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Associate editor at IDW. Sailor Moon enthusiast. Disneyland apologist. she/her.

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@megan_mb That the BEST NAME and also TOTALLY ON BRAND
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fuck anyone who was ever shitty to Hana Kimura.
Retweeted by Elizabeth Brei @JoanneStarer I have been so incredibly angry about her death all night. Just impotent fury.Kumamon with dogs
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiJaxxon is back! Cover for Star Wars Adventures Annual 2020. #starwars #starwarsadventures #jaxxon #dengar
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiRamona Flowers (I’m enjoying doing those cool down sketches lately)
Retweeted by Elizabeth Brei @bummermaid A roly poly! Illinois!
Video-met with fellow editors from @ProjectInsider yesterday, and we’re now at the point where get to see each othe…
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiJust put out a wrestling tee design based on a nickname @peachchild and I have for The Undisputed Era
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiJust found out one of my favorite designs I ever made is available on a face mask.
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiWorking on Big Fucking Hammer #9!!
Retweeted by Elizabeth Breithis is cool: headspace is free for the rest of 2020 if you live in LA county
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Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiBananas will be mashed for the banana bread recipe by @jezzacat for the kitchen section edited by @kris10_simon in…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Breifire nation 🔥 water tribe 🌊
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiI have to listen to these jokes ALL DAY so you all should have to too. it's like to make plans with @JoeHughes28 rides a horse.
Retweeted by Elizabeth Brei @frenchpressplz I rewatched a bunch of episodes recently and there were def moments of "Yikes, did not age well!" Y… am very open to compromise. a while, but BattleArc 2088 is officially on Comixology! 40 pages of cyberpunk action from me and…
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@pamcake YEP. It's deeply stupid and unsafe; people are putting themselves and each other at risk for selfish, stup…, a romantic Italian playboy warehouse, is an unofficial mascot from Kurashiki City, Japan.
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiComic Review: Star Wars Adventures: The Clone Wars – Battle Tales #1 - #StarWars
Retweeted by Elizabeth Breimen who share their salaries/freelance rates with their female colleagues are kings , RT to save a life
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiNeed two covers done for next week, if any pro's are looking to pick up a payin' gig.
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I made a Sailor Mercury, oh wait... #sailormoondraw #SailorMoonchallenge
Retweeted by Elizabeth Brei @dentontipton @megan_mb OH MAN LOVE ITSir, yes, sir! Today is the day at last: Find STAR WARS ADVENTURES CLONE WARS: BATTLE TALES #1 in stores and digit…
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@AJMendezFanBR Oh, no!! I hope you're staying safe and indoors!I admire all of you for your honesty. I fly home to Illinois in August to attend a high school friend's baby shower?Hey folks, I'm in pretty serious need of some help. My back pain has been getting worse, plus I can barely breath p…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Brei @kayncli Hey, this rules!🧬
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiExcited to be recording tomorrow's episode tonight with our full focus on the debut of @IDWPublishing's…
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiMulan 🧡
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiSwooping in on #sailormoonredraw real quick.
Retweeted by Elizabeth Breino one: bisexuals at the end of every sentence: !!!
Retweeted by Elizabeth Brei @TiniHoward Ah, I'm sorry, that's the worst! I have only fallen on my knees so far, I'm very worried for my ass whe… feel like I managed to find a copy of the CD on ebay a couple years ago, but it was $50 (!!) and I couldn't justi… I was a kid in Chicago, we'd sing carols in school, & one of the songs was from this album that was all about… @TiniHoward Perfect! We can keep each other upright!Super Duper Dave Bautista everybody
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@TiniHoward We should!! I am very Bambi legs still but I hope I can get over that before anyone else has to see me skate. :,)My neighbor saw me rollerskating without a helmet today and not only GAVE me a helmet but put it on me and fitted i… fact that Mario makes a little noise every time he exerts himself physically is proof that he's over 30
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiRisking the ire of many a Blues Brothers or Ferris Bueller fan: Mean Girls. watched this weekend: the Kimmy Schmidt special and Colossus of Rhodes.Ya girl is making @Djeljosevic watch more than one Night at the Museum movie tonight.Yesterday I found out that Chuck E Cheese realized people didn't want to order takeout from Chuck E Cheese so they…
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Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiWe went to Sunny Boy Biscuit Co. for the first time today. It just opened just a couple blocks from us, and their b…, this week I watched the first season of Gentefied, which was maybe just enough of a bummer to not want to kee… night, we watched Dumb and Dumber, which I'd never seen and which was much longer than either of us might have… had Nishiki Ramen for dinner last night. We went to the Hillcrest location because we live close to it, but thei… crying about a conspiracy theory
Skinny is a ghostly mascot from Kujukushima, Japan. His nose is a spider.
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Retweeted by Elizabeth Brei🐉🇯🇵🥩💣💪 is one of my favorite spots in SD, and they've started serving food again so we walked over today…
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“Tranquilo” Almost 15 years ago.
Retweeted by Elizabeth Breioh to be a cat sun bathing on a cart of books
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Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiSometimes, I think about my dermatologist telling me that he could tell that I wear sunscreen, and how proud I was… six more days until STAR WARS ADVENTURES CLONE WARS: BATTLE TALES! You're gonna get your favorite clones, new…
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiOmozo the cubic elephant is the mascot for the Japanese TV station, JRT.
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiThe Yubaris, a pair of married melon-heads, are the mascots for the Yubari Resort Company in Japan.
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@TonyFleecs @lianakangas This! I'm doing really fun work as an editor, but the idea of actually writing my own comi… we get too deep, here’s the conceit: I’ve tricked 7 amazing editors @TiredFairy @NicoleBoose @Kris_Simon
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Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiHe can’t read 😔
Retweeted by Elizabeth Breithe cultural reset that this started
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Retweeted by Elizabeth Brei @TiniHoward Yes!! I love this idea! @JoanneStarer I hate that! @JoanneStarer Hahahaha, no. I am so scared of that hill. Everything becomes a deadly weapon when going down it.Y'all, today I roller skated OUTSIDE. Why did no one tell me there were hills out there?Nishizou, a little pink photographer elephant with a red beret, is an unofficial mascot in Nishi-Ogikubo, Tokyo.
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This is legit my favorite wrestling duo. They're just so weird and good. I launched a @Patreon this month at Join for exclusive and private content, picture…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Brei @TessFowler is one of the kindest human beings to ever walk the Earth. She's going through a hellacious battle with…
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I just finished up my recent comics and have a break in my schedule so I'm looking for some new projects/work! If y…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Brei @lentilstew I've never seen your face before. It's a cute face!Whenever I'm homesick, all I want is to eat deep dish pizza. There are a few places in SD to get it, all of which a…
@kayncli @ProjectInsider @megan_mb @peachchild @megan_mb @ProjectInsider
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiMy basement growing up started as a spooky place with all the walls and pipes exposed, where we played hide and see… have some skeletons in our basement, courtesy of the amazing @KitaMiesner‼️ Don’t worry, they’re nice ☠️
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiMy mom is the only reason I am even remotely a good person. I miss her a lot, and on Mother's Day, like every day,… aren't ALWAYS spooky, but who knows what's hiding in the shadows? Here's one of two incredible pieces by… can’t have a basement without some D&D... and you can’t have D&D without some kisses 😏 Check out the amazing…
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiHere's a sneak peek of a spooky basement story for @ProjectInsider drawn by the incredible @princess_jem4 and writt… all the cool kids, you can find @megan_mb and me hanging out in the basement in Insider Art! This digital anth…, y’all! I’m chatting comics and superheroines tomorrow at the Virtual Pop Expo with some pretty awesome people—…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Brei @kayncli You are really speaking my language.
@ComicsArcher Right? I went through this thread just wanting to retweet everything so I could talk about it!