income for Farmers and cleaner fuel. 🌾#ProgressiveIndia of the best possible ways to operate your tractor is to run it in the highest gear possible to avoid excessive… to your tractor's operational guidelines. Contact an expert for selecting the right implement size and apt t… 🌿🌏 #FridayFeeling
SloFie Contest Alert: The entries are under review process. We will shortly announce the winners. Thank you for your patience.To avoid wastage of fuel via a leakage in your tractor, inspect joints in fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel injector and f… every problem has a solution! #ThursdayThoughts likes when their machine just refuses to start. To avoid such a trouble with your tractor; always keep you… your tractor find it difficult now to pull the load it could carry effortlessly before? The reason could be… you drive your tractor in the right gear! Wrong gear selection can increase fuel consumption by 30% and reduce… is within you, not outside of you. Find your happiness today! 🥰#ThursdayThoughts #Hockey #WorldCup begins! 🏑🇮🇳 #12 #ISROMissions #HysIS Here's the lift-off image of #PSLVC43 carrying 31 satellite onboard. @PMOIndia
Retweeted by Petroleum Conservation Research AssociationHeartiest Congratulations, #India! 🏑🇮🇳 #INDvsSA #IndiaHockeyTeam @narendramodi @dpradhanbjp @IndiaSports you have doubt about your tractor's performance, check with an authorized garage of your dealer. #11 #ISROMissions #PSLVC43 Another view of Indian satellite #HysIS separation. [Updates to continue.]
Retweeted by Petroleum Conservation Research AssociationAdequate care throughout pregnancy & delivery ensures #newbornhealth. #JananiShishuSurakshaKaryakram provides free…
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