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🔥 🔥 🔥 @randymbrowne thank you!ohhh!“It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up! magazine...”"Riot Baby is the burning embers of a revolution...the quiet rage of generations of people who have been told they…
Retweeted by Disgruntled HaradrimThe Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America @sfwa have announced that Nalo Hopkinson will be the 37th Damn K…
Retweeted by Disgruntled Haradrim @nicolemhill thank you!!Took this one last opportunity for the year to scream at everyone to read RING SHOUT by @pdjeliclark. (The rest o…
Retweeted by Disgruntled HaradrimChristmas came early today—twice. books NPR’s Book Concierge Lots of great 2020 SF books here Including @silviamg
Retweeted by Disgruntled Haradrimwell look at that... has sucked in most other ways, so I think it's worth appreciating what a BRILLIANT year it's been for books. J…
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@alayadj @nprbooks congrats! dem hands tho! 🙌🏿well I picked a heckuva day to stay off Twitter...—for when that already rude short story idea gets completely outta pocket.“boisterous folk horror”... I’m officially declaring it a thing.
The “Atlantic War of Slavery,” according to Vincent Brown, was the long and sustained period of daily violence agai… word?
For Black tour guides in Savannah, the historical is personal. Not only in Savannah, indeed. #slaveryarchive
Retweeted by Disgruntled Haradrim @IBJIYONGI lol thx for noticing—my Halloween 2019 costume.
“Antoine Bisset. A colored physician, looking for the Night Doctors....”
banana’s bars been in my head all day... Lewin is here to cleanse your timeline, breathtakingly.
Retweeted by Disgruntled Haradrima turducken, of publishing, if you will. now this. A New Caledonian gecko. Because why not? for those of us who have worked with Fireside and sung its praises, who thought “it couldn’t happen here” this… got no idea what is going to happen with Fireside. My interaction with the magazine and its editor has been…banal… Bradley deserves some form of restitution for what happened. And a more in depth apology, including exactly w… Dr. Bradley's comments that this incident made her question her own voice literally *hurt.* Every BIPOC wri… one person can take responsibility this has the familiar feel of something systemic. There are BIPOC writers…’s editor Pablo Defendini has apologized. Good. Tho' Dr. Bradley is well within her rights to decline. Apol… folk have worked to open up Fireside. Black editors like Maurice Broaddus helped get Prof. Bradley in the mag… noticed different reactions yesterday. On the Black academic side of my feed, justified outrage to the clear indi… became known for championing marginalized voices. When BIPOC writers asked where to safely submit, they we… 2017 when I was looking to send out my story of founding fathers, enslaved people, and magic teeth, Fireside was… 2016 Fireside did a bombshell study on #BlackSpecFic that blew up the SFF writing world. Sent magazines on a fre… learned of the epic fail late yesterday when my wife said, “that Fireside place you wrote for is getting dragged… day later and I’m still dwelling on the epic f*ckup-edness that transpired with Fireside Fiction, in the callous… list to be on. leadership. 🔥 don’t know who all at @fiyahlitmag and the Ignyte Awards decided, “f-k it, all the finalists get medals!”—but y’a… other news, got a Finalist medal from the 2020 Ignyte Awards, and it’s my new favorite thing! 🔥🔥🔥 #ignyteawards absolute worst thing about all of this right here. a whole hour since I learned about this fiasco and my face is still stuck here. okay, the actual article got jokes. really?“Mr. Dinkins, would you please be my mayor?”-Phife @Ellethevillain to @Ellethevillain —excellent choice!
when you know that one book you need, is back in your office, sitting up on the shelf—and laughing at you. hopping on to see what’s going on in SFF story market Twitter.
so far, loving this. #SmallAxe watch party screamed #SmallAxe #Dessalines
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How an Upper West Sider learned that the picture on her living room wall was wanted over at the Metropolitan Museum.
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Researchers have found a disturbing pattern: People who live in U.S. neighborhoods once subjected to redlining are…
Retweeted by Disgruntled Haradrim @cprwords here’s hoping for the best. and gun slinging hoodoo girls.well then..."With beautiful language, deep characters, and a fully immersive world, this story of vengeance and self-forgivenes…
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Trump isn't just trying to throw out votes in MI, WI, PA. He's trying to throw out Black votes in cites like Detroi…
Retweeted by Disgruntled Haradrim"RING SHOUT is a reflection of our current time and our past, and historian/oracle @pdjeliclark has delivered a boo…
Retweeted by Disgruntled HaradrimHow Profits From Slavery Changed the Landscape of the Scottish Highlands
Retweeted by Disgruntled HaradrimOTD in Haitian history (November 18, 1803), a formerly enslaved man, General François Capois, led the definitive Ba…
Retweeted by Disgruntled Haradrim @BlackFish775’s #AudiobookReview W/ seamless transitions among Gullah, English & French narrator "Channie Waites thrills in…
Retweeted by Disgruntled HaradrimEnslaved, Terrorized, Disenfranchised: Black Americans Still Found Ways to Change America
it’s a book birthday! 🎉 books available in our community library! 🇯🇲 Borrow books from our library for free for 2 (sometimes 3) weeks…
Retweeted by Disgruntled Haradrim“the Borg is everywhere!” shook Riker is my favorite of the Rikers.“What more can I say...?” Art by Roman Cortez
🔥 @GWOTTrapLordz reports from West Virginia on the impact of Black Lives Matter protests in the conservative state…
Retweeted by Disgruntled Haradrim1/ 🆕podcast alert: In this week's show, our first segment takes listeners to Detroit during election week 2020, wh…
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Johns Hopkins Night Doctors: Pattern of Unethical Treatment | Shortform Books Bridges arrived at her classroom, all the other students had withdrawn. The rest of the school year, it was ju…
We’re tired of begging publishers to send copies to Caribbean people, for reviews (and them telling us that they do…
Retweeted by Disgruntled HaradrimCharles R. Saunders — the Father of Sword and Soul | How a quiet journalist from Nova Scotia created a new genre of…
Group of scholars suggests marking maps and charts as virtual memorial to the estimated 1.8 million Africans who lo…
Retweeted by Disgruntled Haradrim @casskhaw none of these things precludes monsters. or monstrous Wed fix. Persons and Dr. Antoine Bisset walk into a bar... something, something, something... monsters!
@Klis_Sudnih if I told you there was a prequel story to Ring Shout? And what if I told you it involved an origin story on D…
"Its premise is fresh and fun, its characters are grounded and warm, and its tone and message offer a much-needed d…
Retweeted by Disgruntled HaradrimIn Best Horror: #RingShout by @pdjeliclark (@TorDotComPub) “Ring Shout is a wild ride into America's nightmarish h…
Retweeted by Disgruntled HaradrimThe #GoodreadsChoice Award Semifinal Round has been announced! Congratulations to @NghiVoWriting's THE EMPRESS OF…
Retweeted by Disgruntled HaradrimMy panel with @pdjeliclark and Nazanine Hozar is today! These are great novels that will simply never leave you.…
Retweeted by Disgruntled HaradrimHappy book birthday to us!!! #FromaCertainPOVStrikesBack is out today with so many great stories from so many great…
Retweeted by Disgruntled Haradrim @SadieHartmann @goodreads @TorDotComPub wow! thank you!
Like the freedom fighters who boosted Dem turnout in Georgia, @pdjeliclark's heroes fight hate, racism and other mo…
Retweeted by Disgruntled Haradrimglad my small bit of storytelling could help. whole *meal* of a thread.
my city be quick with it. i will miss it so very much.
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2020 did it, @JoeBiden.
Retweeted by Disgruntled Haradrim“Madam Vice President” is no longer a fictional character. @KamalaHarris
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