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We finally watched the first round of the G1 last night, and Sanada vs Toru Yano is a perfect match-up; they should… first part of my two-part piece about how New Japan Pro Wrestling has handled (or not handled) allegations agai…
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Please donate to the Louisville Community Bail Fund if you can. Breonna Taylor deserved better than this verdict, a…
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiIt's not even 11:30 and this is how I feel about every single person I've interacted with today., a green cat spinning three hula hoops, encourages residents of Mie, Japan, to vote in elections.
Retweeted by Elizabeth Brei @JoanneStarer @HonuDan @shopDisney I NEEDHonuppi the turtle promotes Hawaii in Japan.
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiTexas Tiger, a cowboy tiger with goggles for finding fun things, is the mascot for Texas Tokiwadai Pachinko Parlors.
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@Razerwyng 😭😭😭😭😭Really happy with how RUBBER MATCH is shaping up, and proud to be a part of it! The story's engaging, the character…
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiReal talk: my wrestling pages of this script mostly just said: "Wrestling, wrestling, more wrestling," so… @kirameks Honestly, I've never felt so attached to any characters before. :')FOR REAL THESE THUMBNAILS ARE BEAUTIFUL. They're both FLIRTY *and* ACTION-PACKED, Kira is... a genius???, a flashy vampire in a top hat, is the mascot of Kiryu Motorboat Field in Japan.
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiTomachu the tomato fairy is a mascot from Chuo City, Japan.
Retweeted by Elizabeth Brei#2 in my Studio Ghibli x LOTR Crossover! Princess Mononoke scene but with Legolas and Gimli. Now kiss lol
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@nikkipenguin Kids are so gross. 😭 Once when I was shooting Anna and Elsa at California Adventure, a child announce… @nikkipenguin 😧 @nikkipenguin YES WTF IS WITH PEOPLE. My sister is a scientist who is VERY into mask etiquette and scolding ppl abo…, I think about this child at Disney World who sneezed into his elbow like a champ, but I was downwind wal…, I lost a few followers for this tweet. @TonyFleecs Maybe that's true! I know it's really hard mental health wise (I am NOT a person who does well in isola… @rileysauruss RIGHT, like, I too would like to go out and get my nails done and have a beer and go to the beach and… @TonyFleecs Like, people getting tattoos or going to Universal Studios or attending parties? Like, weren't y'all pe… feel actually crazy watching people go out and do things that require being in close contact with other people li…'s not much better than writing Star Wars. But getting to work in the galaxy far, far away AND having…
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiHere @muto_keiji eating a watermelon. You're welcome 🍉
Retweeted by Elizabeth Brei @hannibaltabu Sleeping for the next 48 hours seems like the best choice.Updating to add: After sitting on the floor for a while, I tried to get up and stepped on my own hand. course the Dems are useless. Pelosi will tweet and not save you. Schumer will tweet and not save you. And your p…
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiA green dog who manages a shopping mall, Nickey has a bow tie and a pink nose. He’s the mascot of Nishikidori Shopp…
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Malcolm Bivens once said...
Retweeted by Elizabeth Brei @KielPhegley This is an incredible story, I feel outdone. @megan_mb @JoanneStarer IT IS WHAT SHE SAID I HOPE IT'S TRUE. @LannaSouvanny Noooo!!!!Good morning, a bird shat on my head today, how is your Friday going? @megan_mb Sounds mellow... and kinda shitty. BUFFETT.The ferocious melon/bear hybrid, Melon Kuma, munches on actor Yuki Yamada at the opening of the Yubari Fantastic Fi…
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Excitement level 3000 ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Retweeted by Elizabeth Brei“that night... if nana hadn’t been there for me... i would have thrown myself into the tama river. i’m sure of that…
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Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiNot even having Zoom calls in which people can see my bedroom is motivation enough for me to make my bed.I woke up with this really strange urge to give trans people money. I'm not sure where it came from. One of life's…
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Hopefully someone wanting to help will see this, but I am waiting for the crowns needed to finish off these root ca…
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiYour mid-week fix: 11 seconds of penguins looking at art at @mcachicago. 🐧
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiTwelve-year-old Blake finds herself in a turf war between wolf-hunters and werewolves after being shipped away to s…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Brei😶 I feel seen. Moon transformation (with my music) 🌙✨
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I also have my first comic coming out from writer @peachchild in late spring/summer 2021!! RUBBER MATCH is queer ro…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Brei @Ziggyfin RIGHT.Momijii is an old man whose head is a momiji manju, a maple leaf-shaped cake full of sweet red bean paste.
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiThey should make a statue park of all the Masked Singer costumes like the cemeteries in superhero comics.
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiWatching @uniquevintage's Insta comments blow up in real time after dropping an HP collection on today of all days… that I have your attention 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️.... VOTE Nov 3rd!!!
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Sometimes I think about when my (at the time) 9-year-old niece was really into Pokemon and, if she didn't think the…
We went downtown to roller skate today and witnessed a Trump caravan driving down Broadway, flying flags and honkin… neighbor should saw a spider outside her apartment and yelled, "WHY ARE YOU HERE?"
@yasfmart @mariekeyn @thrillothechase @rebnalty @iceghost_art @ClaraMeath @djcolorscomics @djeljosevic donate to help out this family who’s house burned down in the creek fire. if you cant contribute financially…
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiI took Mai Tai to the vet this week, and the vet complimented her by saying she was a "sweet girl," which was a rea… this month! Co-editing this with @peachchild has been a blast and we can’t wait for you to see what…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Brei @snowboiiii @kirameks 😂😂😂😂this is what i imagine dragon gate is like
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Trick or treating in the year 2020.
Retweeted by Elizabeth Brei...I'm ill with a mystery disease that's taken over my whole body. It's been 3 years since this started and 27 doct…
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiA friend of mine from Games™️ is looking to hire a queer Black writer to work on their game, I have a list but just…
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiSO RAD!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiThis page... maybe the best thing I’ve ever written??
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiThe @ProjectInsider Basement playlist is full of bops about hanging out and feeling like a weirdo--and also has Fre…
@SamMaggs RIGHT? It's such a great moment! I get goosebumps watching it!Hi, I hate this. it with subtitles for the first time and hearing them each just talking about the idea of being in love an… think this is the strongest version of the "We're powerful because we're friends and we support each other" theme… know everyone hates the DiC dub of Sailor Moon, but I legitimately love this scene and don't think it's quite as… @sxbond @ProjectInsider @Kris_Simon @TiredFairy @commanderking @NicoleBoose @chrissywilliams @megan_mb🚨 Accountability post! Today we sent out $5814.88 in air purifiers and raised $11290.86 (!!!) in mutual aid funds.…
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiHey folks! I'm still on the lookout for Armenian VO talent to portray a highschool-aged girl! I received fifteen re…
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiPLEASE SHARE: Getting air purifiers to people in Oakland who need them. Request here: P…
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiEven before COVID-19 and the fires, kids who grew up in West Oakland had a life expectancy of 15 years less than ki…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Breii just sent some funds to @MaskOakland and encourage everyone else doomtweeting from their apartments to do so as well
Retweeted by Elizabeth Breithinking about how uniquely horrific this situation is for all the unhoused people on the street right now
Retweeted by Elizabeth Breiwhite people writing Mexicans: Dear ancestros, hoy has been an ay caramba day. I mastered making tortillas and grea…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Breijane fonda was saying this in the 70s while some celebrities only manage to say "gay rights" today
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Hey, everyone go read Mob Psycho 100. It's hilarious and sweet and makes Trumps mad. I heard I was trending 🙂
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiIT’S A GIRL!!!!!!
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiWondering how to best promote New Japan Academy... Should we say "featuring stars from New Japan Pro-Wrestling" o…
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiI hate snakes But I love these ladies
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Look at my snake babies! They're obnoxious and eat a lot of eggs! Love them like I love them! 😭 They are so strong… @kirameks It's so ACCURATE and also so... GAY? Why are these boys sparkling so much at each other! Such blushes! Su… @kirameks RIGHT, she went from drawing characters wearing amazing clothes to just making amazing clothes! :') @kirameks She seems to be following her TRUE passion of designing stuff for dope clothes (I spent... too much money…, an enthusiastic cabbage fairy with a bow tie, is the mascot of Nampo Town, Japan.
Retweeted by Elizabeth Brei @kirameks I KNOW I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S FINALLY GONNA BE IN ENGLISH @kirameks NANA'S UNEXPECTED HIATUS WILL BE A LIFELONG HEARTBREAK FOR ME.You have $10 to build California $30 not on fire $20 functioning electrical grid $15 high speed rail between major…
Retweeted by Elizabeth BreiLook, NANA is my actual favorite manga on this whole planet LOOK AT THIS ART
Jim Henson with the first toy puppet of Bert. (Photographs by Ted Neuhoff, 1971)
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